Funny things that could happen out of Indoor activities

Fransic Verso | November 03, 2018 |
When you get used to something for a long time, it will be so hard to get out of it. I've been doing my intro for the posts since I started and when I want to write without a starter, I just can't get started. However, I should try to change it because this is not pretty good for the SEO. Each post should have a fresh start and end. 

I usually mention everything I want to say before I start the post. However, Today we got nothing so we will jump right into it. There is a lot of ideas that swimming in my mind and I'm trying to get it one by one and organized. 

Actually, before I start, I have something to tell you and is about the new update for the schedule of posting in the blog. A new decision has been made, I'm going to start work on it from this moment. You will be able to read every each new post on 12:30pm EST and it will be live on all my social media. Also, I'm attempting right now for something I may have done it before but I stopped which post in every day. I want to do a new record this and hopefully, it will be easy.

Funny things that could happen out of Indoor activities

Alright, the new idea that I will be sharing on this post is that I'm going to share some of the funny things we get when we do stuff in our life and anywhere. I think it would be interesting to write my ideas out for the world and every new stuff we do plus mentioning funny things that may happen. The things we will mention it only be entertaining or fun, maybe both, but not harmful and dangerous. Also, there could be a possibility we can share things on a variety of occasions and seasons.

I'm going to start this idea by talking about the things kids could do at the weekend which it can be fun and entertaining. Also, I'm going to add some funny stuff happened during the time we are doing each thing. This is the indoor version because we are in winter and we need to make all kids enjoying their day without getting cold. I hope you guys enjoy it and make sure to share your thoughts about it down below.

1-The plastic balls and hoops.

This is Something that it can be done inside the house without destroying anything and it is entertaining for kids. Also, this can include as many as you want and still a spot for another unless you don't have the equipment which it can be acquired easily.

You can place hoops on a decently high level so that it could be more entertaining and challenging. Each kid holds a certain amount of plastic balls and attempts to throw it inside the hoop. Parents can make anything fun for kids if they get involved which you can make this one too by rewarding kids with a simple thing. This could be any basket in the house.

The one problem you may get is when you have toddlers around while kids playing. Every toddler loves to run after the ball when it been thrown and this could be the best chance for them. I can imagine how it will be funny if the toddler already got the ball before the kid catches it after he attempted to throw inside the hoop.

2- The Drawing contest:

If you don't know how talented your kids are, I recommend you to add this to the weekend fun stuff to do. However, this may turn out the other way which mostly, it happens. I have done this when I was a kid and it was so much fun. Also, this can hold as many kids as you want and there still be a sport for another one.

However, you need to get the tools for this idea and I think it wouldn't cost that much money. Give each kid an easy object that he can draw and give them a certain amount of time to finish. You can make it competitive by having the time short. This is what will make it more fun and entertaining because you can see a lot of different talents right after haha.

I could talk about toddler around when doing such a thing like this and it's just going to be so funny because what they will do for the kids. However, I can imagine how the drawing could be in certain objects which will turn out funnier when drawing it so fast. I remember how much we laughed at each other silly drawings. 

There are so many things that are fun to do and still get funny things out of it. However, I would like to start simple and as we go, I will be adding more to the list. Plus, I'm not really feeling good today because I got cold in the early morning when I was sitting in front of the window while drinking the coffee.

The idea of these posts is to include funny things in a different way which can be listing or other ways. I'm going to figure out new ways and awesome stuff as we go. I'm trying so hard to adding new interesting things and awesome stuff to my blog, if you have any idea or feedback, please drop them in the comment section. 

The winter is coming which means there will be a lot of awesome winter related stuff that I will be posting and I'm excited about it. Hopefully, I manage to start adding pictures to the posts soon in the winter because, by the time Chrismas comes, we would be able to add awesome stuff for it. Anyways, Thank you for reading till this point and I hope you enjoyed this short post and as always, stay safe and I will see in the next post.


  1. We are finally starting to get weather that's bearable to be outside without melting. Most of our indoor activities happen during the summer when its pushing 100F here! I am always trying to find fun indoor things for the kids to do, the hoops sounds like fun!

  2. Haha it can be fun to get back to basics and enjoy some indoor activities at home. I like the sound of a fun drawing contest haha xx

  3. My friends and I used to do drawing contests all the time as a kid. Entertaining yourself indoors just involves a little imagination!

  4. The drawing contest sounds like such a good idea!! Definitely going to be doing that with my kids soon

  5. Drawing is always a great go-to for the kids. I'm terrible at it but they're great!

  6. You are so right! Kids can get really stir-crazy indoors in the winter, when it's too cold for them to go and play outside!