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5 things we must pay attention to when doing DIY projects

(Last Updated On: April 10, 2021)

What’s up, everyone. We survived another week and that means new content, new DIY post. I hope you had a wonderful weekend and got to spend it on whatever you wanted. For me, I like to enjoy my coffee and write my posts during the weekend. This week I’m going to treat myself and make a bolt phone stand for me. Please enjoy 5 things we must pay attention to when doing DIY projects.

Are you wondering how this post isn’t about the phone stand I just mentioned? well, let me tell you that this is going to be a new post idea. I wanted to try it for a long time, but I couldn’t find a way for it. However, I thought today would be the perfect time to do it. Because we don’t have crazy/big projects this week.

Something I aim for is doing a variety of post ideas to make it entertaining and interesting. There are a couple of ideas that I did before like chilled posts if you have read one before. And this is a new one that I’m going to add to the list.

Also, I don’t want to get out of my topics. I thought it would hard for me to do it, but found out it wasn’t lol. Anyways, grab a coffee and lets roll and learn what 5 things we must pay attention to when doing DIY projects.

About the post

Well, as a DIY blogger, there are things I go through which I don’t like and might ruin my projects or hurt me. Also, looking through the internet, I find that there are a lot of DIY bloggers and thought this might help, somehow. Because I’m sure other people will go through it as well.

However, if I want to write that, it might still be related to DIY, but it doesn’t include any DIY vibes, you know. So I imagined me talking to you guys while doing something(project or something) in a video and that’s how I got this idea haha. Always use imagination because it helps. Honestly, this phone stand idea was in my mind since 4 months ago, but I didn’t have time to do it.

5 things we must pay attention to when doing DIY projects

Anyways, here we go. I’m going to walk you through my phone stand project while talking to you, let’s do it. I hope you enjoy. Everything will be mentioned based on my experience and what I learned.

All the items for the stand

Like every project, I start by collecting and making the items required for it. The picture above shows everything we need to create the base for the phone stand. Three walls and floor because it’s handmade custom from scratch.

Since the next step is the gluing process, there is one I want to talk about it

1-The first of the 5 things we must pay attention to when doing DIY projects, Safe and fun

When thinking of DIY, we all know it’s all about fun and enjoying the time building something. However, things could go a different way, to prevent that, we need to pay attention.

I use gun glue for my projects which work with heat. And I have burnt my fingers a couple of times due to not paying attention to what I’m doing and do it carefully. This could be because of thinking about other things during the process or doing it fast, which both ways not going to end well.

Make sure to pay attention to everything you do and focus on it. That will help to be careful and allow you to enjoy the process.

All the pieces with colors
The sides glued to the base

Looking at the picture coming together as you go on with the process is the most satisfying feeling. It’s like you feel useful for making something on your own haha.

If you notice, I took the photo-shooting base I made because there is something I want to talk about in this post.

2-Clean and good

The second one of the 5 things we must pay attention to when doing DIY projects is a clean and good environment.

Something I highly recommend paying attention to besides safety is making the place where the work is done, clean. This helps to save spaces and be organized with your projects.

If you take a break during the process of any project and decided to eat near the projects. Make sure to clean after because it might ruin it. Especially, things like chocolate which could be stains on the project and make it struggling and not fun to enjoy.

Also, when making the small items, having a clean desk would help on keeping them safe and organized. On the other hand, it might get mixed with other small items you didn’t want if it wasn’t clean. And get all confused and might throw it in the garbage without knowing.

Items for the phone stand

Now that the base, the floor, and the walls are ready, it’s time to make something that will allow the phone to stand. So I decided to make more items as shown in the picture above.

I want to talk about something important that I always like and do every time.

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3-The third of the 5 things we must pay attention to when doing DIY projects, Think ahead

This is something we need to pay attention even in different stuff. Plan and collect all the requirements before starting. So you don’t have to waste time or stop mid-process for that. I always check everything, but sometimes you forget and it happened to me like twice as much as I remember which happened not long ago lol.

Check what you have and what you should acquire before starting any project. It also helps to relieve stress because when you start and mid-process you know that you still have to get a missing or finished item(a glue, for example, it will be stressful sometimes.

The phone stand, finished look
The phone holder, finished look

I made this for my previous post and I did the same thing because I thought it would be perfect for this as well. Also, if I was able to make it adjustable, that would be even better to change the way how my phone will stand.

Maybe soon in the future, I will upgrade it to an even better level than this and I will share it with you. At the moment, it’s all about what you can do with what you have.

