5 things I like most about the struggle in life

You can notice that I didn’t say “Hello everyone” like every post I write. And that kinda feels strange because I’m used to saying it. I thought to try a new way different than what I usually write this time. Because I want to develop my writing for the better. I’m going to do more than one way to see how it will be for me. From then decide which one I will be writing with. You know, which one suits your style of writing. Anyways, today’s post will be about 5 things I like most about the struggle in life

I like to write as I’m speaking to an audience in front of me. Which I use my imagination for that. Imagine the people who read my post are with me and I’m talking to them. This gives the writing more fun and enjoys it. Also, it’s my way of writing haha.

However, this could have different ways of presentation which my goal is to figure out something new. That I can use to start my posts. Well, I should call it a style since it’s a layout of putting the paragraph together because it’s more appropriate than “the way”. I think there should be an improvement in picking the right word for me as well haha.

5 things I like most about the struggle in life

Well, let’s talk about this post “5 things I like most about the struggle in life”, and let’s see which things I like about the struggle in life. Sharing what I like about the struggle would give a reason to keep going. Because it’s not something we like to do in our life. It’s something that happens to us and we have o control over it. Even though the struggle is not fun in life but it has a good side and that’s why I would like to mention these 5 things I like most about the struggle in life

This could be a way to know if there would be someone with the same thinking as me too. You can tell us in the comment section whether you agree with me or not, share your thoughts after reading the 5 things I like most about the struggle in life. Though, there would be several people who look at the good side of the struggle. And the possibility that someone would be in the same boat as me.

There is almost no one in this world who hasn’t got into a struggle and it doesn’t matter how old or strong they are. I mean we meant to face this stuff for a short amount of time if we manage to pass through it. Because no one can dwell in this life while having the same struggle over and over.

You may get these 5 things I like most about the struggle in life and think it’s good to have more. But you may face different ones which all of us must go through. I’m going to mention what I like about the term of struggle generally in my life and what makes me want more of it.

The struggle of life

The struggle would come if you get involved in something or trying to be successful in life. There are a lot of ways that we could get into a struggle in life. I think we get involved in a lot of things in our life. However, these 5 things I like most about the struggle in life are reasons to think positive and try to pass through it. Do not dwell on it or get yourself involved in more struggle.

My definition of this called ‘The struggle of life’ is like walking the path in a road full of roadblocks. A road could be doing anything in life that we set a goal to achieve or get. And we manage to pass through these roadblocks every time we face them and it doesn’t matter when. Even now, or where. It happens almost with all things in life whether it’s a goal you want to achieve, something you want to get done or fixed, build or create new things, and everything in life.

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1-I like that it’s way of learning

Well, I would agree with you if you tell me that it’s a lot of pain and it hurts so much. When you face struggling these things will be faced so many times. Sometimes, there will be too many in just one thing you want to finish. This is part of our life because there is no way you would finish something in one attempt without a struggle unless it’s luck. Which can’t happen a lot of times.

Anyway, it may take a lot of attempts which is the opposite of doing it in one try. And with every single try, we get to learn something new and this is my favorite thing about it. That’s why I added to this list of 5 things I like most about the struggle in life. Also, this would be most one that makes me want to keep pushing and trying. Improve the positive mindset because it will help you to pass any struggle.

At least in my last week, I had to struggle to finish the last step of the final process. Which took me a lot of tries and time and almost gave up(ah, I’m not going to give up, but where it has come to that point). Imagine how simple things sometimes take time and more than what needs to be done.  

However, the more we struggle and try, the better experience we learn from it. So, don’t stop or give up. Each step of failure, a step toward success. This is my favorite quote and always remind myself about it. And I would say that it’s a good reason to include on the list of 5 things I like most about the struggle in life.


Sometimes, it might not be pleasant but remember at the end of the road, you will have a better experience and more knowledge. That will allow you to help others and also not to struggle again. Because with that, you will know how to deal with them, at least.

2-I like that it develop endurance

Sometimes it comes to a point where we want to just give up. This happens always with normal people who don’t have that much power of will. Also, when you first get into a struggle it will be hard for anyone to keep up if it doesn’t get done from the first try or maybe the second. And that’s just how life ad it also depends on what are you struggling with.

