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Hello, and welcome to this page. Where everything about the DIY and “Querianson” will be mentioned. Thank you for taking the time to visit and learn more about the blog.

Information about me

I’m a nerd wearing glasses since I was a kid. And I started blogging a long time ago. And that explains why I have so many topics listed in the sidebar. However, everything wasn’t permanent because I wasn’t sure of what I really like to write or what I wanted.

It took me some time to figure things out. After writing about a variety of things for a while.

Anyway, first I would like to say that I’m going to be known as “Fransic verso”. That will on all my social media and blog. There will be a lot of things that you will learn about me when reading my posts. But I’m a person who always loves to enjoy life and just don’t like to take things seriously most of the time. And deal with things with a bit of humor.

About this blog Querianson

I’ve learned a lot during my past experience and updated this blog several times due to not being sure, as I said. But this time I’m going to go on with one topic till I’m sure that I will be able to add more. Because once I did it before and everything went messy and got lost and wasn’t even sure what to write anymore.

My uncle once told me to focus on what you good at otherwise, things won’t be good for you.

This time I’m going to share with you guys fun and good times while building different kinds of things at home. The DIY topic was the most interesting thing I wanted to write about for a long time. However, I was busy trying a lot of ideas to see what will be best to blog about. So I found nothing as good as the DIY topic. It’s so much fun even though it takes time to do finish some projects.

I started this topic with zero experience and now I’m doing 3D projects. Well, it still not the best yet but I’m getting better now. You see me doing projects with cardboard and papers but it’s not limited to these two because I will be doing projects with other items. However, for now, I will share with you guys ideas that you can make with affordable materials such as paper or cardboard. Maybe plastics in the house.

Also, I decided to add more ideas besides sharing DIY projects on the blog. This helps to make it interesting. It allows me to keep the content going haha. Since doing DIY projects takes time. I have other ideas to share on this blog when there is no time to finish a project on time, and I hope you guys will like it.

There will be a possibility to add more topics in the future. This is not limited and it could be anything from the things I wrote before on this blog. If you browse the blog, you will find that I have posted about different things. I’m looking to post more about travel and it’s my first one on the list because I love sharing trips and pictures.

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