DIY stands you can make at home using cardboard

It’s a surprise that I’m posting another post for this week. It’s been a while since I did but it’s time to go again and share more content for you guys. Since each week, I post about a topic and I posted this week about a DIY project. Which you can read my latest and new DIY phone stand. Mentioning the word “Stand”, the second post of this week I want to write a recap post of some of the awesome DIY crafty stands I made before. So these are DIY stands you can make at home using cardboard.

It’s been a while since I did a DIY craft recap post. Being busy with all of what happened and overwhelmed with everything. I decided to let go of some things until I manage to get hold of everything. So now that I’m starting to manage to do that. It’s time to add one post back haha. If you remember, I used to post three a week. However, I will get back to that slowly.

Anyway, for this post, since I did tons of stands and wrote blog posts about it. I thought it would be a perfect idea to make a list of them as DIY stands you can make at home. Very useful and save you tons of money instead of buying them from the store, you know.

DIY stands you can make at home using cardboard

DIY stands you can make at home using cardboard

Let me tell you more about these stands before I show you and share pictures of them. And mention important details about it. It will help you to get good insight and if you decide to make any of these DIY stands you can make them at home. You already have enough details about them. I’m going to leave links to each tutorial as well.

Well, let’s start with what these stands are made of. You can already tell by the title. They are all made out of paper and cardboard. If you know me, I make all my projects using cardboard. Materials can be found at home and can be used in a good and helpful way haha. I’ve also made decorations using these two.

Just like any other materials and stands you buy from the store, you need to be careful with them otherwise, they will be destroyed or broken. As long as you do that, they will be really good serving you for at least a year or so if you are really careful with them.

I shared a tutorial on how to make all the DIY stands you can make at home and more pictures of them. If you like one, you can head to the tutorial to see them. These also easy to do which is something cool and for people who don’t want to spend lots of time on a project.

There are different types of stands for different things. for now, I’m going to share stands for a phone, headset, and glue gun. The glue gun I use for all my projects haha. I decided to make a stand for it and did pretty good on it. Holding the glue sticks and everything.

1-The custom Eagle holder for DIY lovers

DIY stands you can make at home

I’m going to start the list of my most creative DIY stands you can make at home. The eagle glue gun stand and the name were really random. It’s just something I thought of doing randomly adding a printed logo or something. The only thing. Then, the first that came to my mind at that time was the eagle which sounds really cool.

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I put a place for the glue stick as well which really helped me a lot. Because It looks messy without it and don’t know where I would put it if I don’t have it now haha. Well, before I would put it in my drawer or somewhere safe I can reach quickly for it. But, now it looks more organized with this DIY stand.

Something you need to know, you can put it on the stand right after you finish using it. But, it will be dripping glue since it still hot. I recommend taking off the glue stick if you going to do that. Or you can wait until it’s a little colder and then you can put it.

2-How to make an awesome custom headset stand

DIY stands you can make at home

The Second in DIY stands you can make at home is going to be my second favorite stand I’ve made so far. This is one in two which can be what you already know, a headset stand. However, this also works as a decoration on your desk. And that’s what I like about it. Well, stands can be a decoration too but this one has a new style.

This stand works best with Bluetooth headsets but you can also put cable headsets as well. I thought it would be a new way to make the two holding the headset from the back which as you can see the stars. However, it can be a little tricky how you can place it properly without destroying it haha. It’s an awesome stand and that why I included it in the DIY stands you can make at home!

Also, I like the white and blue colors. It looks so good combined and with the star. It made it look even better. Just you need to put and take the headset carefully.

3-How to make a cool DIY phone stand at home

DIY stands you can make at home

Coming next is another design for a phone stand, Something really cool and can be very handy for people doing work on their PC and phone. Having the phone lying down on the desk is not healthy for the neck. And it will be a struggle to work on both.

I’m one of those people who work on both. And that’s why I decided to make my first DIY phone stand. And then, started making different designs and ways to improve my skills of making DIY stands you can make at home. What you see is one of the designs I recently made.

Just like any other stand or product, as long as you are using it carefully without being aggressive. It will be for the long run. I wrote a full tutorial on how to make it and more pictures if you are interested in reading more about it. All of the DIY stands you can make at home on this list have a full tutorial.

4-The Custom and easy DIY phone stand for Christmas

DIY stands you can make at home

The last one on the DIY stands you can make a home list is something I made last Christmas. This is another phone stand but this time is different. This time you can work or use your phone on the stand even while charging your phone. Something I wished I have before but now that I have it, I’m happy haha.

Even though it’s not Christmas anymore but it can add little Christmas vibes haha. For this one, you will need also to glue the sides and back really well. Otherwise, it would fall after a couple of days. Because they only depend on the glue and how much you put.

Conclusion of The DIY stands you can make at home

Well, I hope you guys enjoyed reading my post about the DIY stands you can make at home using cardboard. Easy but super useful. A way to make use of cardboard at home. You don’t need to throw it away when you can get creative with it and build something good for yourself. There is more you can do with cardboard.

I’m going to share more DIY craft ideas and tutorials. Also, you can browse the blog for more ideas. If you don’t want to miss future ideas, please subscribe to the blog. I share my blog posts on my social media. Twitter, Pinterest. If you have WordPress, you can follow me there as well. Other than that, have a wonderful Friday!

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  1. Another great project! I particularly like the headphone stand – very original. Thanks for sharing!

  2. So creative, love when you can make something out of nothing. This time it’s cartons. Very handy too. Thank you for sharing

  3. I really need a phone stand so am super happy to have found this post now!! Can’t wait to try it. thank you!! xx

  4. Very interesting DIY projects, I will share this to my DIY mommy group on Facebook, bet they will like all the ideas.

  5. I definitely need to make a couple of these stands. They would be able to hold a variety of things with ease.

  6. So easy to make and seems there are plenty of room for customization and design! Thanks for the tips and guide. – Knycx Journeying

    1. That’s awesome! I like that idea, it helps you check the phone when you wake up and want to know what’s the time and don’t have to struggle looking for it haha.

  7. It’s totally fun how many things you can create just by using a cardboard! I’d love to give the phone stand a try. Thanks for sharing these amazing ideas x

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