3 Things that will negatively impact your work mindset

Hello, everyone, and welcome to another post for this week. it’s going to be the last post for this week. I started it with a DIY post, but I’m going to end it with a cool self-development post. I’m glad that I made it through the week with 3 blog posts a week. Today’s post is going to be about something I went through that impacted me and want to share with you guys, hopefully, you can avoid it. These are 3 things that will negatively impact your work mindset.

These things happen mostly for people who are self-employed because anyone working in a company, always has someone watching them haha. But people who work from home, usually they are the boss. It’s not as easy as working for someone because of the amount of work and effort.

However, once you succeed, things will be easy and you will have people working for you. That will make it so much better. Also, will have people taking care of most of the things and give you time to rest more. However, while you still working alone, these 3 Things that will negatively impact your work will be helpful and I will tell you why.

I will explain what do I mean by negatively and share with you the experience I have gone through. Hopefully, it will help you in some way to avoid. Would like to know if you have experienced it before. Let me know in the comment below.

3 Things that will negatively impact your work mindset

3 Things that will negatively impact your work mindset

Working from home is not like working at a company. Because unless you will have the work mindset, you will be spending time being distracted doing other things. As watching or playing. However, companies make sure that you have the work mindset and responsibility. And that’s where these 3 Things that will negatively impact your work will help to do that at home.

Being the boss, you will need to figure out what to do and how to do it. A lot goes into owning a business and being the owner. When you work at any place, there will be a list of things to do, and that is so easy. Just go to get them done and you are all set for the day to go enjoy after work.

Sometimes I wish I have a boss and work for someone haha. Just because I don’t want to deal with planning and figuring out what to do. Well, I’m still doing the same job and being my boss. I’m trying to know how I can deal with these things and make them easy for me.

This is how I got these 3 Things that will negatively impact your work. Getting things done requires you to have a work mindset. Otherwise, it’s just going to be a mess trying to finish things.

The work mindset is where you are fully locked in and focused on your work. Getting things done. Organizing tasks and planning the next blog posts. Marketing the content and doing everything for your blog or whatever you own. Some things will negatively impact it and make you stop or get distracted.

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What I mean by negatively:

I say negatively and I mean get you lazy to work. Might make work heavy to you and that will make you stop working. Keep you distracted from it and let you fall behind on tasks and progress. So these 3 Things that will negatively impact your work will help you to avoid that.

1-Watching during work time

I don’t know if you guys do this but I’m sure some people work from home. Think that watching while working is a good thing. Well, I used to do it myself and that wasn’t a good thing. At first, I was like “Oh I can do that and watch something… why not”.

That could be fun and good to watch. However, we don’t want to have fun watching. Doing the tasks is already entertaining haha. So, no need to get distracted by watching videos or streams while working. Trust me, if you do this, it will only make work heavy to you after a while, and just going to end up watching and not doing anything.

So if you are working, just focus on work and during the break, you can watch all you want. If you keep doing it, it will become a habit. That will make you only work if there is something to watch. Let me tell you… that’s going to be a struggle to deal with. And I don’t want to struggle during work. this is why I decided to mention these 3 Things that will negatively impact your work.

This is like multitasking at home and I mentioned in my previous post that doing more than one thing. It will only make you struggle to finish. You can focus on work and when you are all done, watch all day. This is what I have to remind myself every time because I want to watch something while working haha.

2-Lack of sleep

This is something we all already know. However, some people would think that it’s ok to sleep late and grind. Well, that’s cool but it’s not good if it keeps happening. Because later, you will not be able to lock it in and focus on work. You will be sleepy and don’t know what to do.

Working from home is also different from going to a company for work. It’s a good environment for sleep. You will fall for it fast and be lazy to work. So, I highly recommend sleeping enough time and then make sure to lock it in during the day to get things done before your day ends.

You will find yourself trying to do easy things too. That’s because you feel tired and can’t do as many tasks as when you sleep well. I’ve tried this and it’s only going to make you fall behind on the progress.

Don’t push yourself every day past your bedtime unless you are ready to struggle to do the tasks. Working from home is not as easy if you don’t sleep enough and take care of your health. Mentioning these 3 Things that will negatively impact your work from experience and I’m telling you, it’s better to avoid these. Your mindset will be somewhere else that doesn’t require effort or as much effort as working.

