Hello everyone and welcome to another post on the blog. Since I have started adding new topics to the blog, I didn't have the time for writing about old posts. Today, I'm going to get back to the outfit talks and talk about an outfit that I wanted to write about since the previous month.

I decided to start going to the gym and build my body because I felt like I'm not in a good shape of my body like before when I was strong and no one would be able to put me on the ground. Also, My friends were impressed of me when I was able to lift almost everything they thought they can't.

As the time pass, I started getting weaker and weaker because of all the life assignments and stuff that I worry about when growing up. You know, the more we grow, the more important things we have to do. We stopped playing soccer a long time ago which allows me to stay home without doing anything in my free time and actually, I don't get that much of a free time now. This means we don't enjoy our life like we used to do before when we were kids and do stuff that helps our body to keep it in a good shape such as playing hide and seek and run with top speed.

Also, I'm not doing a great job on my health. I don't eat as much as before which kinda got me a bit weak on energy. I always think about stuff and worry about things in life and this one especially is the reason why I'm in the current shape because it harms the human body.

Anyway, I'm going to talk about a topic I call it 'The human body at the gym". I will talk about some things that our body need from the gym and why we should really start going to it. I would like write my opinions on this and I hope you will enjoy reading it and of course, you can share yours as well.

Since the outfit in this post related only to the gym and I only wear when I go the gym I thought it will be a good idea to talk about this topic instead of talking about the outfit itself.

The gym outfit 'The human body at the gym'

I'm going to start with why we should go to the gym more often. I think we don't have to go the gym unless we need to build muscles, but it's my reason for why we need the gym. My reason for going to it is because I need to keep my strength on a good level and the shape of my body. I mean, I could keep it on a level if I do stuff that requires tasks like the gym equipment. For example, people who work on lifting things or doing similar stuff to that.

As for today, I believe that we could have a gym in our houses, but that would be only for people who can effort it. Still, you can do training and practice with other stuff in the house that has the same task with a different tool. People started using chairs, sticks, and tables to train their body and it's pretty good and just the same result.

If you just started going to the gym or training in the house, it will be your worse days because your muscles will hurt so bad. You need to keep training and don't stop when the pain begins and after few days all the pain you got will fade away. This is what happened to me in my first days at the gym.

The gym outfit 'The human body at the gym'

One of the most important tip that I got it myself and I follow it, is that I don't drink so much water. I understand we workout hard and a lot which would make us very thirsty, but still, it will not be good to drink so much water because that will make you weaker and lazy. I only drink few sips of water even if I worked out a lot and I'm very thirsty.

My cousin thinks that he can only go to the gym if there is someone will go with him because he won't have inspiration. I don't think people would be the inspiration, but it will be more fun to have a people with you and have competitors. However, The reason why you want to go is the only inspiration to make the decision of whether you go or not because if the person leaves then you can't continue which is not really good.

I hope she is not reading this, but the actual reason for why I started going to the gym, is because I'm going to meet my best friends soon, and I'm embarrassed to meet them in the current shape of my body. I think you haven't read my first post on this blog where I mention my travel plan for the year and stated that I'm going to meet my friends on this year. I'm working on it so hard, hopefully, this will work as planned. Wish me luck.

The gym outfit 'The human body at the gym'

Most people tend to use a headset with loud music to get a motivation and I think it's normal, but loud music is not good for the ears. I recommend using low sound volume even if you still hear people around because that's not really good for your ear's health. I've done it several times and I get a headache every time and sometimes won't be able to hear well.

Alright, I think we have come to an end for this post and I hope you enjoyed reading it. I did not talk that much about the gym, however, I mentioned some of the things that I wanted to talk about. By the way, I didn't get to talk about the outfit but the top says 'Just do it' which is a good motivational quote to remind you to just do it and don't settle or stop. Also, I've got a new topic coming up next and I'm excited to share it with you guys. Anyways, Have a great day till then.

