Best things to do when blogging while wearing glasses

Fransic Verso | January 10, 2018 |
This is my first post of the new year, I've started the blog at the end of the last year and I'm going to make the best of the new year and I'm so excited for it. I haven't posted anything for the new year and I've seen so many people posting a lot of things and probably will post something soon I don't think it's too late to do so. 

Everything on this blog has been changed and also the way how I write the posts also change. I'm thinking to start fresh with a lot of new stuff. Probably will start a new way and keep developing it. I list all the categories on the menu bar at the top of the blog which really never did it before. The new year will be full of awesome adventures and development for me and the blog.

I have mentioned on the about page that I wear glasses since I was a kid and that means I have something made me wear it all the time. I'm not going to mention the reason why because this post is not about it. However, I'm going to talk about 5 things I do to help me keep my eyes healthy and with a good level of vision.

Best things to do when blogging while wearing glasses

Using the laptop and phone as a blogger is something I tend to do most of the time. I would spend more than an hour daily using my laptop to finish something and if it requires more time and then I would spend more to finish it. Also, I have to check my social media accounts and that takes at least more than half hour.

I have to take care of my eyes while doing all of these and it could be difficult to finish everything at a time but that doesn't mean you won't finish it. I would rather get something done in a long time than lose something precious to me which is, of course, the eyes.

A glass on top of iPhone with laptop

Since I started blogging, I have been figuring out a lot of things that could help me to keep my eyes healthy and at the same time, keep blogging. Today I'm going to share most of the things when working on electronics such the laptop while wearing glasses with you guys and I hope it will be helpful information.

1-Brightness level 

I have a good way of setting up the brightness level when I use my laptop and I've been using it for the last year and it's been really a good idea and helped me a lot. Probably most of the people using it, but I set the brightness level upon the place where I sit in and also the light in it, like if I have a bright room, then I would set the brightness level upon the brightness in the room and I always make the laptop or phone brightness lower.

I always tend to make my room as bright as possible and I'm looking to get a lamp or something like to put on my laptop's screen because it really helps so much when doing a lot of work on the laptop. Especially when reading and exploring blogs.

When it comes to the brightness my glasses actually reflect the lights coming from the laptop but still, that would hurt my eyes and sometimes I can't see clearly when there is much light coming at the same time toward my eyes.

I tend most of the time to set the brightness at 50% percent, which is not too bright and not too dark and this is actually a pretty good set if you would ask me because this is the recommended one with a normal bright room.

2-Drinking water

A laptop with a cup of water

A long time before, I didn't know that the water helps when using the laptop and I wasn't actually drinking as much water as now. After drinking the water for a couple of times I realized that it's really so good and it keeps me fresh and hydrated.

Whenever I use the laptop I have to get a bottle of water on my desk and drink when I am thirsty or have sips like after every minute. I think this is one of the essentials as a blogger when working on a laptop for a long time. Also, probably most of the people already doing it.

The two main things that I always put on my desk is snacks and a bottle of water or a cup of water and just work and whenever I feel hungry everything is ready and quick access. I don't have to waste time on getting anything for me.

3-Going for a walk

One of the important things I do when working as a blogger is going for a walk after a few minutes or maybe few hours and this is really good for getting a fresh air and also sunlight. I have tried it several times and whenever I do it, I feel fresh and my eyes feel good when it actually gets some sunlight.

Most of the time I go for a walk alone and I use the time during walking to plan for the next thing I'm going to do and organize my thoughts as well which is actually good because I get to plan everything while getting fresh air.

I actually get sunlight alone by only looking through the window and I don't know if someone does it or not, but I actually like to look through the window and keep thinking about other stuff and use imagination for a few minutes while getting sunlight.

These the most things I do during blogging and wearing a glass, but this is not the end and will keep trying to be healthy while working. I hope you guys find this helpful and if you do any of these you can share with us your experience in the comment below.

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  1. Simple but necessary! I so need to work on getting enough H20 and walks daily. Real talk!