What to expect when someone doesn't properly hear what you say

Fransic Verso | February 11, 2019 |
Do you like some entertainment at the start of the week to make your day? well, today I got a new post which will talk about funny things we do in our life, but I think this won't happen very often to some people but may happen often to others. However, this is my favorite topic when it comes to blogging it because it always makes me laugh while writing it.

What to expect when someone doesn't properly hear what you say

We all know that there are so many moments and stuff happen in our life which makes us a laugh so hard whether we live it or just watch on T.V or on videos. I think sometimes when it happens in real life it will be more fun and funny to laugh because of the reactions and everything is on time. However, my idea for posts such as this one is like when reading a funny story in a book or somewhere else and I think most of us have done it before. It's a way we can deliver something in words and draw everything happens in real life with the magic of words haha.

Also, Something I like about these kind posts is that I can draw my own life moments because I can't cheat and get someone's, you know, haha, and then might get copyright for that lol. Also, it helps me keep it as a memory for later when I look for some funny things to tell other people when they ask what is the funniest thing happen in your life, I would be like 'Wait, I let find it' and just open my blog to look for it haha.

Anyways, today I would like to entertain you with some funny things happens when we don't properly hear someone and act based on it. I'm sure there is a time when we thought that we heard something when it's not the same thing that was said by the person. I think this happened to almost everyone on this planet and the funny part is how we react to it when we realize it's another thing haha.

I would be a little mad if someone I asked him to get me like a cheeseburger pasta without tomato sauce and then get it for me. However, it wouldn't be fun if we take things seriously every time, because he will be like rubbing the back of his head just realizing it by saying 'I thought you said you want this' when clearly I said without, but because being in rush or in a hurry would be the reason for this to happen, but imagine I'm the third part of this situation, it would be funny to look at the reaction of the person who is being asked haha.

Another one that would be funny, but related to gaming(because I'm thinking to add moments and stuff in the future posts) is when you want to use the bathroom and told your brother when he is with you watching to save the game before doing anything or get involved in something which would cause the progress to be ruined, and have to do the mission again, but he didn't listen properly.

However, once you got back, you found out that he lost during whatever you are doing and you need to start over. I can imagine how excited you would be to get back and finish it, but then it won't happen that fast, haha, and the other person is like 'I thought you said to save after' haha because he was excited to play instead of listening lol.

Anyways, that was just like a warm up to the actual things that I will be talking about in this post. As usual, there will be a maximum of three moments of this, but because there is nothing to say at the beginning of this post, I did a warm up. I like to organize my posts in a specific way that way is clean to write down everything in my mind, you know.

Alright, I would like to start with when I had to eat a sandwich without a drink because my friend didn't hear me properly and made my other friends laugh who was with us at that time. I think this pretty much a good start for this post because it was funny haha.

I was asked to go out with some of my friends, and I kinda had free time to do that at that time. We went on a picnic and had a good time talking with each other at the park for a few hours and making jokes, however, when we were about to leave, we decided to go eat dinner before heading back home. Then we went to a restaurant that doesn't have a waiter, and we sat on the table waiting for my friend to get the order, but before he went I told him to not get me a cold drink because I wasn't drinking any cold drinks at that time.

When the order is finished and brought to the table, it was a cold drink for me and when I asked him why he got me that, he was like 'I didn't know you don't drink..' and after few seconds, I'm like 'Feels good eating without a drink and spend more time than the others on one bite' haha which was true lol and everyone just laughing at me.

The second one was when we are organizing stuff with my brother at home. It's not really good to talk to someone when you are in rush asking for something whether to do or get for you while you finish whatever is it.

My younger brother and I were trying to organize the room because it was a bit messy, but my little brother wanted to play with legos still at that time which was in the same room. I told my brother to dump it on the living near the couches because we will be there playing anyways, and I was focused on organizing a lot that I said it in a quick way without paying more attention while my brother in a rush to do the task, and he ended up dumping it in another room lol.

When we finished and we were about time to go and play with my little brother, I knew about it and I was like 'I told you to dump it there' and pointed to the living room, and as usual he is like 'I thought you said here' haha which made us collect them again into the bag. It was funny how we had to do the work twice lol.

The last one is when you are trying to be a good help to someone who works with screws and stuff then just ruins something haha. It's not nice for a situation like this happens in a moment which is going to be a struggle to fix afterward lol.

I was with my uncle's friend while he was doing his work and he was trying to build a wooden desk. Then, he went to get one of his tools that he forgot to bring it from the car, and I asked him If I can screw some of the sides while he does his thing. However, each side had specific screws which he told me as he rushes to the car. After a few minutes when he got back from the car he, found out that I screwed them in the wrong sides haha which was the opposite of what he told me lol. Then he had to switch them to the right ones, but his reaction is funny at that time haha.

This is will be the end of this post, I did a new way and hopefully, you did enjoy it. There will be more improvement to everything and more. If you enjoyed reading this, subscribe to the blog in the subscription box below to receive new content on time in the future. Also, sharing is caring and would appreciate if you can share with others to enjoy as well. Don't forget you can comment your thought about this post or what is in it, thank you for reading and wish you a wonderful day!

What to expect when someone doesn't properly hear what you say