Hello everyone, welcome to the blog once more after a break... ughh I hate life but I can't complain since I'm still alive, you know what I'm saying. I said I will start off good but I just keep getting these assignments of life and I can't really keep everything up and it really gets me annoyed. Anyways, I'm back on duty for good this time and shall not be off again because I don't like getting off of my work and leaving this blog.

I've come to a new update and decision for my blog this time and I'm going a little bit through it before going into the actual post. I wanna explain everything of why I did this update to my blog and what it will be about. However, it will only be the main highlights because there is a lot of things I want to mention and they will be explained and stated throughout the future posts.

You know I found that it wasn't only my life assignments that kept me from posting on my blog, but also something we all may have similarity on it which called 'Budget'. When I have the chance to write something, I feel unmotivated and I didn't know the actual reason, but this time I think I know why. Most of my stuff I talk about requires a certain amount of budget which as a university student that has more things in life would be a little tough and I don't have enough a salary or anything would help me. Also, good stuff that can bring attention to readers requires money which I can't afford at the moment too.

I don't think that everything would require the money as essential because there is a lot of stuff to do that doesn't require such a thing. If you tell me to do whatever is available which I would really prefer not to do because they are not interesting and worthy of posting it. Plus, there are already some posts of what I already have on me.

 When you don't have games on your phone

Anyways, I'm thinking to turn this blog into an entertaining blog in a new way which my idea is to post funny and entertaining posts out of things in life. There will be no particular topic for this idea but it will be a variety of things that happen in our life, daily routine, and just a regular funny stuff. It will be presented in a good, funny, and new way, I promise that.

The only way to keep this blog up till I can be able doing a lot of things is with this way and I think this is my second time of changing the blog. Also, you may don't know very well, but I used to be a comedian and I was a source of entertainment for only my family and I think that would be an advantage.

I think this is enough for the new update and every new thing will be stated in the future posts as I said before. The idea of this post was actually made of quick thinking that I got in my mind which most of us relate to it. I'm talking about myself in this post and it's actually happening in real life which I feel whoever do as well.

Imagine going on a road trip with a bunch of friends who like to play video games on their phones when they are bored, you would be sitting there pretending that you do something while you only going through your old pictures or just moving from page to another. The guy asks you, what you doing on the phone and you like 'I'm just doing.. stuff' and while the stuff is just going from the first page to the second one repeatedly or making even more effort and going to the third page and back again.

You know the moment when you wait for the food on the table with some friends at a restaurant, you don't have games to play and they don't talk about anything, but only playing on their phones while you there is nothing to do,but spinning the phone or doing like a random back and front phone flips. Such an entertainment you only can enjoy because you are out of ideas.

One time, I was spinning my phone on the table and accidentally hit my sister's water cup and I was like "oh no.. this phone is bad' but it was so much mess that I got a slap on the head for that which it's kinda hilarious but it did hurt little bit haha.

Sometimes the boredom can turn you into an evil in a silly way which it happened to me a few times. Since you are the only who don't play, ruining other's time and games would be such an entertaining thing. Imagine someone in the last level of a game and they are about to win and you ruin it, that would make him super mad which I made him get his super ability out haha.

I'm sure there is at least one of us have seen a person on a restaurant table just wandering by looking all around and checking everything in the place. And there is the guy staring back at him talking through the eyes saying 'At this moment, you know that you have a strong relationship with your phone' and give him that silly smile. Actually, it will be amazing if we could communicate and talk with our eyes, I could talk with everyone at moments like this and laugh which will make it look crazy haha.

Alright, I think we have reached the end of this post. I hope it made you laugh or at least giggle throughout my first attempt in my new update. There will be improvements for this as I go in the future and I would love more suggestions and ideas from you guys in the comment sections.

When you don't have games on your phone

Hello beautiful people of the internet,  I want to manage to post on every niche I have on my blog, but I'm struggling as I got so many of them. Welcome to my new post and in this one, you will be reading a discussion about "The morning bloggers". I would like to know Which type of blogger you are?, share it on the comment section after you read it and I'm really curious about it because I'm eager to know who has the same as me.