The gym outfit 'The human body at the gym'

Hello everyone and welcome to another post on this blog, I wish you had a happy weekend. The day before yesterday, I posted a new topic on the blog which was the 'Five-list' and talked about 5 things we should do before writing a blog post.

Today, I got something different and it's not really new for me because I have done it before in my blogging journey, but this time I'm going to do it differently and hopefully, you guys will enjoy reading it. I'm going to start sharing apps that I use or I have used before in my life and I'm going to add this one on the blog as 'Apps time' which means its time for an app talk or discussion.

Also, I'm going to share new apps on the store and give you a perspective on the new useful apps and maybe games in the future. I want to state that I own an iPhone if you are not here from the beginning of this year and I always owned an iPhone. I'm sure there are so many people own iPhones, but for the people who don't have it, I'm sorry if you can't find the app I talk about in the store.

Let me mention something before we start, There are two platforms for most of the phones which are 'Apple' for iPhones and Apple products and 'Android' for the rest of the phones. Some companies make two version for both platforms which is amazing, but some companies don't which will not be good for those who can't get it on the store. However, I think we can find most of the big apps on both platforms nowadays.

I'm not going to do full reviews for apps because that won't be interesting instead I'm going to talk about the app and share some of the features and my thoughts on it. The reason why I want to do this is that I want to help people to reach new apps they might be looking for or they want to know more about it. also, when I find a good app I will share it and who knows, maybe some people will find it good as well and it will be a helpful thing to do.

The first post on this topic will be about an app called 'elevate' and this app helps you to train your brain and improve focus, speaking abilities, processing speed, memory, math skills, and more. The app contains games or interesting things to do to be able to achieve what mentioned. There are so many things you will go through when you start using the app, but I'm going to share some of it and show you the concept of the app.

A good way to train the brain in different skills

This is the first thing you will see when start using the app and I downloaded the app again to show you what it looks like when first open it. You will go through instructions on what this app contains and what you can do if you swipe to the right.

You can track your performance in this app and show you how you doing by giving you an EPQ ranging from 0-5000 that represents your proficiency in each skill. You will be able to view this on the performance page on the inside of the app.

If you have doubts about the games in the app, I would say you don't need to because all the games are developed by experts which means its good and trusted games.

A good way to train the brain in different skills

The last page of the instructions will be the beginning of everything which will help you to set up the app too. If you have used this app before, you don't need to go through anything except log in and go straight to the app. However, If You are new to the app, you will be given questions in order to set the app if you tap on the 'Get started' button.

You can set up the app as you want and answer some questions to finish the process of setting it up. Also, you may need to create an account for you to use the app and when you get back, you will be asked to log in.

This app can be used as free with limited games and you can purchase a subscription to get the full games and more. I want to state this in case someone wants to know about it. Also, You can try the pro version for 14 days.

A good way to train the brain in different skills

This is how it looks like from the inside of the app and as you can see in the picture above, there is like levels where you can take and once you finish it there will be information about your performance in the next page. Each level has specific games on a skill and the first one has the writing skill which we will be looking at.

I have finished the first level which is brevity and I'm going to share a quick step to show you how this level works. Each level contains a bunch of games that you have to go through and then once the level completed, you will be taken to the next one. I don't have the pro version yet because I'm still practicing and I think getting the pro version would be a good idea which I'm going to do soon.

A good way to train the brain in different skills

If you visit the level for the first time you will be given instructions on how the level works and what is shown in above is instruction on how the first level works. You have to tap on the unnecessary words from a sentence and make sure to read it carefully because sometimes it's going to be tricky and you don't know.

You can also know the recent achievements that you did in the app on the profile page which is amazing because you can keep track of it.

I think we have reached the end of this post, but there is more stuff you can figure it out because as I said it will not be a full review for now. I hope this post will be good enough for you to get the app started and I hope that I did well on explaining the main points of it. Comment down below your thoughts on this app and other than that have a great day everyone!

