Custom DIY fallen star decoration for the house

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Custom DIY fallen star decoration for the house. Welcome to another post on this blog! This is my second post after the update. And things are going pretty good. In case you missed the previous one. I came back from a little longer break than any break I took before haha. And with an update that changed everything about how I post things. Also, what I write in my blog.

One thing that hasn't changed yet is my posting schedule. Which are two each week and this time I came up with something interesting. That blogger or anyone who wants to decorate the office room. Maybe just a normal room. Because this doesn't have limited use, but my goal of using it. Well, that is to put it in my blogging office to make it more attractive. 

I'm sure with this update, I will be able to keep this schedule for as long as I can haha. Because who knows what the future holds for us, you know. Also, I can plan my posts ahead of time. Which was one of my main struggles to keep up with blogging. 


Well, I started editing my old posts on this blog. And there are some updates and things I talked about before. However, they are no longer valid. A lot of things changed. Please check my recent blog posts or social media for new updates. Don't take any updates on old posts. I keep them to be as memory in the future. However, I fixed all the mistakes as much as possible.  

Custom DIY fallen star decoration for the house

Anyway, as I said in my previous post. That I will be doing some creative DIY ideas with the stack of papers I bought. And creating content with it. So, I thought to come up with something more interesting. Well, it can't be for gifting this time, but for decoration. 

It was a bit hard to think of a DIY idea that was only made with paper. Every idea I come up, it includes other materials. However, finally, I got this which I call, the DIY fallen star decoration. Something that can be as decoration for the house. 


Reading about this post. I found that I didn't mention the measures of the piece. This is when I started writing about DIY crafts. So, I wasn't really paying attention to sharing it with you guys. But you can set measures based on the items that will be used. I have no way to measure them again at this point haha. You can make this custom DIY fallen star decoration for the house. Measuring it as it fits your DIY project. 

I want you to imagine a star falling toward the ground. And it landed somewhere on earth. That was surrounded by cones for observation for clues. Well, that is the reason why it happened or how. Just a quick picture of this DIY project. Before talking about this custom DIY fallen star decoration for the house.

However, I couldn't do this DIY project as I imagined because as y'all know. There is nothing that works as planned haha. I had to do paper sticks as a replacement for the cones. And I wanted it to be more like a 3D scene, but it was a bit hard. Anyway, I hope you will enjoy this DIY idea. 

Two while paper for the base

Custom DIY fallen star decoration for the house

Let's get started! This DIY idea consists of four parts. Which are a base, star, and paper sticks (replacement for cones). And more paper sticks as a stand for the star. Because I couldn't make it look like a crash to make it even more realistic haha. So I made it look like a museum exhibit lol. This mean whoever found the star, they took good care of it.

Anyway, the requirement would be as close as the previous post. This will be all papers, but with a different process. You will find more about this custom DIY fallen star decoration for the house.

The first step in this process is building the bases for this DIY decoration. And you will need two thick papers for that. Then, draw a rectangle as shown in the picture above. I don't have full measurements. But you can measure it to make it enough to hold everything. That's what I did because I will add some touches at the end as usual. 

Next, you will need to glue them both together so it can be a little bit stronger base. And will be stable to stand wherever you want to put this DIY decoration as long as it's flat. Make sure to glue it together really well and smoothly. 

So it won't look like it's two papers haha. Imagine someone coming to see and find out that it's two glued together. I think this would ruin the look of it, and your secret will be figured out. They will be like 'Oh, it's two papers" lol. Well, it's good to make this custom DIY fallen star decoration for the house.

The base has circles drawn on it

Custom DIY fallen star decoration for the house

Moving to the simple next step. Specify the spots where the paper sticks will be standing around the scene. Like showing in the picture above. However, as I mentioned earlier that I added more sticks. Where the star will be standing after landing. Due to the lack of equipment for this DIY project. I had to do the circles only using my hand. And that's why it looks a bit messy haha. Well, I can't make it as perfect as I imagined as I said lol. 

Anyway, we know now where everything will be. It's time to dig the holes and open them for the sticks to get through. It will help you to make this custom DIY fallen star decoration for the house. So that we can glue them around and make them stick forever. However, I couldn't figure out something that could help me with that. 

Because that kind of circle size is a bit hard to deal with. So I used an old trick which is drawing over the lines repeatedly until it tears off and opens. That worked for me, but if you have something else. You can use it and make it a bit easier that would be great. 