I used to be a morning blogger and I always try to be and this is not only because I'm a blogger, but it could something that I do when I'm not acting as a blogger waking up early morning. Finishing some work early morning which is not related to blogging is really helpful and save you time for other stuff to do. Though you would still have work to do even with that.. but hey.. at least you finished something.

How nice it could be having a coffee mug on the desk while doing some blogging work or writing a blog post with a fresh and beautiful air in the morning while having a clean mind to do it with. Ah, this just gives me the feeling when only thinking about and make me excited to just jump straight to that time. I like to start my day with something that I really enjoy doing which makes it more excited for me.

I used to do it for a while until I decided to keep myself away from coffee for a while because for some reasons, I thought this would only be a trouble for me keep doing it every day, you know! But I came back with a new schedule for drinking it which is once in like two days or maybe sometimes the other day would be fine. Anyways, the point is that makes my day by living the moment and enjoying it.

being a morning person out of the blogging and being a blogger is good and there are many reasons and one of these, is you can sleep the early night. You don't need to struggle to sleep in the night if you wake up early morning because you would be tried by the time night hits the horizon and then just lay down and you will fall asleep right away. You will sleep in no time if your body physically tired or exhausted.

I don't know if you have heard of this, the only time your day can be determined is by morning. If you wake up in the morning with a positive energy and good vibes, that means your day will be full of positivity and opposite for unmotivated day which will only have a lazy morning with no attention to work. Starting your day with great inspiration in the morning means a lot to the rest of it which I always tend to do almost every day.

Sometimes you miss some hours that could help and be handy for something. People who do other things than blogging would surely have a lot of things to do which would be really stressful. I would count myself in one of those people because I have family stuff and using some hours in the early morning is so helpful to catch up on it and even more. This been going on for a while now and it's really handy which I recommend a try for it.

Everything does have two sides and being a morning person is actually somehow have things that are not good(I wouldn't say 'not good', but the opposite) in my opinion. Don't get me wrong though, I'm just saying things from my experience and stating everything from all aspects and we can discuss everything together and this is my purpose from this idea, you know!.

Imagine this as if you working with battery and as time pass you will be consuming it. You can't last the day with full energy and sometimes, halfway I get sleepy and tired which then I take a nap or just chill and relax. However, I don't get time to relax or chill sometimes because the number of things I should do and this kinda an issue for me. Also, once you keep failing on something you want to get it done in time will have most of your time as well.

Living with other people like family or friends and you are the only morning person. This is one of my struggles as a morning person which waking up early and everyone still sleeping. Sometimes it feels weird being the only one among the family who works in the early morning and you may get roasted by other people like me haha. Also, when you are in a shared room with someone else from your family or friends and you only can sit on it or use something.

I'm the only person in my family that wakes up early in the morning beside my grandpa which he is not here anymore and my grandma. We live in a big mansion with all my family and I used to talk with my grandpa every morning and he shares a lot of his stories when he was with his friends and doing funny stuff or working. He taught me so many things in life and I'm glad he did that. I still sit with my grandma sometimes, but it's not as much as grandpa for sure.

I would really advise you to make sure that you go on schedule and try to not ruin it because if you do that, everything will start falling apart and getting back will be a little bit difficult.

We have come to an end for this discussion and thank you, everyone, for reading till this point and I really appreciate it. I shared most of the highlights of being a morning person and now, it's your turn to share your thoughts and opinions and whether you are or not. I just thought to do this idea because thought it may be interesting for some people and have the opportunity to talk about what is in my mind.

The morning bloggers and what is good about it

Hello people of the internet, ladies, and gentlemen, welcome to a new post on my blog. It's been lately a good week though it hasn't finished yet and got some more days. I wanted to write yesterday, but for some reasons, I couldn't manage to hold on my schedule and missed it. It's really tough to hold on a schedule with having other stuff in your life that you want to work on and finish. I get this struggle every time I want to get something done that related to blogging.

Blogging can be stressful sometimes and use the laptop or phone to get an assignment done could take a lot of time. This depends on the internet you use and how good your laptop or phone. However, it won't be that far from either one because this is probably the usual time you should take to finish anyway. I suggest you to not rush and just enjoy it as you do it because that would help you with getting everything done.

