DIY crafts tips to make the process easier
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Great DIY crafts tips to make the process easier

(Last Updated On: June 27, 2021)

Hello, everyone, and welcome to another post. Since I started doing one post per week, it feels like it’s been forever since I posted something haha. I think it’s because I’m not used to it but it will be for a little white. So I’m sure will get used to it. Today I got an awesome post for you guys. I’m going to share with you DIY crafts tips to make the process easier. These are Great DIY crafts tips to make the process easier.

This week, DIY tips will take over haha. It supposed to be blogging tips for this week but I haven’t done DIY tips for a while and I think it’s time to dedicate a blog post for them. I only have one day and many ideas to share with you guys haha.

As much as I like to help other people with blogging tips and improving skills. I also want to share good DIY tips that I learn and do to help me with my projects. I talked about things that help to make life easier for bloggers if you want to check it out. And for this post, I’m going to share DIY crafts tips to make the process easier.

I started doing DIY crafts because it’s fun and easy to do but then later, I found out that there is a lot to it than I expected. Sometimes I would say a project would take me about 10 minutes to finish and 30 minutes pass, still trying to finish it haha. But I enjoy and that helps me to keep going until I’m done with the project. I shared more tips on this blog if you want to learn more. I will link them at the end of this post.

DIY crafts tips to make the process easier

DIY crafts tips to make the process easier

I’m talking about the process of making any DIY crafts. However, these tips below will be for all projects with any materials. And some might need it. But, almost all of the DIY craft projects will need at least two or more of these DIY crafts tips to make the process easier.

I’m going to talk about my perspective of making DIY crafts using cardboard and paper. Because that’s what I use for my projects for now. However, I can imagine doing crafts with wood, plastic or any other material will need at least some of these DIY crafts tips to make the process easier.

1-Prepare a trash can for leftovers and trash

One of the best things that I do that make the process so much easy is to keep the place clean. Sometimes we get caught up with the process and just throw things all over the place. And I have been doing it for a long time until I tried to do a DIY project doing this. Let me tell you, it was so much easier for me to continue working on it perfectly without any struggle.

No matter what type of DIY craft, following this will 100% help you to work on it so much easier than keep throwing pieces all over the place. Sometimes I would say “I will clean it after” but what if the project long or take more work and you make your workplace messy to point that you can’t work anymore haha. That’s what happened to me when I did it.

I’ve said this one in my previous posts and I say it more. not having a clean environment is going to confuse you and will make you struggle organizing pieces of the project. So this why it’s important and why I included this tip to my DIY crafts tips to make the process easier.

You don’t need an actual trash can to make this happen. Because some people would get that as an excuse. It depends on how big the project but if you can’t afford to get one, you can use bags as replacement to put the trash in it and keep the place clean. You can also put them in a specific place away from your work area if you don’t have a bag or trash can. And later, just it put inside something and throw it away.

2-Choose a start point that suits your mood

Sometimes doing DIY crafts doesn’t seem as we imagine it. When we start doing them, so many things can happen and change the process. There are a lot of start points to a DIY craft project, but they can be divide into two “Easy” and “difficult”. Sometimes “Long” and “Short” but the long can also be referred to as difficult and short can be referred to as easy.

For me, sometimes I like to start with the most difficult because I have great energy and vibing. I can spend some time on it to finish difficult steps first and then start easy steps. It might take time and effort but I feel good that I can do that, you know.

However, sometimes, I feel lazy and can’t take too much work at the beginning. So I go with easy steps to warm up and then begin with difficult or long steps. If I’m lazy or not feeling it yet, difficult steps can sometimes get complicated and ruin my mood if I can’t get it hahaha. So, it’s best to warm up first and then finish difficult steps. If you are not feeling it. This will help to make the process easier for you!

3-Plan without expectation

You might ask how this could help to make the process easier for DIY crafts? Well, if you are not mentally good, you will not function well when it comes to DIY crafts. And planning with expectation that things will work perfectly and then it don’t work. That will lead to disappointment and then you will struggle finishing your DIY project.

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The best way to avoid this and keep things going is not to expect anything when planning DIY crafts. Trust me, things will change no matter how you plan them. And you don’t want to make that ruin your mood when you start working on the project.

This is why I included this in the list of DIY crafts tips to make the process easier. It can be a little depressing not seeing the result you expect and that won’t make it easy for you to continue working. I did this several times before and it wasn’t even easy to change. I was just locked in trying to achieve my expectation and forgot to take a breath and focus more on how to fix it if it doesn’t turn out as I planned.