4- After you finish

This is important and some people won’t pay attention to it. Sometimes when we get close to the end of a project. Especially, a long project, we tend to leave everything behind thinking we will organize them later. However, it will just get loose and you might never find it because you never know where it went. Maybe it could be found under the bed or couch or anywhere haha.

I highly recommend when finishing something or a project, make sure to get everything back as organized. Because there will be another time and you will use it again. You don’t want to struggle every time before starting looking for the missing items.

More picture of the back wall

The stand doesn’t have meaning if I can’t use it when charging or working while listening to music which everyone would do nowadays. I need to pay attention to every aspect and make this stand worth the resources and effort. So I made another custom thing just for that I will show you after the last one.


It’s safe to tell you that I’m an expert in this after all the times it happened to me. You start with a high expectation that you can do it and a few minutes later, after bumping into a blocked road or something went wrong, everything will be ruined and that’s ok. We need to pay attention and know that no matter how bad it will turn in mid-process, there will be a way to fix it or carry on with another approach.

This will cause disappointment and might lose your inspiration and even sometimes, it might happen more than once during one project. Don’t expect anything and be aware things might go wrong and be ready for that.

Alrighty, we have reached the last one of the 5 things we must pay attention to when doing DIY projects. Let’s finish on the project and wrap this post up.

This is what I meant by the custom thing for allowing me to use my phone while on the stand when I want to charge it or listen to music. It was a bit of struggle but I got it right. The hole in the center is where you can plug in the charger while the phone on the stand. Also, add some glue on the edges to keep the phone from falling. You will see how in the next pictures.

The bolt on the back wall
More pictures of the finished look of the stand
The finished look of the stand and the charager stand
The finished look of the stand
 the stand and lighting bolt

This is it for this project. I also added a new upgrade to the sides because when I reached the end, there was one thing I forgot and it’s even better and I do it every day which is “Movie mode”. We can listen to music, charge the phone and also watch videos and movies as well. It should be a custom full phone stand haha.

The phone on the stand
The phone charging on the stand
The phone on movie mode


Finally, we have reached the end of the post. It was a fun idea and there will be more coming in the future. Because I love trying new ideas and who knows what’s coming next. Please make sure to subscribe to get the new posts on time. I would love to know your comments on the five things I mention and what do you think of this DIY post. Thank you for reading and I hope you a wonderful Monday!

5 things we must pay attention to when doing DIY projects

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28 thoughts on “5 things we must pay attention to when doing DIY projects”

  1. This post contains some great advice! I’m doing some DIY projects for my wedding coming up in October and I’ve made a bunch of mistakes and end up getting so frustrated because I’m not thinking ahead or making sure I have all my supplies etc.

  2. It is definitely important to pay attention to keeping things picked up while you are crating so you don’t have a huge mess after you are done. That definitely helps.

  3. Wow… lol.. what a creative post. My kids are going to love this as they are always thinking of different ways to make things around the house. The phone holder is a great idea, will show this to them. Thx!

  4. Think ahead is a big one for me. I tend to dive in on projects while my husband plans and plans. In the end, the ones we plan out are the best projects. We’ve basically built over half of the furniture in our home out of wood from scratch, and it takes a lot of planning.

  5. Reading your post makes me want to do all kind sort of DIY projects. Thanks for the inspiration and tips.

  6. This is so cool. I always have a problem with what I create and what comes out as an outcome 😀 Next time I will first think ahead before proceeding further.

  7. What a lovely idea for a DIY project! We’re working on a headquarters for the kids using cardboard and paper as well. These tips will come in handy as we continue to work on the project.

  8. Oh wow, your DIY project looks great. I really like your point about thinking ahead. I really struggle to do this as I tend to live in the moment when I’m feeling creative, I think I would benefit A LOT if I actually planned ahead.

  9. Planning ahead is so important when doing DIY projects! I love how this phone stand allow you to flip it while watching movies.

  10. I admire people who enjoy doing DIY and are good at it. There’s a huge interest in it in some circles.

  11. Well said! It’s important to be realistic with ourselves especially when we’re new to the world of DIY and craft. It’s not as easy as it looks all the time 🙂 but practice makes perfect!

  12. I love the phone stand! Might have to give that a go in the future, although my DIYing skills are somewhat lacking haha! But I’ll be sure to make the most of the tips given. Really useful post thanks!

    1. Thank you! Well, let me know how it goes when you do. It’s okay because it grows the more you do it 🙂

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