The white base with holes 

Custom DIY fallen star decoration for the house

After a few minutes of doing as mentioned in the previous step. I got everything ready for the sticks to go through the wholes. And glue them to the base. However, something we are missing is how we can do that. When we don't have the paper sticks? Well, it's time to start that step and get it done. I don't know whether or not this is already on the internet. But I got this idea in my mind after deep thinking about how to do it for this DIY project. 

Anyway, I was going to do the square paper sticks idea. Because I think they look better. But I could only do circle paper sticks. There is not that much difference between both types. Only it takes time to make the square type. And that's why I went with the circle type. I don't think using thick paper will work with this step. It's hard to fold it so I recommend using regular printing papers (A4).

You don't need the entire paper because the less you fold. The smaller size you will get. It will help you use it for this custom DIY fallen star decoration for the house. Split the paper into different parts vertically. So it would make enough size for the holes in the base for this DIY craft. Measures depend on your wholes. 

And how many folds you will need to do to make go through the holes. After figuring out that part about the measures for splitting the paper. You will need to fold it as many as it needs to and then glue it together so it sticks. And you get yourself a stick for this DIY craft.

The paper sticks for the DIY project

Custom DIY fallen star decoration for the house

The picture above shows what the paper sticks will look like. I'm going to use them for this custom DIY fallen star decoration for the house. You will need four of them to fill out the base. Well, you will only need to repeat what you did for all of the sticks, but with different heights. Because the middle ones are going to be with different heights. 

Which would be easy. Try to cut the four at the edge of the rectangle with the same height. And the middle ones are smaller. The full version will be revealed of this custom DIY fallen star decoration for the house.

You need to do a trick for the middle paper sticks. Which makes the front ones a little smaller than the back ones. That way it would be easy for you to turn it into a stand. That could be used for the star. Also, squeeze it with your figure and cut it at an angle from which you can glue paper to it for this DIY project. 

The paper sticks glued to the base

As you can see in the picture above. And how I cut the middle paper sticks. Also, this is after I glued everything to the base of this DIY decoration. Then, got everything ready except for the final step. That is making the fallen star. Soon everything will be ready for this custom DIY fallen star decoration for the house.

Make sure to put a little more glue around each paper stick. So it doesn't fall off from the base. Also, ensure the stability of it all. Because it would fall off if there was any resistance applied to it. And that would ruin your work.  

So before making the star, the structure in the picture above won't let us add the last part. It would be hard to glue it. So I decided to glue a square cut of the thick paper to the middle paper sticks. Which will be shown in the final look of this DIY craft. 

The star without colors

I messed up the star a little bit, but this is the last step of this process. Doing this is the easiest part. Which is using thick paper to draw a star using the pencil. And try to cut over the lines and it will look like as shown in the picture above. 

However, since it's the last step we need to make things a little colorful. We need to color the star and everything we could for this DIY decoration. I looked up and found out that a star could have more different colors. 

And blue is one of them and that is what I colored it. Also, since everything is happening on the ground for this DIY craft. Now, I need to paint the base with a sand color. But I don't have a sand color. So, I chose the closest color to it, which is brown.

The fallen star glued to the base

Custom DIY fallen star decoration for the house

Finally, I present to you the fallen star which can be used as a decoration for an office or a room. Getting close to the finish of this custom DIY fallen star decoration for the house. This is the final look after doing everything shown in the picture above. Well, this took me a few hours to finish this DIY decoration. Because it's a bit harder than what I did in my previous post but I did it.

The paper sticks weren't as planned and were a bit messy. As you can see in the picture above haha. Because of the unexpected things that didn't work very well during the process. But I was able to pull everything together and this is all that matter after all. You will see next what this custom DIY fallen star decoration for the house looks like. 

The full picture of the DIY decoration 

I guess things won't be as good as adding new touches to it haha. I wanted to make this DIY craft look like land surrounded by stuff and put trees. But I guess putting a car with an opened door. That is going to be more close to a realistic scene haha. 

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed reading this post. About the custom DIY fallen star decoration for the house. And liked the DIY idea which I came up with it. If you enjoyed reading this DIY decoration tutorial. Please subscribe to my blog through the subscription box below to get the new content. As soon as it gets published. Follow me on Twitter and Pinterest as well. 

Also, you can share your thoughts on this idea. How good it would be for decoration in the comment section. I wish y'all a great Thursday.

Custom DIY fallen star decoration for the house


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