3 tips to keep your eyes fresh and keep it healthy as a blogger with funny moments

Fransic Verso | April 01, 2019 |
Hello everyone, it's been a while since I wrote a blog post and I already miss writing. Last week wasn't meant to be off, but I guess sometimes we can't control everything, you know. You don't know what will happen and that's part where it gets more interesting, and I always want to make sure that I'm ahead in case things like this happen, but again, it's just there are other things that always takes it to another route.

3 tips to keep your eyes fresh and keep it healthy as a blogger with funny moments

You know, sometimes I wish there is a time where I just get to enjoy my day and laugh like I was a kid and have nothing to worry about but to have the most famous circle that consists of eating, sleeping, and having fun with friends. That would be something weird for me because I've only been focusing on my improving my work and just doing other things related to my work, but I guess writing a post is not part of it most of the time haha because I missed another a week last week. I don't know why I'm still struggling to get ahead on writing these posts and have the time to focus on working on them. I'm sure one day I will be able to do that and then, I can be proud of myself haha.

Anyways, there is nothing to talk about in today's post because I think everything still covered and nothing is new yet. I started a new niche on my blog not too long ago which I talk about life moments for entertainment purposes and sometimes write motivational posts, but this time I'm thinking to do some tips from my experience in my life and add funny moments to it because I found my last post did better than any post I did before in my blog which got me thinking 'what if there is way to change the game, you know' and that's how I got today's post. I hope you will enjoy it and by the way, happy new month to everyone, it may be better if you didn't have a good one last month and even better if you did.

The last post I did three steps related to blogging that would help with writing a blog post and some other situation in our life, and this time I'm going to write about tips on how to keep your eyes health in good level as a blogger or as a person who uses electronics so many hours on a daily basis because that's what I do, and I have eyes issues which kinda something I need to do, but I will try to help others by sharing what I'm doing in order to accomplish this task, and add some funny moments to which will be the first time to try this way. I would love to know what you guys think of it. I'm sure you would find a lot of tips, but I will be mentioning only three just like the previous post.

If you don't know me, I have been wearing glasses almost for my entire life because I had it since I was a kid to a point where taking it off feels like I'm another person haha. You know the moment when you look at the mirror and be like 'Oh my god, I look different'. Well, that's my story of life, and how I usually react because I rarely take my glasses off because it's permanent until it gets better. There would be several times when my friends tell me to get sunglasses with them when they are looking one for them and I be like 'Hey, bud. What's up?  I already got one' haha.

1-Use only one of both

Sometimes as a blogger we tend to use our cellphone and laptop at the same time because find it easy to check out social media through our tablets or iPads or whatever reason it could be. However, this is not really healthy because our eyes use a different level of focus based on the size of the screen which would make it difficult if we keep changing it from small to big and so on. Also, sometimes we may not realize that both devices have different brightness, and this may be another reason that would hurt the eyes.

Imagine you are trying to look at an object in distance and another one close to you continuously with changing focus level. I can already imagine the headache would give me doing that. Sometimes get the feeling to use my phone even if I don't want to use it and its true. I try to open Youtube to check new videos while It's already opened on my laptop haha, then, after a few minutes, I realize that and turn off my phone.

Also, sometimes when there are new notifications on my social media and when I feel lazy, haha opening a new window or checking on the same window because it takes time to load(I mostly open a new one though) on laptops or computers, and get back to the main page or whatever page you were on. Then, I just use my phone which is not good especially, for me when having eyes issue but I stopped doing that and use my laptop for social media and everything instead.

2-Refrain doing any extra things 

This follows the first one which sometimes I used to play games on my phone or console thinking it would get rid of the boredom, but it just makes my eyes worst and gives me a headache. I don't know about you but I don't really recommend doing this while working because the more you play and work, the more your eyes will be stressed and can't function properly. I'm talking about anything that involves a screen even if it's watching T.v while working on your computer because it would count as if you were playing video games.

I think the most recent moment that was like a week ago when I was feeling bored of working and thought I might have a quick battle royal match and ended up playing for almost an hour haha because I was losing the game. Then, I deleted all games and now, I'm trying to be careful about consuming energy, you know haha. It's like saving money by not spending on other extra things that you might not need or use.

3-Blog from a decent distance

There is no specific number for this it's not because I don't know it, but there is a lot of distances people prefer, but as long as its a little bit far from your eyes, that would be good which will give the eyes a space to process all the lights and everything coming from the screen well. Especially, when reading a blog post from close distance hurts the eyes because it's not like reading on a book because there are no lights coming out of the book or anything.

The most recent for this wasn't a long time ago when I was trying to read a blog post and my brother walked by and looked at me like 'A you hugging the screen, looks like you missed it?' haha, because I was trying to focus on reading more, and I looked back at him while laughing because I had nothing to say haha.

Alrighty, I guess we have come to an end, and it's really fun writing posts like this which makes laugh while writing them. As always I'm trying to improve this idea and make it more interesting, but I would like to know what you think of it. If you enjoyed this post, please subscribe through the subscription box below for more content in the future because we already know that as we move forward, everything becomes even more interesting and better. I wish you a wonderful April and try not to be a fool or fooled haha.

3 tips to keep your eyes fresh and keep it healthy as a blogger with funny moments
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