Crafty DIY room decoration for ninja lovers

Hello, everyone. I don’t know if it’s me or I can’t just start randomly and without any introduction. It’s like I can’t know where I’m going if I just pop up and start randomly talking about the post and everything. However, since this is a thing I’m trying to create a style for it but it still struggles with that sometimes haha. So I think just hello is enough for now. Today’s post is going to be something new to me. Anyways, this is a crafty DIY room decoration for ninja lovers.

I’m not sure if you know me from my previous posts but I don’t like to specify things and would rather make something for a variety of purposes than one. However, this time I’m going out of the bounders and try something specific. There is no problem with that but if I do this and only for one purpose. Then I feel like others are left alone haha if that makes sense lol.

People might read books and others might watch movies, but we do all of it and even enjoy doing fun projects like this. My aunt read the previous post I made for passing time while stuck at home. The first thing she said “Also encourage people to exercise and staying fit at home” and I couldn’t agree more with that. My aunt is so supportive of me and she helps me a lot and I love her for being awesome.

Anyways, I hope you guys staying at home safely and sanely. Because the situation isn’t promising to get better right now but it will eventually. While you stuck at home, you can read about the Crafty DIY room decoration for ninja lovers.

About the DIY room decoration post

I have been doing a lot of DIY projects for people and including letters on them. However, I thought why not doing something that doesn’t include anyone and just only for decoration. I know I’ve made some before but it’s not a lot and this is one of them.

Even though this is not about something to do while stuck at home. Still, I think this post will include another way which helps to stay busy. And spend more time without wasting much of the supplies. The previous post was about spending some time cutting during the project which helps to pass time.

This time we will use our minds and helps us improve our skills. It might not consume a lot of time but it should use enough time to get distracted. Thinking of how to do the items which will be introduced on this post. You might get an idea of them but you can do new items you never did and use your mind to build new stuff.

I’m not sure if my aunt reached this point, but also do exercise as well. Imagine she call me and be like ” I told you to mention doing exercises and you here mentioning new ideas” haha that would be funny.

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Anyways, in this post, I’m going to make new ninja items and I’m sure if you already knew what are they. But you will see it in the post later when I introduce them. Also, this is an interrupted project in which I made a bigger one that included these. And decided to make a quick project out of them. Because it caused me to run out of time to post this the day before yesterday and now I have to post this today if that makes sense haha.

Crafty DIY room decoration for ninja lovers

If you have missed my previous post, I presented the project in a new way to see how you guys would like it. I’ve seen good responses and I appreciate the kind words and feedback you guys been commenting on each post so much. Anyways, today I’m going to do the same and go through the project the same as the previous one. Except this one has fewer items to introduce and talk about.

Like I said earlier, I was working on a bigger project which includes these items that will be introduced on this post and new other ones. I might post it next week. Because I think it would look good in a room and everything was made from my imagination.

The base with white layer

You may see a base here but in the next picture, there will be a different one. That’s because I didn’t make a new one since it was an interrupted project. I already had one from my previous projects and used it because it has the perfect measure for this one. I just had to get one for a picture even though it’s like something I do for every project and that makes an unnecessary step.

I’m going to have a new way to present the projects that don’t include the base at the beginning haha. However, for now, we all know that every decoration needs a base. I made this before with 13cm, 9cm and haven’t got the chance to use it yet. Now, its time for it to be used for a good purpose. Also, help me to get new content lol.

The first stand of the Crafty DIY room decoration for ninja lovers

The base without white layer

In my previous post, I mentioned the essential items for the presentation. I divided them into two parts which the ones for structures and the other for design. Things here organized based on the purpose of the item and all I know every project should have them haha.

Anyways, I’m not going to say it yet or introduce the actual purpose but this is a stand. And I’m going to build it from scratch using the cardboard sheets as usual. I know it may look like a lot of pieces but it’s easy and quick if you think about it a little more. I could show you guys how to make it step by step how to make those but I think it would be boring.

The stand with top open

Usually, I don’t stop until I finish it and then take pictures of it, but this time I thought to stop before putting the top and take a picture. So you guys can get an idea of how I made the inside of these stands. I make them like that to make the stand heavy like a real one haha just for fun. However, I could make a quick one and just go with it. These types of stands also help pass some times during this crazy time.

The stnad, finished look

When I finish the construction of each stand, I add another layer of white thick paper to cover the cardboard and make them look better. Also, it gives the chance of adding colors and stuff if I want but for this stand, everything is perfect for it.

The second stand

The second and little longer stand

Moving to the next one of the structure items I call them that based on their purpose as I said haha. This is another stand which means we will be using two things for the design(aka style) for this post. I will show them right after I finish presenting these because we still have another one.

This stand looks different but the method is the same as the previous one and it’s easy as well. However, this one I made it longer and tried my best to make it circle haha. I’m not sure it turned out as perfect as it could be but what can I do, you know.

