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A 3D Billboard gift idea for bloggers or any business owner

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  1. Yaya

    Wow! So ingenious! Loved this๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Fransic verso

      Thank you so much! Iโ€™m glad you did ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Stephanie

    What a fun project to put together! You did a great job with this one.

    1. Fransic verso

      I know right? Thank you so much!

      1. Sasha

        What a fun idea and such a great gift for any blogger! Or really it would make a great gift for anybody that has a business. Thanks for the great tutorial!

  3. Gervin Khan

    Wow! You’re very creative. It’s beautiful and I think it’s fun to do.

    1. Fransic verso

      Thank you so much, it was fun to do.

  4. Sheryl / A Chronic Voice

    That’s actually a really good idea for photo shoots and the like, never thought about that! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Fransic verso

      I know, the smaller version would be great, but we can work with this one as well. Thank you though.

  5. Andrew Koscielecki

    Wow, This is brilliant gift idea, too bad, that I found that during Christmas and I’ve done the shopping.

    1. Fransic verso

      Thank you so much. That’s unfortunate, but I hope you enjoy Christmas. Good thing it can be for next year or any other occasion ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Fransic verso

      I’m glad you liked it, it wasn’t as it looks, though.

  6. Angela

    This is such a creative idea! I love homemade gifts and this would be a lovely item to receive.

    1. Fransic verso

      Thank you so much, I like it too. Thank you for reading!

  7. Bella

    oh this is so so fun!!! This is such a creative idea. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas

    1. Fransic verso

      Thank you so much, you too!

  8. Krysten Quiles

    Oh my gosh that is such a fabulous idea! Thanks so much for sharing this with all of us!

  9. Rosey

    You were so thoughtful with the design. I think this is a great idea for a gift.

    1. Fransic verso

      Thank you so much! Have an amazing holiday!

  10. Rose Ann Sales

    That sounds really fun, you’re so creative, thanks for sharing! I will definitely share this to my friends.

    1. Fransic verso

      I know right? thank you so much!

  11. Sundeep

    I really like the 3d gift idea. Thanks for sharing the idea this really look fun project to do.

    1. Fransic verso

      I will try to do more of these in the future. Thank you for reading.

  12. Elizabeth O

    It looks great and I admire your patience building it. Happy Holiday Season to you and your family.

    1. Fransic verso

      Thank you so much, it took a lot but I’m glad it turns out to be good. Happy holiday to you and your family as well.

  13. tweenselmom

    Great effort and effort is always being appreciated. Looking forward for more.

    1. Fransic verso

      Thank you so much!

  14. Beth Elkassih

    I think this is extraordinary and I certainly respect all the incredible amount of ‘time’ it took to create this masterpiece. Well done.

  15. Bindu Thomas

    Wonderful idea. I cant imagine the effort and patience gone into it. Kudos. Happy Holdiays.

  16. Sophie Wentworth

    Wow, this looks great – so creative. It must have taken so long to complete too! x


  17. Ayse

    This is such a lovely blog post and what a great idea, looks like youโ€™ve put so much effort into that!

    Ayse x

  18. Sahara

    Iโ€™ve always seen a bit of back and forth with Blogger vs WordPress, I definitely see myself switching possibly in the future from Blogger to WordPress, but only if I see my blog is doing well enough to invest in it!

    WOW I absolutely love how creative this is, especially the amount of time spent making it! AND you made it twice as you made it first with smaller letters wow wow wow, I love the 3-d Effect, this is an amazing project, Lisa most definitely loved seeing this!

  19. Jaya Avendel

    What a unique idea! I love seeing the things people use their imagination and talents for when thinking of gifts for the people they care about.

  20. Ashley

    This is such a brilliant idea! What a great project for over the Christmas holidays and .. .a bonus …. I can get the kids involved too! xxx

  21. Dana Brillante-Peller

    What a fun idea for some DIY projects. I know a handful of crafty bloggers who’d love something like this.

  22. Jen

    Thatโ€™s cool! Iโ€™m not visually artistic in anyway whatsoever, so I respect the hell out of this

  23. Sian ryan

    What a really fun project! You did a smashing job! Also congrats on moving back to WordPress, its so much better once your settled.

  24. Trisha Mishra

    Handmade gifts are the best and this one is fantastic. I am definitely trying some of your tips.

  25. Audrey

    What a fun DIY idea for bloggers! Thanks for sharing this project.

  26. Semmarys

    Lovely. Great idea and seems like a fun project. I really like the idea.

  27. Marjie Mare

    This is awesome. I would not mind receiving something like this. This the season to share.

  28. Daisy Hudson

    This is such a good idea for a gift!

  29. Suanlian Tangpua

    Great idea! This is more accaptable than other general gifts ideas. Thank you for the share.

  30. The Frugal Samurai

    Thanks for sharing this Jack – cute little designs and all!

  31. Sandra Ans

    Wow! This looks so amazing! I would be so happy if someone would make it for me! It’s really great and I especially love all those 3D things, like 3D children’s books, 3D postcards and so on! Good work!
    P.S. Welcome to WordPress world! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  32. Monica

    Wow, how creative! It turned out really nice!

  33. Rachel

    Cool to see you now on WordPress! Congrats on making the switch. This project is an awesome idea! I have got to give it a try.

  34. Charity

    This is such a creative idea! Thanks for sharing!

  35. trent peek

    This looks like a fun project I will have to try with my kids. It seems simple enough to try. The kids will probably get it before I do.

  36. Ting

    super fun! you did a great job!

    1. Fransic verso

      Thank you for positive feedback and reading ๐Ÿ™‚

  37. Jasmine E.

    That’s so cool, creative, and innovative! It seems like something fun to do to really add personality to a business!

    1. Fransic verso

      Thank you so much!

  38. Adriane

    You are so creative and talented! I love this idea and what you came up with. I don’t think I have the time to make a creation like this but my son LOVES making stuff like this. I’ll have to share with him.

    1. Fransic verso

      Thank you so much. Indeed, it takes so much time and that would help.

  39. Joanna

    I think it is a great idea to move on WordPress, it gives you so much more freedom than Blogger. Make sure though you set up your SSL correctly, otherwise your website won’t be shown to users on Chrome.

    1. Fransic verso

      Yeah, I know! I will try, thank you.

  40. Weaving Life's Web

    Such a lovely idea as a gift. Thoughtful and sweet. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Fransic verso

      Thank you so much!

    2. Fransic verso

      Thank you, that’s kind of you!

  41. Amelia Pollock

    This is incredible. You are so creative. Keep up the great work.

  42. Debbythechocoholic

    That is so creative and it looks amazing! Would be nice to be able to do this together with your kiddos ๐Ÿ˜

    1. Fransic verso

      Thank you. Unfortunately, I did it only and I’m yet to have kids haha.

  43. aisasami

    This is a neat idea! I love your DIY projects as they are such an inspiration!

  44. Nina

    This is so creative. It requires time and patience.

  45. remo

    Hey, nice post. Very well thought out. Good ideas.

  46. Magen

    This is such a great idea! Iโ€™m thinking about setting this up as an art project for my kids to do one day.

  47. semmarys

    Nice idea. Really creative. I definitely going to try with my kids.

  48. Prakhar Kasera

    I really like the idea, but if some one gift me this I believe it will more loved by my niece than me. She is very fond of such stuff.

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