Great practices that will increase your productivity

Hello, everyone, and welcome to a new week and a new post. Something I wish that I joined this year’s Blogtober. However, I’ve been busy with a lot of things lately. So, That helps to make it better. When you feel and be productive, it can be worth it. And today I would like to talk about something important. These are great practices that will increase your productivity.

Sometimes it can be difficult to stay productive because of some reasons that I will mention in a bit. And that will slow you from achieving your goals. This means a longer period to live that dream you want and have been dreaming about it for a long time. But, don’t worry, I have listed practices that will increase your productivity.

These practices that will increase your productivity are from experience that helped me. Everything I share with you guys is from experience and things that I go through. My goal is to help as many as possible. And I have faith it will help others because it helped me and that’s why I share it. However, it might not be for everyone which is ok. You can try and see, hopefully, it can help you as well.

It makes us feel better when we are productive and that’s alone a reason why we need to aim for this. And with these practices that will increase your productivity, it will help to make us feel better about our progress and ourselves as well. Time flies so quickly these days and we only could have so much time before we are in the next year haha. No more wasting time anymore.

Great practices that will increase your productivity

Great practices that will increase your productivity

Let me explain to you guys productivity in case you are not sure what it is. Well, I’m sure most of you guys are familiar with this word. We all know that it means when you do something or spend an effort doing so much work. It often describes a person’s capability to do a lot of work. And it can also refer to anything that produces a lot.

And here in this post, you will know about practices that will increase your productivity which means let you do work getting things done. By the end of the day, you will remember that it was such a productive day for you, and did a lot of things.

Well, one thing you should know is that these are practices that will increase your productivity. Things to do daily to achieve productivity. That means it will take some time to get the best results from them. And that’s ok because as you keep doing these practices, things are going to be better and better. The more productive you are, the better life would be for you.

When it comes to things like this, I first and most important thing I would recommend is having determination. Without it, things won’t be as good as they should be. You will stop when it gets harder and it will because that’s how life is for people who are chasing after their dreams.

Also, during the time of us doing these practices that will increase your productivity. Sometimes it might seem difficult to keep going but remember that you doing a great job. I’m saying this because, from experience, we need to remind ourselves and push through some real-life obstacles. Maybe even feelings and that happened to me several times and what do is let go sometimes.

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Reasons why you need to push and increase your productivity:

  1. Live the life you always dreamed of
  2. Achieve your goals in different aspects of life
  3. Feel better about your day and life
  4. Because it’s Important part of our life
  5. Help you to expereince new things

You might ask what do I need from reasons to aim for productivity. Well, let me say that some people need a why and that “why” to push them to work on things. Not every day do we see people who want to be successful and do something in life. So, these are reminders if you are that person. Also, it’s a good reminder for me when I read this post, I remember the whys. What’s our “why” to achieve goals and aim for productivity?

There is also when you need to work on increasing it and that’s easy. If you feel like you not getting things done. Not getting things done on time. When you run from working or doing things, that means more of you want to just enjoy life and not work. And working is how we can be productive in life.

Let’s see these practices that will increase your productivity, shall we?

1-Working without any distractions

You might think how could this be a practice. Well, if you are like me, I’m used to having a distraction around as watching a video or stream meanwhile working. Sometimes I feel like I can’t work without. And that’s normal but it’s not good if we want to get things done fast. So, I took it as a challenge to stop everything and just concentrate on working. I felt good and helped me to get things done quicker.

Even music can be a distraction sometimes. Practice working with no distraction at all and see how you would feel about the progress. Trust me, it will feel different and feel like you enjoying the progress. Because watching or doing anything while trying to work is going to delay. So I decided to add to these practices that will increase your productivity.

It might not be easy but try to do one or two tasks with no distraction at all. Just you and the tasks working on. Until you get things done, everything is off. And after things are done, you can take a moment to appreciate the effort you put in and see how it felt. Then, you can turn on that stream or video or whatever you do when working.

This would be perfect for people who work from home. Because we tend to do things at home and that’s not a working environment haha. We need to force ourselves to focus on work if we looking to get tasks done. Otherwise, we will fall into the hole of laziness and not doing anything haha.

It’s a practice and sometimes you can’t resist but turn on a distraction. Remember that’s ok because it’s a process. And as long as you trying to stay without it for as long as it’s possible, one day you will be able to do it longer. That moment will be the time when you start achieving this and do things without distraction which means more productivity.

2-A good sleep schedule

I’ve said this before and I say it again. If we want to be productive in our day. We have to have a good sleep. Because without it, we will feel lazy and run out of energy fast. And that’s something that is against being productive in life which is something that no one wants.

Practice sleeping early and waking up early. This way, you will have time to do things for the day. Because when you wake up late, your day mostly will be just catching up. And feeling tired from not having a good sleep which will make the day not so fun. Sometimes it might not be easy but keep doing it until you change the schedule to a better one that is going to make your productivity increasing.

If you have a bad sleep routine that lets you wake up late and sleep late. It’s not going to be easy but remember life will be so much better with the new sleep schedule. So, make sure that you improve the way and determination first and things will be easier for you to deal with.

A good schedule is when you wake up early in the morning and have a good and enough sleep. Sleeping a minimum of 7-8 hours is enough and that’s every human should sleep. You can sometimes sleep 6-5 and still consider ok but you might feel sleepy. It’s considered to be one of the practices that will increase your productivity. Because it will help to do things while being in a good health.

3-The ability to shift your mind back to work

Another good practice that will help you to increase productivity and I added it to the practices that will increase your productivity. It’s when you can shift the mind back to work. This happens when we take a break or get distracted by doing something else.

It takes me some time to get my mindset back to work. Don’t think it’s easy because it’s not unless you have mastered it. And again, I’m talking about people who work at home. Because if you are working in a company, there should be something forcing you to get your mindset back to work.

However, people work from home, there are more than keep them distracted than working or getting back to work. So, you need to practice shifting your mind back to work as soon as the break finish or when you get back to the work office. Either doing something or just a break.

You will know the true meaning of this when you can get things done quicker. Because it might take time for you to get back to work. It’s going to be a fight for few minutes and that time can be useful to get more tasks done and it’s important.

Conclusion of Great practices that will increase your productivity

There are going to be more of these practices added to this list of practices that will increase your productivity. However, for now, I mentioned these 3 and they are really important if you are looking to get things done and increase your productivity. These things are what I’m practicing at the moment as well. So, I can say it’s helping a lot to feel productive and get good working days.

I would love to know what’s your guys’ practices that you do to help you increase productivity. Also, if you are doing any of the ones I mentioned above. Let us know in the comment section below.

I’m going to share more of these awesome posts. Sharing blogging, business, marketing, DIY tips. And soon I’m going to start talking about DIY projects. If you are interested, please subscribe to my email list. Follow me on Twitter and Pinterest as well because I share my latest posts on there and more updates.

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  1. This is a great list of practices that will increase your productivity! I use a couple of them now, but need to get better at being able to take a break and then transition my mind back to work. I tend to get too distracted!

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