Moments that happened to me during a soccer game

Fransic Verso | December 19, 2018 |
We all need time to laugh and enjoy the moment because we have a lot of things that require us to be serious certain times in our day. I've added this idea to make it happen which to be a reason for good laughter, and the only good way I could think of is funny moments that happen in life. However, I'm still developing this idea, which may be new ideas in the future.

Moments that happened to me during a soccer game

Anyways, I've picked different situations and moments in my previous posts, but today I have another one that came up to my mind this morning. This is a fresh Idea that popped into my mind because I haven't planned to write about it in a post. I'm not sure how it will be, but I hope you will enjoy reading and will make you laugh because I can't stop laughing myself just thinking about it while writing.

I just want to clarify a point of how I write these posts that are under 'Entertainment' topic in case you are wondering. I do an introduction to what I want to talk about at the beginning of each post and then mention at least three funny moments that happened in real life. I picked 'Hilarious' as a category name for this because most of them are entertaining and funny.

Sometimes you need to think deep to get a good idea even if you think the idea is the perfect one because there is always a better one. I always take time to see if there is something better than what I already got in mind. If you relax and think deeper in your mind, I'm sure you will find because it's like a sea when you swim deeper, there will be new things to see. This is how I usually get my posts ideas.

I'm sure all of us has watched soccer matches or played before and laughed because of a funny moment that happened during the game. However, there is always a high chance that everyone is serious about it because viewers and players don't want to lose or make mistakes which cause them to lose the match when playing in tournaments for prizes or something important. I can see my self watching my team not scoring a goal because of a simple mistake and being mad haha.

However, it may be funny when they look back on what happened later after days because at the moment, they still thinking about why it couldn't be a win for them and maybe feel bad for losing it, but I'm not going to talk about it. This will be about normal games that we do in our normal days. No matter what, it always is a competitive game, but we can understand each other in normal games and just let it go with a quick laugh haha because there is nothing to lose or win. I think it will be funnier to the other team members who play the game but weren't involved in the action.

I will be talking with perspective as I was the player and played soccer because I've played at school a lot, and with my friends at the soccer stadium on the weekends. The main reason why we play soccer is usually just for fun, also, it's a way to practice for future tournaments because sometimes we get other teams that want to do tournaments match for a particular prize.

 Anyways, there is a lot of fun moments that I went through during playing, and I will mention some of it. By the way, I had only one team in my favorite list, and it's was a national team which was one of the best in the world because there was a lot of the best players. However, I'm not a fan of it at the moment anymore, it was the Brazil National team.

Okay, so sometimes when I play, and someone tries to take the ball from me, I get nervous because my team from different spots start saying 'pass it to me' which that will be a reason for me to pass it to the wrong team haha. All the players around me that are in my team would just stand while staring at me, and I be like ' Sorry I thought he was in our team' and give it a little giggle haha.

As of my memory, this happened to me more than one time in different matches, haha but not the same team. It's confusing when there is a lot of people yelling at the same time. Also, there will be no time to look around to see my team's exact position because the other team is in the process of taking the ball from me.

It always exciting to be near the goalkeeper, and have the greatest chance to score a goal, but because having the huge amount of excitement that made me blindly miss scoring or kick it randomly far from the goal. This also happened to me several times, and my team is like 'Go! You got this', but after a few minutes they be like 'what is wrong?' and I'm like 'I'm sorry, I was so exciting' haha.

Sometimes when we play normal soccer matches and get excited, we can't control it because of the happiness and excitement that comes when doing something amazing when being a normal player haha. Also, this could happen when I get through one or two players from the other team while still holding the ball. This means a big achievement and being excitement sometimes make me forget about my team and just go straight for the score but miss it haha.

I'm not that professional playing soccer, but I like to try my best to go through as many players as I can. However, this doesn't work all the time because when I try to act like that player who will do so much and go through so many players and another player comes easily takes it from me. My team would be like 'What was that?' and I'm like 'I don't know, I'm not sure how that happens' with a rub on the back of my head haha.

Well, I'm not actually that bad, but sometimes it happens unintentionally or quickly that I couldn't catch up with what happened. I don't think I remember when the last time I did this because unlike the first two, this doesn't happen very often to me haha. I can't lose concentration during the match when I pay with my friends, Always keep my eyes open and try to play as good as I can.

Moments that happened to me during a soccer game

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