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Crafty DIY room decoration for ninja lovers

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  1. Charity

    This is such a great DIY. So important to stay busy and craft during this time! It’s definitely keeping me sane too

  2. Steph

    Beautiful.i remember I used to make airplanes and boats when I was young ,but your DIY is way advanced.

  3. Nicole Anderson | Camping for Women

    What a different creative craft way of spending time in lock down. This is something I think my nephew would really enjoy putting together to display in his room. I can’t wait to show him to see what he thinks.

  4. Lisa

    Such a fun design – I especially love the star, that’s really creative and clever. I also love how you can make these activities with stuff you have lying around the house, no need to go out and forage or buy in extra bits. Great post, very helpful step-by-step as always, Jack πŸ™‚

  5. siennylovesdrawing

    woow!! A great sharing with detailed DIY steps to a ninja lovers room deco
    Gonna keep this & do all one day with my little niece, gonna be fun
    cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  6. aisasami

    What a fun way to DIY ninja items. The Katana is cute and ninja stars are always a blast to make, my students always make them.

    1. Fransic verso

      That’s awesome. Students love to be creative as I was when I was in school.

  7. Mrs. Type A

    Such great tips for us to use right now while we are all at home. Great ideas that aren’t TV!

    1. Fransic verso

      Thank you, TV and news aren’t the best options for now.

  8. Jules

    I think kids could get a lot of art/craft ideas from you.

    1. Fransic verso

      I try my best to try a lot of ideas.

  9. Nina

    this is such a creative DIY decoration, it is vital to stay motivated and occupied during this time.

    1. Fransic verso

      That’s true, we need to stay occupied with such things like these projects.

  10. mariah green

    My kids would love this. I remember I used to always make ninja stars in school

    1. Fransic verso

      That’s awesome, I just started doing these now haha.

  11. Tiffany

    That sword is cute. My 5 year old would get such a kick out of that. Might just have to make it for him as long as he doesn’t try to stab his sisters eye out. lol

    1. Fransic verso

      Haha you should be careful and keep an eye for that.

  12. Raksha N

    Such cute DIY crafts. Really love them. Since we are all locked inside our homes, maybe I will try some of these.

    1. Fransic verso

      Thank you, it helps to pass time while being at home all day.

  13. Polly

    This is awesome! I made a fake katana a few years ago when I dressed as Katana (Suicide Squad) for Halloween. It was so much fun! You nailed the shuriken (ninja star), I would love to try it while I still have free time. Thank you for the detailed instructions!

    1. Fransic verso

      That’s awesome, I’m sure you looked nice. That took some time to get it as good as that haha but thank you.

  14. Lisa Marie Alioto

    Love the knife and star in particular – fun DIY project and perfect for during this time of isolation!

    1. Fransic verso

      Yeah, It was something came in my mind as a ninja decoration idea.

  15. GV Caplas | Wandering Good Vibes

    Cool! Would love to share this with my niece and nephews! And we would make the samurai longer! 😁

    1. Fransic verso

      That would fix the problem and make it a little better.

  16. Karen Smedley

    Very creative. I love the step by step instructions, it makes me feel even I could create my first ever Ninja star.

    1. Fransic verso

      Thank you, I’m glad this is easy to follow.

  17. Kenneth

    Due to quarantine, been doing a lot of DIY too. Thanks for sharing this one, an additional idea for me

    1. Fransic verso

      I’m glad I’m not alone. I’m sure it’s fun doing stuff like this.

  18. Jen

    My kids would love the ninja stars. Looks like a fun project πŸ™‚

    1. Fransic verso

      They must ninja fans and it will be fun for them.

  19. Under Flowery Sky

    Simple, but so expressive. Lovely decoration..

    1. Fransic verso

      Thank you so much!

  20. Kev S

    Very creative for us ninja fans

    1. Fransic verso

      That’s true. It would be nice decoration idea.

  21. Sue Berk Koch

    Cute idea and an effective use of cardboard!

    1. Fransic verso

      I always keep thinking of different ideas to do projects with cardboard.

  22. Lilyv

    This is really innovative and fun. Makes for a great quarantine project!

    1. Fransic verso

      Thank you so much, it does.

  23. Millie

    Aw I’m not that great at most DIY but these are so cool! It also looks really fun! (I recently got a Katana from one of my villagers on Animal Crossing too haha) Thanks for sharing!

    1. Fransic verso

      It’s okay, and thank you. That’s awesome!

  24. Aanya

    I loved the idea! Just wish I was at home to do this!

    1. Fransic verso

      Ah, well, I hope you get home soon and enjoy some time doing stuff like this.

  25. Elizabeth O

    My nephew would like this diy craft ninja room decoration. Will try this and let see what his will reaction. Thanks for this.

    1. Fransic verso

      That’s nice, I’m sure he will enjoy doing it. let me know how he will react.

  26. Priya P

    Best ways to pass time in Covid-19.

    1. Fransic verso

      It does help get our mind busy from all the bad news on TV.

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