The night in October before Halloween

Fransic Verso | October 19, 2018 |
Hello everyone and welcome to the second post of the new update. In case you missed my previous post which I talked about a few highlights regarding what I will be doing and started it with a good attempt. If you want to share your thoughts of it or maybe just have a read, you can check it out right here.

The night in October before Halloween

One of the things I really want to do in my blog is that to be up to date with monthly events and occasions. For example, this month is probably one of the months which most of the interesting and scary movies come out because of Halloween and it will be such an interesting idea to share with you guys some stuff related to it and same goes to every month and occasion. However, it doesn't have to be something scary but more like funny things because this blog is about entertainment and laughter.

Today I'm sharing with you what usually happens before the actual day of Halloween in this month which funny things happened to me and my family. If I haven't told you this in my previous that my favorite months of the year is October and my birthday's which is August. A lot of interesting stuff happens in these two and that's why they are my favorite months.

Funny thing about this is that there is only one month separate these two months. Like, I get to enjoy my birthday month and take a rest and then back at it again with more awesome and interesting things. It's like a stop where you chill for a little bit and get back on the track once again with more energy or with new tires just like racing haha.

It's weird that the person who is not a fan of October before the actual day of Halloween would only get October dreams, you know. because of overthinking about all the surrounding when he or she keep seeing it. Like a ready to light pumpkins or nowadays, in games too because we are in a time when is not only humans but also games that can help you to know which month it is.

You won't feel the month if you don't live it, you know what I'm saying. We need to decorate our houses and change it to match every month of the year. Imagine, you getting back from a stressful day of work and when you get home and somehow forget what month we are in and you see pumpkins right next the TV and you go like 'Oh right we are in October'.

Talking about TV and movies, I don't think there would a movie that rate more than 6.8 or more other than October list because they really work so hard on it. I've been looking for a good like an October movie... you know and every time I get disappointed and then stop and be like 'I can wait little more for the good ones' which is this month.

We used that for like a movie decoration night which lights up four pumpkins in the dark (two on each side of the TV) to spicy the environment and makes it more real. You know, when a frighting moment comes up in a movie night and you want to look away, but then see something similar when you do which will help to not get better haha.

I think most of us have messed up a pumpkin while doing the face or whatever you guys want to do. However, there is a possibility where no one has messed up like me when I wanted to a face on the pumpkins but ended up having two different eyes size and a lot of up and down looking teeth haha. I can't admit that I have some art skills haha.

If we want to change ourselves completely, our best option is October because few minutes we talk normally and the next minutes we just wear costumes and change our voices to match the costume and act like we are different haha. The problem is no nice look would be included in this type of change which is kinda nice actually. If you dream to be a superhero, I don't recommend doing this because there is no superhero involved in such a month like this haha.

Have you ever got a costume which needs a lot of things to wear and got your entire body covered and wearing a mask which would block your vision and make you barely can see your surroundings? Start walking around and hit a wall or something solid. I think this happened to me before and it was hilarious, but embarrassing too haha.

Imagine wearing a costume and go out in the street walking and find another person who matches yours, That would be awesome. If that happens to me, I would redo some scenes I remember of the two and record it haha. Probably we will figure out an October party to celebrate our lucky matching as well. Maybe you can make it possible with friends and family where you get one and they get the match version of it.

I usually do pranks on family and friends when I'm wearing the costumes in this month which sometimes work and sometimes.. oh boy I get a lot of pain from fighting with them because they can't stand it and just rage out on me haha. The moment when you can't defend yourself while you still wearing the costume and still trying to calm them down and just keep getting punched.

Alright, I think we have reached the end of this post and I hope it was somehow a reason for you to giggle or laugh for a little bit. As always if you have any suggestions of recommendation, I would love to hear it from you guys. Be sure to keep the positive side and be safe and I will see you guys in the next post, have a good day.

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