Easy stars decoration for your room with papers

Hello, everyone and welcome to another post. I missed last week’s posts and I’m sorry about that. Things take time to adjust. Like me getting back to my old schedule. Don’t worry, I’m back and with something I have never done before. Which makes my return a little bit special haha. This is Easy stars decoration for your room with papers.

If you have read any of my previous posts. You will know that I love trying new ideas and get out of my comfort zone. It doesn’t matter how hard or how long, I always love to do new projects. This allows me to provide good things to decorate the house and new content. And sometimes it turns out bad and it won’t make it to a post haha.

However, I’ve done posts like this just a few times so far. Ideas I do for the first time in my life. Don’t worry, there will be more of it in the future haha. It should’ve been more than a few times because I’ve been blogging for a long time. But I guess I started taking things seriously this time. And get more productive with my time haha. If you haven’t yet subscribed, please follow or subscribe to my blog because there will be more awesome ideas like this.

Anyways, today’s post will be about a different idea that came in my mind during the weekend. I thought to give it a try even though I doubted myself achieving it haha. It came out nice and I didn’t expect the results. If I’m going, to be honest with you. Please enjoy this easy stars decoration for your room with papers.

About this post Easy stars decoration for your room with papers

I was thinking about another desk decoration or any idea that can be placed in the house. However, looking at my desk being full of decorations ideas haha. It made think that it’s time to upgrade and do something even better. And can be present in a different way other than placed on a surface. That’s how this new idea came up in my mind and that’s why it’s the first time.

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There might be useful items but I have only so far done decorations that can be placed on a surface. This time, if you have an empty wall and want some ideas. I got you with this new idea that I came up, I hope you will like it. Plus, reading the steps, it doesn’t require a lot of equipment because this made out of papers and cardboard.

By the way, talking about new ideas. Today’s post going to be present in a new way as well. Haha, this week I’m coming back fresh, you know. This way though, I have been thinking about it for a couple of weeks. And now I get to test and see how it will be. Let me know if you like it this way or should I get back to the old way.

Do you know what I like about this idea? is that I don’t have to start with a base like always haha. Don’t worry, even if this doesn’t have a base, I would still have done it. This way might be also for future items or projects that have a base as well.

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The final look of the decoration

Anyways, what you see above is the final result of the decoration. As you can see, I have a full desk but an empty wall haha and that’s why I’m starting now to do more of these ideas. Which can be hung on a wall. Honestly, this might be the first post, but I’m already thinking of so many ideas that can be made at home to decorate the wall.

So now you have seen the final result of this easy stars decoration for your room with papers. Keep reading to know how I did it and what we need to make that possible. Also, more pictures of it.

Easy stars decoration for your room with papers

First, on the list, we are going to need square-shaped papers with a 10cm size. It depends on how big you want the stars. Because this is what I consider as normal size. The size doesn’t matter as long as it’s square because It’s an important step.

We might not see it in the sky, but the stars are colorful and that’s why I made it with three colors. I wanted to add my favorite color, but that would be too much and I needed to include the white haha.

My first idea of this post is to make like a space decoration post. I love looking at the star and it would be amazing to imagine while looking at the decoration. However, it didn’t come as I imagined and that’s why I changed it to only a star decoration instead.

The final look of the stars

If you have read any of my previous posts. You will know that I stopped doing tutorials on how to make most of the items. Because it’s not something I made for the first time. If you look on the internet, you will find tons of thousands of people already talking about it. So I thought it would be better to skip the tutorials. But if you guys want me to do a tutorial, I will do it in another post.

The paper sticks

Second, on the list, we are going to need papers cut with different measures and I will explain this later. This can be made as desired because it doesn’t matter how long but I made four, 9cm,7cm,22cm, and 23cm if you guys are wondering the measure or want to do the same.

There is nothing else that needed to be done to those. We will just place them aside for now because we need a few more things.

Third, on the list, using regular A4 paper we will cut circles as showing in the picture above. However, It’s not exactly a circle because I have a shaky hand and can’t get a perfect circle cut haha.

Have you ever looked at the sky to watch the stars and you see dots around it? I’m not sure what it is but even pictures on the internet have it. And I thought it would perfect to add it to this decoration. This is when I wanted to make a space decoration. However, it didn’t go as planned and I only used four out of the six.

The previous picture is the papers will hold it. They are in different measures because It will be all around the stars. I know nothing is holding them in the sky but here is different, you know lol.

The final look of the paper sticks and dots

This is how it will look like in the end. The dots that I call it or circles are at the tip of each line because it’s supposed to be as the dots in the sky. I added some highlights with the pencil to the dots but my friend said it’s too much which I agree haha. my fingers slipped and I had to go with the flow and add more. It’s not necessary but I thought it would be better with a highlight.

Fourth, on the list, I came up with this idea because it’s what I could only think of it. In the picture above, showing four paper sticks but I made like 6 or 8 sticks because there will be more that I’m going to use later. Doing the sticks is the easiest thing in this process but it doesn’t mean there is something hard like any of my previous posts.

