Best practices that will help to achieve your goals

Hello, everyone, and welcome to a new blog post. Here to another post of the week following the new schedule. Getting back to my old habit of posting three times a week. And I’m enjoying it and it’s fun to blog again this much. Today’s post will be about self-development talking about something important for everyone. It’s not just bloggers or business owners this time haha. Here are the Best practices that will help to achieve your goals.

I’ve mentioned practices for different types of people and purposes. This time I thought of doing something for everyone. Especially, for people who want to achieve their goals. It’s a matter of if you want it or not. And in any case, I would highly recommend going after your dreams and these Best practices that will help to achieve your goals are going to make it easier for you.

These things are based on my experience. Sharing things I learned over time. Going through a lot of things and sometimes it’s sucks. However, hopefully, these Best practices will help to achieve your goals and let you live the life you want. Because it’s helping me a lot.

You can also share your experience as well. How you do help yourself achieving your goals. Just working is not enough. And putting in the effort is needed but the question here is how can you put in the effort and achieve your goals faster. Sticking to your goals until you make it.

Don’t forget to share the ways or practices that you do to help you with achieving your goals. And hope you find these Best practices that will help to achieve your goals and make the process more fun for you.

Best practices that will help to achieve your goals

Best practices that will help to achieve your goals

Let’s say you set goals for whatever you want to get or achieve. It could be that getting more money, get more fit or acquire something or a skill. You would want to put in the work to get that. However, you might not be able to continue until you get it, sometimes. Maybe you will take more time than it is needed which is something we don’t want to do. Especially, nowadays we don’t have enough time to waste.

There are some good practices that I will mention and I say Best practices that will help to achieve your goals. Because you will have a big change in how you achieve your goals when you start doing them. I’m saying this based on my own experience. Before doing these practices, I would spend a lot of time on one single goal. Sometimes I give up on it and move on to another one.

However, slowly I shifted my mindset and started doing these “Best practices that will help to achieve your goals”. And helped me to improve. I felt like I’m getting some things done. Then from there, it’s just me getting my goals done every time but sometimes it could be challenging. And that’s where the determination comes in.

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These are like any practices I mentioned before. I mention practices because these are Best practices that will help to achieve your goals. And you would physically keep doing it again and again. Every time I come up with the different purposes of these practices

Something you need to know is that first when you start practicing these, it won’t be as easy and might skip on some days. But, that’s ok because it’s part of the process to achieve and be able to do them daily with ease. Don’t worry and keep trying as much as you can. I would this is a practice to do as well.

Shall we start talking about these Best practices that will help to achieve your goals? Let me know what you think of these and what practices you do.

1-Do it in a short time

I’m assuming that you already listed the tasks. And to achieve goals, you need to break them down into tasks. This way, you will be able to achieve whatever goal. If you are not doing it like this, I would highly recommend starting doing it. Because it’s the best way to achieve your goals.

Don’t just put tasks to do because at some point you will get tired or bored. You can put a limit on the tasks for you to get them done. This is a cool practice that will help to get things done quickly. And move on to the next one. Which means your goal will be achieved quickly as well. This is why I put this one of the Best practices that will help to achieve your goals.

Challenging yourself to do in a short time will fix your mindset to focus on getting your goals achieved. It will help you a lot with tasks. However, you would need to practice doing it because it’s not easy to do it and stick to it for a long time. Trust me, it’s easy to not do it and keep working on your goals freely which sometimes is not going to get you anywhere.

Also, your body is not used to it. Just like going to the gym or even changing a habit. But, Don’t worry about the process and what happens. as long you are working to acquire this skill of getting things in a short time, things will get easier as you keep going.

2-Reward and remind yourself

I bet a lot of people would forget to do this. I could include myself sometimes because I get caught up with work to a point where I just keep working. Well, it’s good until it’s a lot which you need to slow down. Mental health might not be able to hold for that long. And it’s a big part of your success and achieving your goals. Need to take care of everything.

Take a break where you reward yourself with something nice. It can be something you like to drink or eat. Maybe something to do. However, meanwhile, you do that, remind yourself of the why, and try to develop the determination because, in some situations, you will need it.

Remind yourself why you are working and what you will get. This way, you won’t be discouraged and you can get back to it and get it done. It’s necessary to remind ourselves because we tend to work a lot but don’t focus on our determination.

It’s also a way not to burn yourself quickly. As you keep practicing this, you will be able to hold longer and finish more tasks before taking the break. Don’t need to stop before getting the tasks done. That will add more time to the total time of your achieving your goal.

Reward yourself with a walk outside, it doesn’t have to be just a break but a short break would be awesome. And give you more time to gain back the energy to get the rest of your tasks done. Keep practicing this until it’s easy to do it and you won’t forget about it. You will realize it helps a lot and that it makes sense that it’s one of the best practices that will help to achieve your goals.

This can also be after you have done a task. As you put the effort in and get things done. You deserve to be rewarded and be proud of yourself.

3-Develope a routine

Working to achieve your goal is sometimes a long process. And that means you will spend a lot of days until you get whatever you want. With that being mentioned, can’t just keep working any time or whenever you feel like it. Well, at first it will be a bit difficult because we are not used to doing it a certain times. And that’s where this practice will be helpful.

