Hello everyone and welcome to another post. This is my intro to my blog posts which I decided to make it official like months ago. I've been going back and forth on whether there should be an intro for my posts or not and this is what I've ended up with. This was based on videos and vlogs that have it and I was thinking that the blogs won't be suitable for it, but I guess it depends on how we write.

I've started doing the 'celebration victory' of my achievements in each month to reward my self and make it as a memory for years later. It's not only me who keep going on the road and achieving new things every day and this was my second goal for doing this idea. I can't imagine how amazing it will be in the future when there are people who share their wins and victory here and celebrate together. My main goal is to build a community that helps people who work hard to achieve something and get a celebration reward.

It doesn't have to be a big and huge achievement to celebrate because there is no way you can do huge achievement without going through small first. People underestimating small wins they won't be successful in life. I love to take the opportunity to not only share but also, to motivate and inspire people with my belief and thoughts, also, good quotes.

One of my biggest achievements this month is I was able to change my self for the better. It's hard to go from a habit to another when you have been in it for a long time and I'm proud of my self by doing it. Sometimes I keep thinking of my old moments when I was doing the old habit and I feel weird and something wrong.

I couldn't be open to my family and friends about my problems and issues that happen to me for a long time. I was suffering keeping everything inside even if it was from my family or friends. If they hurt my feelings or anything. Today, we share our pains together and learn together and it's just amazing thing in life. Something I learned from this experience is that family is the best and most important and we should focus and develop it every day.

This may not be a big achievement and its okay because I'm still working on it. I've developed a better relationship with my family and friends. Since you don't have any idea about what I was going through and how I did go through you won't get this achievement. I'm thinking to share my stories, Do you want to know my story? would it be a good idea to share it here?!.

You haven't seen my look before and it wasn't really that good and what I want. Today, from the last month I did a great job of taking care of my skin and hair with much better results than before. I'm trying to prepare for my best friends meetings which are my goal for doing everything I'm doing right now. I've talked about it in previous posts and this is not the first time. I can't show my face right now because I'm still working on it, but soon I will be revealing it on my Instagram which will be huge for me.

Let me tell you a funny story If you missed the previous post which I announced a new schedule for the posts on my blog. I picked two days each week(Monday and Thursday) because I thought that I could do every day a post, but it seems hard for me at my current situation. I posted on Thursday, but my internet got cut off on Monday which the day I should write and post a new one. I was mad at myself because I just happen to announce a new schedule and can't follow it.

The previous months I was barely working(this month barely posted two posts because it was one of the toughest one) on my blog and it wasn't really good for me because I love blogging. However, this month I've started working more because I finished what I was working on and which keeping me from working on my blog. I will be posting more often and share with you guys new stuff hopefully, you will enjoy it. Most of my ideas I add to the blog have good future posts which the big reason that allows me to add new stuff.

I've been looking for time and plan to read other people blogs which is really fun for me because I get to learn a new thing every day. The next goal is to interact with other blogger and make new friends which I'm still working on, but I'm on the way. Reading blogs will help me a lot to meet them and start new friendships. I've never thought of doing a collab with other bloggers and soon I will make it on my goals list. This month I was able to read some blogs which are` really fun as I said and learned new stuff.

I've been growing a lot lately on my social media and the fact that I never reached any of milestone I did now it's just amazing. I just got my first 500 followers on Instagram. my first 600 followers on Pinterest, it was great feeling though it still a small number. My uncle reacted like it was nothing when I told him about it and it's okay, this is not what I'm looking for and what I want. They will be impressed soon when I get much higher.

My biggest struggle right now that I'm working on achieving it is making my profiles more active with amazing posts. I'm figuring out the social media life haha because I live a normal life and I can't decide what to share and how to share it. My next goal is to update my profiles with a new profile picture that can be better than the current one. I believe this will be achieved in the next month and it will be for the next month celebration with more awesome things.

