When you don't have games on your phone

Fransic Verso | October 16, 2018 |
Hello everyone, welcome to the blog once more after a break... ughh I hate life but I can't complain since I'm still alive, you know what I'm saying. I said I will start off good but I just keep getting these assignments of life and I can't really keep everything up and it really gets me annoyed. Anyways, I'm back on duty for good this time and shall not be off again because I don't like getting off of my work and leaving this blog.

I've come to a new update and decision for my blog this time and I'm going a little bit through it before going into the actual post. I wanna explain everything of why I did this update to my blog and what it will be about. However, it will only be the main highlights because there is a lot of things I want to mention and they will be explained and stated throughout the future posts.

 When you don't have games on your phone

You know I found that it wasn't only my life assignments that kept me from posting on my blog, but also something we all may have similarity on it which called 'Budget'. When I have the chance to write something, I feel unmotivated and I didn't know the actual reason, but this time I think I know why. Most of my stuff I talk about requires a certain amount of budget which as a university student that has more things in life would be a little tough and I don't have enough a salary or anything would help me. Also, good stuff that can bring attention to readers requires money which I can't afford at the moment too.

I don't think that everything would require the money as essential because there is a lot of stuff to do that doesn't require such a thing. If you tell me to do whatever is available which I would really prefer not to do because they are not interesting and worthy of posting it. Plus, there are already some posts of what I already have on me.

 When you don't have games on your phone

Anyways, I'm thinking to turn this blog into an entertaining blog in a new way which my idea is to post funny and entertaining posts out of things in life. There will be no particular topic for this idea but it will be a variety of things that happen in our life, daily routine, and just a regular funny stuff. It will be presented in a good, funny, and new way, I promise that.

The only way to keep this blog up till I can be able doing a lot of things is with this way and I think this is my second time of changing the blog. Also, you may don't know very well, but I used to be a comedian and I was a source of entertainment for only my family and I think that would be an advantage.

I think this is enough for the new update and every new thing will be stated in the future posts as I said before. The idea of this post was actually made of quick thinking that I got in my mind which most of us relate to it. I'm talking about myself in this post and it's actually happening in real life which I feel whoever do as well.

Imagine going on a road trip with a bunch of friends who like to play video games on their phones when they are bored, you would be sitting there pretending that you do something while you only going through your old pictures or just moving from page to another. The guy asks you, what you doing on the phone and you like 'I'm just doing.. stuff' and while the stuff is just going from the first page to the second one repeatedly or making even more effort and going to the third page and back again.

You know the moment when you wait for the food on the table with some friends at a restaurant, you don't have games to play and they don't talk about anything, but only playing on their phones while you there is nothing to do,but spinning the phone or doing like a random back and front phone flips. Such an entertainment you only can enjoy because you are out of ideas.

One time, I was spinning my phone on the table and accidentally hit my sister's water cup and I was like "oh no.. this phone is bad' but it was so much mess that I got a slap on the head for that which it's kinda hilarious but it did hurt little bit haha.

Sometimes the boredom can turn you into an evil in a silly way which it happened to me a few times. Since you are the only who don't play, ruining other's time and games would be such an entertaining thing. Imagine someone in the last level of a game and they are about to win and you ruin it, that would make him super mad which I made him get his super ability out haha.

I'm sure there is at least one of us have seen a person on a restaurant table just wandering by looking all around and checking everything in the place. And there is the guy staring back at him talking through the eyes saying 'At this moment, you know that you have a strong relationship with your phone' and give him that silly smile. Actually, it will be amazing if we could communicate and talk with our eyes, I could talk with everyone at moments like this and laugh which will make it look crazy haha.

Alright, I think we have reached the end of this post. I hope it made you laugh or at least giggle throughout my first attempt in my new update. There will be improvements for this as I go in the future and I would love more suggestions and ideas from you guys in the comment sections.

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