A 3D Billboard gift idea for bloggers or any business owner
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A 3D Billboard gift idea for bloggers or any business owner

(Last Updated On: May 2, 2021)

Hello… hello! I’m feeling good day and It’s been a while since the last time I wrote something for my blog. However, as always, when I’m absent there will be something that I’m doing. And this time I did something great and a big move for me. It took me some time to get everything smoothly moved, but I’m so glad right now because everything is working great so far. Anyways, for this post, I’m going to talk about a 3D billboard gift idea for bloggers and I featured one of the amazing bloggers.

If you are an old reader, you will know that I’ve been blogging on the “Blogger” platform for a long time. And it was ok, but I always wanted to get back to WordPress. It’s where I started at the beginning. Also, it has a lot of advanced features that the blogger didn’t have.

I just moved to WordPress and I’m planning to spend the rest of my journey here. I hope that I get to meet new bloggers here and awesome content. Which, I will start doing it, reading and commenting on posts as well since I’m going to be here.

Anyways, now that I’m here, it and ready to share my DIY 3D billboard gift idea for blogger. If you follow me on my social media, I tweeted about a new idea which we just lifted the curtains of it. I’m saying this because it’s a big one and I hope you enjoy your time reading this post. Grab your favorite drink and have fun.

I call this the 3D billboard gift for bloggers or any business owners. But it works for any company or organization that has a name and social media. If you have someone work in any of the options mentioned, you can definitely gift him or her this. Because it will be a great desk decoration on holiday or working days for them. As you read the title this is a 3D billboard gift idea for bloggers.

About this 3D Billboard gift idea for bloggers

this 3D Billboard gift idea for bloggers was only for bloggers as the name says it haha. Those who review products or do similar things. I thought it would be a nice thing in the background when taking photos. which will be another way to promote your blog or Youtube channel. This decoration can be in the background of your photos.

Well, one thing about it is that It turns out to be bigger than I expected and it deserves to be a desk decoration. I’m sure everyone has a big desk because in case you have other things. It will be a bit difficult to add more stuff on small desks, you know lol. And this 3D Billboard gift idea for bloggers is a little big.

I wanted to do it for my blog, but I thought to take it as a collaboration opportunity. That’s why I included Lisa’s notebook blog. She is an amazing blogger who blogs about a variety of lifestyle stuff. You should go check her awesome work. Give her some love for what she shares from garden stuff and different things.

Remember this is made for a specific blogger and if you want to make it, you obviously need to change the letters to whoever you want to make this for. But the process will be the same and nothing will change.

The basic requirements:

  1. White thick papers
  2. Glue gun
  3. Colored pencils
  4. Cardboard
  5. Scissor
  6. Glue sticks

Well, before I start showing you guys this 3D Billboard gift idea for bloggers and talk about it. First I’m going to prepare few things. And these things what I listed above. Make sure to prepare them beforehand otherwise, you would need to delay the project if you want to make it.

These are tools and things I’m going to use to make this 3D Billboard gift idea for bloggers and make sure you have enough glue if you using glue gun. This will be a long and need more glue sticks.

The letters and base, 3D Billboard gift idea for bloggers

I wanted to make everything 3D and for that, I used a long and big base. As shown in the picture above, but it wasn’t long enough which was something I didn’t pay attention to. I thought of using it because the letters were small and I had to make them a little larger.

Also, for making the 3D letters, I kinda used more papers than usual to make them 3D and strong. And, for the base being not long enough, I did it in a different way which you will see in a bit. Keep reading to know how I fixed it.

Everything worked well after doing little changes as you will see later in the post. Also, there were a couple of things I planned before starting on this 3D Billboard gift idea for bloggers, but I didn’t add them as well for some reasons.

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Parts of the 3D billboard gift:

Now I’m going to talk and share with you guys what is necessary for this project to be completed. I will share with you everything in details. From the start to finish. You might not finish these in one night but the results will be worth it at the end when you see this 3D Billboard gift idea for bloggers in front of you.

The letters stands,3D Billboard gift idea for bloggers

Letters wouldn’t stay still standing for a long time without a firm stand for them. That’s why I got two pieces as shown in the picture above. However, I used more than two, but I didn’t take pictures of them because forgot to take pictures for some steps. It happened several times before haha

I just realized that I didn’t take pictures until it was too late haha, and got everything together already. Anyways, you might see what happened, but most successful people don’t show how they did it or the time frame of the process. So, this took me more than you expect just in case you wonder.

The star

A 3D star under construction" class. 3D Billboard gift idea for bloggers

The next part would be the star which represents that Miss Lisa being a star in the universe. Also, an amazing blogger who works hard to achieve goals and dreams.

I made two copies of the star to make it 3D-looking and it worked nicely, Well, not as perfect as I wanted. For some reason, I kinda struggle to get a perfect star even though it’s easy to make lol. I keep messing it up until I get a good one.

3D Billboard gift idea for bloggers

Let me present to you an item of the project which is a complete 3D star as you can see in the picture above. I could take a picture of the opposite side, but it would be the same, you know haha.

Keep in mind, you can use yellow papers if you want but for me on this 3D Billboard gift idea for bloggers, I used the colored pencils to color everything you will see in this post.

The columns:

Columns under constructure,3D Billboard gift idea for bloggers

Something like big 3D letters wouldn’t be easy to hold them up, but with my idea. Everything is looking great with my construction which the idea I came up with. I needed to build big tall columns to hold it. However, in the picture above, everything still under construction.