I started by sharing my achievements in my real life and then my blogging and last one was my social media. This is a new style because I've never done it before, what do you think of it?. Now, its time for you to share your new achievements and wins for this month. Did you get something done that you've been trying to finish in a long time? have you accomplished any of the hard goals you have in your life? we would love to know and celebrate together.

The habit I changed in the last month - Celebration time

Hello everyone and welcome to another post. I'm really sorry for not posting any DIY posts for a while. I'm just having difficulties nowadays and I can't focus on my blog and social media. However, I have a good news for you guys, I'm going to get back on the track soon because I'm almost done with my work and assignments that made me lose focus.

I thought I could take every day posting alone, but it seems so hard to do it because I got so many other things to do. Doing this made me really get a little bit disappointed and stressed from work and just thinking and trying to do every day a post. I decided to make a schedule throughout the week for posting which will help me with not only writing a post but also, working on sharing it.

The schedule is inspired by my friend Dora(a shout-out for her) and it will be two days a week. I thought of good days for me and couldn't find better days than Monday and Thursday. I'm going to start following this schedule from today. I'm sure this will help a lot because I will get time to read other's blog posts which I've been trying to do from the last month.

As we get closer to the end of each month, I get excited and hyped for the celebration day. This became the best day for me because it's not only for me but also, people who get to share their wins for the month will be exciting as well.

Anyways, I got a good app today for people who love to keep their body in good fit and bring the gym to the house and not the entire gym like me. The best thing about this is that you don't need to spend much money for a good training. However, you will need to spend money if good training is not your goal because this stuff is simple and don't require anything. For example, you won't need any of the gym equipment if you use the app. If you want to build muscles then this won't really help a lot to be more accurate.

Train and get your body in a good shape at home

I used to show the first thing shows up when opening the app which is the logo and the name. This time I'm going to skip to the second page which as you can see above, you need to create an account or link one of your social media accounts. The name of this app is 'Keep' which I'm assuming keep yourself in good shape with fitness and workout trainer. I'm sorry, I won't go through the steps how to make an account because I think it's not really interesting at all.

Train and get your body in a good shape at home

The app got so many workouts with a simple walk-through which will make it easy for everyone to use. It gets complicated if everything is not organized and it's going to be hard to find a good workout, but this app is organized and you can find all the workouts arranged in categories. For example, if you need fat burning exercises, it could be found in the fat burning category as shown in the picture above with specific selection.

Train and get your body in a good shape at home

I love making plans for everything in my life and doing a plan for my workout is just another cool thing. You are allowed to set a plan for your workout and get a full week of training sessions with resting days as well. the app tells you when a rest day needed for your body which is amazing for everyone. The plan can go up to three weeks and you can choose whatever plan you want to follow and this depends on what's your purpose.

Train and get your body in a good shape at home

If you are an apple user, you would know about the app 'Health' which helps users to track the health and heart beating. The app can be linked to it and give you accurate statistics about your training which can track everything for you including the training times. Also, you will be able to see the weekly insights of your training and steps.

Train and get your body in a good shape at home

You will get exercises each day when you set a specific plan and You will follow them with a good walk-through. I'm not going through it because I want to leave it for you to go through it if you enjoyed it, you can download it from the app store by just searching 'keep'. This is the last thing I'm going to show off of this app and I would like to know your thoughts on it and what do you think of it!!

Train and get your body in a good shape at home

Since you will create or link your social media account, you will get a profile on the app where you can save and edit your information in this app. There are many apps with the same thing and many people use different ones, which one you use mostly? comment below your answer!

Train and get your body in a good shape at home

Hello everyone and welcome to another post. I haven't posted anything since I did the celebration of my achievements for the last month. Anyways, Happy new month, I wish all of you a good new month and full of achievements and happiness. Don't forget that every day is a gift and always you can be better than yesterday. It may be a late wish, but never too late.