However, sometimes folding the paper gets a little difficult. But make sure there is no air inside as you fold it because we need it as tight as possible. It will be hard to work with it when we glow everything together.

The sticks in a smaller size

You have two options to make as shown in the picture possible. One, the way I did which make the full paper as a stick and cut it to smaller pieces or cut it and fold it. And make out of it sticks. However, the second way is going to be a little bit difficult. I recommend doing the first one.

When you do it, grab each stick and cut 3cm out of it and do three sticks for each star. The measures of it depend on the star’s size. The only important is that it doesn’t show up because it will ruin the look of it at the end. It might require little more energy than normal when cutting the sticks to smaller size due to the glue if you use gun glue like me haha.

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As you can see in the picture above. I made out of three sticks, a triangle. You might wonder why is that and what we need it for? Well, I couldn’t think of a way to connect and hold all the stars together than making triangles inside of each star and connect them with sticks.

I don’t know if you have done stars like this but as you can see when you flip it. There is a space and that when I thought of the idea to connect it in this way. The picture above is shown the final results of me adding the triangles to the stars. Also, if you notice, none of the triangles are showing up when you flip it back. I might not have a picture of it flipped but you will see that in the final results.

The last piece of this easy stars decoration for your room with papers

The last one is going to be the only cardboard and this is the only piece will be used. This is all about how to make a decoration out of papers. However, I needed it because everything will be glued to it. After all, it’s strong and can hold it.

Anyways, in the picture above is 25cm/4cm because it’s the perfect match, in my opinion. I made three of it with different measures but this is what made it to the decoration. The Measures It’s not as important but adding more space would not be perfect for such a decoration, you know.

I forgot to take a photo of when adding the white layer to it because it’s important. However, this is the last piece which means it’s time to get things together and make the full version. You see it with thee white layer.

I’m going to show you guys and come back after that and talk about it. As always imagine music playing in the background as you scroll down looking at the photos haha. I can’t wait to make videos and turn this into a video. Enjoy the making of this “easy stars decoration for your room with papers”.

The process of making the decoration

That didn’t take long. Well, honestly, I would have shown some steps of connecting the stars but I forgot. However, you can see the picture above and follow the steps. Sometimes when you are nervous about something that might not work. You forget about everything and fully focus on it haha. Please forgive me if I forget to show a step just know its because of that.

Anyways, as you can see the full version of this decoration and ready to be hung on the wall. You can use tape or if you have papers on your wall, that would be perfect to use a gun glue as I did. I wanted it to be permanent so that’s another reason why I used the glue. It could be taken off but it wouldn’t be the same before since it’s a glue.

Now, All we need is to pick a space on the wall in the room and put it on as decoration. And that’s a new decoration idea added to the wall. Make sure it doesn’t fall or anything later because taping can’t be a good choice, sometimes. If you don’t tape it well. Plus, gluing and taping aren’t the only two ways and there are more if you have more equipment.


Alright, guys. This is it for this post. I hope you guys enjoyed reading it and found something good out of it. There will be more of these ideas and decorations to hang on the wall because I have an empty wall haha. Please subscribe to the blog or give it a follow to receive a new post on time in the future. Also, make sure to follow my Pinterest, Twitter because I share the latest posts there. Other than that, stay safe and have a good week.

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Easy stars decoration for your room with papers

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    1. I’m glad to know that! I thought with this new way, it would be a little difficult to read through the steps.

  1. This is so cool! I couldn’t work out how you were connecting the stars until I read the post but that’s genius. This would make a lovely nursery decoration too 🙂 Lisa

  2. This is such a cool way to decorate a kids’ room! 🙂 And a perfect project for lockdown.

  3. This is super nice and inexpensive. Also, a project that can be done by kids at home while on lockdown. let me share this with my kids and niece and nephews at home.

  4. I really love this star decoration idea for room. I am bookmarking this post and will definitely going to try in future

  5. I love how you use cardboard and paper for your crafty projects. This has turned out great, hasn’t it? Thanks for sharing, you have made it easy to follow.

    Aimsy xoxo

    1. It has. Thank you! It’s all about how you can the things around you, thank you for reading and commenting.

  6. I really like the way that the stars turned out. You could do a bunch of those and decorate a wall for a party, especially for something like a birthday or a graduation! Great low-cost decoration idea!! Thank you for sharing your crafting with all of us.

  7. This looks great! Such a fun craft that would absolutely perfect for children and adults especially those isolation. Thanks for sharing x

  8. These turned out really awesome! I’ve actually been trying to find an easy to make paper decoration for my daughter’s room. I’ll have to do this!
    Thank you for sharing!

  9. Now that I’ve found an idea, I can finally teach my niece to make this easy decoration for her room. Thanks!

    1. I know right? you have a great perspective. I didn’t pay attention as it could help saving money as well.

  10. This looks like a great and inexpensive way to add some decoration to your room. I can imagine putting it over a desk! I need to try to figure out how to make those stars!

    1. Thank you, That’s true. We don’t have to spend a lot of money on that. It’s easy steps but I can make a tutorial on it 🙂

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