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Funny things happen when trying to set a schedule and some tips when setting one

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  1. Wackyvanilla

    Following a schedule is hard. But it is the number 1 reason why successful people are successful. Change in mindset to constantly remind ourselves that if we slack, our situation isn't going to improve. If that is ok with us then we can go ahead and slack off. But if we want things to change then following a schedule is a must. Also following a routine is shown to help people deal with mental health issues 🙂

  2. Kate Loves Travel

    I never have a schedule. Like you say, things always happen to throw it off track anyway… particularly when you have a child whose plans are always changing, lol!

  3. Karen Monica

    I must say that it has never been easy for me to strictly follow a schedule. But at the moment I am training myself to follow a routine and hopefully I can stick to it.

  4. Neyl Hezekiah

    That is pretty awesome! It's easy to set schedules but to follow is so hard. You have great tips that very helpful, definitely will keep these in mind. Thanks for sharing!

  5. GiGi Eats

    I don't really follow a schedule AT ALL. There are certain routine things I do every day, but a schedule – nope. Every day is different for me, and I just roll with the punches. Life is so much better this way in my opinion!

  6. Anonymous

    Awesome article. It's always easy to say something but then not doing it. If we are focus and goal oriented we stick to our schedule and follow them

  7. breenarina

    I have had some funny things happen when I have a schedule. But honestly I need a schedule or I tend to forget what I am doing!

  8. Flossie McCowald

    I used to think I knew how to manage my time, stick to a schedule, etc. etc. etc. Then I became a parent. Looking back at pre-parent me, it's laughable how little I got done and how much time I wasted.

  9. Stephanie

    It can be hard to set a schedule. I find having it written down, where I can see it everyday, helps me the most. It's about making something routine, although life does tend to get in the way sometimes!

  10. Roots Uncovered

    With 6 kids following a schedule is a must for me when it comes to managing their activities. However, in my personal life I am horrible at sticking to a schedule. I’m sure if I was more diligent, I would in return be more productive.

  11. CourtneyLynne

    I’m a huge schedule person. I don’t understand how people don’t run their lives on a schedule lol

  12. Haunted History Jaunts

    Sticking to a set schedule can be so challenging, especially when you have life, kids, maybe jobs etc. In the mix! Love the honestly of the post (and humor 🙂

  13. Amanda @ Healthy House on the Block

    Working at home with kids I have have a fairly set-in-place schedule. That being said, I also choose to be a bit flexible with things so we don't get stuck in a really strict routine.

  14. David Elliott

    It can be pretty difficult to use the schedules consistently unless you really make sure to do things to reinforce it and do things to promote following it all the time. It can help but you still need to be flexible.

  15. Cassie

    The sure is true. I have a hard enough time doing it without something getting in the way but some thing all ways seems to happen

  16. Blooming Prejippie

    I have been working on finding the balance between being creative (generating ideas), using the time o have wisely, and recognizing how my brain/energy works best. After 3 years of blogging (and two years of podcasting and of running a YouTube channel), I feel like I am FINALLY able to juggle each responsibility while still generating new ideas and goals. During that first 2 years, I would get so overwhelmed by switching between getting content up, creating new content, promoting it all and still having time and space and energy to strategize the future. Now, I finally have developed a workable schedule and feel less anxious. I have implemented some methods to help keep me on track. Thanks for reminding me how far I have come.

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