Every day I aim to be better, but not always it's going to work and that's fine because sometimes it needs to be done from the second attempt or maybe the third, but never give up. I can't imagine how many times I failed and I keep trying and trying. You may feel like you want to give up but don't listen to your feeling.

I'm sorry for not posting because currently, I'm going through tough days finishing up my university. Yes, you heard it!! I'm going to start my university soon and I've said that before in my previous posts. It's kinda tough to manage everything in this situation, but I'm doing my best to manage my social media and the blog while finishing the university process at the same time.

Let me tell you that, it's not easy to finish the process not because it's a lot, but because it takes time to finish each document for the university. Anyways, wish me luck please to get it done soon and get back to blogging again and I will be able to work on my social media too. It's just crazy, I've been blogging since I was in school like 7th grade or so but I never stayed on a blog because I wasn't taking that serious before.

Today I got a good app for you guys which will help you to note your journey or anything in your life. Everywhere you go, you will be able to make it a memory for years. I just got this app recently when I was scrolling through the app store. As I said before, I only use an iPhone and I'm not sure if you can find it on your platform, but I think possibly it will be.

There is nothing better than capturing the moment and write highlights about it right after it happens. This app has a good feature which is something called 'offline use' and you can use the app without internet required. However, you will get the feature only if you get the premium version. Something is good about the premium version is that it's cheap and almost everyone can get it with a different subscription(A week, month, year).

It will not be entertaining if there are no engagements when sharing moments because that would be boring unless you save it for yourself only. This app allows you to have fans to share your moments with them. People can react to your moments and comment on them which is amazing because for me, sharing and showing the world what my life looks like is something good, but getting feedback on my work is even better.

keep your memories while sharing with the world

Anyways, I'm going to start with this simple picture which is obviously, the logo of the app and the name. I'm going through some stuff in this app and I hope it will be enough for you to try it. You can leave your feedback about the app and the post in the comment section below and tell me what do you think!

I'm going to show you this post as an example of how you can share moments because I recently just got the app for my self and I can't use old pictures because I have no idea how it was and what we did in most of it. However, this is will be very helpful from now on and I'm going to try to share my life on the app if you want to follow me that would be good.

keep your memories while sharing with the world

First, you need to pick a type of any moment you want to share and if you can't find the right type, choose other. I think this is an amazing idea which we can save memories even from our social media or even from the phone. I don't like to keep my photos on my phone though because I'm afraid to lose it if something bad happens to my phone. I always keep them on my laptop and also do a backup in another place in case something bad happens to it too.

My favorite one I'm going to use the most is family moments and travel because these moments are the most precious for me. Each moment in this app called 'Journi' in case you are wondering what is 'Import a past Journi' means and If you still wonder what this app called, it's called 'Journi'.

keep your memories while sharing with the world

This is how you can write and edit each moment when you want to share it. You are allowed to share more than one picture in each post and write highlights of it. I used this post as an example because I want to show you how it could be done and what you will expect.

I think there is more to discover in this app and talking about it won't be interesting as if you were exploring by yourself. As you can see in the picture above, there is more than writing and sharing pictures and I'm going to leave it for you to know about it.

keep your memories while sharing with the world

This is how it looks from the inside of the app. We are on the search page which you can look up for other people or adventures in places everywhere in the world. There is a lot of adventures in a lot of places and this app helps you to find easily because it's well organized. Safari adventures are my most interesting moments because I love watching and reading about animals and wildlife.

The rest of the pages in the bottom won't be posted here because I want to leave some for you to explore if you enjoy this app. Also, I mentioned this before in my previous post which was the first one, I'm not doing a full walkthrough of apps for now, but some highlights of apps because I like sharing apps that I find it good.

You are required to create an account in order to use this app or link your social media account which Facebook. It's easy and quick process and you will be able to use it and start sharing your life in less than a minute. I haven't said that at the beginning of the post and I'm sorry.

keep your memories while sharing with the world

Hello everyone and welcome to another blog post. Today is going to be the day which we will celebrate our victories in the last month. I think we all need time to celebrate our achievements on what we worked for and succeed. We don't have to get it successfully done, but if we move a step forward, that means an achievement which needs a celebration because sometimes a step takes a long time to get finished and we have to reward ourselves and keep going to the next one.

