The morning bloggers and what is good about it

Fransic Verso | August 20, 2018 |
Hello beautiful people of the internet,  I want to manage to post on every niche I have on my blog, but I'm struggling as I got so many of them. Welcome to my new post and in this one, you will be reading a discussion about "The morning bloggers". I would like to know Which type of blogger you are?, share it on the comment section after you read it and I'm really curious about it because I'm eager to know who has the same as me.

I used to be a morning blogger and I always try to be and this is not only because I'm a blogger, but it could something that I do when I'm not acting as a blogger waking up early morning. Finishing some work early morning which is not related to blogging is really helpful and save you time for other stuff to do. Though you would still have work to do even with that.. but hey.. at least you finished something.

The morning bloggers and what is good about it

How nice it could be having a coffee mug on the desk while doing some blogging work or writing a blog post with a fresh and beautiful air in the morning while having a clean mind to do it with. Ah, this just gives me the feeling when only thinking about and make me excited to just jump straight to that time. I like to start my day with something that I really enjoy doing which makes it more excited for me.

I used to do it for a while until I decided to keep myself away from coffee for a while because for some reasons, I thought this would only be a trouble for me keep doing it every day, you know! But I came back with a new schedule for drinking it which is once in like two days or maybe sometimes the other day would be fine. Anyways, the point is that makes my day by living the moment and enjoying it.

being a morning person out of the blogging and being a blogger is good and there are many reasons and one of these, is you can sleep the early night. You don't need to struggle to sleep in the night if you wake up early morning because you would be tried by the time night hits the horizon and then just lay down and you will fall asleep right away. You will sleep in no time if your body physically tired or exhausted.

I don't know if you have heard of this, the only time your day can be determined is by morning. If you wake up in the morning with a positive energy and good vibes, that means your day will be full of positivity and opposite for unmotivated day which will only have a lazy morning with no attention to work. Starting your day with great inspiration in the morning means a lot to the rest of it which I always tend to do almost every day.

Sometimes you miss some hours that could help and be handy for something. People who do other things than blogging would surely have a lot of things to do which would be really stressful. I would count myself in one of those people because I have family stuff and using some hours in the early morning is so helpful to catch up on it and even more. This been going on for a while now and it's really handy which I recommend a try for it.

Everything does have two sides and being a morning person is actually somehow have things that are not good(I wouldn't say 'not good', but the opposite) in my opinion. Don't get me wrong though, I'm just saying things from my experience and stating everything from all aspects and we can discuss everything together and this is my purpose from this idea, you know!.

Imagine this as if you working with battery and as time pass you will be consuming it. You can't last the day with full energy and sometimes, halfway I get sleepy and tired which then I take a nap or just chill and relax. However, I don't get time to relax or chill sometimes because the number of things I should do and this kinda an issue for me. Also, once you keep failing on something you want to get it done in time will have most of your time as well.

Living with other people like family or friends and you are the only morning person. This is one of my struggles as a morning person which waking up early and everyone still sleeping. Sometimes it feels weird being the only one among the family who works in the early morning and you may get roasted by other people like me haha. Also, when you are in a shared room with someone else from your family or friends and you only can sit on it or use something.

I'm the only person in my family that wakes up early in the morning beside my grandpa which he is not here anymore and my grandma. We live in a big mansion with all my family and I used to talk with my grandpa every morning and he shares a lot of his stories when he was with his friends and doing funny stuff or working. He taught me so many things in life and I'm glad he did that. I still sit with my grandma sometimes, but it's not as much as grandpa for sure.

I would really advise you to make sure that you go on schedule and try to not ruin it because if you do that, everything will start falling apart and getting back will be a little bit difficult.

We have come to an end for this discussion and thank you, everyone, for reading till this point and I really appreciate it. I shared most of the highlights of being a morning person and now, it's your turn to share your thoughts and opinions and whether you are or not. I just thought to do this idea because thought it may be interesting for some people and have the opportunity to talk about what is in my mind.

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