How to make this awesome birthday envelope

How to make awesome birthday envelopes

(Last Updated On: May 14, 2021)

Hello everyone! A new week with a new post. This week, I’m starting with an awesome DIY project. Well, I’m not going too crazy this week. Since I’m trying to lift myself back again. It was a bit overwhelming since I did two long projects haha. However, this doesn’t mean it’s going to be a bad project. Today’s DIY project is a birthday gift(Aka birthday envelopes and gift cards). And it is how to make this awesome birthday envelope.

It’s been a while since I did DIY birthday envelopes. Sometimes I actually forget that I have “DIY envelopes” on my list haha. It’s just when I have a lot of ideas to do, there is a chance that I will miss some good ideas. And that what happened to me this time haha.

If you have a friend or a family member’s birthday coming any time soon. This post is perfect for you because it’s about a birthday gift and one of the newly designed birthday envelopes. Something I thought of last-minute because my original idea was something else haha. However, things didn’t go as planned and I had to change it.

Things sometimes don’t want to go smooth lol. However, I got a backup post idea and that’s where this awesome birthday gift idea comes and shares with you guys the birthday envelopes design. Let me know what you guys think of it in the comment section. I’m curious whats your opinions on this birthday gift idea. Would you add it to your birthday envelopes collection.

About the DIY project

It’s been a while since I did something like this and I honestly, miss doing gift ideas like this. birthday envelopes are fun to do and easy. Because it’s so much fun and doesn’t require a lot of things as well. So Today I decided to give it a try with a new design and new colors. Well, I’ve used the colors on other projects. But for this type of project and birthday envelopes comparing to the previous ones, it’s new haha.

Have you ever consider making a gift at home for your friends or family member? Well, if you have, that’s awesome, but if you haven’t, this awesome birthday envelope is going to be worth trying. It might also be one of their best birthday envelopes. Because it’s custom made at home which gives it more valuable than the ones from the store and unique.

It’s made out of thick paper and that’s what we will need for this birthday gift idea. Also, I used normal A4 papers for the card because it’s more flexible. You will see how everything is done and more pictures below. So stick to the end of this post. Let me know if you have seen any of the birthday envelopes that have the same design as this.

This envelope has pockets which something I have never done. It’s the First time to make this design and all of this DIY birthday gift idea made out of papers. I’m sure this is something we all can afford because we already have it in our home. Unless you don’t have kids and school haha. It’s still easy to get which you see in a bit.

Also, something awesome about this project, is that it doesn’t take much from your time. If you are a person who doesn’t like to spend a lot of time making a gift. This would be perfect for you. Honestly, sometimes we feel lazy, but this one won’t even take a lot of your energy which is awesome. I mean there are some people who worth a gift made more than 3 days haha.

How to make this awesome birthday envelope

Things we need

Well for this project, we won’t need a lot of things to make it, but I will list all the things we will need and use for this birthday gift and envelope. I think most of the birthday envelopes is also made using these

  • Scissors
  • Glue gun
  • Thick paper
  • Normal A4 papers
  • Colored papers
  • Color pencils

Since it’s papers, you can use whatever glue you have as long as it’s strong because you don’t want it to fall apart a few days later haha. And thick papers because we need it as strong as possible and since they are thick, it means more strength on it haha.

How to make the birthday envelope

How to make the birthday envelope

First, one of the required things is thick paper. And I’m going to make it the main body for the envelope since it’s strong. This will make birthday envelopes stronger and more firm. And I cut it 20.5cm in 15.5cm, but you can cut without the half haha. I just wanted to be perfect for the drawing that I’m going to show you in a bit.

Then, I fold the birthday envelope in half as you can see in the picture above. For some birthday envelopes, it’s different. I used to cut two pieces of paper with the same measures and glue three sides and leave the top open for the card. This time with this birthday gift idea and envelope, I’m using the fold method and you will see how it went in a bit.

Drawing on the birthday envelope

Here is the drawing for this envelope. Well, I spent few minutes browsing for a good design for this birthday envelope. And I couldn’t find anything good. So this idea which starts with the drawing you see in the picture above. It’s something I came up with haha. However, it came out like that after editing it several times lol.

birthday envelopes

Here is how the birthday envelope looks when using the scissors to cut as we drew in the previous picture and we need to cut slowly. If we want it to be as perfect as possible. Have you ever seen an envelope like this before? if so, what was it for? let me know in the comment.