There is no harder step than the first one which takes forever sometimes, but remember that everything has an end. Maybe it will be a lot of things to do get only one step which we will have to expect that in whatever we do if we need to get successful. The way we expect things may be the reason for you to stop and let your dreams fade away. Make sure to take enough time figuring out the way and if it doesn't work, look for another, but don't expect it in only one way.

I'm excited to share my wins and what I accomplished for the last month and you should too because it's not only for me but it's for everyone which you can share it in the comments sections, let's hear your wins and give you a big congratulations on that. However, before I share it, I would like to give some inspirational talk.

We can't find enough people who are chasing their dreams and follow their passion and mostly the reason would be because it was hard or it was working. I think we can't find something that comes without efforts or hard working. Always be patient and keep doing whatever you do and one day you will get it.

Always remember that nothing will come so easy and the only way you can keep up is the 'Why'. the reason why you want it and the purpose of it. If your 'why' is not strong enough, you won't be able to achieve whatever you are pursuing after. This would be the first thing to set before anything else because I think its the base of everything.

When you start doing whatever you want to do, I would strongly recommend you do not expect any result because sometimes or maybe most of the time things won't work as planned thus that will disappoint you which will be a reason for you to stop doing or chasing your dreams or goals. I have got a long history of expecting things and it was really bad and therefore, I stopped expecting anything and focus on working. One thing you can expect is that everything will take its time and you can't rush things because rushing will not have long-term results.

I'm going to be honest with you and I don't know if anyone of you has done it before, but Acting and thinking that you could do things by your own won't really help at anything and you can't do it. I was doing it until I realized that nothing big can be accomplished by one person because teamwork is always required even at least one person. Also, acting like you know everything was one of my bad habits that I was doing for awhile and finally, it changed and now I'm learning from everything and everyone.

Also, this is one of the recent things I realized is that when you have the chance to do something, just do it and don't think that you could do it later. As the quote says 'Sometimes later will be forever ' I don't remember who said, but you can understand the concept. I've done it several times and every time I regret that I didn't do it when I could. Sometimes you will do it, but you have to struggle even a little bit while you could finish or do it easily when there is a chance.

Alright, I think we got enough for now. Let's start the real post and share with you most of the wins for the last month. This is my first time doing this, but I'm pretty sure it will be a good start for the blog and us as a community.

Passed my milestone for the first time

My most accomplished things in the last month

This is one of the biggest things I have done in the last month. I passed my milestone in IG which may not really mean something to people, but for me, its the best thing. I used to be around 200 for a while and last month I just passed that.

I'm not saying that this is something I'm looking for, but it's something I've never accomplished in my life. Every milestone I hit from now will be something great to me and exciting thing. I will aim for higher and higher every time I reach a milestone and this is how it will be. Thanks to everyone who support me.

Added new topics on the blog

My most accomplished things in the last month

I'm preparing the blog for a good future I hope, and last month I managed to add new topics to the blog. As you can see that I'm still fresh on posts which isn't that much, but I've added a couple topics and idea and there is more coming in the future soon. I'm going to post more on the current ones till I manage to get enough posts and good traffic.

I got future plans for the topics and how it will be posted on the blog, but for now, it's kinda hard to manage to pull all of it while doing everything.

Met new blogging friends 

This has been one of my important goals since I started being serious about blogging and I managed to meet some of the friends that blog. It's really helpful to have friends who can help you with problems and stuff in the same filed. Also, I find it inspiring because we help each other when someone feels unmotivated or down.

I think its most important thing to do as a blogger because you can get help and mostly it's more fun with friends than alone. Also, you can learn new things from each other which is a great thing.

