3 awesome things to do with the spinning decoration

Hello, everyone, and welcome to the last post of the week. I hope you guys have had a wonderful week so far and if you didn’t, it’s okay. Things will get better and next week could be your week. Today I got a new post idea for you guys and something about DIY. These are 3 awesome things to do with the spinning decoration.

I wanted to do two blogging tips this week but I wasn’t really sure what to post. As you already know from my previous post. I’m not going to post any DIY projects this week. However, this doesn’t mean I can’t post anything related to DIY crafts. Hopefully, next week I will be able to share with you guys more new DIY crafts.

It’s been a roller coaster of ups and downs in life. However, the content and grind never stop haha. I will try my best not to fail on this again. This is how life and what we can do is make sure we are in good health to get back to the road of success, you know.

So today I got a DIY craft post but it’s not really new unless you haven’t read about it before. I have a post on how to make it and more pictures of this project. You can read it after this and see how I did and more pictures of it.

3 awesome things to do with the spinning decoration

3 awesome things to do with the spinning decoration

So I made this desk decoration a while ago and I was looking at it when it was on my desk. Then, I suddenly got thoughts of things we can do with it. More than just decoration. And I thought would be perfect to share it with you guys in case you want to do it.

This is a new idea of a blog post I thought of and I might do more of it in the future. For different projects of course. Let me know if you like it or not in the comment. I’m trying new ideas and getting creative with ideas to blog about. It’s not easy three projects a week, you know haha.

I know I said desk decoration but there is another perfect place that you can put this decoration on and do these three things. This is cool because sometimes you are not at the office or near the desk. So you still can do these things as well if you are away.

If you don’t know, I made this decoration and you can interact with it. You can spin and change the view of the front side of it without spinning the entire project. Something I thought of before and it worked and with these ideas, I will mention in this post, it will be perfect.

It’s not that difficult and the decoration is made out of cardboard and paper. If you don’t know or missed the post about it. The easiest materials we could all have and yet we could make awesome things with them haha. How cool is that? I hope you guys enjoy this post.

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3 awesome things to do with the spinning decoration

1- You can put a phone

I know I shared a while ago about a phone stand that you can make. But, you can also put your phone on this decoration as well for quick reach. And in a more fashionable way, you can keep the phone until you grab it again. I don’t have a picture of it but you can lay the phone under the stars and let it enjoy some time haha.

This also can be a good touch to the desk when you put your phone on it and as you work. Someone comes and sees it, I think that would look cool. Also, it can add weight to the decoration. As for cardboard, sometimes, it needs weight or it would not stay put. This decoration is good without anything but the more weight, the better, you know.

This would be perfect if you don’t have a phone stand too. The phone will be lying on the desk anyway, so make it lay in a good way, you know haha.

2-You can put keys

We can always throw the keys in anywhere on the desk or cabinet. How about a specific place that doesn’t ruin the look of your desk? Well, this is where this spinning desk decoration comes. You could easily put them under the stars as well and you can even throw them but you need to be careful with the decoration haha. It sounds awesome “under the stars” lol.

Also, if you noticed, I said or cabinet… That’s right. You can also put the decoration on a cabinet whether in the living room or bedroom. You still can use this decoration and do both of these things. Well, the three but I haven’t talked about the third one yet.

3-Decorate it with lego figures

The last one is something you can add to it. It’s already a decoration but if you want to make it more good looking. So the Lego figures would be an awesome idea to put it. Also, this is perfect if you are a Legos fan and collect them. Would be an awesome way to use them for decoration.

If you didn’t know, you could actually change the stars and circles or add to them. There are many options and yet more ideas to add to it. How awesome is that? When you make something, it’s easy to put whatever you want, however you like it.

Maybe you don’t have a desk, you can put it on a table or cabinet with the Lego figures which would look perfect. Even for kids tables with this thing, which kids might have a lot of Lego figures.

Conclusion of the 3 awesome things to do with the spinning decoration

As always, this is it for this post. Few things that you can do with this awesome spinning DIY decoration. Now, let me know what you guys could do with this? and what thing from the list you would do?. I’m curious to know that. Thank you for reading these 3 awesome things to do with the spinning decoration.

Remember, I’m doing DIY crafts and more awesome DIY content. And, I also write about blogging tips. If you are interested in these, please subscribe to the blog and follow me on WordPress and Twitter. You can get the latest post on time. Other than that, I wish you a lovely day!

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