Since I started talking about outfits on my blog, I thought why not doing this post and sharing my reason of why I don't wear jeans outfits so much and show you the outfit that's been in my closet for too long but still new and fresh because I don't really wear it too much during the day or in the normal days. I have only worn it once since I bought it and hopefully, I find a good use for it because I really feel bad for not using since I got it.

I think this is a good move to add the outfits talk topic and make a discussion out of it and looking for doing more of these posts in the future and I got awesome ideas for this topic. Actually, there is more coming in the near future and I would be happy to share with you and blog about. I hope you guys enjoy this topic.

Alright, so I called this 'The jeans outfit' because it has jeans and today I'm going to discuss why I don't wear it too much by giving you my thoughts and opinion on this type of outfits. You can drop your though, as well in the comment section below that would be awesome and looking forward to knowing your thoughts and opinions.

I want to clear that I don't hate jeans and it looks good wearing, but I have something in me that I don't like to wear something tight. I'm going to go through everything and explain it in details, so you guys can understand why and more. Before starting this post in case you missed the DIY post that I made, you can check the flame envelope and card that I did and it was custom made which pretty cool.

Anyway, I'm going talk about the top of this outfit before talking about the jeans and mention why I don't wear too much. I don't know what it's really called, but it's more like a jacket or something like that has buttons and a logo on the left side which it looks cool, I'm going to show a picture of it below so you can know what I'm talking about.

The jeans outfit and why I don't wear it too much!

What I really like about this is the colors are matched and looking good because the white and blue come the best and this one has like a dark blue. I can wear it without the jeans as well, but wouldn't be looking good without it though I have tried wearing it with other pants and it looked fine but it wasn't really better than the jeans.

The two blue lines on the sides are looking good and it makes it look more awesome. I've had two options when I bought this, but I decided to get this instead of the other one because this one looks better. However, There are too many buttons which kinda annoying because it rains, it's good and awesome look, but since they would be hidden, I don't think that would be such a big case to pay attention to.

I don't know about this, but I like to go to the clothing store with someone and I usually go with friends or my brothers, but when I got this outfit I was with my dad and he was impressed when he saw it and this is one of the things that convinced me to buy it. I also showed my brothers and they think it looks good.  

You know Time when going to clothing store will be long unless you would just go there for a quick look around because deciding on which one to take is kinda hard because there are a lot of options and you get lost looking for a good one. I would spend at least half hour looking for a good outfit and if the store big then walking around adds up and if there more than one getting clothes that would be too long.

I would like to know how much time do you guys spend when going to a clothing store, recently I and my cousin went to just do like a quick look around and that was like 15 minutes. I don't really pay attention to the time, but for curiosity.

Anyway, now I'm going to talk about the jeans that I got and I think jeans would work with most of the T-shirts or any tops like jumpers. This is a black jeans because if there is a light color, there must be a dark color and the white consider as a light color while the black is dark which suitable and this is actually how I usually pick colors for the outfits.

The jeans outfit and why I don't wear it too much!

Most jeans are tight and therefore it will not be comfortable for me and this is the first reason. I want to be free in my movements when walking around or going anywhere or even sitting with jeans is a bit difficult unless you are going to sit on a chair or something like that and it's not going to be fully comfortable.

The jeans outfit and why I don't wear it too much!

When going out with friends, I have to pick some of the stuff such as my phone and since the jeans tight, I can't put my phone in my pocket and if I did, it will be difficult to get it out and this upsets me and this is the second reason. I need to feel and be comfortable when going outside the house and anywhere. 

Wearing the jeans mean you can only do a few things, but when wearing other stuff such as trousers, I can run and even play quick football or basketball because sometimes when I hang out with my cousins or friends and we end up in a stadium or a pitch and we go for a quick game with other players and wearing jean won't allow me to do so.

I'm not saying that I hate the jeans, but I will be limited to doing little things when going out during the normal day and also not feeling fully comfortable and because of that, I don't really like to wear it that much even when going to occasions or anything like that. If I would be asked to go for a job interview or anything like that, I would wear a good outfit that doesn't include jeans and it doesn't have to be a jeans outfit actually.

Anyway, this is all for today's post and thank you for reading, don't forget to give this post a feedback, also, would love to know how much time do you spend when shopping for clothes and other than that have a great day and lovely moments.