However, keep pushing and enduring a little more than usual. And would be helpful for the next struggle that you may face. It will give you more power to handle it with more patience. It’s positive thinking for you not to run from the struggle again. Also, give you the motivation to win and pass through the struggle of life.

Running so quickly from the struggle or the problem. It will be a reason for you to not be able to endure more. Well, the real reason that will make you keep going is your actual purpose and how bad you want it. Sometimes, it won’t be a problem to leave it and not keep fighting the struggle. However, keep going even with things that are not necessary will give you more chance of enduring more. That’s why I added it to the list of 5 things I like most about the struggle in life. Make sure you have time for it though.

It’s like a practice that will help you to increase the amount of time you can endure the struggle. Don’t just keep enduring though. You need to aim to get done with and pass it. No matter what you do, it’s not good to keep dwelling because you will run out of energy.


This would be like going to the gym. But, only take more struggle if you have time. Because it would be bad to spend time on this when it’s not necessary while you have something more important.

3-It is the joy of our life

I think life wouldn’t be anything if we can just get everything done with the first attempt. Imagine that you can do all the things you want to do in one single try. That wouldn’t be fun and things would be done quickly. I think this is life and we must enjoy it as we keep going because it’s what makes the process of achieving things more enjoyable. You can only enjoy the moment as you move on and as you keep working on whatever you struggling with think of it as the joy of life. And you will be able to pass through.

It may be painful and that is ok because it is meant to hurt and it will go away. Life would be boring if we just feel happy all the time and that’s a reason allowing me to get involved in struggles and passing through. That’s what makes a strong human to which only a few people are entitled.

Well, don’t think of doing it because to feel the joy but when it happens. You can’t do anything but keep going work on dealing with it.

4-It can be a good memory

Every moment in our life is considered memory and I can tell you why struggles would be something worth remembering. If we get things easily, that wouldn’t be something I would be proud to remember, you know. I like to look back on my moments after I pass through and just see how well I did.

And how bad it was and that makes me feel good knowing I was able to do it. I would agree with you if you tell me that there will be some moments you don’t want to remember. Bad struggle moments that we don’t like haha. But still, the opposite will always happen in everything.

Sometimes it’s good to look back at the bad moments (struggles) and not only good moments. Remembering that it was not easy to get but you got it. Which is the fun we have in our life. Imagine people sharing tough moments which there are a lot of those moments and that would be good. As it helps other people to have a vision at least in not giving up on the first try. That’s enough reason to add it this list of 5 things I like most about the struggle in life.  

5-It develops courage and strength

Imagine you have been trying like 10 times to go through a struggle and finally you managed to do it. That would feel so good for anyone and actually will be proud of that and what anyone did. Each time we go through a struggle, it’s a way to develop our courage and increase strength. This applies to everyone in the world who goes through struggles in general. This is one of the best I like and decided to add to this list of 5 things I like most about the struggle in life.

I would say this is like any life lesson. We don’t just get experience and knowledge but also courage and strength. When more struggles come, there will be no problem facing them. It would be easier than before to go through and pass it.

Conclusion of 5 things I like most about the struggle in life

I want to take the opportunity to motivate you as well before I end this post to not give up even if you go through the struggle. And make in mind that every struggle in life never comes in your life to stay for a long time. Working to go through is your key to pass it because it won’t go by itself as well. There are good and positive of the struggle as well.

Stay strong and keep going, if you need any help with your struggle and you looking for people. You can ask for a friend or I would be more than happy to lend a hand and help people who need help. This is why I decided to share these 5 things I like most about the struggle in life. Thank you for reading this post and I wish you a good day.  

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16 thoughts on “5 things I like most about the struggle in life”

  1. Indeed struggling can be an added value to our lives and push us to be more courageous, create new memories and develop strength.
    Thanks for sharing

  2. Good article! Our struggles shape our character. Without going through struggles and failures, we wouldn’t grow and learn. So we can develop many positive character traits from overcoming our struggles. Thanks you for sharing your insight!

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