Learn how to make this cool DIY phone stand at home

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Learn how to make this cool DIY phone stand at home. I said I'd never take a break for an excuse that was made by me. Such as being distracted by other things or not knowing what to post about. But the past three days I was sick for this week. And the past week two I think. I was traveling and it was difficult to build something. When we are always on the go every day lol. Also, it was the first time for me to drive more than two hours on a road trip. If you didn't know about it because we had to drive the car back.

Before going into this post and talking about it. I would like to encourage and highly recommend starting setting goals and tasks. While tracking them every day if anyone wants to achieve something. Because it's a great way to get yourself working daily toward achieving goals. 

And getting better and better. I'm mentioning this from experience when I thought I didn't need anything like that. So, I will keep working because if I don't it only leads to no point or destination. 

Also, it can be a way to motivate yourself with constant progress. Anyways, I just really wanted to share this. Hopefully, it will be helpful to some of you because as part of the community. We need to help each other.

Learn how to make this cool DIY phone stand at home 

Today will be the fourth post on the blog after the big update I did weeks ago. And yet we are still at the beginning. Learn how to make this cool DIY phone stand at home. I've done a couple of DIY ideas with papers only as a start. As we grow, there will be always new improvements to everything. 

I think it's officially time to say that we just started the journey of the amazing stuff haha. This post will help you learn how to make this cool DIY phone stand at home. However, it doesn't mean there won't be any full paper-only projects anymore. Because I still have a couple of DIY ideas in my mind lol.

It's always going to be difficult to specify for what a DIY project can be for. That is because every time I do, I find it useable for other things as well lol. Anyway, today I will be showing you guys the DIY idea. And Learn how to make this cool DIY phone stand at home. I've been thinking about it for the past couple of days. Which is something I really wanted to do. Well, I was struggling to enjoy watching live streams or videos while working on the laptop. 

I call this the "Phone stand with a pen holder" for bloggers like me. Who writes notes on notebooks or a blogger who loves to draw. And can keep a spare pen for quick and easy reach. You will learn how to make this cool DIY phone stand at home. A cool DIY craft and it's easy to make it. 

As for the last post, I stopped doing only-paper DIY projects. And I included box sheets for more awesome DIY ideas. However, I used the box sheets from the toy games we bought. So, I built everything from scratch. But in this post, I didn't. Although, it will help you to learn how to make this cool DIY phone stand at home. But you could do the same method. And it will take a little longer to get it done lol.

The base for this DIY phone stand

If you wonder what is in the picture above. It will be a phone box that we are not using anymore. And this whole DIY idea will only use about two phone boxes. Because there will be other things that I'm going to do with them later. Beside the tutorial

However, I'm sure as we all use phones and sometimes we can have more than one phone. That it can't be impossible to find unwanted phone boxes in the house. So, it was easy to find some for this DIY craft. Also, helps to learn how to this cool DIY phone stand at home. I have a bad habit of keeping all boxes of items I buy in my storage. Well, it's for when I want to use them later. 

I could've used my phone's box. But because it didn't have one as it was used when I got it. A long time ago lol. Also, I need more space to be able to add the pen holder as well.

The first step in making this DIY craft is what I did after finding the right box for the job. I took the cover of it and cut it in half. My hand always keeps shaking, and that's why I messed up the half-cut for this DIY project lol. And it wasn't that clear, though. However, I used the green tape to cover my cutting mess on the edges as usual haha. Make this awesome DIY phone stand to look cool. And I think it will look better with it and that's why I add it to my projects.

By the way, just to clarify something, you don't need two boxes if you can use the cover. And the actual box because that would save you time. For looking and it will get the job done. I just wanted it for the apple logo on the box's cover. Because I have an apple phone. That it's going to make it more suitable to be my phone's stand. Good to make this DIY craft. Moreover, learn how to make this cool DIY phone stand at home. 

Pen holder for the DIY phone stand

I kept a packing foam sheet. That was about to be thrown in the trash in case I'm going to need and today. And I had a perfect use for it on this DIY project haha. And that would be placing it where it can hold the bottom of the pen. It can be glued to the half box. However, I opened a hole for the pen to get through. So, it will be a stand for the pen for this DIY craft.

Also, I thought it won't be enough to have that size foam sheet. Because it surely won't be stable if we want to use it for the long term. Here comes the next part which is the thin box sheet. That was cut from my brother's iPhone box lol. I also opened a hole and it has to be equal. And in the same spot because the pen will go through both. Well, we are almost done with this DIY project. Hopefully, it help you to learn how to make this cool DIY phone stand at home.

A closer look at the pen holder 

By the way, I don't recommend using a box sheet thinner than what's in the picture above. Because it will be a struggle to stick it to the box. And that will ruin the picture of the box as well.

The pen holder base glued 

Anyway, it's time to get everything together. And as I said, the foam packing sheet can be glued. You can pick which corner you want to place the pen in. I'm happy with how things went with me doing this process for this DIY craft. Because I didn't have too many phone boxes at that moment lol.

The next part would be the thin box sheet. Which can be placed on top of the actual box. You can put glue on the edges. And hold it down until it is glued together. It will be enough to make it strong and stable. 

It won't fall or anything because it's thin. That's why this could be useful for the job. Also, make sure the two holes face each other as well. It was one of the messes I did during building this DIY project, but not that noticeable haha. 

The top of the pen holder is glued 

That is how it will look like for the pen and I had to cut a bit of the box sheet. New for this DIY craft. And I hope it can help you learn how to make this cool DIY phone stand at home. Because when I tried to put my phone for a test. It wasn't fitting to be in the box. haha, I couldn't glue another thin box sheet. After I messed up the cutting, it's not that bad. However, you can say it's ready to be used if you are just looking for a pen stand lol.

The phone holder 

Learn how to make this cool DIY phone stand at home

If you used the actual phone box first and cut it the half. You can use the cover. If it's possible or you can do the opposite. Since I had two boxes, I used both covers of the boxes haha. There are so many ways to make a stand for the phone. This way also helps you learn how to make this cool DIY phone stand at home. And I picked what I'm about to show you. 

However, I cut the sides of the cover and it will be looking like what's in the picture above. I need to do accurate measures. That is because I always tend to just make it as perfect as it could be. And that's how I cut both.

The one which has the apple logo will be what will hold the phone. And the small one will be helping it from falling. That's one way to make it hold the phone in a position. Where you can read messages or do quick browsing. While working on the other device (aka laptop or PC lol).

Anyway, after I got everything ready. Now, we move to the final step which is gluing everything together for this DIY craft. And getting the full picture. I leaned the one which will hold the phone a little bit forward. It was optional as to which position you wanted to get. Because it will be permanent as long as it's not destroyed.

The finished look of the DIY phone stand

Learn how to make this cool DIY phone stand at home

I've been using glue for the past projects. And it seems to really work here. You got a phone stand with a pen holder. Also, I already put my pencil because. And I don't use pens and I'm sticking with pencils for a while haha. 

This is one of my second projects that could be used. And help to do a task which holds the phone and help me watch videos and other stuff. It felt really good after finishing it as it wasn't messed up that bad. Because I wouldn't be able to make another one. Also, this stand can be used for both vertical and horizontal stands. That's one of the reasons I decided to do this project.

The finished look of the DIY phone stand with the phone on it

Learn how to make this cool DIY phone stand at home

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learn how to make this cool DIY phone stand at home

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