Trying new things in my life is something really awesome and I want to share with you my perspective of everything I try on my life that I haven't tried yet or something new which actually will be something I haven't tried it yet anyway because the new ones are also things I haven't tried yet.

I have been thinking of doing this post for the last week and finally, I get to try it and see how it goes. I'm still struggling on getting new ideas on my blog and as I said before there will be awesome new ideas in the future and schedule everything and I kinda wanna set everything on the first month and then have a great start.

Before I start this post, I wanna apologize for not posting a lot this month because as I said I'm getting everything set and ready to launch. Actually the next post I will be sharing with you one of the big moves I have done so far for the year.

I'm gonna start with this post which will be a brand new 2018 car that my cousin owned and he was nice to give me a ride on it and I wanna share with you how it was and what I liked about the new 2018 car. I'm looking to own a 2018 car myself because it's really awesome and better than any previous model cars.

However, we have an old car and the difference between the new and the old is the strength which obviously old cars always be the strongest because they are built with iron. I'm not a car expert but that's what I heard of from many people.

We didn't go for a long ride because it was a brand new and my cousin didn't want to drive for too long. He wanted to start easy on the car and then after couple weeks, he will be able to go all around the city with no problem.

Anyway, this ride was the first ride on 2018 car in my life and I'm telling you that it was the best ride ever. Though it wasn't like a Ferrari or any other supercar, it was an awesome car and also it has great new features my cousin walked me through.

My experience with a ride on a new 2018 car

This is not a walkthrough or talking about the car specifically but it's just my perspective of the car and shares with you what are the things I liked about it. I think it will be a great idea to include topic that talks about cars and stuff I might do it in the future who knows?!. What do you think? should I do this idea now?

My cousin owns four seats 2018 Kia car and I don't have a lot of information about which I will learn in the future but this is what I know so far. So I'm gonna start with listing what I like about the 2018 car and talk about and why I like it and I hope you will enjoy reading it.

My experience with a ride on a new 2018 car


This one is the first thing to mention actually when it comes to new car and the latest model car that my cousin own is super comfy and has better seats. My cousin's car was so good and we actually didn't feel like we are in a car at all.

The design of the seats is so perfect especially for road trips which makes it better for a long drive when going on a road trip. Also, when we drove the car we didn't feel like we driving on the road and it was awesome.

The interior design is perfect for both the driver and the passenger where the driver can do multitasks and control most of the things and not taking his hands off from the steering wheels which is another awesome thing.

My experience with a ride on a new 2018 car

I was surprised actually when I saw it because I didn't expect it to be like what I saw and I this is one of the best things which we should look when thinking of taking a new car.

The sound

I like the car with awesome speakers because it makes the songs better and more enjoyable and when we went for a ride it was so good and I tend always to listen to DJ's more and when I played some of the songs I have I was impressed with the sound.

I'm not gonna say it was the best sound but it was so good and we enjoyed some music with it. For sure the sound for the new car will be much better but it wasn't as loud as the other car that my cousin has.

I like how he can control the volume from the steering wheel which is pretty safe for the driver when driving alone.

The amount of space inside 

I was actually surprised by the amount of space the car has because the car is not that long or big but there was a lot of space inside which is really comes in handy when there is a lot of passengers on the car and that will help a lot. 

Though the car can't carry that much of passengers, it can be as comfy as any other big car when it gets full and this actually good for road trips with friends too. There weren't many friends with us when we went for a ride but for sure there will be so much space even when it gets full.

The driver can do whatever he can and still it there will be more space which is awesome because it's always the best to have more space when driving.

This is it for this post and I will add the 'New experience' label to the blog so that I can do more posts on things that I try it for the first time in the future. 

Anyway, I would like to thank my cousin for giving a ride on his new car and let me experience the new car for the first time ever in my life. It was really an awesome experience for the first time and I'm looking forward to getting a new car for myself in the future. I hope you enjoyed reading this post and would love to know what is your favorite type of car?.

My experience with a ride on a new 2018 car

I always love to read inspirational quotes during my days because it motivates me when I feel like I wanna give up. Actually, I've become self-motivated in last year and learned a lot of things in my life and this is such an amazing thing because always looking to be better than yesterday and this what helped me to be a self-motivated person.

