How to make this awesome DIY star craft decoration

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How to make this awesome DIY star craft decoration. Another week, another post. Although, I couldn't post anything last week. Because there were a lot of things that I needed to catch up with and do. Sometimes when having so much stuff to get done. And yet still, there are more coming on the way to add up to what has already been on the schedule before. There is no chance to get them all sorted out and finished.

 Also, once you start on a schedule. It will be hard to go out of the grid for a bit. And do other things for other purposes that are not as important. Because it will cost other things to be out of the daily schedule. Which will lead to trying to catch up as I do haha.

I've been thinking over the past week about a good future for my blog content. And the first thing that came to my mind is to flow the blog with so much content. I'm way behind on my schedule and posting plans. Well, I can't be only doing one post per week. Which actually can't be enough, as well. That's not sure if that would be my limit, you know what I mean haha.

Sometimes I can do so much more than just that. Anyway, I can't think of a better schedule than my old one. But this time since sometimes I might not stay consistent. There are some days might not have a post. You know, I had to make one post a week because there were so many things I need to get done and settle. But everything is good for now and the schedule will resume like before. 

How to make this awesome DIY star craft decoration 

Anyways, this time I'm coming up with a new DIY idea that came to my mind. Which was from my last post. I already posted a picture of the DIY project yesterday on my Instagram. If you missed it, please go check it and maybe give a like if you loved it.

I thought it would be a good idea to share it with you on my blog. And show you how this DIY craft could be done as a DIY gift idea. For a special friend or maybe someone you love. However, to do that, you need to do some changes to it unless you he or she has the same name. That might not happen sometimes lol.

Before I start this post and talk about how to make this DIY project. I want to talk about why I did it in the first place. This DIY decoration idea was made for a friend of mine. Who no longer could be compared to anyone for her birthday. It was yesterday.

Sometimes it feels like we've been friends for a decade. And went through so much. Well, we are still together. Life always has its ways to make things difficult and hard for everyone. But we didn't allow anything to separate us. I don't think my life would be any better without her. She helped me a lot to go through everything, in fact, she is the reason why I managed to go through every rough moment.


Please know this is an old post. I have edited and made sure it's better. However, the content is the same. So, don't take any of the updates or ideas from this post. Refer to my latest posts or social media if you looking to know more about my DIY projects or anything. Well, I just want to keep the content as it is for memories but fresh and correct.

There might be more content to these posts. But the old content will be the same. It is such an important memory. I don't want to remove them completely and I only have this place for them. Thank you for understanding.

Also, I want to take a moment to admire how beautiful and nice a friend she is. Always the best and so pretty and funny. There are so many things to talk about. I'm sure a book wouldn't be enough to write the words in my mind. For my friend, if you read this. Know that I love you and wouldn't have a best friend like you. I wish you the best Birthday.

Anyways, I wrote about one of them in my blog before. She has always been a beautiful star shining in the sky to me. Shall we start talking about this DIY decoration post? let's go! how to make this awesome DIY star craft decoration 

The base for the DIY project

How to make this awesome DIY star craft decoration

As for my strong and thick stand, I used two parts for it. That is How to make this awesome DIY star craft decoration. Which is the same as my previous one. This helps to make everything hold steady for this DIY craft. And I could make it one part (the box sheet). But I like things pretty, you know haha. 

Also, I have normal paper. But I prefer to use thick paper to give it even more thickness and stability. That's what I did as shown in the picture above. One of the steps for how to make this awesome DIY star craft decoration.

It's getting easier and easier to do everything. Because the practice comes from doing these things every time. Also, the bat logo in the background is a nice touch to the picture. I'm hoping it will be nice with the next future ideas lol. Since I don't have any decorations for Christmas yet. Well, I will stick with this for a little while haha. Let's continue to talk about how to make this awesome DIY star craft decoration.

The walls on the sides

How to make this awesome DIY star craft decoration

I forgot to take photos for every step of this DIY craft including the one. When I glued the base together. But I took this one as shown in the picture above. An important step for How to make this awesome DIY star craft decoration. Which was an idea to add a touch to it which never happened. Because everything I planned has changed and I had to put it away lol. 

It's funny how things might change during the process. And that reminds me to not expect everything as you planned. Even if you are sure of it. If you want to be successful. Plan everything and expect anything as you go through it. Something we might not pay attention to but it's important in our life.

Anyways, let's jump to the process of making each part for this project, shall we? And see how to make this awesome DIY star craft decoration. 

The stars of the DIY project

How to make this awesome DIY star craft decoration

The lucky star will be the first one to be made. This took me a lot of time to make it as perfect as I could. By the way, I didn't tell you this took me two days. Because it was difficult and had a lot of things to do. That is not the actual time for how to make this awesome DIY star craft decoration.

