Funny things happen when trying to set a schedule and some tips when setting one

It’s been a while since I last wrote something and it feels like a lot. I went through a lot in the past couple of weeks, which was the reason for me getting away from posting. Sometimes  I feel like there won’t be anything else to ruin my schedule once I finish, but as always nothing will go as planned for you unless you are someone who isn’t human. When you lay down on the bed thinking that you are ready to follow a schedule without any interruption starting with watching the finale episode of Game of Throne, but then after a little while, something ends up on the way haha.

Since not going on a schedule for the past couple of weeks is my main issue lol, I thought to do a funny post about it. Also, share some good tips from my experience on how to avoid being in a situation where you get distracted by other things that aren’t on your schedule or ruin it. Also, because I was attempting another way to share funny stuff since my blog is about entertainment, I haven’t shared anything on this topic for a while.

By the way, before going into the actual post, I just want to mention that there are many more ideas coming in the future that are already planned but waiting for the right moment, you know. Also, there will be much more content to post on this blog as well because I’m planning to start the travel posts for the first time on here.

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Anyways, something that makes us laugh most of the time is when we decide to go on schedule means we are serious and after a little while, everything is ruined by something silly that wasn’t on the agenda. Also, another thing, but that isn’t funny, which causes our agenda to be ruined is slowing down on doing stuff because of the feeling of low motivation.

Sometimes my friends tell me their schedule and how serious they are following it, which got me worried to a point that they will be so much better than me. After a few minutes, they seem to follow the old habits haha because of the feeling of low motivation or should I say laziness haha. You can’t set a schedule without being determined to start what you started because is not enough only to do such a thing like this(just having a schedule).

A couple of days ago, my friend told me that he will start going to the gym because he wants to build his body. However,  the day after, some other friends kept taking him out with them to hang out and enjoy some times, and I said to him ‘wow, what happened to the gym?’ he was like ‘haha, I’m just trying to enjoy my life before going into a serious mode and miss on this fun’. I think this is a convenient reason to not start the schedule you want haha.

Talking about myself, I was so determined to go on a schedule and work on myself to a point where my brother said “Oh my.. go easy on yourself, bro” and this didn’t last a long time and I ended up playing video games most of my day haha. It’s just funny how we are serious about this thing “work on yourself and follow a schedule’ but ends up another road haha.

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Sometimes I can be as serious as possible scheduling everything, and still, there will be something silly that will not make you follow it. However, if you are really determined, I’m sure you will manage to get rid of other things and just focus on everything that needed to be done without the funny convenient reasons that you lie to yourself about it. I can imagine everyone being serious about doing something after they finish a game, but keep saying ‘its the last game’ for almost an hour haha. I’m not sure if anything will happen when doing this.

Remember that you only have a 24 hour day and everything might not be accomplished by the end of the day, but focusing on the daily stuff and what’s important while doing a bit of the long term goals or things is what we need to do if we want to make time for everything. I’m sure we are all really want to get something done but don’t think too much because sometimes nothing will be going as planned and then, it will be a reason for you to feel down. Just make sure that you have another plan in case the first one doesn’t work and keep going forward with it.

I once before attempted to set a good schedule for me to work on it a whole week and I was so serious about it but because I have a bad habit of not being able to watch a series for a while and just want to watch an episode after another, everything changed and stopped me from doing it. Later, my cousin asked how I’m doing with my schedule and working on myself, I told him that I haven’t done anything but watching haha.

There is so much stuff that really funny when being so serious about having a schedule, but I can’t make them in one post. For example, setting a schedule for you that includes going to the gym and you started it, but after a bit, you are not going to the gym anymore because of a silly reason that you made it up which no one is going with you, haha and that’s the story of my cousin haha. He literally stopped going to the gym when he was in great progress.

Aside from the funny stuff of having a schedule, it’s really helpful if you want to be successful in your work and get everything accomplished. I always talk about this because it’s so important in our life. I feel like a lost ship without my schedule or at least knowing what I want to get done by the end of the day because it feels like it gives me a clear aim toward something and organizes my day.

I’m going to wrap this post on this point, and I hope it made you laugh as it did for me because this is my favorite type of topic that I really enjoy writing. Also, I hope there was something part of it that is helpful for you. If you enjoyed it, please support me and the blog by subscribing through the subscription box below to get future content on time. Don’t forget to share your funny situation of doing a schedule and the wins of it as well. Also, would like to know how managing a schedule is easy for you if you do have one, Have a wonderful Monday.

Funny things happen when trying to set a schedule and some tips when setting one
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16 thoughts on “Funny things happen when trying to set a schedule and some tips when setting one”

  1. Following a schedule is hard. But it is the number 1 reason why successful people are successful. Change in mindset to constantly remind ourselves that if we slack, our situation isn't going to improve. If that is ok with us then we can go ahead and slack off. But if we want things to change then following a schedule is a must. Also following a routine is shown to help people deal with mental health issues 🙂

  2. I must say that it has never been easy for me to strictly follow a schedule. But at the moment I am training myself to follow a routine and hopefully I can stick to it.

  3. That is pretty awesome! It's easy to set schedules but to follow is so hard. You have great tips that very helpful, definitely will keep these in mind. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I don't really follow a schedule AT ALL. There are certain routine things I do every day, but a schedule – nope. Every day is different for me, and I just roll with the punches. Life is so much better this way in my opinion!

  5. Awesome article. It's always easy to say something but then not doing it. If we are focus and goal oriented we stick to our schedule and follow them

  6. I used to think I knew how to manage my time, stick to a schedule, etc. etc. etc. Then I became a parent. Looking back at pre-parent me, it's laughable how little I got done and how much time I wasted.

  7. It can be hard to set a schedule. I find having it written down, where I can see it everyday, helps me the most. It's about making something routine, although life does tend to get in the way sometimes!

  8. With 6 kids following a schedule is a must for me when it comes to managing their activities. However, in my personal life I am horrible at sticking to a schedule. I’m sure if I was more diligent, I would in return be more productive.

  9. It can be pretty difficult to use the schedules consistently unless you really make sure to do things to reinforce it and do things to promote following it all the time. It can help but you still need to be flexible.

  10. I have been working on finding the balance between being creative (generating ideas), using the time o have wisely, and recognizing how my brain/energy works best. After 3 years of blogging (and two years of podcasting and of running a YouTube channel), I feel like I am FINALLY able to juggle each responsibility while still generating new ideas and goals. During that first 2 years, I would get so overwhelmed by switching between getting content up, creating new content, promoting it all and still having time and space and energy to strategize the future. Now, I finally have developed a workable schedule and feel less anxious. I have implemented some methods to help keep me on track. Thanks for reminding me how far I have come.

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