It's really hard to get motivated to do daily posts when just started blogging because I'm not used to it and also there is so many stuff that I still wanna learn. I'm gonna try my best to do great content and make it daily in the future. I really look to have the blogging daily because its so much fun to do so.

I'm not really looking to include fashion topic in my blog for now but I would like to include why I do love the motivational shirts and I'm gonna share with you one of my favorite motivational outfit that I wear whenever I go out.

Having motivational quotes in my shirt is something I really love to have because I get to read quotes even when I'm not on the internet especially when its included with few touches like the one I'm gonna share with you. People will also read it and who knows? maybe it will be a reason for them to be motivated as well.

I do love other shirt styles but motivational quotes style is like one of my favorite things and I don't know about this but I feel good when I wear it. Like I don't read the quote but I wear it but to be honest I don't wear it a lot because well, here is another thing about me that I tend to try different shirts otherwise it will be just boring to wear it all the day.

Anyways, I'm gonna share with you guys why I do like these kinds of shirts and show you pictures of one of my favorite outfits that I wear. Hopefully, you will enjoy reading this post and I really wanna know what kind of shirts or outfits you're favorite.

The meaning of it 

Each shirt has a quote and each quote has a meaning and this is one of the main reasons why I wear because they are not only words but also they all have a meaning. If they don't have a meaning then it will be just like any other shirts.

I would say if someone wears a motivational shirt but don't know what it actually means then that will mean nothing. However, when someone understands and feel the quotes it will totally mean something.

I went to the store and found a bunch of shirts that have quotes but I ended up taking the one with a great and strong meaning. This is how I always pick the right motivational shirt and how I tend to pick one for me. You may think that it doesn't have a strong meaning but for me it actually does.

I'm actually planning to make my own motivational shirts in the future and express my own quotes in shirts. That would be dope and awesome just imagining me wearing my own quotes out on the street is just great feeling. 

The look of it 

 As I said earlier that it looks really good with few touches to the quote that makes it more beautiful and good to read. Also, when the font of it looking good and pretty which really catches the eyes when looking at it.

When I wore this outfit all my friends were surprised by the look of it and also the font because I think its really looking good with the font. My friends asked me where did I got it and they want to get one like this one. I get so many compliments on it when I wear it.

Also, both of the quote and shirt colors should be well matched and looking pretty. I always tend to take a good looking shirt that has well-matched colors otherwise it will ruin the look of the quote in it.

A shirt with motivational quote

This shirt has three stars on the top of the quote which really looking good and it catches people's eyes. I got so many good compliments from people when I go outside wearing this shirt and also from my friends.

If I would take a shirt that has a word in it I would take motivational words because it has a strong reason to get but I would also take other shirts with awesome looking words and letters along with the motivational ones. I prefer to pick the one which only suits me and it makes me feel good when it comes to going out with friends.

I matched a trouser with the shirt which makes it a full outfit. I'm not gonna say that I'm great when it comes to picking but I know how to match clothes with everything such as the right color for the shirt or the trouser or jeans. 

A shirt with a black trouser

I actually got three outfits when I got this one and all of them are well matched and looking great. My friends were impressed and they liked it when they saw me wearing it. One of the three outfits has jeans and I think I did a great job on picking it.

Wearing a shirt with a jacket

A black jacket makes the outfit looks prettier when wearing the shirt. As you can see in the picture above it's awesome with the jacket but that would only be in winter because I don't think we can wear a jacket in the summer because it will be hot to wear it.

Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post and I'm might include fashion in the future and blog about everything in my wardrobe or closet. For now, I will just keep blogging on what has already been included on the blog.

My favorite things about motivational shirts

I have been getting everything ready and setting my goals and plans for the new year and finally, I got everything ready. It took me a while to finish but that's actually not a problem at all as long as it going to be finished.

I also just finished organizing the blog and it's so ready for the year and actually, I'm so excited because I'm sure that we gonna have a great year full of an awesome and positive journey. There will be a lot of content I'm gonna share with you and things I'm planning on. Hopefully, you will enjoy reading it.