I mean even when you work a lot, still, rest needed for the body and eyes as well. You can't just do everything and not pay attention to the main thing which is health. You will harm yourself at a point where there will be no chance of getting anything done and just waste more time. Everyone in every job and work should have at least a decent amount of rest to work properly and get things done because the brain won't work well if you don't give it a time to relax, chill, maybe be able to draw your thoughts properly. 

Do you have an idea of taking a rest after finishing work? or perhaps you got a lot of work which takes time to finish, but can't finish it in time. What do you really do? how about taking the rest without leaving your chair? I've got interesting ideas that will be helpful for you to do it and have fun at the same time. I'm going to mention five things I do when taking a rest without leaving the desk and you can comment your thoughts on it at the end of the post.

1-The Little cars

Things you can do when taking rest without leaving the desk

This is a fun thing to do on your desk and it's playing with your little brother's car toy or if you own one. Some people see it as a child thing, but this is something always fun to do no matter how old you are. I always play with the cars as soon as I finish my work or just taking a rest for a little while and sometimes my little brother join too.

You can get bored from this so quickly, but if you have like ramps and stuff or other people that would help little, but this is kinda like something not good about this thing. You get bored of imagining and just going around on the desk.

2-The reading session

Things you can do when taking rest without leaving the desk

Having books on your desk if you don't have a library at your home is so helpful to get out of the electronic devices for a few minutes or maybe an hour. However, it kinda uses some energy from the eyes, but it's definitely not the same. You can read as many as you want and still, you can read more because this won't affect the eyes as much as the laptop does or any other device.

This can be used for more than an hour and sometimes more. Most of the time, I read stories books and use imagination which is really fun and this last forever and you still don't get bored. Also, I explore other books and read some nice books about stuff that really interesting. 

3-The drawing session

How about having a drawing session when you want to take a rest from the device and let your eyes relax for a little while with the beautiful colors you put on the draw. This is one of the most interesting things about that I love to do and especially because I'm a learner which gives me time to practice more on improving my skills.

 This can work for more than one hour too which is amazing for taking a long break from the laptop. Also, imagination with this is more fun and you can swim in a big ocean of imagination and still don't get bored at all. However, if you are a learner, there is a chance to get bored easily because you still practice and don't understand how to draw the fun stuff yet.

4-The wall and the ball

Things you can do when taking rest without leaving the desk

Doing some stretches for the body is helpful when using a laptop or any device and I thought this one would be the perfect option for this idea. You can't live the day without doing it because your muscles need some movements every now and then or it will be tough to move them around. This can be done with a plastic ball because you don't spend that much of energy when using it.

This is like the basketball throwing except the ball will return to you and do it over and over until you get good movements of your arms. I guess when basketball players use the laptop for a while they can do this idea too because it's more like an exercise. However, I do this idea about three to four times a day which really keeps my arm movements fresh.

5-Planning your next assignment

I can't miss a chance to think about what I want to do next and just using this time to plan everything for a little bit is really helpful for me. You may want to make your brain and mind rest, but sometimes I don't feel like I should let everything relax at least, not before getting everything done.

Consider the best time for planning and thinking of next is something I would actually prefer especially when I don't have that much of time for doing that. You may get tried on your resting time, but it will save time at the end which what I really want.

These things are what I do without leaving my desk while taking rest from the laptop mostly because my phone I wouldn't be sitting on the chair if I'm using it. Most of the time, I sit on the couch or my bed because I can lay down and use it. Anyways, thank you for reading this post and make sure to share your thoughts and do you do any of these things?

Things you can do when taking rest without leaving the desk

This morning I was sitting on my desk when we didn't have electricity in our house and something came to my mind. Using that time was really good because I got this good idea for this post and it's really helpful to make the most of your off times and think about new plans that you want to finish things in your work or anything.

Sometimes in our life, we get bored because we don't have anything to do interesting or important. The time when you finish doing things you need to get done but still have a lot of time to pass which happen to most of us. Also, having nothing at all can be a reason for boring moments and more stuff and reasons. At least, I get bored once a day or run out things to do in the day because there is not that much actually to do.

