A desk decoration to make while stuck at home

Hello everyone and welcome back after this long of another break. I’m not sure what just happened but time flies so quickly. However, I’m glad I took the posting schedule off. Because I knew I’m going to struggle to keep the schedule going with all my life assignments and things out of my blogging world. But this doesn’t stop me from posting and I’m going to try harder to get back on track again and again. Anyways, here is a desk decoration to make while stuck at home.

I miss traveling around even though I was just starting. But I hope soon everything will get back as normal and get to explore more and meet new people. While stuck at home. I’m planning everything just to get ready when it’s over because it won’t last forever, hopefully.

Besides doing that, I keep myself busy with doing my DIY projects. When I thought I’m going to run out of the required items(aka supplies) that I use, I made a quick trip to the store and found out that they restocked it and took a decent amount for the next two weeks of doing projects, at least.

Also, found myself putting glue more than I needed. That’s one way to finish and run out of it quickly. I plan to consume less by adding more things like cutting and coloring and things like that. I did one of these in this post which I will be talking about later, stay tuned to find out what is it. Anyways, let’s get started and see what a desk decoration to make while stuck at home.

About the desk decoration:

From all the ideas in my mind. There was an idea about decorating my desk and do another project dedicated to me. Since we are all stuck in the house, why not give some time for myself, you know. So I thought why not do it right now. That’s how my idea for this post came up. However, I could’ve titled this post something about me. But I don’t want to dedicate the post for me as well lol.

P.S Also, I recommend you guys do the same and treat yourself with something good.

I mentioned how the idea came up but I haven’t mentioned what is it. Since this project will all about me, I made it with my favorite color and add a perfect set of colors that work perfectly with it. I’m sure by now you already know what are the colors from the thumbnail but stay tuned for that.

Also, this time I wanted to try a new way of making a different looking flower. Which you will see as I show you the project in this post “desk decoration to make while stuck at home”.

In the previous post, I made a quick DIY project because sometimes you might end up with limited resources and want to keep the grind going. This time I’m going a little bigger. And like I said, add other stuff that you can do to pass time in this crazy time.

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So let’s get started and to find out everything about this project, shall we?

A desk decoration to make while stuck at home

Don’t worry because if you looking for something to spend time on. This would be perfect and fun. Everything will be made from scratch. It took about two days making this with three hours minimum just working on it.

Also, before I start, I just would like to apologize because in my previous post I said I will be talking about the glue and why it’s my favorite. Also, Talk about the other one I used for my previous post. But I thought to postpone to another post because I got so many ideas to write about haha.

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I’m going to introduce the items we will be using and show the process as if it was a cinematic scene with music except we don’t have music here lol. Stay tuned there might be a new level of presenting the future projects on this blog.

The base without the white layer

I don’t know if this is weird but it feels good to get back on long projects and keep the grind going. You know when you used to play that game for hours and all of sudden, you have to play it for a few minutes. You don’t feel the joy anymore and that’s how it feels with DIY projects for me.

Everything, as usual, two thick papers and a cardboard sheet. It’s crazy because I’ve been working all this time calling a box sheet, haha when it has it’s own name lol.

I don’t pay attention to lengths and measures. Because I thought being a specific might not help. After all, it could be made in different ways. However, the Last post, I made a base with 9cm and this base made with 21cm long and 16cm wide which normal measures for a project I would do.

The final look of the base

The base with the white layer

Here is the final look of the base which not a big deal yet. However, because I don’t want to consume so much of my favorite glue, I used the same one I did in my previous post to kind make them work together haha. That’s why you see the lines in the base as shown in the picture above.

The letter for the project(for desk decoration to make while stuck at home)

Items for the letter F

Next, it will be the letter for the project. Except, it wasn’t the next step after doing the main base. I thought it would make sense to show this first. As I said, I made everything from scratch and as you see in the picture above, everything we need to make that happen.

This will be a 3D letter which there still one side missing, please say the magic word and snap and look down.

The letter F with two sides

Boom! Here is the second piece that was missing. Your magic worked haha. Sorry, that was just for fun. Anyways, I think from all the projects I’ve done, it’s obvious that this means it indicates for a person. And this letter is the first one of my name as you can tell.

One last step which we need to do before going to the second item. Is finish up the final look of the letter and add the color to it because we can’t just leave it like that.

The full version of the letter

The finished look of the letter F

Here is the final version of the letter… oh wait! I think the letter is facing the opposite side. It’s kinda weird because it doesn’t seem like an “F” letter when it’s on the other side. I’m sorry, let me fix that!

Another The full version of the letter, A desk decoration to make while stuck at home

Moving to the next item and it will something I’m using for the look of it because there are other items will be introduced for construction purposes. I like how this is going because I’ve never used this way to write a DIY post and would love to know what you guys think of it.

The new flower

Items for the flower

What you see in the picture above are things we can use to make the new looking flower. I found that on the internet and thought might add a good look to the decoration. It’s easier than the one I used to do for the previous projects and quicker. But I still didn’t manage to do it as perfectly as it as on the internet.

