Awesome and funny DIY craft moments you might experience

I like to feel fresh every week starts because always makes me feel like its a new beginning. And so much more to get done. Some people don’t actually like to do that since they just want to live their day and enjoy their time. Talking about enjoy. Today’s post is going to be entertaining. These Awesome and funny DIY craft moments might experience.

However, for some who follow a plan and work hard on achieving goals and dreams. it’s always a thing to them. I can’t go unorganized with my day. Otherwise, everything will feel like nothing to me and feel like I’m everywhere, you know.

Anyways, If you follow my blog or any of my social media, you will know that I posted a new post at the weekend due to a funny reason and story I mentioned in my previous one. However, since I haven’t really managed to have ideas scheduled throughout the month.

And I still make everything fresh and write them and share them with you guys on the same day. That’s how I’m currently doing with my content. I’ve seen so many bloggers doing this. It’s kinda hard for me to pull this out unless I got so many ideas and everything I need already ready.

I’ve planned two days each week because it gives me time to work on my idea and share it on my blog. Also, it allows me to work on promoting it. However, since I recently posted one, I will have to ruin my schedule and miss today’s post.

Which I wasn’t planning to do it. I want to keep the schedule going for some time now. This is how I got this idea to help me have content for today while I work on a new idea for the second day of the week.

I like to feel fresh every week starts because always makes me feel like its a new beginning. And so much more to get done. Some people don’t actually like to do that since they just want to live their day and enjoy their time. Talking about enjoy. Today’s post is going to be entertaining. These Awesome and funny DIY craft moments might experience.

Awesome and funny DIY craft moments might experience

DIY craft funny moments you might experience

I would love to share with you guys some of the funny things that happened while doing the projects And that I have shared on my blog for entertainment since Monday could be a busy day. We need some time to laugh, you know… that just another reason.

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Also, I kinda wanted to write a chilling post, which I call it “A chilly post” and have some time to talk with you about some stuff, so please just grab a tea and enjoy reading.

If there is something difficult besides what you guys got in mind. It is to write about is DIY because it really takes so much time and energy to do a project. Especially, if its something really big which’s I’m planning to get to soon.

However, if you have this in mind, then, we are on the same page and know how it feels. I’m not sure if you did notice. But reasons for not being able to be prepared for a whole month just keep getting more lol.

First DIY funny moment

Sometimes we come with so many ideas and that would be so easy to have content for each month. But I’m talking as I’m one of the people who struggle to find ideas once I’m out of ideas. And then, I would have ideas all over again.

Then, find it hard to pick which one to do because just they all would be good. I wonder if someone like this, I would be like please let me know so I can be friends with you haha.

What I just said was some stuff that happens before going into the process of turning the idea into a project. And see it in front of our eyes. There are so much we would go through before making it and get it all done. At least for me because I’m working alone on my projects nowadays.

I used to have my aunt to help me as she has a steady hand. Mostly she has a good mind which would be great combined with mine haha.

Second DIY funny moment

One thing that really makes me laugh while doing any project is drawing it before starting. I don’t know about you guys, but I like to draw a picture of it. That’s to make sure that everything as I expect. Also, help me to be accurate with the look of it. However, the star project was the most one that took me so many tries.

Every time I draw one after I finish and take a look at it. It turns out to be another whole thing that I don’t know what is it haha. I kept the ones that I messed up for a little while after I finish a project. As a reminder of how things can turn from bad to good. And how many attempts it took me to get it done lol.

I’m trying to improve my drawing skills because in the DIY topic. I tend to use it a lot more than anything, and plus, I’m still working on papers. And such as drawing is required to be part of the process, you know.

Though it will be still, an important thing even when things get more and more amazing and not just papers and box sheets, you know.

DIY craft funny moments you might experience

The third funny moment

Also, if there is something that I learned from being a DIY blogger is to have patience. If you want to do big stuff because things might not go as planned. And sometimes, we might even do everything all over again. Which happened several times to me.

However, I did lose my temper a couple of times before when getting something wrong during the process. That wasn’t really good, as it scared my cousin when he was in the room with me. Because he had no idea what’s going on haha.