I'm glad that I managed to finish my goals for the last month and the one before because I had some of it unfinished and this month left nothing from it and I will start fresh with new goals for the current month. Alright, I think this is it for me and now, it's your turn to share your wins in the comment section.

My most accomplished things in the last month

Hello everyone and welcome to another post on the blog. Today I would like to post a new idea I've been thinking of lately. This may be a new idea, but we may have few people who have done it Already. I'm going to talk about it first, and then we will go further into it, I hope you will enjoy reading it.

The new idea is about communicating and helping each other. People from all over the world look for answers to their questions, some people want to solve something, but they struggle with finding the way how it could be fixed. I, Myself have a lot of things in my mind that I want to figure it out and learn more about.

Imagine a community of tons of people sharing their thoughts and things to help others. This is what the idea about and I'm going to explain how I will be doing it. I think it's not about the idea, but how it represented. This is one of the things that we need to work on and develop as we grow.and go further.

The topics for this idea will be about bloggers for now, but as I mentioned, I will be looking for new development as I keep posting. I would like to start this idea with a topic called 'The secrets of writing as a blogger'. It's obvious that this post going to be about writing and I'm going to share my thoughts, experiences, and other things.

Here how is the idea will be, I will be talking about a topic in the post and then we share thoughts and opinions, experiences, and knowledge with each other. This way will help us as a community to improve ourselves and get better in certain things. There are more ideas in the future such as, how things should be done, how things should go in our life.

As a writer/blogger, there is something that I call 'The magic of the word' which is actually true because there are so many ways we can write and draw a picture and have an impact on us. This is what we going to discuss in today's post. I think there are more things other than what we know generally about a word or a sentence.

We can draw a picture using words and every person have its own way of doing so. Speaking the word would be easier than writing it on a paper because there are secrets we don't know about, but as new writers, we think there is nothing. At least, this is what I learned from my experiences through my blogging journey.

If you see a good drawing you would say that's art and I would totally agree with that, but what if I say that everything is art, would you agree with me?. People missing the right meaning or in another word the deep meaning of the word 'art'. When something is done in a good way that's art because, for me, art is something done in good, perfect, and with paying attention to different aspects.

Let me take the writing as an example to clarify it. For example, when someone writes an article about a car and the person did a good job on expressing what he thinks, and gave a perfect description of it. Also, he didn't forget about the grammar and has a good spelling. I would say that this person has the art of writing.

The writing is connected with speaking because we write what we say and therefore, the art of speaking going to be the same as the writing. You can't actually write something without reading it which will make you speak it. I always tend to speak while blogging and I can't stop it because it is within me as a blogger from the beginning of my journey.

I've gone through blogs and I found that every blogger has its own way of drawing the picture of the paragraph and expression. There is no wrong way of writing except, the mistakes in spelling and grammar obviously. I think we could call it something different than the 'wrong' word which is two types, a good way, and a better way.

A good way would be the normal way which most people use in general. The better way I would say the one which people do their best to sound and be pro in their writing. For me, I always tend to do my best in my writing and figure which sentence is better for expressing and drawing the paragraph in a perfect picture.

Do you think there are specific types of ways for the writing? Do each of us have the name of it? I'm not sure about mine, though, we can name it based on how and what we write I guess. I think we should have since we all different in ways. I'm trying to sound like I talk to people through the post and not only write when I blog.

Alright, this is the end of this discussion or post and I hope you enjoyed reading it. I can't wait to hear your thoughts on this and your opinions. Everything in this post is a just my opinions and thoughts on the topic and you don't have to hate anything if it's not what you know or knew before because it's only my thoughts and you can share yours. Also, I would love to hear what you guys think of this idea? do you find it helpful?.

I think its the best way to build a helpful community and I want to make this idea is part of my blog. You may find it somewhere else, but it's not about the idea as I said because the difference comes in how it's done and we will work hard to develop it.

The secrets of writing as a blogger discussion

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