4-Do not stack

This something I notice that I been doing a lot in my projects. Which is stacking the small pieces that I cut when I make an item or shape and that’s not a good idea to stack. It makes the area messy which as I mentioned in my previous post that we should get a good and clean place for our projects.

Now, after I cut a few pieces, I would clean the area and get ready for the next step haha. So this way, the desk would be good and I get extra space to do or put other things. I highly recommend doing this when making new projects.

5-Do not throw everything fast

I found myself throwing a lot of pieces that could be used twice many times in my projects. Recently, I have been keeping things that can be used again on the side. Which I can use when I need it in another step of the process. And this helps especially when you are low on materials and want to save up and consume less.

Also, putting the pieces that can be used twice can help you to fix a mistake. When you trying to glue something and it didn’t come as planned and to fix it for example, this would help. This happened to me before and it helped a lot. So I highly recommend it.

6-Keep space between items

This is something I just recently started doing and it helps a lot. If you organize your desk based on the items. For example, the required tools and the items that will be used, and so on. I used to make everything close to each other. And after a few steps, things get messy and everything gets lost. Maybe, you will struggle to find it and that will take you longer than you wanted it to be.

So by doing this, it helps me to stay organized and keep everything in a place where I can quickly reach for and get it back to the same spot. I mentioned this in my previous post. That enough space is required and this is similar to it but more specific. To be honest, it took me a while to notice this and change it haha but now everything is good.

7-Clean environment

The first I really recommend is a clean table or the place you do the project. But I prefer on a table, that way we can sit well and don’t hurt our back. However, the first thing to do is make sure that there are no other things on the table otherwise, it will get messy haha.

I also talked about this before in my previous funny moments. When something went wrong or struggled to finish a step because the table is not clean. It can be funny but here we looking for how to make the process as perfect as we can. But let me tell you this, no matter how focused you are, there will be a mistake made during the process haha. So Don’t get upset when it happens.

Conclusion of DIY crafts tips to make the process easier post

This is for this post and the DIY crafts tips to make the process easier. I hope you find it helpful to you and don’t forget to share your opinion on these. Also, share if you have other things that make the process easier for you if you have something different.

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29 thoughts on “Great DIY crafts tips to make the process easier”

  1. Great post! I especially love the tip about not having any expectations – I think this is a really useful mindset to have, and can also be applied to day to day life! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Having a bin bag handy before you start is the lesson you learn the hard way, I think! And I love your tip about not having any expectation, and keeping an open mind – you never know, your final piece may be better than you thought 🙂

  3. These are great tips for keeping your craft space under control when you are in the throws of the creative process, haha! Another nice benefit of DIY crafts are the focus involved, which ends up being a great stress reliever. Plus, you can save money by making something yourself instead of purchasing a finished craft item. Saving money by completing more DIY projects can help you find money to add to your retirement savings – which is something I’m always thinking about as a late saver!

  4. These are great tips. As well as a trashcan nearby, I always try to keep a little tray or basket that I can put things that can be reused in another project.

  5. Love these tips, I don’t do many crafts at the moment but will be in the future with my son when he’s old enough. Preparing a trash can ahead of time sounds like a great tip to stop there being mess everywhere!

    Corinne x

  6. I 100% agree with this! Cleaning up your workspace as you go makes DIY so much easier and I personally find this really helpful with things like baking or cooking as well. It saves so much time and effort at the end. Great tips!

  7. Really useful tips here – thanks! I like the plan without expectation side of it – why frustrate yourself before you even start? It’s amazing what tips you can pick up once you start on a project, isn’t it? Thanks for sharing.

  8. Love these tips! Honestly, having a trash can nearby can save so much up and down, and most times I used to abandon some of my projects for that. Also a great point is starting where it suits your mood, can’t agree more with that! Sometimes it depends so much on the mood to start easy or not x

  9. These are great tips Fransic, I agree with planning without expectations! If I get annoyed at something, I need to be able to walk away and get back to it when I am a little better! x

  10. I stopped at making DIYs already because school requirements doesn’t require me anymore. However, when I do it I need to have enough space for the mess and yes a trash bin beside me, and a good creative aura to make me persevere in finishing it 😀

  11. Thanks for sharing these very good suggestions. The trash can idea is practical and something I do myself. Liked the “plan without expectation” bit too; just have fun with DIYs.

  12. Oh I like the plan without expectations one. I always expected something and ends up frustrating myself. I need to learn to go without expectation. Thanks for sharing!

  13. It tips like these that show you how DIY crafts are so much easier, cheaper and fun. Love these tips

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