3 awesome reasons why paper important in cardboard crafts
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3 awesome reasons why paper important for cardboard crafts

(Last Updated On: April 3, 2021)

Hello, everyone, and welcome to another post for this week. This is the DIY crafts part of the blog. Where I talk about crafty projects or something like this post. Today I’ve got an interesting topic that I want to highlight and talk about. These 3 awesome reasons why paper important for cardboard crafts.

So I said last week, I did a content update, and starting from this week, I’m going to share the new ideas. I want your opinions on these topics and ideas. So please let me know in the comment.

I’m starting with this type of content. And I would name it “DIY craft discussions”. This is where I talk about DIY crafts and share helpful information with you guys.

If you are new to the blog, I use cardboard and paper for my crafts. And I haven’t talked about why I’m using paper with cardboard. There are a couple of reasons that made me use it on my DIY crafts.

Since things didn’t go well with my projects. As I said in my previous post, I thought to take time to talk with you guys about this topic. And let you in on why I’m doing my crafts and including the papers.

Also, if you are making crafty ideas using cardboard I think you might want to add paper and I’m going to explain to you guys why it’s important for cardboard crafts.

You might find these reasons interesting. So keep reading to know and let me know what you guys think? also, I’m curious if you do DIY crafts or not and what materials do you use if you love crafting? let me know in the comment below.

3 awesome reasons why paper important in cardboard crafts

3 awesome reasons why paper important for cardboard crafts

At first, when I started, it was only one reason and I’m going to mention it in this post. However, after months of me doing it, I figured new and good reasons. So I decided to talk about it today and that’s another reason why I wanted to talk about it.

You still can do crafty projects without the paper because it’s not something that must be done. However, if you are looking for any of what I’m going to mention. Then, you should consider adding a white layer using paper.

Well, there is not a lot to talk about in this post. Which is what I write in this section. So let’s get right into it and see what are the reasons behind adding the white layer using paper.

1-Easier to get it back

I would say easier to repair but it’s not what we do haha. However, we could say fix or get it back as it was. With cardboard crafts, things might fall off or get loose. Well, it might get smashed as well but the ones I mentioned are things that are possible to be fixed.

If it was glued on the cardboard itself, it would ruin the project. However, if the paper layer is over it. Even if it falls off, it would be easy to get it back on the same spot and it would be like nothing happened.

I’ve had a lot of projects fallen off or got loose. And I would easily glue it back and it gets back as it was. This is one of my favorite reasons to use the paper layer on cardboard crafts.

However, if it was ripped, then, that wouldn’t be good for papers haha. We all know how this will end up. So, surely should be careful with the projects from ripping them as we put effort into them.

2-More decoration choices

This is my main reason why I’m using the paper layer on the cardboard crafts. It was since I started doing the DIY crafts and I looked for alternatives before and found only papers are a good option.

I think of this as a painting where I paint it white and it gives me more choices to decorate whatever I made to whatever I want. And to be honest, I didn’t like the cardboard color as well.

So adding the white layer did help a lot to get creative with the cardboard crafts. However, it needs more effort than just doing it without a white layer, but I’m going to doing it anyway haha.

If you have seen any of my previous projects, I also add different colors. And I don’t add the white when I want a different color, you know. So doesn’t have to add it to all the objects you make. I mostly add the white layer using paper to columns if not different colors and bases or walls. objects like these.

I recently started thinking of a way to improve adding the white layer in a professional way. So it won’t get as messy and difficult as it is right now. Because adding the white layer or any layer it’s something not as easy as it seems.

3-Gives a good look

There is nothing bad with the cardboard color but when adding the white layer does give it more like a professional look, you know. Especially when adding other colors to the craft.

Cardboard color doesn’t match well with most of the colors, but on the other hand, any color could be added to the white and still looks good. So if you want to have the second reason and get a good-looking project, I highly recommend adding a white layer using the paper.

It gives a good impression to others as it’s white because it looks good. However, when first people see it with cardboard color, it won’t be as excited as with the white layer. That’s just my opinion, you know.

You can imagine the white layer as when painting a house, at first, we paint it white and then add any drawing or design we want. This is how this came into my mind haha.

conclusion of 3 awesome reasons why paper important for cardboard crafts

Well, these are the reason why I’m using the white layer. Just wanted to clarify the purpose in case anyone wonders about that. I hope you guys enjoyed this post.

I’m still working on the DIY crafts and it didn’t go well, so I’m hoping next week, everything will be ready and show you guys the new craft content. One of them will be posted on Friday. So make sure to stay tuned and subscribe to the blog and follow me on Twitter and WordPress.

I would love to know what material you guys use for crafting? and if you do, what’s your favorite thing about using it? Let me know in the comment, I’m curious. Other than that, I wish you a wonderful day!

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