Anyways, that's not what we are going to talk about in this post, but it's kinda part of it you could say. I'm going to mention five things that I like about cars toys and why I still play with them at my age when I get bored because everyone knows this stuff for kids and children. However, I'm not sure if there are actually some people who still play with them too. If you still play with any car toys, let me know in the comment section I'm kinda curious to know actually.

Why I still play the toy cars at my age

The story behind this is I was really bored when we got cut off of the electricity in our house and I was playing with the cars toys. The idea of posting this got into my mind while I was doing some good moves and my little brother was there too. I had to wait until we get it back and work on it which I did the pictures first and then wrote this post. In case you wondering about the animals, that was just an idea to make the pictures more interesting, but I'm not sure if you liked it or not, you can share your thoughts as well. I picked these animals and cars out of all our cars toys because I like and it's more for safari trips and look cool.


Why I still play the toy cars at my age

You may think of playing with the car toys is childish, but it's really fun. You don't run out of ideas when you have it and that's what I like about. When you are about to give up and throw them away, a new idea will pop-up on your head and just go for it. I mean it would mean something if you have the creative mind because some people don't really think much and just throw it away quickly.

When I just imagine, I'm playing them just gives the feeling of fun and I used to play it with my little brother every time because I don't own them, but I can play with my little brother as he doesn't know how to really use them. However, I play them alone sometimes when he is not around and do some crazy stuff.

2-The moves

Why I still play the toy cars at my age

I mean you get lost when you think about what to do with this stuff because there is a lot of things to do. My little brother and I used to do like a race just by driving the cars by ourselves which is really fun. However, when playing them alone without my little brother, I can do drifts and awesome stuff using my imaginations. I probably imagine everything through old videos that I watched before or actually imagine myself doing it in real life and do it with the cars toys.

This may be weird too, I do slow-motion imagination and moves with the cars and bikes which is really fun. It's my favorite thing to watch things go slowly because it's somehow satisfying for me. I used to take slow-motion videos with my phone for things outside that I do, but I don't really like sharing on youtube or anywhere because it's not worth. 

3-The design

Why I still play the toy cars at my age

I think this is a little bit weird, but when driving like a Lambo car toy, I imagine myself driving or doing some things with it which kinda gives me the feeling as I'm actually on it in real life. Same goes for playing with bikes and other cars. I mean just looking at it is somehow gives me the feeling of owning one though it still a toy. 

Everything linked with imagination and I like to imagine when I'm bored, but cars help me to have a particular thing to start with. My little brother always used to own a Ferrari toy car and when he loses it among the other cars, he always asks me 'Where is my Ferrari' and I'm like in the garage and laugh haha. You know, it's kinda weird sounds like that.


Why I still play the toy cars at my age

It definitely helps a lot if you want to pass time when you finish or don't have anything to do at all. This my favorite thing when it comes to these things because you enjoy playing them and like get into it with imagination. Just don't focus on the time when using cars toys because that would have your attention and get bored of it.

I have one on my desk and when I want to rest from the laptop or my phone, I always play with it and do some drifts. However, on the ground is where we use to play because the desk is a limited space which you can only do a few things and spend like half hour with my little brother and it's like that much of time just passed.


I'm talking about the toy cars which can be driven by hand and not the one with the controller. In my opinion, it really helps when it comes to stretching because that what I use sometimes to do some stretching for my hand. Moving hands around and back and forth is kinda of stretching, but that would be only for the one you uses which you need to drive with both hands and kinda weird, I only use it just to stretch my right hand and the other one I do it without it.

Sometimes I use two hands on the desk though because it's a long desk and it requires both hands to move around on it. However, when we use it on the ground, this requires all of our body to move around as we move the car and this can be helpful to move body muscles and stretch it.

I did stop the intro in my posts for some reasons to try new different ways, but I wouldn't be able to leave without singing off because that's really my thing and I used to do it in every post I did before. Anyways, That's all about this post and I hope you enjoyed reading this simple idea I got and I will see you in the next post, stay safe till then.

