Some funny family moments with kids and what can you learn from it

I'm going to start today with saying I hope you doing great today and had a fantastic weekend. It would be fun doing an intro every post to add some fun to the post that would make the initial step of reading a little bit better, you know! I'm always full of ideas and stuff, but when it comes to the process of doing it, I will be just having a lot of doubts on what I think and get stuck and never do it or at least try it. I'm going to start with the next post because I that would need time to think of a perfect start for you guys haha.

Some funny family moments with kids and what can you learn from it

Anyways, it has been a while since the last I posted something and I'm trying to do two posts each week, but it never works for me because being a one person doing a lot of stuff other than writing is kinda impossible, but I'm trying to fix my schedule. This is not what I mean a new start every post, I just wanted to mention it for a moment because it always makes me feel bad for not being on schedule with everything, you know haha. However, maybe some of you out there having the same issue, just remember to be proud of yourself for trying and doing your best for that. 

Today I was going to do another blogging funny moment post because since the last two posts were about blogging thought might be a good time do one, also, if you notice that all of them start with number 3 haha. However, at the last minute, something came up into my mind to make it family moments kinda post and this how I decided this post. Ah, I know, there are just times when sudden changes would happen in a second haha and nothing can be done but to go with it and see where the wave will take it.

It will be moments that involve kids, but not as if I have kids which kinda too early for me to be at that level. However, if you have little siblings and you are the older one that would make you like a father to them, right?. Also, there might be a chance to learn something not to do because it should be moments that we learn from so we can avoid next time as well you know haha.  

I'm sure we all have siblings or little cousins in the family and we had some funny moments with them and this is what I will be sharing in this post and hopefully, it will make your day if you had a bad day or make it even better if you do have a good day. You can share some funny moments as well in the comment section or maybe was there any moment that was similar to yours in this post? I would love to know that because we are all here for entertainment.

If you don't know me, I love trying new things that I'm afraid of or haven't done it before and it doesn't have to be scary or something. I once helped my mom with babysitting my little brother when he was a little cute child after he was born and everyone thought that I wasn't going to be able to do it and might be afraid or something, but I did well haha. It wasn't easy for my mom  doing other things while babysitting and I used to spend a lot of time being with my little brother and my little cousin when they were little ones and as they grew up as well, that's why I have a lot of moments with kids and I'm talking moments with 1 to 5 years kids because it's the most adorable and funny stuff and kinda my plan for this post haha. 

The first moment is when my little brother was playing with legos and I was trying to help my mom with tidying the house and at that moment, he would bring out some of his favorite legos on the ground trying to do something with it. I didn't know it was him and every time he does that, I put it back on its place haha. That happened for a couple of times because for some reasons, I would take it when he is not around it and then, he got mad and I was thinking that he is going crazy for nothing and it was because I was ruining what he is building haha. I think that would be one of the funniest moments I got with my little brother.

One thing I learned is that don't ruin your little brother work when he is trying to work hard on building something haha. 

The second moment is when my little brother was a little older and he would try to do most of the legos stuff with himself and I was trying to act like I'm smart because I'm older than him and help him to do in the right way. He would be mad at me and don't want me to help haha which made the family laugh and they go like "That's right, let him do his thing" haha. Sometimes we can't act like that we are right because it's not all about what's right and what's wrong, you know. 

The thing I learned is that it's not all about what you think because sometimes kids want to do their own style and don't interrupt haha, if you do it, then, that would lead to the little child to be a boss and get you in trouble haha. 

The third moment is when you try to teach him or her doing good things like putting the glass cup on the counter or somewhere else so it wouldn't break or something. Then, he would do it with everything even things that don't need to be picked or moved haha. I got a Pepsi one time and I was halfway to finish it, but my little brother took and threw it into the garbage can because it was sitting on the table with nothing around and I wasn't there too haha. 

There is nothing to learn with this, but to know that sometimes kids want to do things just because they have so much energy and want anything to do haha.

Alrighty, That was a wrap. Thank you so much for reading to this point, you are the best! I hope you enjoyed reading it because this is was a last minute idea haha. I thought might be a good idea to do another family moments, and if you want more of this or even more awesome ideas in the future because I always try new stuff, subscribe to the blog through the subscription box below and get every new post on time. One last thing, I wish you a great Monday!

Some funny family moments with kids and what can you learn from it

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