Things you can do when taking rest without leaving the desk

Fransic Verso | August 15, 2018 |
Hello people of the internet, ladies, and gentlemen, welcome to a new post on my blog. It's been lately a good week though it hasn't finished yet and got some more days. I wanted to write yesterday, but for some reasons, I couldn't manage to hold on my schedule and missed it. It's really tough to hold on a schedule with having other stuff in your life that you want to work on and finish. I get this struggle every time I want to get something done that related to blogging.

Blogging can be stressful sometimes and use the laptop or phone to get an assignment done could take a lot of time. This depends on the internet you use and how good your laptop or phone. However, it won't be that far from either one because this is probably the usual time you should take to finish anyway. I suggest you to not rush and just enjoy it as you do it because that would help you with getting everything done.

Things you can do when taking rest without leaving the desk

I mean even when you work a lot, still, rest needed for the body and eyes as well. You can't just do everything and not pay attention to the main thing which is health. You will harm yourself at a point where there will be no chance of getting anything done and just waste more time. Everyone in every job and work should have at least a decent amount of rest to work properly and get things done because the brain won't work well if you don't give it a time to relax, chill, maybe be able to draw your thoughts properly. 

Do you have an idea of taking a rest after finishing work? or perhaps you got a lot of work which takes time to finish, but can't finish it in time. What do you really do? how about taking the rest without leaving your chair? I've got interesting ideas that will be helpful for you to do it and have fun at the same time. I'm going to mention five things I do when taking a rest without leaving the desk and you can comment your thoughts on it at the end of the post.

1-The Little cars

Things you can do when taking rest without leaving the desk

This is a fun thing to do on your desk and it's playing with your little brother's car toy or if you own one. Some people see it as a child thing, but this is something always fun to do no matter how old you are. I always play with the cars as soon as I finish my work or just taking a rest for a little while and sometimes my little brother join too.

You can get bored from this so quickly, but if you have like ramps and stuff or other people that would help little, but this is kinda like something not good about this thing. You get bored of imagining and just going around on the desk.

2-The reading session

Things you can do when taking rest without leaving the desk

Having books on your desk if you don't have a library at your home is so helpful to get out of the electronic devices for a few minutes or maybe an hour. However, it kinda uses some energy from the eyes, but it's definitely not the same. You can read as many as you want and still, you can read more because this won't affect the eyes as much as the laptop does or any other device.

This can be used for more than an hour and sometimes more. Most of the time, I read stories books and use imagination which is really fun and this last forever and you still don't get bored. Also, I explore other books and read some nice books about stuff that really interesting. 

3-The drawing session

How about having a drawing session when you want to take a rest from the device and let your eyes relax for a little while with the beautiful colors you put on the draw. This is one of the most interesting things about that I love to do and especially because I'm a learner which gives me time to practice more on improving my skills.

 This can work for more than one hour too which is amazing for taking a long break from the laptop. Also, imagination with this is more fun and you can swim in a big ocean of imagination and still don't get bored at all. However, if you are a learner, there is a chance to get bored easily because you still practice and don't understand how to draw the fun stuff yet.

4-The wall and the ball

Things you can do when taking rest without leaving the desk

Doing some stretches for the body is helpful when using a laptop or any device and I thought this one would be the perfect option for this idea. You can't live the day without doing it because your muscles need some movements every now and then or it will be tough to move them around. This can be done with a plastic ball because you don't spend that much of energy when using it.

This is like the basketball throwing except the ball will return to you and do it over and over until you get good movements of your arms. I guess when basketball players use the laptop for a while they can do this idea too because it's more like an exercise. However, I do this idea about three to four times a day which really keeps my arm movements fresh.

5-Planning your next assignment

I can't miss a chance to think about what I want to do next and just using this time to plan everything for a little bit is really helpful for me. You may want to make your brain and mind rest, but sometimes I don't feel like I should let everything relax at least, not before getting everything done.

Consider the best time for planning and thinking of next is something I would actually prefer especially when I don't have that much of time for doing that. You may get tried on your resting time, but it will save time at the end which what I really want.

These things are what I do without leaving my desk while taking rest from the laptop mostly because my phone I wouldn't be sitting on the chair if I'm using it. Most of the time, I sit on the couch or my bed because I can lay down and use it. Anyways, thank you for reading this post and make sure to share your thoughts and do you do any of these things?

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  1. You are right..breaks are a must.
    Practical and simple ideas.
    THank you