A good way to train the brain in different skills

Hello everyone, I hope you all a great day. I've been thinking of posting some of my very old posts that have been written in one of my oldest blogs and maybe move them in this current blog. I got so many posts, but I will pick the best of it because back when I started blogging I didn't have that much of experience.

The reason why I want to do this is that I got pretty good posts back then when I started blogging and keeping them would be a good way to remember how I started and what I posted before. Though I wasn't that good at grammar which will not be a good thing to just copy and paste them here. I'm going to re-write them again and correct all the mistake.

I got tutorials and other ideas back then and I actually, did a couple of posts each idea or topic, but then for some reasons, I stopped blogging in the blog which made it dead now. I'm not going to get back to it and soon when I finish moving my favorite posts to this blog I might delete the blog.

Everything from now on will be my main stuff which I will be focusing on for the rest of my life and develop them and grow. I have new plans and amazing things for the future of this blog and my social media. I'm going to share more epic photos in my social accounts and posts here and I'm going to do new ideas and awesome stuff.

My first ever idea I will be sharing on this blog from my old blog will be the 'Five-list' which I mention 5 things and discuss it. I mention 5 things each post which could be things we do or have as bloggers or anyone. Also, I like to share my favorite stuff and let you guys know me more. I'm going to share five things of my favorite list in everything.

The first post I did before when I started this was about blogging and I shared my perspective on five things we should do before start writing a blog post. I wasn't sure that the post would get good feedback, but it did which is great and I hope it will still get good feedback today and I hope you guys will find it somehow helpful for you.

1-Eating before writing anything

I have experienced this several times, every time I start writing the blog post, I get dizzy and come back later when I have eaten something and I find my post wasn't the best because when blogging hungry you will not have the same energy as the person who is not. Everything in our bodies uses energy and considering eating before blogging is necessary. I'm not saying that you have to eat even if you not hungry, but in case you are, I think you should.

You could add snacks to the desk set which what I always do when writing a blog post. I put snacks close to my laptop and eat a piece every two or three minutes until I get full and it helped me so far because I can blog while don't have to worry about eating before blogging or anything.

2-Blogging in a fresh environment 

Allowing the brain to get a fresh air during blogging will help to work appropriately and much better than blogging in a closed area. I have tried this several times and I found huge differents which made me love it. I wrote a couple of posts in our backyard while getting a fresh air and it helped me a lot to write good articles because I think when having an open area the mind will be more open for new ideas and words.

You still can get a fresh air while blogging inside the house if you open the windows and let the door open to help the winds get through the window. I've been doing this when I can't blog a post in our backyard.

3-A quiet environment during blogging

This is the most experienced and I still facing problems with getting a quiet place to blog because our house is a madhouse. Kids and people in the house always make noise and it really bothers me because I can't think straight while blogging in a place where it's noisy all around.   

There is a lot of things we can't do when blogging in a place surround by noises and sometimes I have to go outside the house to blog or wait till it gets quiet which never going to happen, but luckily it happens sometimes. 

4-Considering a bottle of water in the set

I think it's necessary even when we are not blogging because keeping ourselves hydrated when using electronic devices is an important thing for our health. I always put a bottle of water next to my laptop and drink every couple of minutes even when I'm not blogging.

This is actually good because when we get thirsty we don't have to get up and go grab the bottle. It saves time and energy which is great. Always aim to keep yourself fresh and healthy while using any electronic device.

5-The right time for writing a post 

This is important and necessary if you would like to have a good and nice post, choose the right time. I would say, the right time is not only for a specific hour or minute, but it's also how you feel because sometimes you feel good late at night that you can write a post which is good and still you will do good, but also you need to choose the right time because blogging at time when its sleeping time won't let you do better.

Choosing the right time differs from person to another because it's obvious that we all not the same, but we have to pick our time and we are common on this one. What is your favorite time for blogging? comment it down below.

This is everything and I hope you will find it somehow helpful to you. I wrote the post again and fixed everything except the concept. I'm going to develop this topic and add more amazing posts for you in the future. For now, I'm signing off and hope you a great day.