Two columns with a star

The constructions took some time to finish and it wasn’t as expected as you can see the top was messed up a little with the right one in the picture above. But everything worked well in the end It can hold for a long time.

Main parts of the 3D Billboard gift idea for bloggers:

The blog logo with colors

An important step is making the logo of the blog or Youtube channel or whatever the project is for. This will illustrate to others more about the billboard and what it is about.

Imagine people walk up to your desk and see the logo and know how to find your blog or Youtube channel, even the company logo. They will be like “Oh, that looks dope logo”. Which, adds a nice touch to it. You might get more people to it lol.

All the letters for the decoration

Here comes the last and most difficult step for the project. Getting the 3D letters. This took so much time to get them all done. Not to mention, I did this process twice because the first time they were too small to work on. You might start with the easy ones and finish with a hard one or do the opposite, but it’s optional. I picked the first letters you saw were to present the post to you lol. However, I used the one shown in the pictures above.

My plan on making the letters 3D looking was the same as the L letter(which glowing the enter thing together) as showing in the picture above. But my cousin thought it would be better and faster glowing only some parts which we ended up doing it. Because he helped me with some of the letters, they were a lot, you know.

Alright, it’s time to get things together and make the rest of the parts. This is might be the longest project so far for me and I can’t show and talk about all the steps, so I will speed up the process. I will just show the pictures with captions, and I’m going to see you in a minute, enjoy!

The stans for the logo
The star stand

Another post: Add another Christmas decoration to your desk

Details about this step

Sorry to interrupt the cut scene, haha, but I forgot to take pictures of this step, the social media icons. This could be in every billboard in the street which everyone would see. And should be in this as well because why not.

I think nowadays social media is the main marketing for business owners and every blogger on this earth. My plan was to add the username with social icons, but it was a little hard to make it fit. However, That would be an upgrade next time I do something like this.

The second problem that I fixed as I mentioned earlier was about the sizeof the base. For that, I made two floors for the letters. Instead of gluing together side by side. I don’t have enough space for that. So I made this 3D Billboard gift idea for bloggers as you will see in a bit.

Alright, let’s get back to the scene where everything starts to get together. I hope you enjoy. I’m just adding drama to it to make it more interesting as this was in a video lol.

First step of gluing the letters, 3D Billboard gift idea for bloggers
Second step of gluing the letters together
Two columns glued to the base, 3D Billboard gift idea for bloggers
Gluing the star stand to the base, 3D Billboard gift idea for bloggers

Alrighty, it was really fun doing this project and I’m going to show the full finished version of this billboard gift idea because it will take so much time looking through the entire process.

I shall present to you the final look of the 3D Billboard gift idea for bloggers… drums!

The finished look of the gift idea

Here we go, the 3D billboard gift idea for Christmas which I haven’t mentioned earlier in this 3D Billboard gift idea for bloggers post, but it meant for gifting on this holiday season aka Christmas. Also, the good thing about this is could be for any season or occasion as well.

The finished look from the side
Little zoomed out picture of the finished look

Some things I recommend you do when doing this project.

  • Make sure to color the letters and everything perfectly
  • The project is sensitive which mean you have to be more careful around it.
  • Add more glue to the social media icons

Well, before ending this 3D Billboard gift idea for bloggers post. There are few things you need to be careful with. As I mentioned them above. This will be presented to everyone goes in and out the office and to make sure it look great. You need to make sure that the coloring is perfect. If you can’t do it, colored paper is recommended then.


It’s a wrap for this 3D Billboard gift idea for bloggers and I hope you enjoyed it. If you want more awesome posts like this, follow me or subscribe via Email to receive posts on time. Share what do you think of this idea in the comment because I would love to know some opinions. Also, please go follow my amazing fellow blogger Lisa on her social media, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest.

A 3D Billboard gift idea for bloggers or any business owner
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      1. What a fun idea and such a great gift for any blogger! Or really it would make a great gift for anybody that has a business. Thanks for the great tutorial!

    1. Thank you so much. That’s unfortunate, but I hope you enjoy Christmas. Good thing it can be for next year or any other occasion 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, it took a lot but I’m glad it turns out to be good. Happy holiday to you and your family as well.

  1. I’ve always seen a bit of back and forth with Blogger vs WordPress, I definitely see myself switching possibly in the future from Blogger to WordPress, but only if I see my blog is doing well enough to invest in it!

    WOW I absolutely love how creative this is, especially the amount of time spent making it! AND you made it twice as you made it first with smaller letters wow wow wow, I love the 3-d Effect, this is an amazing project, Lisa most definitely loved seeing this!

  2. Wow! This looks so amazing! I would be so happy if someone would make it for me! It’s really great and I especially love all those 3D things, like 3D children’s books, 3D postcards and so on! Good work!
    P.S. Welcome to WordPress world! 😉

  3. Cool to see you now on WordPress! Congrats on making the switch. This project is an awesome idea! I have got to give it a try.

  4. That’s so cool, creative, and innovative! It seems like something fun to do to really add personality to a business!

  5. You are so creative and talented! I love this idea and what you came up with. I don’t think I have the time to make a creation like this but my son LOVES making stuff like this. I’ll have to share with him.

  6. I think it is a great idea to move on WordPress, it gives you so much more freedom than Blogger. Make sure though you set up your SSL correctly, otherwise your website won’t be shown to users on Chrome.

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