Where I've been all this time + new updates

Fransic Verso | July 29, 2018 |
HELLO EVERYONE, ah, I miss you guys and you have no idea how much I miss writing. Finally, I get back to what I always loved to do in my life. I've wanted to write all this time and I couldn't get my mind together as there was a lot to think during that time. Plus, I got so much to do that I have to finish it in an amount of time which was really stressful and tiring because I got no time to rest for a while. Well, maybe taking rest physically, but my mind was all the time thinking, planning, worrying and more.

Where I've been all this time + new updates

If you've noticed that I was sharing my progress in the previous posts and suddenly I stopped writing and never talked about anything else. That time is when everything turned so serious and in the final steps of what I was doing. I had to focus more on finishing and then after that, I talk about it in one single post which is what I'm going to do in this post. I'm not going through everything because.. ugh, I don't think it will interesting at all, but just headlines of it and then I will go through what I want to do again because, to be honest, I kinda forget my old plans. There is also new stuff got in my mind that I have to do it.

Just in case you don't know what I was doing, I've been going through an application process for my university. as I mentioned in my previous posts, that I'm starting my university this year and in the past months, my focus was on finding a good one till they open the registration which I found A LOT, but I only got accepted in one. The final step was when I got accepted into the university I had to work on the final preparation and focus more on it. Before that, I was working on the application itself and gather all the requirement for the registration which actually, took all my full attention.

As of now, I've finished everything and all set, just waiting for the semester to start. However, it will be a while until the semester starts at the universities as you may know. I'm preparing myself for that in the meantime and because I will start doing Youtube and share the journey as a purpose of having it memories that I want to watch again years later in the future. I want to be in my best look when I start it because I'm sure I will be meeting a lot of people which will be embarrassing if I'm not.

I don't think I was doing or paying attention to anything other than my university and applying. Since the first month of this year, I did a full focus on looking and after that, I started going through the process of registering. I managed to post some posts on the blog which was good and worked from time to time on my social media while I was looking.

There was a couple of quick trips for the application process that I had to do and I posted a few pictures on my Instagram while I was away from home on the trip. There was nothing interesting really to post on the blog, but we took some pictures of some supercars that I've never seen in real life and that was amazing. I was pretending that we are going to buy it in a video with my uncle as a joke, but everyone started looking at us and my uncle said I can't share the video anywhere haha.

Anyways, in my previous posts, I changed the posting schedule for the blog because I was going through tough times and thought maybe I could do two each week on that situation when I got so many things to do, However, there is nothing else that would hold me from posting at the moment and I will come back strong and hard this time which I will make sure that I won't stop posting on my blog. Actually, there is a new idea I'm going to start doing it now too, but this idea will not be included in my blog.

I don't think I would actually do another posting schedule because I don't want to be limited in my posting. Instead, I'm aiming for most of the week, but I would say, as much as I can which some days may happen to me when I won't be able to write due to working on sharing the previous posts and working on it or something that doesn't allow me to finish the post, such as, family assignments or chores.

The new idea I mentioned earlier is that I'm going to start writing stories, but this won't be in my current blog. I created an account in a writing app called 'Wattpad' which is an app made for stories writers. There will be amazing stories that I will be posting and not only a single story, but I will also do parts for a story too. You can follow me at @philomathwriter if you have Wattpad and if you don't, I think you should because it's an amazing app.

I was a moderator in a blogging group, but the owner gave it to me and she has a good reason, I'm the head admin of it. If you want to meet new people who blog just like you or you want to grow your business, this group have a good amount of people as of now, but I'm working on getting it bigger and with your help, we will manage to grow faster. You can join here and make sure to answer the questions before requesting because it's part of the process.

I'm going to start this week which is tomorrow to post more good stuff in all the topics I've added in the previous months. I have a lot of topics in my blog but doesn't have that much of posts which make feel guilty. I made my self a promise to get back with strong ambition, focus, attention and work harder than before. It wouldn't be comfortable as before after taking a time of writing, but I will push my self and I hope you guys will enjoy and I'm going to be honest with you, I wasn't feeling good posting this one too and I pushed my self. Anyway, I will see you tomorrow with a new post and be safe till then.

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