5 things we should do before writing a blog post

Hello everybody, welcome back to a new post on the blog. Today is the second day of April which yesterday is the first day of the Easter holiday, I wish you all a happy and amazing Easter holiday. Make sure to spend it with family and create amazing memories.

I've planned a couple of posts for the last month, but I didn't get to do it because I've gone through hard times dealing with other stuff and life assignments. However, all the plans will be planned for this month and I will make sure that all the plans will be conducted in this month because as the quote says 'If it's not going to be today, it won't be tomorrow'. Also, I will add new plans and challenge my self to get it done too.

Today is the first day of the month, but I'm excited for the last day of it when I will be sharing my accomplishments. I mentioned about this in my welcome back update post in the last month. It's not going to be only me who is going to share, but also it will be a chance for you to share whatever you have accomplished in the same month which will be basically a celebration for us for what we did.

I've missed the fun of doing DIY stuff which will be back this month too and I got great ideas and amazing stuff. This is one of the plans for this month which will be conducted along with previous plans that I planned. Hopefully, I will be able to do it and won't face any trouble in the way because you know life sometimes it doesn't go as planned

Anyway, I'm going to share one of the planned posts from the previous month which is a new way to arrange daily assignments with an iPhone. If you remember, I got a new iPhone at the beginning of this year and since then I've using it and figuring out new ways to help me with my daily life and blogging. I found this idea in the last month and wanted to share it with you guys to help others if someone looking for a way to do the same thing or someone interested in learning a new way of planning daily assignments.

This is might not be new to some of you guys and that's how life goes, some people learn new things that others already have and there is no problem with that. There is also another way to do it, but for me, I think this is the best way because I kinda feel like its easier and better.

I will talk about things I love about it and things I kinda don't like and show you some of the things I planned using this idea. I'm going to start with how I came up with this, when it started and how it's been so far and everything about it.

My friends called me to hang out with them and I did, but when we were together outside hanging, A moment of silent happened and I was exploring my phone and I was checking on the notes app in my phone and I came across this feature which you can add a list of things with a circle at the beginning of each one. When you tap on the circle it gets marked and came to my mind the daily assignments that I do and from then I started using it.

I can manage to arrange the assignments daily with no confusion of what I want to do and when. There is always something you need to do in this life and it could be a mess and waste of time if it's not arranged with a plan in the daily basis because you will get confused about what you want to do at the day and when to do it and this is first thing I like about it.

Also, sometimes when I have a lot of things to do in a day that would help me to keep track of what it could be done on the same day and what couldn't. This way I can know what is left for tomorrow and what I have finished.

Setting up this takes time to get it all done and I always have to do it by the morning because it's at the beginning of the day which is kinda frustrating to do it every day and this is what I kinda don't like. but we have to do it if we want to keep it rolling and keep it organized.

Anyway, I'm going to show how I do it with pictures though there are not that much of pictures for this post to share because there is nothing to capture other than what I do and will talk about it in more details. Remember, this feature is on iPhones only and I don't know about other phones and how the notes app works on them.

My new way to set daily assignments with notes app

If you have used the iPhone before you will understand how the notes app works and its simple. I always keep my notes organized with folders to help me look back at them easily and quickly. There aren't much of folders actually because I just started using it recently.

I'm sure you can tell that I use it to organize my blog posts as well because it makes sense when I finish the post and then mark which means it's done and moves on to the next one and so on.

My new way to set daily assignments with notes app

When I go inside the folder, you will find the new note button in the bottom right corner and when you tap on it, it shows as shown in the picture above. If you can see the circle after the letters from the left that's the feature I'm talking about and I did an example of instead of showing my plans because it's kinda awkward to show my plans off, but it is just written like the example with different assignments and when I get it done, I tap on the circle and it will be marked which will mean it's done.

My new way to set daily assignments with notes app

Hey folks, how are you? I hope you doing great. Today I've got another RC moments post which I will be including my second RC truck in my collection. This is different than the previous RC moments post which I will be sharing amazing moments aka 'RC stunts' that I have done with this car instead of funny.