The third little stand

The last item is another stand. That will be on the first stand I presented to add a good touch. When all is finished you will see that. I’m sure you already know how it looks from the thumbnail. But I will talk more when I start putting things together.

After adding the white layer to it, everything is kinda changed a little bit haha. But it’s not a big deal because it still looks good in the picture above. I always struggle to make them perfect because of the edges when I use the gun glue. It becomes a little difficult to adjust them as I want and make me just go with what it looks like.

There is no complex with this. I just got the perfect measure of cardboard. And added the white layers and made two them. I could do it with more complexity like the previous stands but there is no reason for that. Plus, I think this looks better and just do the purpose right.

The Katana for the Crafty DIY room decoration for ninja lovers

The Katana without handle

Moving to the first item of the design items. It might not look like it based on the picture above but this is a Katana. This is my first time learning how to make it, and it was kinda easy. But for this one, it could get better haha. However, this is not everything and I’m still going to add other touches to it.

You might ask how this is a ninja decoration and has samurai equipment as we all know that lol. Looking on the internet, some people say that it was used by ninjas before. It was called ninja equipment too. But there is no evidence to prove it was used by the real ones of the Japanese. Just a quick background story of why I chose it for this project.

The paper Katana with handle

So I thought it would be good to make it and learn how to do it as well. Since I’m a big fan of Katana and my dreams in the future is to own a real one. And make in the house as a decoration.

Here is the final look of the sword. Since I couldn’t adjust the base at the beginning. I had to measure everything based on that and that’s why this is small. My friend said it looks like a knife and I agree. Because I messed up and made the handle equal to the blade in the length and the katana is not like that. I just wanted to make it look like a real one with a handle design haha.

The Finished look of the Katana

The ninja star

Items for the star

The last item before start making things together and see how my imagination would look like. This is the ninja star which was made out of thick papers. You can use normal papers if you wish to. However, it was a bit complex for me at first. That’s why doing new things and improving skills would be perfect at times like this. when the world about to go crazy. Keep our minds distracted on developing new skills.

At first, I thought of doing another thing other than the ninja star. But it was a little bit harder than I imagined and I changed the plans and did this. Though this wasn’t that easy as well and it could make a good image.

The final look of the ninja star

The star, finished look

Boom! Here is how it looks after spending almost half an hour figuring out how to do it with only papers. My friend said it looks like a fan lol. And the reason is that I didn’t think of the hole in the middle of which every ninja star should have.

This is like one of the items that I used little glue. This helps to consume less glue, haha and I’m going to do more of these types because I don’t want to run out of glue so quickly.

Anyways, we are done presenting everything. Now, it’s time for the show of making things together to begin. I think of this as a cinematic scene as the music plays in the background. Except we don’t have music right now. It would be cool if I can add music when everyone reaches this part. And while scroll down the music plays until the last picture haha. This is a cinematic show of Crafty DIY room decoration for ninja lovers, let’s go!

The first stand glued to the base
The second stand glued to the base
The katan glued to the base
More Finished look picture
Another picture of the finished look, zoomed in
The finished look of the decoration

And welcome back! I hope you enjoyed the cinematic scene lol and as you the final look of this room decoration. That can add a good look to the room if you love ninja. After reading the introduction of the items, looking at the final look helps understand the purpose of each item.


I made a good choice picking the ninja star with different colors. But I wasn’t thinking that it could be a good match with the Katana handle haha. However, it turned out good but for some reason, a black handle would be better, my friend said.


Like every post, here we reach the end of it. It was fun doing this project. I might complete the one I been working on before this and make it for another post. What do you think of this idea?

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48 thoughts on “Crafty DIY room decoration for ninja lovers”

  1. This is such a great DIY. So important to stay busy and craft during this time! It’s definitely keeping me sane too

  2. Such a fun design – I especially love the star, that’s really creative and clever. I also love how you can make these activities with stuff you have lying around the house, no need to go out and forage or buy in extra bits. Great post, very helpful step-by-step as always, Jack 🙂

  3. What a different creative craft way of spending time in lock down. This is something I think my nephew would really enjoy putting together to display in his room. I can’t wait to show him to see what he thinks.

  4. That sword is cute. My 5 year old would get such a kick out of that. Might just have to make it for him as long as he doesn’t try to stab his sisters eye out. lol

  5. This is awesome! I made a fake katana a few years ago when I dressed as Katana (Suicide Squad) for Halloween. It was so much fun! You nailed the shuriken (ninja star), I would love to try it while I still have free time. Thank you for the detailed instructions!

    1. That’s awesome, I’m sure you looked nice. That took some time to get it as good as that haha but thank you.

  6. Cool! Would love to share this with my niece and nephews! And we would make the samurai longer! 😁

  7. Aw I’m not that great at most DIY but these are so cool! It also looks really fun! (I recently got a Katana from one of my villagers on Animal Crossing too haha) Thanks for sharing!

  8. My nephew would like this diy craft ninja room decoration. Will try this and let see what his will reaction. Thanks for this.

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