I made three flowers and each flower has three circles. In the picture above there is another missing piece. Don’t worry, we won’t do magic to get that piece because it will appear in the next picture haha.

Second step of making the flower

I’m not sure you already got the picture of the flower if you have seen it before. But we are missing the middle part. It’s like the sunflower which has two different colors.

The flower decoration.

I stopped doing tutorials on how to make each item a while ago because it takes so much time to write them. However, I will be doing videos of it and that will help you to see how I make each item as I build the project and read more about it here in the future.

The full version of the flower

The finished look of the flowers

As you can see in the picture above, it wasn’t perfect enough. I kinda messed up the middle part and the middle one haha. The square part was just for presentation haha. I would like to introduce these flowers in a good way lol.

If you don’t know me, I can’t cut a perfect circle and that because I have shaky hands when it comes to concentration. So I couldn’t do a perfect job with doing even these small circles haha. If you noticed from the picture above(the first one of this flower presentation)

Next, I forgot to take a picture of an item that supposed to be next. I thought I did take a picture of before gluing it and starting to get things together. But it’s a blue thick paper folded in half and I glued the edge from the side. And start cutting in lines from the other side. You will see how it looks like later in the post.

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Now I’m going to show you the structure items. Which I made for the structure and design of this decoration. Again, this is a new way of writing my projects. Like I said I would love to know what you guys think of this way?

Anyways, lets keep going and this time I’m going to show all the items and talk about them because I don’t want to talk too much.

Structure items

The letter base
The columns for the decoration
The letter F with yellow layer

There are only three items because it’s what I needed to make the picture in my mind come into reality haha. It would be awesome to count how many items each project would require. Ten mention them so people can have an idea of everything. But these items I just showed is only for the structure. To be able to create the final look of this desk decoration to make while stuck at home.

You will see how I’m going to use each item, but the first one, I made two of it with the same measures because I want to add some shadows. I forgot to take a picture after doing the shadow haha, again. I’m sorry, but I lost track of the pictures I took lol.

The second picture, circle-shaped columns made from scratch. That will be used to hold everything in the post behind the letter. You will see that later when everything comes together.

However, the last one is the same circle-shaped columns but made only with folding thick papers. I wanted to do them from scratch but that would not be good if we want to save and consume less of the resources, you know.

So now that I have finished presenting all the required items. Now it’s time for the big reveal of the desk decoration and it will look like. Before I start, imagine music started playing and its volume started going up as you read the previous sentence. That’s just me imagining how will I make videos if I was about to make a DIY project video. Except you won’t have to read it but instead listening to it.

Enough talk and let’s get started and see the desk decoration to make while stuck at home.

The cinematic scene(for desk decoration to make while stuck at home)

The first column gued to the bases
columns before gluing the blue lines
The column got a blue wrap
The top glued to the columns
The finished look of the decoration
close up view of the flowers

Tara! Here is the final look of the desk decoration. I would give it a name but I don’t know what to call it haha. Anyways, It was fun doing this project and trying new stuff to make and improve skills while stuck at home.

I didn’t want to be rude and cut in the cinematic scene of making the project coming together. But the thing I want to talk about is the one item that I didn’t talk about in the introduction items step. Which is the one I folded around the column. As you can see I cut it in line from the side wasn’t glued to the glued side. It took me about 15 minutes and wanted to do two of it but thought it would be better only for one column.

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My favorite color is yellow as you have guessed by now and the best colors that come with it are blue and red. However, I think everyone knows that and it’s not something I came up with. But I mean it would be awesome to create a new set of matching colors and that might happen in the future.

I think I found an idea to have a background for future projects until I manage to create one. Which will be the gold curtain and some projects(small projects to fit the frame) I might add in the background.


You might not notice or pay attention but when it comes to photography, I think I did a good job ending the cinematic with a zoom lol. Only if it was a perfect flower, it would be the perfect zoom.

It was fun doing this project and I have reached the end of this post. Thank you for reading and would love to read your comments and thoughts on the way I presented the project and the idea. Follow me and subscribe to the blog for more awesome content in the future. Stay safe at home and have a good day!

A desk decoration to make while stuck at home

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47 thoughts on “A desk decoration to make while stuck at home”

    1. I mean, I was doing projects like these before but it got us to have more time to spend it on them.

  1. Kudos to you for all the hard work! I love DIY projects but they take too much time for me to do and I don’t think they come out as great as I’d like, lol

    1. Thank you so much. It does take a lot of time. Haha, believe me, it happens a lot to me.

  2. Coincidentally, F is also for Flora so this would be a perfect activity for her at the moment! And I’m loving the little flowers with their yellow stamens, they are very cute. Thank you, as always, for such a detailed and helpful step-by-step 🙂

    1. It’s okay, it can be something in the free time you do until you manage to develop your skills.

  3. What a unique and interesting deal design. I would never have thought of creating a 3 D letter design with a background, but seeing it, the idea makes perfect sense.

    1. Thank you so much! I’m back and this time I’m going to make sure that I don’t leave.

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