Adding new topics to a blog and the why

Hello everyone, I just got back yesterday from my longest blogging break and it was a little bit tough to live without blogging as I used to blog. I was trying to keep it up, but for some reason, I couldn’t manage to hold on anymore. I’ve talked about everything in my previous post. I’m still so excited to be back and blog, but it will be a little bit tough to get back on track as it was a long time break which means being comfy this long is going to be a problem.

I really added a lot of topics in my blog if we take a look at them, but haven’t posted that much on them. I like to add as much as I can, but it becomes so many to handle which means I need to stop adding new topics and focus on the current ones. However, there is a reason for me to add all of this stuff on my blog which I will be talking about it in this post. I’m sure every one of us as bloggers, tends to have a specific reason to add a new topic to their blog and it happens most of the time for whatever it could be.

Anyway, I added a new topic called ‘Discussion’ which I made to be a way to discuss with other bloggers or anyone else(readers). The purpose is to help each other in a variety of subjects that I host in every post and we start sharing our thoughts and opinions together which I believe could be a reason for someone to learn new things or maybe solve something he was trying for a long time and couldn’t. You may think that this idea is useless because there is someone bigger or there is another way, but as I said before, it’s all about how you present it and develop it as you grow up, I believe there is always a better way.

I thought to make a subject out of how we bloggers tend to add new topics to our blogs and maybe exchange ideas and good things related to it. Also, this gives me the chance of sharing my reason for why I added this many, however,  mainly this post will be about how we do it. As always, I’m going to throw my perspective and share my way and you guys can share it too or maybe something usefully related to it as of how or why.

Just like the way how we write, there are always different ways and reasons to add a topic to the blog, but sometimes two bloggers may have the same thing, and how they present could be different and what they write because obviously, bloggers can’t be both doing the same thing in the same way. I think we do have to be unique in this too and have our own way. We can actually develop a new idea out of a topic and post about it.

For me, when it comes to adding new stuff to my blog I would be looking at how well it’s going to help other people because if it won’t benefit others, why should I do it! also, others matter first than anything else for me. Maybe you don’t know, but I love helping people and a long time ago, I turned my blog(this one) into something that could help others which right now I’m trying hard to keep it that way. Sharing my experience or my knowledge that I gained from my life would be my main reason why I’m doing all of this stuff.

By the way, the reason for adding all this many though there is not that much content is because I got amazing ideas for each one that I want to share later on when I get bigger and be capable of doing more things. Also, starting my future and my uni will help me a lot to post more stuff related to the things added to the blog. I will spend everything to improve my blog and develop my content always for the better.

Also, if there would be another reason other than helping people for me to add a new thing to the blog it would be because I need to keep it as memories and as we grow in life, memories become something precious for me. Looking back to the things I’ve done and stuff I went through is amazing and putting in my blog would be worth it, don’t you think?. Imagine reading something from like years ago and you still remember it whether is funny, scary, or even a struggle that would be a good feeling knowing that you manage to pass through it alive. This would mainly be about travel topic which I’m going to start posting it soon and anything that occurs in my life like the RC moments.

Something involving creativity would my thing to do in my life because I like to be creative and knowing that I did it myself is something great. So creativity is another reason to add something to my blog. this is also entertaining in my opinion and something we all agree that it’s fun. Looking to the future, my DIY topic will be much better than now because of course, I will be developing it as I grow and post more.

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I think some people would post based on what they can do at first for some reasons because when you start, you don’t even have readers and your motivation might be low, but after a while, you would gain more readers and also, the ability to do more which actually very good start. As the quote says, start anywhere and get better on your way. Anyways, I think I’m done with this discussion session and I hope you would get something from it. Now, it’s your turn to share what you really like to post on your blog and why? Comment it down below and let’s interact with each other.

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