There will be so many things that gonna happen in this year and I can't wait for it because there will be so exciting things for sure. I have made a promise to my self that I will be better than the last year and any year in the past and I'm actually gonna work on it so hard and with passion.

I don't know if it's late for this idea but I'm gonna share with you guys how I sat my plans and what did and I used for everything planned for the new year. This is actually the first time me doing it in my entire life which is making plans and working on it. Because in past I was just living my life and fighting without a target or destination and I think this is one of the signs that the new year which is 2018 will be much better.

The 2018 with plastic balls and candles

It took me more than a week to set everything because this was supposed to be posted in the early days of the new year but there were so many things happened and as usual I had to deal with them first and then start setting everything.

Anyways, I thought it will be a good idea to do this post which sharing with you guys how I planned my new year and what I used for it because still, it's the early days of the new year and also it actually makes sense which takes some time to set everything.

I was wondering on how I'm gonna plan my goals and everything because as I said it's the first time me doing this and I found out that writing it on my laptop using apps it's much easier and quicker and this is where I planned my goals for the new year. I'm gonna mention why I picked this option rather than the notebooks because you know most people I think they prefer to use notebooks to write the plans and goals.

There is no cost

I have spent literally nothing doing this because there are so many free apps you can do this with but I picked Microsoft word for now because I can create tables which really helped to organize everything for the plans and goals.

This is actually for people that don't have much money to get a notebook or for people who don't want to spend much money on such these things. I'm actually one of the people that who doesn't like to spend much money on things.

You can actually use unlimited pages and for no cost which is really pretty good when planning for long-term use of setting goals or anything else. also, you can do as much as you can and you won't be out of pages as.

I could actually get a notebook and start writing but its all about what do you prefer to use rather than what you can have because I don't mind spending few bucks on a notebook and plan everything in it but I would rather plan using an app than on a notebook.

The font quality 

This is actually the most important one for me because when it comes to writing anything on papers I suck at and after a while, I can't read what I wrote. I don't know if there is anyone with the same issue but this is me.

I can also write my plans for the new year with many different fonts which is awesome because I get to use fonts different fonts for the titles of a section and use it as I wish. This is actually will be good if you want to make the goals writing for the new year or anything else looks more entertaining instead of boring

You can also use different size of the fonts which makes it better and looking organized than one font size for the entire book or plans. Also, not to mention the color of the font which is actually important to make the life colorful and beautiful and also to make writing goals and plans beautifully with a colorful font.

There are so many things I could do planning with apps using my laptop and not worry about a single thing. I have only mentioned why I used this method with planning my new year goals and now I'm gonna talk about how I did it.

I'm actually gonna use my laptop and phone to write down my notes and everything because I think everything is much easier with it and I don't have to write with a bad font and not have the ability to edit the font and add so much stuff into it.

Alright, I have written all my current destinations for social media and blogging goals and I have created tables for each one and wrote down the next destinations which are the actual goals that I want to achieve.

When I achieve it I will only put a line through it which mean it's been accomplished and then writes the next destination in the next cell and this is how I planned to set my goals and work for the new year. I'm pretty happy with this method because it's really perfect and easy.

A table with social media goals or destination

The picture above is an example of how I'm gonna do it and let's say that my goal or destination is to reach 1000 followers in twitter and when I reach the destinations I would just put a line through and fill the next cell with my next goal or destination. This is an example of the social media and blogging goals or destinations for the new year. I wrote the schedule for posts and included my life goals as well. Everything will be included in one document.

I'm gonna be honest with you and speak the truth of my biggest fail in the past years. I have never been a socialite and I'm really planning on becoming this year because this is one of the most important things in order to have a good life and better communication with readers and people all over the internet.

There is what I call 'The daily goals' which is goals that have to be achieved daily and this doesn't need anything to set because it's gonna be hard to write it every day but I would set it in my mind and then achieve it right away.

I have organized everything and sat all my goals for the new year and I'm gonna start working on it and I'm sure it's gonna be a fun journey. How about you? Share your method of planning your goals for the new year.