The jeans outfit and why I don't wear it too much!

I have started doing creative ideas under the topic ''DIY" on the blog and in case you have missed the previous post, I recommend you to check it here because I'm sure you will like it. Also, I mentioned why I did start this topic in the previous post as well, which was my first post ever on the DIY topic.

I got another idea in my mind that I want to do and I'm going to share with you this idea today in this post. Actually, I have done it and it was really fun doing it, but I hope you like and I really hope that I'm going through these ideas clearly and good, but if you find something wrong, please inform us by commenting down below or you can contact us through the contact page otherwise comment your opinion on it.

Been thinking of doing something creative with the papers because I've seen so many people doing a lot of creative stuff and I got pretty good ideas and today's idea was one of them. Also, I did this with my family which was more fun and pretty quick. I really recommend doing it with someone because you get memories and fun moments together and finish it quickly.

Also, before I start this post, I want to say that the new update which was the feedback update that I made to this blog was really good and got two feedbacks on my previous post which I did on this topic. You can say it's pretty much a good update for the future. I want to take a time to thank every one of you who support me and my blog, it really means a lot.

Anyway, As you have guessed by the title that we did a flame envelope and a card for gifts or also it works for a short letter for friends or family. However, I couldn't find a good label and because this is an item, I have created a label named 'Creative items' and I will include any creative item that has been made by me because I'm sure there will be a lot of items in the future.

The flame envelope and card custom made for gift cards

Alright, so I'm going to start walking through the process of making this flame envelope and then I'm going to do the card next. You need good bond quality papers for this idea because it's better than the normal one and more suitable for envelopes. As you see in the picture, the first step you need to fold the paper as shown in the picture above.

I used the rule to lift the folded side up so you can see it because when I folded the paper it went flat and it didn't show up clear to the camera. Also, you need to measure the sides when you fold because sometimes when you fold the paper like that it won't be the same for both sides. We need to make sure that we fold it straight and perfect.

I forget to take a picture of the next step which is folding the other side to make it an envelope which has a closing and opening side. But I think it's enough to mention and it's not necessary to show a picture of it because I think the result is obvious, but I'm really sorry for not taking a picture of it, for some reasons I forget to do so.

I will jump and show you when I finished this process, but before you see the picture, I also want to mention about the process of making the flame thing. You need a pencil for this to draw the flame and when you finish drawing the flame, cut the drawn flame carefully because if you mess up this will ruin the flame which will not make it perfect. If you don't want the same as this one or you can't do it, you can choose any flame style

The flame envelope and card custom made for gift cards

This is after I did the folding for the other side and also after I finished drawing and cutting the flame. I drew and opened a small half circle in the middle as you can see in the picture above because that will help you to close the envelope.

It wasn't really that perfect and as I planned, but you know, things never go as planned and that is not a problem as long as it's good. I drew the flame with a pencil as you can see it and then we erased it with an eraser before we colored it so it looks more like a real flame.

I picked the spots for the flame on the envelope and you can pick your own spot if you want, but I think this looks good and just perfect. The next step requires glue to help you glue the flames on the envelope and also gluing the first fold which is the place where the card goes. Before you glue all the flames, you need to color both flames and you need three wood coloring pencils, red, orange, and yellow.

Also, you need to open the half circle before gluing the main fold, because that would ruin everything if you don't do it first. You can open it with a scissor or anything that could help you to do so. I really hope I'm doing a good job of going through the process of making it.

The flame envelope and card custom made for gift cards

This is how it looks like after coloring the flames and also gluing it on the envelope. Also, as you can see in the picture above, I have opened the half circle in the middle which helps to close the envelope and colored it with orange.

As you may notice that I have also cut the edge of both flames and the envelope to make it look better and more like a flame. You can do more stuff to the envelope such as coloring the entire envelope with suitable colors or coloring the edge of the envelope, but we did nothing.

This is all for the envelope and the card for this custom made envelope was made based on the flame that's been picked which what is on the envelope but with a bigger size. You can do any style you want as long as it's a flame which will make it more suitable for the envelope

The flame envelope and card custom made for gift cards

This is the final result and as you can see, I have colored only the edges of the card and that makes it more like a flame. The card might be as the envelope size, but you can pick your own size if you want to make another size, however, this is the recommended size because it's the best for a gift card or letter.