This will be for you whether you are a business owner or blogger. We tend to make our schedule and everything. So, we need to stick to a routine as well. It will make it easy for us to get things done and make sure that we are doing good progress.

Be aware that some days you will not follow the routine and that’s ok. Just try to get back and keep it going until you go with a routine easily. At some points, it will be possible to follow it and give you more time to do other things that has nothing to do with your goals.

Make sure to make it a good working routine at a good time of the day. You won’t have to worry about anything. And don’t ruin it no matter what. Because it’s important to stick to it and don’t get things in the way. Otherwise, it won’t help you to achieve your goals which is the purpose of these Best practices that will help to achieve your goals.

4-Break it into short goals

Another step that will help you and is one of the best practices that will help to achieve your goals. Is that you try to break it into short goals or tasks. The longer you work on something, the more likely you stop before finishing it. however, when you get things done in a short time that will lead you to the bigger goal. It’s going to help you to achieve any goal.

There is always a way to make short goals that will lead you to the bigger goals you want. Make sure it’s something you can do them in a short time as well. Because it’s all about getting things done. It will boost your motivation when you see things done.

Every step will lead you to the big prize and that is your dream. Even the goals you set are a way to your dream. So, it could be a good start to practice making short goals to achieve that will help for the long run.

Make it your goal to get that task done and work on it. Everything depends on that task and if you don’t do it. Things will not be good for you. It’s a practice because it’s not easy to just think of doing it and you can do it. This will take time to do it. And it will help you a lot, that’s why I added to the best practices that will help to achieve your goals.

When you keep working on something for too long. It will get boring and therefore, you won’t have the motivation to work on it. This makes it more interesting and also fun to achieve goals. It’s still your way to the bigger goals and dreams. But these as steps to get you going.

5-Avoid things that stall you

This is something I struggled with before and went through it for a long time. It’s when there are things that stall you and not letting you work on your tasks. Whatever thing is stalling you from working, make sure to avoid them and focus on tasks. Don’t have enough time to do that because it’s only one time and it’s now.

Any distraction that could shift your mind from working. It’s going to delay the progress of you achieving goals. That’s something we don’t want in our journey. And it’s not easy to do that because we like watching and some things we can’t resist avoiding. I would say it’s best practices that will help to achieve your goals because you are locked in which mean you are working toward them.

You can give whatever stalling you a time after you finish it. Don’t think about it until you are done. This way, you get things done. It will take a long time to achieve anything if you keep stalling yourself being focused on many things or something that is not what you want to get.

Don’t let someone take your focus from working. I had some people who kept asking me to go out with them. And for few times, I went but then I felt like I’m wasting time. You can go out but that’s only if you get things done. There are two options, either finish it before going with friends or can’t be with them until tasks are all finished. It’s the best practices that will help to achieve your goals.

There are a lot of things that could distract you and stall you from getting where you dream to be. It’s so easy to get distracted with it. Best practices that will help to achieve your goals are only going to help to get those goals and take you wherever you want to be in life.

Conclusion of Best practices that will help to achieve your goals

Mentioned 3 of the Best practices that will help to achieve your goals. Things you can practice and will help you in the process. Because it’s not as easy as you would imagine. There are a lot and that’s why not a lot of people make it and achieve their goals. So, I hope you will find these helpful.

If you are one of those people who are working hard to achieve their goals and dreams. I would love to know what practices that you do or use that help you to achieve your goals. Let us know in the comment below.

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42 thoughts on “Best practices that will help to achieve your goals”

  1. I like the sound of these goal-setting techniques. I have to set goals, otherwise, I would get nothing done, and it’s a great idea to reward myself, like you, I often forget. Thanks for sharing.

  2. For me, creating a time pressure around something really helps me to achieve something. I find things very difficult to attain unless I have a sense of urgency so often have to manufacture this for myself.

  3. Goals are so important. When I hit a small goal. I reward myself. It helps keep me motivated. My rewards are small, like taking a longer shower, going for a longer walk, listening to my favorite podcasts, etc.

  4. I live by routines and breaking down tasks into small 10 minutes chunks so that I can check things off my list as I have a few minutes between bus stop runs and kid activities.

  5. Goal setting and achieving your goals isn’t always easy! I love these reminders to help people along their way. I especially think that celebrating and rewarding your steps forward as well as developing a routine help so, so much! Thanks for the tips 🙂

  6. I need to reward myself more when I achieve a goal. I also commend you for getting back to writing 3 posts a week. I’m working on one a week right now.

  7. Yes! You need to put time limits on your tasks & goals. Otherwise, you’ll be working on them forever and be okay with it because you trick yourself into thinking “I’m working on it.”

  8. All these tips – or shall I say rules – are awesome. Another good credo is Do it right the first time. Because once you start fixing minor mistakes, you’ll probably oversee some related stuff and it ends in chaos. If you seek perfection in the first place, it’s much easier.

  9. Wow, thanks for sharing this. I am troubled at times not following a routine for blog esp. when there is a lot on my plate. This is a good reminder. 😀

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