My planning method for the new year 2018

This is my first post of the new year, I've started the blog at the end of the last year and I'm gonna make the best of the new year and I'm so excited for it. I haven't posted anything for the new year and I've seen so many people posting a lot of things and probably will post something soon I don't think it's late too to do so. However, I've posted my travel plan for the new year which 2018 at the end of the last year.

Everything on this blog has been changed and also the way how I write the posts also change. I'm thinking to start fresh with a lot of new stuff. Probably will start a new way and keep developing it. I list all the categories on the menu bar at the top of the blog which really never did it before. The new year will be full of awesome adventures and development for me and the blog.

I have mentioned on the about page that I wear glasses since I was a kid and that means I have something made me wearing it all the time. I'm not gonna mention the reason why because this post is not about it. However, I'm gonna talk about 5 things I do to help me keep my eyes healthy and on a good level of vision.

Best things to do when blogging while wearing glasses

Using the laptop and phone as a blogger is something I tend to do most of the time. I would spend more than an hour daily using my laptop to finish something and if it requires more time then I would spend more to finish it. Also, I have to check my social media accounts and that takes at least more than half hour.

I have to take care of my eyes while doing all of these and it could be difficult to finish everything at a time but that doesn't mean you won't finish it. I would rather get something done in a long time than lose something precious to me which is, of course, the eyes.

A glass on top of iPhone with laptop

Since I started blogging, I have been figuring out a lot of things that could help me to keep my eyes healthy and at the same time, keep blogging. Today I'm gonna share most of the things when working on electronics such the laptop while wearing glasses with you guys and I hope it will be helpful information.

1-Brightness level 

I have a good way of setting up the brightness level when I use my laptop and I've been using it for the last year and it's been really a good idea and helped me a lot.Probably most of the people using it but I set the brightness level upon the place where I sit at and also the light in it like if I have a bright room then I would set the brightness level upon the brightness in the room and I always make the laptop or phone brightness lower.

I always tend to make my room as bright as possible and I'm looking to get a lamp or something like to put on my laptop's screen because it really helps so much when doing a lot of work on the laptop. Especially when reading and exploring blogs.

When it comes to the brightness my glasses actually reflects the lights coming from the laptop but still, that would hurt my eyes and sometime I can't see clearly when there is much light coming at the same time toward my eyes.

I tend most of the time to set the brightness at 50% percent which is not too bright and not too dark and this is actually pretty good set if you would ask me because this is the recommended one with a normal bright room.

2-Drinking water

A laptop with a cup of water

A long time before, I didn't know that the water helps when using the laptop and I wasn't actually drinking as much water as now. After drinking the water for a couple of times I realized that its really so good and it keeps me fresh and hydrated.

Whenever I use the laptop I have to get a bottle of water on my desk and drink when I am thirsty or have sips like after every minute. I think this is one of the essentials as a blogger when working on a laptop for a long time. Also, probably most of the people already doing it.

The two main things that I always put on my desk is snacks and bottle of water or a cup of water and just work and whenever I feel hungry everything is ready and quick access. I don't have to waste time on getting anything for me.

3-Going for a walk

One of the important things I do when working as a blogger is going for a walk after few minutes or maybe few hours and this is really good for getting a fresh air and also sunlight. I have tried it several times and whenever I do it I feel fresh and my eyes feel good when it actually gets some sunlight.

Most of the time I go for a walk alone and I use the time during walking to plan for the next thing I'm gonna do and organize my thoughts as well which is actually good because I get to plan everything while getting fresh air.

I actually get sunlight alone by only looking through the window and I don't know if someone does it or not but I actually like to look through the window and keep thinking about other stuff and use imagination for few minutes while getting sunlight.

These the most things I do during blogging and wearing a glasses but this is not the end and will keep trying to be healthy while working. I hope you guys find this helpful and if you do any of these you can share with us your experience in the comment below.

Best things to do when blogging while wearing glasses

Hello everyone, welcome to the blog

Welcome to a new post on the blog and if you missed the previous post which was the first post on motivation topic and also I did a new idea and talked about it you. can check it out
here and give it a quick read before reading this post.