Alright, I hope you enjoyed this idea and would like to know your opinion on this idea and may as well give this post a feedback with the new update that I did for the blog. You can find it at the bottom of each post, and also would like to know how I did with walking through this idea I hope I did well.

The flame envelope and card custom made for gift cards

Since I talked about the motivational shirt plus full outfit I decided to add a label to it which is the 'outfits talk' and post more of my outfits and kinda talk about it, share my opinions or whatever I need to discuss on the outfits or something related to it. I mentioned in the first post my favorite things about motivational shits and talked a little bit about it.

Today, however, I'm gonna talk about another outfit that I got the same day I bought the motivational outfit and in this post, I will discuss on the long sleeve and what are the reasons that make me wanna wear outfits with a long sleeve. I haven't told you this but I tend to wear long sleeve more than the short and this has been happening for a long time.

Anyway, there is nothing wrong with the short sleeve shirts but I kinda like the long sleeve more and I'm gonna mention why and give you my reasons for it. I do have outfits that actually have a short sleeve but sometimes I go without anything and sometimes I wear a long sleeve shirt with it so it kinda completing it.

Before I start the post, I wanna announce a new update on this blog which you may have already seen if you are following on Facebook because I posted it yesterday on my page. I've added a feedback section at the bottom of each post to help me kinda see which post is good and which post is not good and see how many people enjoyed reading the post and how many people did not. So if you could give this post a feedback that would help a lot.

Anyway, by the title, you already know that this outfit is a light brown outfit and the reason why I have picked this color is that it looks really good and never owned an outfit with this color which is amazing. I've got so many compliments about this kind of color but If you didn't know that my favorite color is yellow and it would be no good outfit with the yellow plus it is not suitable.

My traveler light brown outfit and some things I like about it!

This outfit has a T-shirt with few words on it which is very simple and this is good because I like it. However, there is a word written on the T-shirt that says 'traveler' which kinda be suitable when wearing it during trips because people would look at me and see the word when I'm traveling. I don't know I think it makes a sense. I'm gonna try it on my first trip this year and see how it goes but I'm sure it will be awesome.

My traveler light brown outfit and some things I like about it!

Let me start talking about why I like the long sleeve more and I'm gonna start with the cover which is the long sleeve cover most of the arm and this is why I mostly wear because I like to cover my arm when walking or going anywhere outside the house during the day. I feel more comfortable when wearing outfits with long sleeve more than the short but I do wear short sleeve and sometimes as I said I get another suitable shirt that has a long sleeve that would work well with the outfit.

Another thing about the cover is that it helps to protect my arm from the sun when walking around or going with friends. I don't think that would be a problem because you only walk but still, you may go for a walk and then sit for few minutes and  I prefer to cover my arm when walking and keep my arm away from the sunlight during the day.

It really helps to cover the arm when there are scars on it which will ruin the look and only make people keep asking. Like when I go with friends and I have some scar on my arm they all keep asking about what happened and how it happened and just make a big case out of it. Some people will make fun of me when they see something bad looking on my arm which I really don't like and so prefer to wear a long sleeve to cover everything all the time.

My traveler light brown outfit and some things I like about it!

Most importantly it's a personal preference which I feel more comfortable wearing the long sleeve more than the short. I wore this outfit few times only so far because I'm saving it for later and I have so many other outfits that I wear. As I said it will be good when traveling around the world which probably will start this year.

I did mention in the previous post in outfits talk that I kinda have a good choice of matching the outfits and this one came sperate which mean the trouser wasn't with the T-shirt but I picked a close to brown trouser as well because it's the best choice for the brown T-shirt. I'm not saying that I'm a real pro at this but you could say a good level when it comes to matching an outfit.

However, I did a small mistake which the trouser was longer than I expected and that's not a problem. I can't complain after all and this will be fixed in no time. Also, The T-shirt is kind tight but you know that is not a problem at all and I think it meant to be like this. However, I like the pockets in this trouser because they are big which my phone can fit them so perfectly.

I think this is all for this outfit talk and I hope you enjoyed reading this post and if you would like to share your opinion on this idea or topic which is the outfit talk, feel free to share it in the comment section below. Also, don't forget to give this post a feedback if you liked it or not because it would help me to know how this post did. Also, I would like to know which one you prefer the sleeve or the short sleeve.

