My way how to not give up or quit at the last second, inspiration post!

Fransic Verso | February 25, 2019 |
Hello everyone, it feels good to be back on blogging after a week break. I actually needed it because I was so stressed and kinda start losing hope. wouldn't be wise to fight it or keep going and if you do it, you will just end up laying down on the ground anyways. So you better relax and gather energy once the feeling of stress hits you.

My way how to not give up or quit at the last second, inspiration post!

However, I was managing doing other stuff because I didn't take a break from everything, but I reduced the number of things. I don't think business owners would have time to take a break from everything because there is always something we urgently need to get it done or something we just want to do in order to keep the progress going. However, that doesn't mean to let go of the thing that stress you out for a bit. When you own the vehicle, every minute you stop to rest, it will take it from the arrival time which, therefore, it's not a good idea to a break from everything if you want to get to your destination earlier. How was that? haha, I think I nailed it somehow.

How perfect life would be if we can laugh and motivate ourselves at the same time? I think it would be so good because if you can imagine working while having fun laughing, it would make life so much easier for us. Well, it might be a little bit different except the fact we take things as easy as we can so that it can get through easily when not taking things so seriously.

Today I want to take the time to talk about inspiration and how to not give up at the last minute or second or should I say how to not give up at all because at this point, something we should all be doing is not focusing on the time or how much left of the road or things. I've heard and read some stories about people who did not give up at the last second when feeling down or losing hope of the progress and got rewarded with amazing stuff and it's nice to think of it, but it's different when you be in the same spot because we when look at people riding horses easily, we think it will be easy as well, but not until we try it haha.

Sometimes people think that it's kinda stupid to give up on the last minute because you were right at the end. However, when we go through the same situation, we find it so difficult to keep going because of our momentum is becoming less and less as the time pass and going forward in the road of our success or whatever we do. I'm sure every person who works hard on achieving goals and dreams has felt this before, but there always a way to deal with everything as they say.

I would start with the first and most important one while working hard toward your goals and dreams. There will be a time when you are just doing so great for a while and then suddenly facing a hard time keeping up the progress and that's because you started getting thoughts about when you will achieve your goals which would definitely, would be a reason to get distracted from keep going forward. Perhaps, it will be your opportunity to doubt if you will going to make it or not and this happened to me a lot of times.

You may have a look at the end line if you are in a race to give yourself a reason to push through even more, for example, if you are in a bicycle race and you had the chance to peek the end line, you would push even harder and faster to reach it first. However, never doubt of when or how you will make as long as the progress is still going forward, you will eventually reach the destination of the goal or dream you have.

Sometimes your way is perfect, but still, in life, we will have to crawl for sometimes and this is what I always remind my self of when I see things go down when I'm doing a lot or having slow progress because you never know the things will happen if you give up at that time or keep up the work and therefore, no need to stress about it and just keep doing it even if everything seems so slow.

People say that living your dream and my opinion how people mean it, is to enjoy doing it and love it no matter what is it. However, I wouldn't disagree with that because we should do it, but as humans, we have the ability to use imagination and imagine things. I always imagine myself living my dream and doing what I want to do as if its in real life which gives me fuel to push through even when there is no result after working so hard.

If you get knocked down, doing this will also be a help for you to gain power again to get up and when imagining it so good and having a perfect picture of the dream in your mind during such a time, you won't have time to balance and look anywhere but to get up and keep going forward right away.

Sometimes getting the feeling of quitting or giving up at the last minute is because you are about to run out of energy or being lost in a deep ocean of thoughts and doubts. However, no need to panic or anything, instead, lay back and relax while reminding yourself about the real reason why you doing these things and working hard for it. Always make sure to talk with yourself about this because it helps you to reset or refresh your mindset.

And here we go to the end of this post for the day. This is how I deal with such a thing that happens to almost all of us. I appreciate you reading and I hope it was somehow helpful for you. Would love to know what is your thoughts or if you have something to add because we are a community, after all. Smile! Also, sharing is caring because it helps me and other people as well.

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My way how to not give up or quit at the last second, inspiration post!
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