If you are new to the blog and wanna learn more about the blog and the content of it, you can find all details about it on about page at the top of this blog or for fast access you can click here. Also, if you wanna read about the privacy policy on the blog, you can read it on the privacy policy page at the top or you can click here as well.

Today's post going to be another travel post and I wanna do another idea on the blog and this is what you gonna read in this post. This idea just like the previous idea which it will be posted on each year in the last month and it going to be my travel plan for the next year.

My travel plan for the new year 2018

I'm glad that I started blogging on this month which is the last month of the year because it allowed me to start some of my ideas earlier and there will be more stuff will be added and more development for the blog.

I would like to share with you guys my travel plan for the new year which is 2018. I have traveled a couple of times in 2017 but we are at the end of it which will be not interesting to post it and also I haven't thought of it. So the 2018 year will be the first year which I will start posting my trips and share it with you guys.

Anyway, I will list all my planned trips for the new year 2018 and I'm gonna talk about it. I will share why I have planned each trip along in the list and I hope you guys will enjoy it but that doesn't mean it will the only ones which I will post because there are a lot of places I might travel to but this is the planned trips will be the ones which I will post for sure.

Athens - Greece

This is the first one in the list and it's one of the plans that it must happen because the goal is to travel and meet my best friend for the first time. It doesn't have to be the first one to travel to but it will be for sure. Also, there are places in Greece which I dreamed to visit and hopefully will capture and share it with you.

I'm not only gonna share posts of places in Greece but I will also be sharing fun and entertaining ideas and things that I'm gonna do with my friends. It's really great to save memories to remember it later with friends and people who you get to spend little time with and I'm gonna do as much as I can and share it with you as well.

I have also heard that Athens is huge and this is the best part because it allows creating a lot of content for the blog and more places to visit and hang out with friends in there. I can't wait for this trip when I get there I will post as much as I can.

Sydney - Australia 

I have no friends in Australia but it has always been my dream to visit Sydney and look at everything in real life. I have seen a lot of pictures and videos about it but it's not something you would feel when you experience in real life. I added Sydney in the list because I really wanna experience everything in real life.

I'm not going to share the famous places in Sydney that has been shared millions of times on the internet instead I'm gonna share other interesting places in Sydney but I might include some pictures of the famous places in my social media. I have no clue of how big the city but I'm sure it's huge and there are so many things to do and interesting places to visit.

I'm gonna meet new people and make new friends when I travel to Sydney and Hopefully I meet other travelers who do blogging as well because that would be so awesome. I'm gonna share fun and entertaining things as well.

Tokyo - Japan

Traveling to Japan is one of my dreams that I have been dreaming for so long and finally, I get to make my dream come true. I'm going to work on my plan for the Japan trip and hopefully, it will succeed and which will make 2018 the year which most of my dreams that I was dreaming before come true.

The most interesting thing that I wanna really experience and see in real life is the trees and flowers in Japan that I have seen all over the internet. I'm not planning on posting any famous places because there are tons of people have posted it and it will not be interesting to do so but instead, I'm going to share other places in japans and share pictures of famous places on my social media as well.

I have friends who have been dreaming to travel to Japan and it would be awesome if we could travel together and have a lot of fun. I'm gonna work on taking my friends with me or I'm gonna have to work on a plan to do the Japan trip together.

Warsaw - Poland

The last travel plan in the list will be Warsaw because I have a best friend in Poland as well and I'm gonna have to visit and during the visit, I will be posting bunch of posts of different places and have fun. I really have no idea about it but I've heard that it's a beautiful city. It will be the first time to visit my friend in Warsaw and this is a special trip for me.

My friend has taught me few of polish words and I think this gonna help little bit to communicate with people that don't understand English. It will be so much fun trip and also I can't wait to meet my friend and have fun.

Alright, so this is the plan for the next and I can't wait to post all the trips and all the fun will be going on these trips. I'm gonna work hard on achieving all the mentioned plans. For now, Happy new year and I wish you a good and amazing new year.

This is a wrap for the post and I hope you enjoyed it and if you did please stay tuned for the next post. Also, don't forget to share your thoughts on this plan and also I wanna know what kind of plans do you guys have for the next year. Thank you so much for reading and stay happy until the next post!

My travel plan for the new year 2018