My traveler light brown outfit and some things I like about it!

I've been sick the past two days and it was really hard to start the real work and I had to take a short break to gather all the energy so I can have a good launch. I have done my first idea in the DIY topic and my aunt helped out with this so shout to her. I'm so excited to share with you guys my first DIY that we made at home with less cost. I don't think it requires that much of money unless you want to like have a better result.

What I like about this topic is I can do creative ideas and actually enjoying the time of creating or building these things which really awesome and it's so much fun when working with family or other friends if you can do it with them. I did this work with my family which was so much fun though it was a bit long and got exhausted while still working on it.

This is my first time ever doing posts like this and I hope you won't be disappointed on how I walked through the project or the idea and if you have any idea or anything that you want me to change or do you can comment below in the comment section and I would love to develop it and make a great change.

Alright, so before I walk through this project or idea let me talk about it a little bit so you kinda have a good perspective on it. I wanted to create something for my best friend and The best thing that got in my mind is to do something that represents her. I found that she is a superstar and decided to do this project which is custom made superstar and later when we finished it we found out that it looks awesome to be a night star decor which when turn off the lights will make a pretty look for the house.

My aunt worked with me and she loved it so much that she asked me if I could let her keep it in her house because it looks pretty in the night. Anyway, I'm gonna walk through this idea step by step and how we did it and would be good to hear back from you guys on this idea.

drawn star on a board with pencil

The first thing you need is a board that shaped square to help you draw the star perfectly or you can use anything similar that will do the same job. We used the board with this idea and as you can see it worked just perfect. Then you need to draw the star with a pencil and to make sure that everything will be as good as possible I recommend using the ruler to help you draw the lines for the star.

You don't have to worry about failing because using the pencil will save you a lot of time and will just have to get only one board. You can use the eraser when you have any mistakes while drawing the star and actually this what happened to us when we tried to draw it but we used the eraser to correct everything.

When you got everything and ready to start then grab the pencil and draw Pentagon on the board to help you make a prefect superstar. Make sure all the lines calculated well otherwise it will not be a good looking star. This is what we actually used to draw the star and when finished drawing the Pentagon, draw triangles on each one with that you will start seeing the star form and then you can delete the Pentagon.

The letter is not necessary unless you want it for someone you love or anyone you can put any letter or just leave it blank which will be only a star without the letter on it.

A star with circles on the board

The next step is you need to open a way for the lights to get through the board which will make the touch and let the star shine in the dark. You can use any tool that shaped circle if you don't have drill because that would just do what we need perfectly.

You need to make the circle bigger to allow enough light to get through otherwise the star won't be as shiny as you want though we didn't open that big of holes because I didn't know that it will work and I just wanted to test it out and then later it worked. Also, you need to make sure that every hole are euqal so when it lights in the dark wont make be ugly and the light get through equally through all the holes.

When you finish this step you can turn off the lights and you will see the star which is really cool though I forget to take a picture and post it here. But definitely, you will be able to see the star form and the next step will add the last touch.

a basket of balloons with different colors

The last step or I call it the last touch for the star is balloons and the reason why I picked balloons because they are colorful and the light could go through with no problem which will make the star look prettier and I recommend taking more than you need because definitely there will be mistakes made during the process of filling and sticking the balloons on the board which is the step you gonna do next.

As I said when you finish drawing and opening a way for the lights to get through you need to stick or glue the balloons on the board. This process took the most time because you need to pick for each angle and spot the right size of balloons but it will be worth it in the end. You can use glue to stick down the balloons on the board but I used the tape which is gonna be a little bit complicated. There is also another way which is a rope but for this, you need to open another way(another two holes) for the rope to go through otherwise it will be hard to fasten the rope with the balloons.

Finally, you need a source of light that could help you to light all the balloons and form the star perfectly. Because it was a test, I used a strong flashlight which really done well on lighting the balloons and form the star but it was really what we wanted to do and as you will see in the picture below, there is not that much of lights getting throught the holes we did.

A star custom made for home decor at night

This is the result after we finished and as you can see the holes we opened wasn't that big and there is little light coming through which wasn't what I really wanted but that's good I think. Also, the lights were turned off but the flashlight has a high level of light and it's big therefore there was so much lights coming from the sides.