I found a way to make things look 3D for this DIY craft. It wasn't perfect but it was a nice touch to it. You will need two pieces of each item to make it. The second one is going to be as a background shadow. Which will help the picture to be 3D. Something that helped me with how to make this awesome DIY star craft decoration.

Then, color the edges of it black, and when you glue it. Choose which side you want the shadows to appear on. You will see the results in the end in case you haven't seen them in my Instagram post. Please make sure to follow me for more awesome stuff like this.

Moving to the next item we need for this DIY idea.

The paper heart 

How to make this awesome DIY star craft decoration

It's not complete without a symbol of love to it. I can't express how much I love my friend and this is nothing. But a way to express just a part of it. Funny, because the way how I made this one possible was just luck haha. It's necessary for everyone who wants to know how to make this awesome DIY star craft decoration. 

I kept drawing hearts for as long as I could and took the best-looking one of them. And it is the lucky one shown in the picture above. I got to say, it wasn't the one I planned. But it worked perfectly for the project.

The letter for the DIY project

How to make this awesome DIY star craft decoration

Next, It means nothing without a reference to whom it would be for. And that's where the letter comes in place. I picked my best friend's first letter of her name. Like the other ones, I did before. But this time I'm going to make it better looking with a 3D model lol. This will require two pieces of the letter. So, just like the star, it will be easy to do it for this DIY project.

I think the letter was better than the star. Because the star wasn't really shown much of the shadow. And almost glued the two parts on top of each other accidentally.

The paper sticks 

 Now that every part has been made. It's time to find out how it will be glued to the base. And I couldn't find any better idea than making a regular paper stick. That I used to make it for every project so far haha. It's super easy and it holds everything good. But for sure, there will be more upgrades in the future for everything lol.

I measured how high I want the two items to be in the base. And cut it, fold it and make sure you make the width more than the height. Well, if you want to make that possible, that's the trick. I used thick paper which I don't use. Because it's difficult to fold, I thought to do some changes. It kinda worked good but not the best with normal papers.

Alright, I think it's time to put everything together now after doing them. If you notice, in my previous posts, I used to glue the pieces together as I make them right away. But this time it's different. Anyways, please clap your hands and look down to see it starting to get glued together.

The first step of gluing the DIY project together 

Oops, I haven't mentioned this part earlier in the process, my bad. I was too excited and forgot to take a photo of it, but don't worry. It's just a normal and small wall I cut from thick paper to help with the star. Also, the colors of the base it was another touch that I forgot as well lol. However, you get my point and what I did which wasn't mentioned haha.

It was a bit struggle to glue the wall, but I had help from my brother. I can imagine how hard it will be to make a real wall. Which sometimes takes more than one person, even a wall made of paper lol.

The paper rope 

Whops, another piece came out of nowhere, my bad... I'm just kidding, I call this the paper rope which I actually took a photo of but just thought to make it. An entertaining introduction lol. I'm sure everyone knows how to make that because it's so simple. But the trick is where to put it and as shown in the picture above. You see that it was placed carefully as to where I wanted the star to be.

Also, I can't make the entire rope white. I added color to the first part because the second top part will be covered with my lovely star. Another trick, make sure to glue the rope to the wall from behind. For more stability when it holds heavier objects like the star. It is not too heavy but it helps to not let it fall anywhere. And for the long term lol.

The star glued to the DIY project

There you go! the star has been glued to the rope and the edges were colored as well. I picked my best friend's favorite color for this idea. Which is the most used one and that is too obvious lol. I was really happy that everything worked well. Well, I paused for almost one and a half hours. During the process, I was afraid to ruin everything. Also, I was too excited too haha.

I'm going to jump over two steps this time because as I said. There were some steps I skipped. But it wasn't on purpose lol. Please snap your fingers and look down!

The heart glued to the base

How to make this awesome DIY star craft decoration

Tara! things are getting better from here and as you can see in the picture above. Well, I already glued the heart logo for my lovely best friend. Also, where do I want to put the letter? Because my last step is to put the most important part. That would wrap up everything. It makes a perfect view by adding red. And blue to the same picture. Which is one of my favorite things about this idea.

For the last and most important part, please start the drums...(drums start)

The full DIY star decoration 

Here we go... At last, I present to you the final look of my new project... Which I haven't named yet haha. I thought I name it right now and it will be "The star, my special DIY project for my best friend". I skipped two ideas I wanted to add, but this looks perfect for now.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed reading this post in case you reached this point. This is by far one of the best and longest ideas. I've made it in my life, and yet still, nothing compares to what my best friend deserves. I would like to know what you guys think of this idea?

It's a wrap for this post and if you want to read about my future posts like this one. And even more interesting ideas, please subscribe to the blog through the box below. You will get every new post on time. Follow me on my social media. Twitter, and Pinterest to get more updates and new posts. Have a wonderful rest of your day.

How to make this awesome DIY star craft decoration

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