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3 steps that would help you in writing a blog post as blogger and other things in life

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  1. John Mulindi

    These are useful tips especially for new bloggers! Thanks.

  2. Violeta León

    I have my own notebook where I write all the titles that comes into my mind, it doesnt matter if Im writting or not in that moment. I left them there. When I sit to write, I already have my list with ideas, and pick one from there.

  3. Natalia A

    these steps are definitely useful! As my blog has such a specific niche, I usually don't struggle to find the topic, but it is difficult to present the things in somewhat original and attractive way!

  4. Andrea Larson

    The exact moment when I start to write is probably the most difficult one. I know that I need to write and even if I know what I want to write about it is not easy to make that first move 🙂

    These steps are very helpful. I will try to use this in a structured manner the next time I need to write something.

  5. breenarina

    I agree organizing the content is very important! I find myself reorganizing it often to make sure its tidy and makes sense.

  6. :DISTherapy

    These are terrific tips for writing. I have been in the habit of writing a title first, and then fitting the writing to suit. The more I blog, the more I agree with you- crafting a title at the end might encapsulate the thoughts more definitely. Thanks!

  7. Flossie - Super Mom Hacks

    I just save draft titles/post ideas right in my WordPress account, if I am at my computer. Otherwise, I jot down post ideas, outlines, draft titles, etc. in my Bullet Journal. It's interesting how everyone's process is different.

  8. chelf

    I find it very important to have a clear outline of the post on a piece of paper and keep it in sight to help you stay on track while working. Sometimes of course a post might be very spontagneous so there wont be an outline at all…

  9. Stephanie

    I keep a spreadsheet of ideas broken down by category for my blog posts. Then I choose a post and title, and let that determine what I write about. But, there are many times I go back and edit a title based on what I ended up writing.

  10. Anamika A Chattopadhyaya

    I absolutely loved reading this post ☺ These are truly amazing tips for bloggers!

  11. Maysz

    Wow very helpful tips especially to the all newbie bloggers thanks for sharing.

  12. Mejorando MiHogar

    Great tips, thanks for sharing. A good title is always important!

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