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Hello, and welcome to this page. Where everything about the DIY and blogging tips and the “Querianson” will be mentioned. Thank you for taking the time to visit and learn more about the blog.

Information about me

I’m a nerd wearing glasses since I was a kid. And I started blogging a long time ago. And that explains why I have so many topics on this DIY and blogging tips blog. I’ve talked about several topics during my previous experience of blogging and learned a lot.

However, I found myself enjoying writing and doing more DIY crafts and projects. So for that, I kept all my old posts in case I decide to write more about it later. I’m sure there will be a time when I’m going to be able to write more about all the topics I wrote and posted on DIY and blogging tips blog.

Anyway, first I would like to say that I’m going to be known as “Fransic verso”. That will on all my social media and blog. There will be a lot of things that you will learn about me when reading my posts. But I’m a person who always loves to enjoy life and just don’t like to take things seriously most of the time. And deal with things with a bit of humor.

About DIY and blogging tips

Now talking about this blog and what you will expect from this DIY and blogging tips blog Querianson. As the name says it. I will explain in-depth a few things to make it clear for you guys.

I started writing blog posts a long time ago. Probably when I was in high school. However, At that time, I was very serious about it as now. So I wrote about a lot of things. I feel bad deleting all the old content if you browser this DIY and blogging tips blog, you will find variety of topics like I said earlier.

However, there will be mainly two topics that I’m currently publishing about and I’m going to talk about them and share more details about them.

DIY posts and crafts

The first and most important topic that I will be talking about in this DIY and blogging tips blog is the DIY posts and crafts. If you browse the blog, you will find that I’ve gotten better in doing these projects and I really enjoy doing them and sharing them with you guys.

There are several ideas that I’m going to post about related to this main topic. And I will put them in a list so it will be clear. And then I will talk about them.

  • DIY projects tutorials
  • DIY crafting tips
  • The DIY craft recap
  • Talk about DIY crafts

These are the main post ideas that will be posted on the blog. Well, we all know the first one which will be sharing tutorials on how to make the DIY craft ideas. Sharing pictures and walk you through the process and everything important about it.

This will help you making the project as easy as possible. I might not be the best in sharing these but I always aim to learn and do more better. So if you have a feedback about a tutorial if I missed any information needed. You can always contact me and I will try to fix or add in this DIY and blogging tips blog

As much as I like making the DIY projects, I also like to help others and for that, I decided to add the DY craft tips in this DIY and blogging tips blog. I’m going to help by sharing what I learnt from making the projects and past experience. Also, this is a community and not just a blog. So you can always share your input what ideas if you want.

The second one is going to be a new idea that I wanted to add to this DIY and blogging tips blog. What I call it is a DIY craft recap and I share a list of the previous projects from old tutorials in one post. This will help the reader to know that there are projects made under the same title or category if they are looking for it. I have posted several posts and you can find them when you browse the DIY and blogging tips blog.

The last one for now. And I said for now because there might be more added later and I’m going to talk about them in this page and explain for you guys. Anyways, the last one is going to be basically talking about the project and why I used several things or items. Try to talk about the project and have a communication with you guys. Mention several points of the DIY project.

I started this topic with zero experience and now I’m doing 3D projects. Well, it still not the best yet but I’m getting better now. You see me doing projects with cardboard and papers but it’s not limited to these two because I will be doing projects with other items. However, for now, I will share with you guys ideas that you can make with affordable materials such as paper or cardboard. Maybe plastics in the house.

The blogging tips

I like and enjoy doing DIY projects but it takes so much time to finish a project and get a post ready. So I decided to add something to post about and this is the best decision. Because it’s great to be part of the community but also is even better to help each other.

This is mainly the reason why I chose this among the rest of the topics I have. I like to help others with my experience. Well, I might not be the best blogger yet but as I learn, I’m going to try to share it with you guys. And help you to refrain from doing the same mistake. Well, that’s what I hope it can do when I share it on this DIY and blogging tips blog.

There will be a possibility to add more topics in the future. This is not limited and it could be anything from the things I wrote before on this DIY and blogging tips blog. If you browse the blog, you will find that I have posted about different things. I’m looking to post more about travel and it’s my first one on the list because I love sharing trips and pictures.

Affiliate partner

I said earlier the “Querianson” and the reason is that I decided to change this from a blog to a place for multiple things. This is not a blog anymore but rather a brand that will be including a variety of things from content to what you already guessed is affiliate content and programs. And many more will come as this brand grow and have more content.

As a start, I decided that I’m going to make Bluehost is my first program. Because it’s amazing company and I’m it will help people who want to be a blogger. As I’m sharing content that help bloggers who already start and who will start their blogging journey.

I already have goals that I want to achieve starting this move and turn it into a brand for the future. As partnering with amazing affiliate programs that help people and allow me to grow it.

Most of us know that from affiliate links. the person who shares it gets a certain amount of commission percentage when other people purchase at no cost to the people. And a disclaimer will be showing when sharing a link on this blog and also you can check my privacy page for more information.

Read more about “Querianson” privacy policies.

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