I really hope you enjoyed reading my first DIY post on this blog and would really love to know your opinions on this idea and how I walked through the idea. I'm looking for new ideas for the future which is gonna be excited because I love doing these kinds of stuff and it's fun doing creative stuff.

A star custom made with balloons for home decoration at night

I have been thinking of sharing some of the things that I do when shopping online for a gift that you want to give to anyone you love. I have come to a conclusion that I should do it and this is what this post gonna be about.

Shopping online is something that I use to do most of the time and it doesn't seem to be more expensive than any local store. I have been enjoying it since the first time I shopped for my self back in like years ago and I'm still gonna do it forever I guess.

The difference between local shopping and online shopping is that you can hold the item and check it before getting and I will mention something below that could help you to make your decision on whether you get it or not. Also. when you shop it online it should be shipped to you which take time to arrive but I don't think it would be a problem to consider.

This is not my first time shopping online but what I'm gonna mention is good for people who have already shopped and also for people who haven't shopped before because I think it works the best for me every time I do it. I'm sure it will work for you too unless you have another way of doing it which you can share with us in the comment section below if you want.

What I like about the online shopping is that I can compare the same product on many websites and see different experiences from people. But to be honest I only look for big companies such amazon or eBay though I haven't purchased anything from eBay because I can trust them and the delivery will be much better than the small companies and websites.

Anyways, let's get this post started and hopefully you guys find this post somehow helpful for you when you try it for the first time or already done before. If you have another way as I said I would love to know about it and would be awesome if you could share it with us in the comment section.

The Design

This step is actually necessary whether shopping online or locally because it's the first step in deciding which one you will get. The method that I use when looking for a good design is that I look for stuff that impresses me so much because of course, it will impress whoever gets it. I have been doing this for the past years and seems working pretty good and people really loves what I get them based on what impresses me so much. By the way, there is different between impresses me and impress me so much in case you didn't get it

This method works for the quality of the product or the design as well because you need a quality that impresses people and make people like it otherwise it will not make it and whoever get is it will be a little bit disappointed if it will break after a week or even a month. I always look for long good quality when I purchase anything.

Some people purchase stuff based on the price thinking that the higher price the better quality and I wouldn't disagree with this actually but you can find good quality and bad quality for products that have lower prices and higher prices as well.

Reading information

Reading the information for the product after you decide which design you will pick is necessary for both local and online shopping but you will find all the information about the product when doing local shopping but when going for the online shopping you will only read what mentioned by the company or seller which basically give you the headlines of the product or the necessary information.

You have to decide what you need so it will be easy to find the right information or details. I always check the information and see if it match what I want or what's in my mind. For example, if I would buy a watch for my friend and I want it to be a leather so I would look for a watch that has leather and so on.

If you don't have any specific style or details about the product but you kinda wanna a good quality and good product. Well, I would say the next step that I'm gonna mention is going to help you to find out the right for you.

Going through reviews 

One of the best things about online shopping is that it gives you the ability to share your experience with the product and help others to kinda have a perspective on the product before buying which really helped me a lot to purchase good and awesome gifts for my friends and family. 

You can learn more about the product with real experience and real people from the reviews. However, there are some items that don't have reviews because whether people haven't bought it yet or it didn't receive any review after buying it and in this case, I would tend to go with similar items if the one I picked doesn't have enough amount of reviews if it meant to be gift because I don't wanna mess it up when it's gift but I could spend money on items that don't have reviews if its not gift and I could return if there is something bad but when it comes to gift, I think it will be ruined if comes with bad quailty. 

I'm not saying that the one with reviews are trusted and will be perfect because sometime you will buy a product with so many people who have done a good feedback on it and then when you buy it you find out that it wasn't as the reviews but I would say that it has a high chance of being trustworthy.

You can take this as a way to know what you will be expecting when you buy the product which is really good. I always look for products or items that have high good and positive reviews and still hoping that it won't be bad.

As I said in the previous step if you don't have any particular information about the item or product that you wanna buy and you looking for a good one, the reviews will help you to decide on which one is good but still, you need be specific because everyone has its own style and you might not like it.

I have been using this method for so long and every time it works perfectly and talking about this actually, I have recently done it and my friend seems to like it which really amazing. I would like to know if you use this same method or do you have another way of purchasing online and other than that have a good day.

Things I do before purchasing gifts online