This is one of my favorite trucks in my collection because it's so fast and also sold when I hit a walk or anything sold, it doesn't' break. I can drive it on the hills with no problem, but because this isn't that big car which will slow its speed, but again that wouldn't be a concern to worry about as long as I can drive on the hills, that's amazing.

I'm not sharing recent moments in this post because this car is old and it will be worth it to share the old moments before forgetting it and save it for years ahead. This is the main reason for adding such as this topic on the blog. I like to read these moments after a long time and draw the pictures in my mind again and remember it.

This car has a feature that the previous car which is the Lambo doesn't have. I can break it up into parts and it can be fixed together quickly. This is probably my favorite thing about RC trucks because it means that the truck can handle some hits on walls or sold stuff unless its a very hard crash which will break the parts itself.

Also, What I like about the trucks is that I can drive it in more than one ground or floor whether it's silky or rough ground which gives me a chance to play them anywhere I want and most the time. There are so many memories in different places and grounds for this truck specifically.

Let me introduce you to the land buster, but I would call it the land monster because it can go on any land and nothing will stop it. I've had this car for a long time and it still as strong as before, but I lost the battery which it can't move without it. I kept it away from the road to allow other cars and trucks to have fun for a while and I might get it back soon.

The best stunts of the Land monster RC truck

My little brother and sister can't drive it because it goes fast and they get scared when it does that. I help them to push the gear in the controller and make go slow to let them enjoy their ride in our backyard or in front of our house because playing inside the house will risk destroying everything in the house and then you know,  my family will be mad haha.

Apart from the next stories, I was playing with the RC truck inside the house and my dad was drinking a water on the couch. He put the glass on the floor for whatever reason he thought to do that and I was going fast around the living room and I crashed into his cup and it broke which got him mad at me for doing that. The funny part is that my dad just got his water, but he didn't enjoy that much haha, sorry dad if you reading this.

First stunt and I call this 'The cups entrance' which I made a good size ramp for the RC and stacked plastic cups in front of it. I drove the RC little back to get little bit enough speed to hit the target well. I don't think I need that much speed though because it's not a huge ramp and not that much of cups. I did it well, but the RC didn't go through from the center as we wanted, but it was a good stunt. I wanted to be like movies when the car come out of something like this idea or similar to it from the center.

My friends were helping me with this stunt, but I think we all couldn't do it in the right way because it wasn't as expect and the timing and balancing the RC was a bit tough with the speed.

The best stunts of the Land monster RC truck

The second stunt I call it 'The backflip bucket' which I did a backflip with the RC truck and straight to a bucket. I remember when I did this, I didn't have anyone except my cousin because in that time, my friends were busy and they couldn't come to help when I asked them, but my cousin was actually enough to build the ramp and set up everything. I wouldn't say that we did it perfectly, but the backflip was good. but the landing didn't go well as planned.

I really need to practice on doing the backflip and land it perfectly because my friend can do that and it kind embarrassing for me to no be able to do it, especially when we are rivals.

The best stunts of the Land monster RC truck

The third stunt is something that I have been practicing for a long time to do it and it's 'The RC pond drive' which I drive the RC on the pond and do a circle and get it back where it started without sinking on the pond. I keep failing because I always get nervous when I do it, but I managed to do a half circle and couldn't finish it. I still learning this stunt because it's my favorite stunt and its fun to drive on a water.

I did this stunt back when my friend challenged me to do it because he thought that he could beat me on this, but I was lucky and I won it. Actually, I don't think it was luck at all, I'm a monster of the RC trucks when it comes to stunts.

I'm not going to share any of the old RC trucks or cars in my collections anymore because these two were my favorite ones and I had so many memories and thought to save some of it to remember it years later. I feel sad because there weren't pictures of these memories back when I did them, but I'm going to start taking pictures of new RC trucks and cars and share them with you guys. I hope you enjoy reading this kind of topic.

The best stunts of the Land monster RC truck

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