Apart from everything that happened or might happen in the future whether it is good or bad. I really enjoy doing this stuff, and I’m so excited for the time when things get so much better with a lot of things. There will be amazing ideas in the future, and it’s just a matter of time.

Sometimes we feel unmotivated when going through tough moments or keep going on something for a long time, but we need to remind ourselves that things will get better only if we move forward and not staying where they are bad, you know.

Conclusion of Awesome and funny DIY craft moments might experience

I think it’s kind of a good ending for this post to motivate people and I hope really enjoyed it. I might do a couple of these in the future. Because I’m sure that some days, there will be no post to write or run into some troubles like this day.

Anyway, I really wanted to write this post because I might do one post about a new idea and talk about it the next day. Or the second one would be tips or useful things related to DIY. I’m still thinking about it and would love any suggestions from you guys.

Please make sure to subscribe through the box below if you want to know what I’m going to do in the future, and to receive new content on time, as well. I hope you a wonderful day!

DIY craft funny moments you might experience
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45 thoughts on “Awesome and funny DIY craft moments you might experience”

  1. I sometimes see fun DIY projects on pinterest and definitely have a good laugh when things don't turn out the way it was supposed to look like especially if it's a birther DIY project lol.

  2. I can understand how much work goes into a big DIY project. We do really simple things at home and a lot of times those don't go as planned at all lol!!

  3. I love DIY projects, but I'm not very good at them! We always laugh a lot at ourselves when doing any kind of project.

  4. I think that those principles apply to everyone, sometimes we just don't feel motivated, or sometimes, on paper, our projects just look funny, or achievable. But once we start working, we see better where everything stands.

  5. This happens me so often. I have no patience, I rush it and it turns out looking like crap. I think when it comes to doing DIY or anything arty at all, we need to take due care and attention.

  6. For me, sketching a DIY project takes the most time. Once the sketching is over, the work becomes easy and it takes me a few minutes to complete. Thank you for the chilly post. I love it!

  7. I know what you mean by the perspection of looking at something and seeing it like something else this happens to me alot when I paint! I really like your crafts, I can't wait to see more x

  8. There are always ups and downs with ay blogging. I get the same way with food blogging. Sometimes I have recipes planned out for weeks, others I am struggling on what to make.

  9. You are so right – SO many things can go not-quite-as-planned during DIY projects! I know you mentioned wanting to improve your drawing skills – don't know if this would help, but my girls watch a lot of YouTube videos to learn how to draw things better…just a thought! 🙂

  10. I'd be terrible at this! My drawing skills are like a toddler's, I'd be very concerned if my finished product turned out like my initial sketch. I go through similar phases when it comes to content ideas too x


  11. I agree, there is always be good days and bad days. We might struggle to do anything during those bad days. But, if we encourage each other and ourselves, we can do anything creative ans eve more during those bad days.

  12. I am completely like that with drawing too! I'm very good at copying work artistically, but as soon as it comes to drawing my own designs or plans it all goes so wrong…

  13. DIY projects always take me far longer than I think they’re going to. And yes, I get annoyed with myself too, haha. But I’m not brave enough to actually document the process the way you are, so kudos to you and thank you for sharing! Lisa

    1. It depends on the idea you are making because if it’s hard one, everyone would get frustrated during the process. It will so many ups and downs.

  14. DIY projects are always good at testing my patience and I always end up laughing because it never turns out the way I imagined in my head.

  15. I love doing DIY projects and I agree, you will often have a few laughs while working on projects because not everything turns out how you expect it too. Great post.

  16. I like to sketch things out on paper when I am working on a project. If someone looks over my notes though, they would probably won’t understand a thing. Sometimes when I revisit I don’t either.

  17. DIYs can be a patience project. Sometimes you can get real frustrated but sometimes you do have to laugh through the process and if all else fail try again!

  18. Depending on the DIY project, a lot goes on indeed! My husband “attempted” to make a house for our dog and OMG! It turned out weird, to say the least. To this day, we are still laughing.

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