3 funny moments of a movie called 'Smallfoot' that will make you laugh

Fransic Verso | March 14, 2019 |
Hello everyone and welcome to a new post for this week. I'm not sure how I missed the first day because I was struggling to find something to write on the same day which was really stressful, and I had to postpone the post for Today. However, as usual, I didn't take a full break from everything because I would miss everything just a minute after leaving and it would actually, be weird doing that for the first time in my life haha.

3 funny moments of a movie called 'Smallfoot' that will make you laugh

There is a couple of change has happened since the last post, which I need to talk about here. I am a part of some of the affiliate programs right now, and as you can see in the sidebar of this post, there is something I just added which is a Bluehost banner that talks about a host for a domain and website. I also signed up for a couple more affiliate programs which I might add to the sidebar or maybe talk about in a post. Make sure to read the note if you like to get a domain host through the banner.

Also, a couple of days ago, as you may notice that we have a slight change in time which one hour behind because we are on summer timezone. I will push the time for publishing my posts ahead of the current one which will be 1:30 PM EST instead of 12:30 PM and we will be back to it next winter. I could keep it going like this, but I prefer to change because that would allow me the chance to do other things that I was doing in the winter time.

Anyways, it's been a while since I posted about movies which I wasn't really intended but was fun writing about something like that and thought to do it again this time. However, it won't be like the previous one which you can check it out here, but more like a regular post that I write about life moments except for movies that I really enjoy and find funny which hopefully, will make you laugh as well. I'm not sure if I'm able to share screenshots of them or not, and so I'm just going stick with just titles and texts haha because I don't want any troubles.

During the time I was thinking about a post for the Monday, I got an awesome idea to talk about general life and share some stuff that recently happens to me because it's all about lifestyle and entertainment. However, I thought to talk a bit before going into the actual post to see how it will do, and maybe consider it in an actual post or see what I will be doing and how I will do it in the future because I think it's a good idea, I would love to know your thoughts and feedback about this, smile!

Talking about that, recently, Facebook was down and I was just refreshing the window thinking it might be an internet connection issue that will be fixed after doing that as usual, but didn't work and decided to get back after few minutes because sometimes our connection gets confused. However, I was confused as how Twitter is working and Facebook is not, and when I randomly decided to check my Instagram it was down as well, and I kept working on fixing the internet for more than five minutes turning on and off the internet haha and finally, figured that out lol. I don't make too much and I think that was one of my top funny stories for Yesterday and I think we will get enough with it.

Alright, before I start the post, I would like to remind you that this is not a movie review in case someone gets confused about what is this because it's only like any regular posts as I said earlier, but instead of real moments, it will be moments of a movie that I find it funny because we are all about entertainment and laughter here. Grab your coffee or tea and enjoy reading through this post and don't forget to share your thought at the end.

I will be talking about an animation movie called 'Smallfoot' and I'm not sure if you have watched before or not, but I will mention a few things about it. It's a movie about creatures called 'Yeti' and humans they call them 'Smallfoot' that got into some problems living together. However, I don't want to spoil it for you if you want to watch yourself because it's really good and funny but you can get some funny things about it before watching, you know haha. I'm just going to mention randomly three moments out of so many good and funny moments and hope you enjoy it.

This is going to be a little bit tough to go through the moments in words, but I will do my best haha. The first moment I will start with is in the movie someone of the Yeti family called "Amigo" that was kicked out of the village because he didn't agree with his family that small foot doesn't exist and he was walking away. However, his friends were sneaking on him to help him return to the village and approve something I don't want to spoil it, and it sounded like a horror moment about to happen when they suddenly showed up, but one of the short Yeti kept whispering his name slowly trying to make it scarier in a hilarious way when they already showed up lol.

A funny part of that is they trying to walk stealthily when there are no one around and Amigo have no idea what is happening haha.

The second one is when Amigo went to a human village to get one of them as a proof to show his family but ended up taking someone who loves to take videos for views and ratings haha and kept taking videos with his phone and running from the Yeti with more drama lol. However, Amigo arrived at his village with this human and he was surrounded by few of the Yeti members, but they don't understand each other and how the Yeti sound to this guy was really funny, haha, and they kept talking about how to present this guy to other Yeti members to proof it.

The last one is after a while, the same guy was taken and Amigo got along with each other and they went to the human village to explore more and find more proof. However, they got in a chase by other people trying to catch them and the guy helped Amigo to escape by wearing a costume like him and act like he was running. How they found out about that was funny haha because they tried to lift his head after he got caught and ended up taking off his mask and he was like 'Oh dan.. you got me' when it was serious haha.

Alright, we have come to the end of this post, hopefully, you enjoyed reading through and if you want more of this and even more because I write about other things. Make sure to subscribe to this blog through the subscription box below and share it with friends to help them laugh as well if you did. Have a wonderful Thursday!

3 funny moments of a movie called 'Smallfoot' that will make you laugh
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