3-Playing games during short breaks

How many of you play games during your short break? If you, how does it feel when you want to get back to work? imagine working from home and continue to play is an easy option to do… anyone would fall easy and continue playing. If you have a job, you will be forced to go back to work and stop playing. However, working from home, you will need to force yourself haha.

This will impact your work mindset because it’s fun to keep playing and enjoying. It’s either going to let you be late or not working at all. I highly recommend that you avoid it as much as possible. This doesn’t mean there are no short breaks. There are plenty of things to do that are good to do in this short time. If you have strong determination, you can easily avoid these 3 Things that will negatively impact your work.

It’s not a time to play but a time to relax and chill. After work, you can play and don’t have to worry about work or anything. Don’t need a work mindset anymore. Enjoy as much as you want after that.

I used to think it’s a good time to play quick and then go back to work. But working from home, sometimes it’s difficult. Because you can’t resist or sometimes need to win before going off haha. There are tons of reasons other than just enjoying the game that might let you keep playing and forget about work. For this, we need to avoid these 3 Things that will negatively impact your work if we looking for a good and productive day at work.

You need to give yourself time to rest and do everything. Don’t make it all about work. Then, that’s going to be a problem for you to deal with these 3 Things that will negatively impact your work trying to enjoy while working. But, set for yourself time to do these in your day that is not during your work time.

Conclusion of 3 Things that will negatively impact your work mindset

Well, I hope you guys found this post helpful talking about something important for home working people. Whether blogger or YouTuber or owning a shop, it doesn’t matter. These 3 Things that will negatively impact your work mindset are important to try to avoid.

I’m curious what you guys do in your short break for those who work from home. How do you deal with things that don’t let you get back to your work mindset? let me know in the comment. It could be helpful to other people as well.

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48 thoughts on “3 Things that will negatively impact your work mindset”

  1. Yikes… Now i know why i am often so unproductive… Because i am guilty in all of these three lols.. I don’t know why i am so weak and why i find it so hard to focus.. My attention is easily diverted when i see things that will took my interest like watching and playing games haha.. I thinm i should start refraining myself from doing such unhealthy habit and try to overcome these proctastinations

  2. Lack of sleep is an absolute killer to productivity and your work mindset. I took a hiatus from my blogging after my son was born because I just couldn’t function.

  3. this is true and happening, I didnt experience work from home because of the nature of my jobs but my friends are telling that they feel unproductive at home and actually wants to be in the office instead.

  4. Great post… it is very easy to get distracted when working from home. I like that you put watching TV while working. It’s doable but it negatively impacts your output. Thanks for sharing these 3 tips

  5. Man, I am so guilty of sleeping during the day lol! Over the past month, I have got heaps better and only had an afternoon nap once. During breaks, I’ll go and watch TV, or watch some football highlights from the weekend, which makes me really destress, or go for a walk, which I find really motivating. You are so right when you say getting enough sleep is crucial. Without at least 8-9 hours, I’m useless! Great post 🙂

  6. These are 3 very valid points and can have an impact on your work mindset. Sleep for me can be tricky as I don’t always manage to get a decent amount of sleep, that can really affect my pain and then my mindset. Thank you for sharing the information on your other points.

    Lauren – bournemouthgirl.com

  7. I couldn’t agree with you more. These are the three things that will give you negative impact while working. I remember when I was working as a contract civil servant, most of my colleagues like to do these three things at work. They spent their day at the office watching Asian dramas online and play online games. They even spent their time doing online shopping and gossiping about other people. I rolled my eyes!

  8. You’ve certainly highlighted that some people may be too distracted to be productive at home! It definitely requires discipline. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I am so guilty for watching Youtube videos whilst working! Haha, I absolutely love it and it serves as great distraction noise for me. But it can be very distracting, so I get where you’re coming from.

    Great post!

  10. It’s so easy to think you can multitask while working or utilize a short break for something fun, then get carried away with the game or movie, completely forgetting about work. I love being able to work from home and value this opportunity. I don’t want to do anything to jeopardize it.

  11. Definitely agree with the lack of sleep and watch during work time! I’ve experienced both, but thankfully, I managed to overcome it once I put my mind to finish the task 🙂

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