Funny things in real life could be similar in the blogging sphere

Fransic Verso | January 02, 2019 |
The new year is here and I wish you all happy new year. I would say that 2018 was a bit rough for me, but I've learned a lot throughout so many things happened during it. Also, I met new people and got steps ahead in my life goals and regular ones as well. However, there are some things that I'm grateful for, and I'm looking to improve my self in the new year because growing is always the main thing we need to do in our life.

Funny things in real life could be similar in the blogging sphere

 I've seen a lot of resolutions and goals have been posted in blogs, and it was really fun going through it. There are so many things I want to do in this year, but I won't write them in a post because I've done this in a notebook because last year I tried it with my travel goals and couldn't accomplish any of it and it kinda makes me feel bad, plus, doing things in different ways makes life more fun, and I'm going to try a new way this year.

Something I'm really sure about it that this year should be much better than last year as long as we move forward with our goals. I was stuck trying to get my life goal in 2018 and I finally, did it after a long time trying, and this will help me a lot to save time working on other things that I wanted to get them done on 2018. It was almost the best thing that happened to me, and it was at the end of the year haha which something I didn't expect it at all. Keep working and never expect any result because everything will happen as you work.

There was a lot of funny stuff happened in our life during the year 2018 aside of the struggle and tough situations, and I was able to mention some moments which happened throughout the year but it wasn't that much because I focused more on blogging at the last months. Also, I wasn't blogging about this topic early time of the year, and later I decide to help people to make their day with a laugh instead of talking about other stuff with no intention to make others laugh.

Anyways, since we just got started to the long year of 2019, there are not that much of things to write at the moment because this time I'm going to be a fresh apple and write everything right after it happens haha. However, there will not be any pictures still which kinda not good, but I will try to do with some of it. I'm going to recreate the moments with drawing 3D or doing random funny things in pictures and write about them in a post and this is another thing I want to get done in this year, learning how to do 3D pictures.

This post is not going to be about what I want to do in this year because I'm sure you will spend an hour just reading through this post haha. But there are many ways to improve this topic other than just writing about moments in my life which I'm looking for it this year. I will be attempting a new way in this post, and it will be funny thoughts and things about bloggers that can happen in our daily life, and it's just for fun. Also, it's not about any particular blogger either, Hopefully, I will do a good job doing this idea haha.

How many words have been written is something bloggers always look after they finish writing any post. I think it can be a competitive thing which can identify who is the best in blogging because the more words, the better person would be in other's insight, that's just a thing today haha. The amount may be different, but it will be between specific numbers which most of the bloggers write, and everyone knows it already by now.

However, what if someone wants a specific amount of words in a post because I'm sure there will be people who do that, and once he finishes writing everything he wants to say, and still haven't reached the goal by just a few words. I can imagine the reaction of that haha because I've done it certain times, to be honest. I think adding more words would be easy if there something left, but once there is nothing it would take time to figure out other things to say haha. It's like getting stuck finishing a lego building or something similar with few missing pieces when building with kids and can't find a way to finish it haha.

Something we may laugh at ourselves after giving another look is the title of the post because of struggling to get the right title for what we wrote is kinda take deep thinking otherwise, it will be not related or stated in a funny way haha. There are people who write the post before the title and others do the opposite thing which I'm one of them haha because I like to go through what I wrote to figure a good title. This like when going to a restaurant and order a meal based on what you've been told which you will have a funny reaction once you see something weird haha, but in the other hand, some people like to see the menu and how the meal looks like before doing so.

Have you ever added a new topic and wondered what to name it? this is a common thing that bloggers always do because sometimes it can be little tricky having a good category name for the topic. There is that person who will go through so many names that he or she almost wrote a book just trying to figure out a good name haha. I always do this every time I want to add something new to the blog. This like a person who is not good at drawing and after drawing something weird and trying to figure out a name for it haha.

This is it for this post and if you would like to read more posts like this please subscribe to my blog because I will be doing more like this and even better. Also, make sure to follow my social media profiles. You can find everything in the sidebar of this blog thank you so much, and I wish you a good year and amazing day.

Funny things in real life could be similar in the blogging sphere

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