How to make a cool DIY headset stand

If you are someone who sits on a desk for a long time and listens to music with a headset. I’ve got an awesome DIY project for you. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make this project. Also, you can make your desk more organized with this DIY craft. This is How to make a cool DIY headset stand.

Also, you won’t need a lot of materials for this and I think everyone might already have them. So, all you need is a couple of hours to make it and you get yourself a cool DIY headset stand. How cool is that? the process is not difficult at all as well.

I have done a few DIY headsets but I would say this one would be the best one among all just because of how it looks and how easy you can put the headset on it and take it off. I’m sure everyone doesn’t like to struggle to do. Especially, when you rushing to the desk and want to grab the headset quickly haha.

Every time I think of a different way to make the headset stand and for this one, I did a cool idea that I think you might like. The good thing about the new idea, It’s not that difficult to make and it doesn’t take a lot of time to do it.

How to make a cool DIY headset stand

I’m going to share with you the list of tools that will be required and materials that I’m going to use for this cool DIY headset stand.

The required items and tools
  • white papers(A4)
  • Blue and red colored papers
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Glue gun
  • cardboard

Well, as you can see from the list above, all the tools and materials you will use for this cool DIY headset stand and I think most of all already have them at home except the glue gun that I’m not sure haha. You can use any strong glue if you don’t have but I highly recommend a glue gun for this cool DIY headset stand. As it holds it very well.

I would call this project “A cardboard headset stand” Because most of it is cardboard but I added a white layer haha. So I can decorate it as I want and if you want to change the decoration. You can do it but everything will be the same as what I will show you guys in this tutorial.

The required pieces for this headstand

cool DIY headset stand
cool DIY headset stand
cool DIY headset stand

First, I cut the first main parts of the cool DIY headset stand and as you can see in the picture above. All I’m going to need and I didn’t share the base but you will also need a base. Well, I didn’t have a picture of it because the one I took doesn’t look really good haha.

It’s easy just to cut cardboard with 20cm length 25cm width. You can change the measure as you like if you have a small desk but I don’t recommend it because this tutorial will only depend on these measures. So make sure to keep it as it is so you won’t get confused.

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The first picture above is what we going to use to make the headset stand. You might look confused but it will all make sense in the end. You will need cardboard 16cm long and cut four because I’m going to make a long column using them. And I’m going to make two columns to make sure the headset stays when you put it on the cool headset stand.

The wide ones will be on the sides which have 3.5cm and the small ones will be front and back sides which about 2cm. I thought it would be different to make it this way. It turned out good and it holds the headset very well.

The second picture above is just a box that will be under the columns. And I needed that because I wanted to make the headset above the ground a little bit to make it look better. However, you can glue the columns on the base right away if you would like. But you need to make the columns a little longer. These are just options but I recommend sticking with the tutorial measurements and pieces.

So the third picture is going to be a cube and that for decoration. Just like the box but with different measurements. 3cm width and 5cm length. For this one, I would say it’s an optional step which you can choose any decoration you like to make. As long as it will fit on the base you made. Because if it won’t then things have to change like base measurements.

The last picture is also for decoration and this idea came from the Pacman game haha. Well, I thought it would look cool on the headset stand. Let me know what you guys think when you see the finished look of this cool headset DIY stand. Who doesn’t like Pacman but I would this optional as well. If you want to put it just a circle or star. Whatever you like for this one.

How to make everything

Starting from the base. Like I said earlier, you just cut a piece of cardboard with the measurement mentioned above. And then add a white layer to it. Well, you can add it after you glue all the main parts if you want but for me, I did all the main parts and then glued the base with a white layer.

The rest of the pictures shown below. Will be very easy to do. Just glue the pieces together on the edge and it will turn as you will see. There is nothing special about this step and I think everyone can do it.

You need to be careful with the glue gun and don’t put too much on the edges. Adding too much will ruin the project. However, you can add a little bit more after you glue the two pieces together. But at first, just put enough to hold. Because there still needs another step which adding a white layer.

cool DIY headset stand

Well, as you can see. How it will turn out after gluing them and also adding the white layers. This will be for all the main parts and you can add any colors or decoration. Also, make sure you add the white layer carefully as it might mess up the measurements, and then everything needs adjustment haha.

Don’t add the white layer to the cube or the columns until you glue all the pieces together of each one. Because it will be easier for you to add the white layer.

I know Pacman is yellow but for this one, I picked blue for him and the ball will be red haha. You can put your favorite color if it’s for you. That would make it more special to you. The colored papers are normal but if you want to use thick papers that would be even better.

Now I glued the two columns on the box as you can see in the picture above. And I made the two columns as the “V”. Well, I’ve never done this before. And at first, I was hesitant about it. But it turns out to be an awesome idea haha. Made this cool DIY headset stand different and better than my previous ones.

Everything comes together

I will show you how everything comes together and I glue them on the base. However, before I do that. let me share with you the extra decoration for this cool DIY headset stand that I haven’t shown it yet.

Well, here it is. We will need a big red circle and that will be the ball that Pacman eats lol. And the small ones. I did only 3 because I think it’s enough. If you want to get more, that would be ok too. Also the blue waves, that’s what I call them haha.

Now I glued Pacman on the headset stand and as you can see above. And that was to hold the headset earcups apart from each when you put it on it. That’s Pacman’s job on this project haha not eating balls lol. So that’s why the mouth is up and not down.

cool DIY headset stand
cool DIY headset stand
cool DIY headset stand
cool DIY headset stand

Here is the finished look and how it when you put the headset on this cool DIY headset stand. If you see the headset above the ground and that’s why I made the box below the two columns. And the cube was for decoration that I put on the red circle that’s for the look.

Conclusion of cool DIY headset stand post

This is it for this post and for this cool DIY headset stand post. I hope you guys enjoyed reading it and found it helpful for you guys. I will make more of these awesome DIY craft projects and share them here. Make sure to subscribe or follow me on WordPress to see what next I will share. Also, I share my latest post on Twitter as well, you can follow me and learn about updates and everything.

cool DIY headset stand

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52 thoughts on “How to make a cool DIY headset stand”

  1. This looks awesome! What a great idea to store your headphones when you aren’t using them. What a great DIY project. Thank you for sharing.


  2. First where you mentioned the pic didnt come well. And then later everywhere you mentioned pacman and described with similies….. man i couldn’t stop laughing lollxxxxxx. Very sweet project. I’m not a diyer at all but I’ve got kids in family who do projects most of the time. I’ll pass it along to them to keep them busy. Thanks xxx
    Isa A. Blogger

  3. My headset is a mess. The wires are intertwined with each other and it takes minutes to get the wire straightened up so I wear it again. I will make this DIY project immediately.

  4. Super easy, fun and cool thing to do with my neices. Thanks so much for sharing this! Super cool idea.

  5. Wow this is an awesome idea for DYI headset stand. It looks to easy to make. I will recommend this to my brother.

  6. Actually, I am super excited about this DIY stuff. I am already looking for desk stands but they are much costly on Amazon and guess what just found your tweet on Twitter and land on your website. This tutorial is super fruitful for me to implement. Thanks a lot for sharing

  7. Well, this is awesome. I need to do this in a Marvel theme for my headphones. It will go perfect in my Marvel-themed office.

  8. Wow this is so cool! And so much more fun to create a headset stand instead just buying a basic one everyone has for way more money!

  9. My teen needs to make one. I am forever picking his headphones up off of the floor or chairs, or telling him to do so.

  10. Great work and it’s incredibly useful! put some color on it and we have a great earphone stand. Great that you shared with us – Knycx Journeying

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