Why I still play the toy cars at my age

You can notice that I didn't say 'Hello everyone' like every post I do and that kinda feels weird because I used to say it. I thought to try a new way different than what I usually do this time because I want to develop my writing for the better. I'm going to do more than one way to see how it will be for me and from then decide which one I will be writing with. You know, which one suits your style of writing.

I like to write as I'm speaking to an audience in front of me and I use my imagination for that. Imagine the people who read my post is with me and I'm talking to them gives the writing more fun. However, this could have different ways of presentation which my goal to figure out something new, I should call it a style though since its a layout of putting the paragraph together because it's more appropriate than the way. I think there should be an improvement in picking the right word for me as well haha.

Enough talk about this and let's get right into the new post that I will be talking about five things that I like about the struggle in life. This could be actually a way to know if there would be someone with the same thinking as me too. I guess you can tell us in the comment section whether you agree with me or not, just drop after reading this post. Though, there would be a possibility that someone would be in the same boat as mine.

There is almost no one in this world haven't got into a struggle and it doesn't matter how old or strong they are. I mean we meant to face these stuff for a short amount of time if we manage to pass through it because no one can dwell in this life while having the same struggle over and over, but you may face different ones which all of us must get. I'm going to mention what I like about the term of struggle generally in my life and what makes me want more of it.

The struggle would come if you get involved in something and I think we get involved in a lot of things during our life. My definition of this called 'The struggle of life' is like walking the path in a road full of roadblocks and we manage to pass through these roadblocks everytime we face it and it doesn't matter when, how, or where. It happens almost with all things in life whether it's a goal you want to achieve, something you want to get it done or fixed, build or create new things and everything.


I would agree with you if you tell me that its a lot of pain and it hurts so much when you face struggle and actually, these things will be faced so many times. Sometimes, there will be too many in just one thing you want to finish. This is part of our life because there is no way you would finish something in one attempt unless its luck. However, it may take a lot of attempts which is the opposite and every single try we get to learn something new and this is my favorite thing about it. Also, this would be my most one that makes want to keep pushing and trying.

At least in my last week, I had to struggle to finish the last step of the final process which took me a lot of tries and time and almost gave up(ah, I'm not going to give up, but where it has come to that point). Imagine how simple things sometimes take time and more than what it needs to be done.


Sometimes it comes to a point where we want to just give up and this happens always with normal people who don't have that much of a power of will. Also, when you first get into a struggle it will be hard for anyone to keep up if it doesn't get done from the first try or maybe the second. However, keep pushing and enduring little more than usual would be helpful for the next struggle that you may face. It will give you more power to handle it with more patience and it's a reason for you not to run from the struggle again.

Running so quick from the struggle or the problem will be a reason for you to not be able to endure more. The reason that will make you keep going is your real purpose and how bad you really want it. Sometimes, it won't be a problem to leave it and not just keep fighting. However, keep going even with things that are not necessary will give you more chance of enduring more.

3-The joy

I think life wouldn't be anything if we can just get everything done with the first attempt. Imagine that you can do all the things you want to do in one single try, that wouldn't be fun and entertaining. I think this is the life and we must enjoy it as we keep going because we got nothing else to rush for. Actually, enjoy the moment as you move on and you will be able to pass through.

It may be pain and that is ok because it meant to hurt and it will pass. Life would be boring if we just feel happy all the time and that's a reason allowing me to get involved in struggles and passing through.

4-A memory 

Every moment in our life is considered a memory and struggles would be something worth remembering for me. I like to look back on my moments after I pass through and just see how well I did and how bad it was and that makes me feel good. I would agree with you if you tell me that there will be some moments you don't want to remember, but still, the opposite will always happen in everything.

Sometimes it's good to look back at the bad moments (struggles) and not only good moments which is the fun we have in our life. Imagine people sharing tough moments which there are some and that would be good as it helps others to have a vision at least in not giving up on the first try. 


Imagine you have been trying like 10 times to go through a struggle and finally you managed to do it, that would feel so good for me and I actually will be proud of myself that I did it. This applies to everyone in the world who go through struggles. However, I mentioned it because it's one of the things that make wants to keep going and not give up knowing that something has been done by me though it was kinda hard with struggles.

