keep your memories while sharing with the world

Fransic Verso | May 13, 2018 |
Hello everyone and welcome to another post. I haven't posted anything since I did the celebration of my achievements for the last month. Anyways, Happy new month, I wish all of you a good new month and full of achievements and happiness. Don't forget that every day is a gift and always you can be better than yesterday. It may be a late wish, but never too late.

Every day I aim to be better, but not always it's going to work and that's fine because sometimes it needs to be done from the second attempt or maybe the third, but never give up. I can't imagine how many times I failed and I keep trying and trying. You may feel like you want to give up but don't listen to your feeling.

I'm sorry for not posting because currently, I'm going through tough days finishing up my university. Yes, you heard it!! I'm going to start my university soon and I've said that before in my previous posts. It's kinda tough to manage everything in this situation, but I'm doing my best to manage my social media and the blog while finishing the university process at the same time.

keep your memories while sharing with the world

Let me tell you that, it's not easy to finish the process not because it's a lot, but because it takes time to finish each document for the university. Anyways, wish me luck please to get it done soon and get back to blogging again and I will be able to work on my social media too. It's just crazy, I've been blogging since I was in school like 7th grade or so but I never stayed on a blog because I wasn't taking that serious before.

Today I got a good app for you guys which will help you to note your journey or anything in your life. Everywhere you go, you will be able to make it a memory for years. I just got this app recently when I was scrolling through the app store. As I said before, I only use an iPhone and I'm not sure if you can find it on your platform, but I think possibly it will be.

There is nothing better than capturing the moment and write highlights about it right after it happens. This app has a good feature which is something called 'offline use' and you can use the app without internet required. However, you will get the feature only if you get the premium version. Something is good about the premium version is that it's cheap and almost everyone can get it with a different subscription(A week, month, year).

It will not be entertaining if there are no engagements when sharing moments because that would be boring unless you save it for yourself only. This app allows you to have fans to share your moments with them. People can react to your moments and comment on them which is amazing because for me, sharing and showing the world what my life looks like is something good, but getting feedback on my work is even better.

keep your memories while sharing with the world

Anyways, I'm going to start with this simple picture which is obviously, the logo of the app and the name. I'm going through some stuff in this app and I hope it will be enough for you to try it. You can leave your feedback about the app and the post in the comment section below and tell me what do you think!

I'm going to show you this post as an example of how you can share moments because I recently just got the app for my self and I can't use old pictures because I have no idea how it was and what we did in most of it. However, this is will be very helpful from now on and I'm going to try to share my life on the app if you want to follow me that would be good.

keep your memories while sharing with the world

First, you need to pick a type of any moment you want to share and if you can't find the right type, choose other. I think this is an amazing idea which we can save memories even from our social media or even from the phone. I don't like to keep my photos on my phone though because I'm afraid to lose it if something bad happens to my phone. I always keep them on my laptop and also do a backup in another place in case something bad happens to it too.

My favorite one I'm going to use the most is family moments and travel because these moments are the most precious for me. Each moment in this app called 'Journi' in case you are wondering what is 'Import a past Journi' means and If you still wonder what this app called, it's called 'Journi'.

keep your memories while sharing with the world

This is how you can write and edit each moment when you want to share it. You are allowed to share more than one picture in each post and write highlights of it. I used this post as an example because I want to show you how it could be done and what you will expect.

I think there is more to discover in this app and talking about it won't be interesting as if you were exploring by yourself. As you can see in the picture above, there is more than writing and sharing pictures and I'm going to leave it for you to know about it.

keep your memories while sharing with the world

This is how it looks from the inside of the app. We are on the search page which you can look up for other people or adventures in places everywhere in the world. There is a lot of adventures in a lot of places and this app helps you to find easily because it's well organized. Safari adventures are my most interesting moments because I love watching and reading about animals and wildlife.

The rest of the pages in the bottom won't be posted here because I want to leave some for you to explore if you enjoy this app. Also, I mentioned this before in my previous post which was the first one, I'm not doing a full walkthrough of apps for now, but some highlights of apps because I like sharing apps that I find it good.

You are required to create an account in order to use this app or link your social media account which Facebook. It's easy and quick process and you will be able to use it and start sharing your life in less than a minute. I haven't said that at the beginning of the post and I'm sorry.


  1. Nice app. I'll have to see if it's available on other platforms. I love apps like this.

  2. Oh my gosh!! This is the coolest app ever!

  3. I love this app! I will find this app thank you for sharing!