Make sure the cutting process is slow because you need to be careful not to mess up. It won’t take much but also get a perfect cut. That’s what I do because I call it “Sensitive cut” haha. One mistake and you ruin the entire envelope and then you need to do everything all over again. This happens with most of the birthday envelopes.

birthday envelopes

The birthday envelop decoration

We are not yet done. Now we have the main part of the envelope. Now it’s time to cut and prepare the decoration for this envelope. Like I said, I tried new design and also style for this one and made something I never seen in other birthday envelopes. Which is the inside pocket haha.

I’m not sure about you guys or if you have seen any like this before but I promise, I got this idea without looking on the internet haha. Also, the circle above the pocket made for more text to add in case you want to add more to express something for your friend or family member. Let me show you how it will be.

The pocket and circle for birthday envelope
the decoration for the birthday envelope.

So here are the things I used to decorate this birthday envelope. Simple things but it will look awesome with a nice touch of placements haha. Also, using the colored pencils to add more colors to it which you will see in a second. And the full version of it.

As you can see, I cut two small yellow stars and the third one is a flower but it will make sense when I finish making it haha. That’s just step number one of making the decoration. Well, stars and flowers might have been on other birthday envelopes but how I place them is new haha.

The full version of the birthday envelope

Are you guys ready for the big reveal and full version of this birthday gift idea?. And how I did the decoration for this envelope.

If you guys wonder what is this? well, this is a new way of writing the DIY projects haha. I know I keep changing it, but it’s because I’m trying to figure out a good way for me haha. Let me know what you guys think of this style. Do you like it or not?

The flower for the birthday envelope

Ok, before showing the decoration on the birthday envelope. I made this little nice flower for this gift idea and you will see how it looks on the birthday envelope and gift card. It looks like a sunflower except it’s red haha. I wish we can make it 3D and close to the real one. birthday envelopes would have a more advanced look.

I will show you guys everything and talk about it after. So you guys ready for this birthday gift card and envelope? You don’t need to stop each step me finishing up this envelope.

birthday envelopes
birthday envelopes

And just like that. As you can see in the pictures above. Starting from the flower and stars. I thought it would be a cool idea to make the flower and stars coming up to the red circle. I want to know what you guys think of it? was a yay or nay idea haha.

Also, matching these colors is something new for me. I’m actually surprised that it turned out good and I didn’t even plan this haha. I was randomly selecting colors and choose them but when I finished, everything looked so good. Have you experienced that before? haha Well, since I started doing birthday envelopes, this first time it.

I also used the pencil color to add yellow color on the edge of the envelope as I said earlier. This could be the way to indicate for whom the envelope will be. Adding their favorite color instead of the yellow if theirs is different haha. That’s my favorite color by the way. However, make sure to choose the other colors carefully to match it up and make it look better.

The red circle and belt are things I got at the last minute and made them hidden until this point because of that haha, I wasn’t planning to add them, But I used them to close the birthday envelope and gift card. For some reason, there was no way to do keep the envelope closed other than doing that. You can’t argue that it doesn’t look perfect like that at the end.

The last two pictures are what inside the envelope which as you can see. The two pockets and top circles. The top circles, are meant to add more words if you want. Express more of how you feel or just add happy birthday. Because the gift cards will be the main way to write what you want to say.

This will be up to you and how to organize the envelope. Now you got options and whatever you choose, you can do. Also, if you want to add more or change any decoration to whatever you want, that’s ok as long as it’s good and not going to mess it up.

Conclusion of How to make awesome birthday envelopes

As always, this is it for how to make this awesome birthday envelope post. A DIY idea you can make it with free cost and have more meaning when gifting the other person. Thank you so much for reading until this point.

What gift you would send to your friend or family member? How do you rate this birthday envelope? let me know in the comments because I’m curious and would like to know.

I’m doing more awesome DIY projects and crafty ones as well. If you are interested, please subscribe to the blog and follow me on WordPress or Twitter. I tweet my latest posts and more stuff. Other than that, have a great day.

birthday envelopes

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  1. I love this, it’s such a great alternative to wrapping paper and as you say, the thought behind the envelope is going to mean so much more to the lucky recipient. The potential for kids in particular to go freestyle with decorating is perfect 🙂

  2. This is a great post! I love the idea of making things yourself for a special birthday, and it can save so much money. I will follow these tips when a birthday comes up in the future x

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