I want to take the opportunity to motivate you as well before I end this post to not give up even if you go through the struggle and make in mind that every struggle in life never comes in your life to stay for a long time. Working to go through is your key to pass it because it won't go by itself as well. Stay strong and keep going, if you need any help with your struggle and you looking for people, I would be the first person to join forces with you. Thank you for reading this post and I wish you a good day.

Five things that I like mostly about Struggle in life

Hello everyone, I just got back yesterday from my longest blogging break and it was a little bit tough to live without blogging as I used to blog. I was trying to keep it up, but for some reasons, I couldn't manage to hold on anymore. I've talked about everything in my previous post and you can read it here. I'm still so excited to be back and blog, but it will be a little bit tough to get back on the track as it was a long time break which means being comfy this long is going to be a problem.

I really added a lot of topics in my blog if we take a look at, but haven't posted that much on them. I like to add as much as I can, but it becomes so many to handle which mean I need to stop adding new topics and focus on the current ones. However, there is a reason for me to add all of these stuff on my blog which I will be talking about it in this post. I'm sure every one of us as bloggers, they tend to have a specific reason to add a new topic to their blog and it happens most of the time for whatever it could be.

Adding new topics to a blog and the why

Anyway, I added a new topic called 'Discussion' which I made to be a way to discuss with other bloggers or anyone else(readers). The purpose is to help each other in a variety of subjects that I host in every post and we start sharing our thoughts and opinions together which I believe this could be a reason for someone to learn new things or maybe solve something he was trying for a long time and couldn't. You may think that this idea is useless because there is someone bigger or there is another way, but as I said before, it's all about how you present it and develop it as you grow up, I believe there is always a better way.

I thought to make a subject out of how we bloggers tend to add new topics to our blogs and maybe exchange ideas and good things related to it. Also, this gives me the chance of sharing my reason for why I added this many, however,  mainly this post will be about how we do it. As always, I'm going to throw my perspective and share my way and you guys can share it too or maybe something usefully related to it as of how or why.

Just like the way how we write, there are always different ways and reasons to add a topic to the blog, but sometimes two bloggers may have the same thing and how they present could be different and what they write because obviously, bloggers can't be both doing the same thing in the same way. I think we do have to be unique in this too and have our own way. We can actually develop a new idea out of a topic and post about it.

For me, when it comes to adding new stuff to my blog I would be looking at how well it's going to help other people because if it won't benefit others, why should I do it! also, others matter first than anything else for me. Maybe you don't know, but I love helping people and a long time ago, I turned my blog(this one) into something that could help others which right now I'm trying hard to keep it that way. Sharing my experience or my knowledge that I gained from my life would be my main reason why I'm doing all of this stuff.

By the way, the reason for adding all this many though there is not that much of content is because I got amazing ideas for each one that I want to share later on when I get bigger and be capable of doing more things. Also, starting my future and my uni will help me a lot to post more stuff related to the things added to the blog. I will spend everything to improve my blog and develop my content always for the better.

Also, if there would be another reason other than helping people for me to add a new thing to the blog it would be because I need to keep it as memories and as we grow in life, memories become something precious for me. Looking back to the things I've done and stuff I went through is amazing and putting in my blog would be worth it, don't you think?. Imagine reading something from like years ago and you still remember it whether is funny, scary or even a struggle that would be a good feeling knowing that you manage to pass through it alive. This would mainly be about travel topic which I'm going to start posting it soon and anything that occurs in my life like the RC moments.

Something involving creativity would my thing to do in my life because I like to be creative and knowing that I did it myself is something great. So creativity is another reason to add something to my blog. this is also entertaining in my opinion and something we all agree that its fun. Looking to the future, my DIY topic will be much better than now because of course, I will be developing it as I grow and post more.

I think some people would post based on what they can do at first for some reasons because when you start, you don't even have readers and your motivation might be low, but after a while, you would gain more readers and also, the ability to do more which actually very good start. As the quote says, starts anywhere and get better on your way. Anyways, I think I'm done for this discussion session and I hope you would get something from it. Now, it's your turn to share what you really like to post on your blog and why? Comment it down below and let's interact with each other.

Adding new topics to a blog and the why