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How I keep my fitness on a good level when sitting at the desk for a long time everyday

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  1. aisasami

    For me, if I sit for a long time, I will dance to a tune or do some yoga. I also close my eyes if I been staring at the computer for a long time.

  2. ThatAutisticFitChick

    I make sure I never sit for longer than an hour at a time when I'm working and I get up and either walk around the house or if I don't want conversation I do some yoga – if only a couple of sun salutations to get my back stretched out. I also look at the horizon out of the window for few minutes to rest my eyes before I return to the computer 🙂

  3. breenarina

    These are all great tips for getting fitness up while you still have to sit alot. I am going to try out your tips!

  4. Arun

    Thank you so much. I do a desk job and struggle with neck and shoulder pain. Your tips are super helpful. I would love to try them.

  5. Purva

    When your focus is stronger than excuses, you find a way to make fitness a routine. Stay healthy and fit!

  6. Stephanie

    My husband and I recently built a few shelves to make our desks into standing desks so we aren't sitting all day. We both do a quick workout (pushups, crunches, squats, lunges, free weights) before taking a shower. Also, my oldest who is in kindergarten likes to ride bikes to school so we do that together most days.

  7. Flossie McCowald

    You are so right, it's critical to make sure to stay active when you are largely working a desk job. I use the reminders on my Fitbit to get up and move around every hour, and being a mama to two young kids also keeps me pretty busy – lugging baskets of clean laundry up 2 flights of stairs always gets my heart pumping!

  8. CourtneyLynne

    Ooooo so many great tips!!! I really should apply some of these. I sit at a desk all day and can use he extra fitness boost lol

  9. Angela Tolsma

    This is definitely something I struggle with, especially when working at home. I don't move enough and it's not always easy remembering too.

  10. Lasha

    These are great suggestions for keeping fit while having a desk job. It's hard to stay motivated when you work at a desk all day!

  11. Becca Wilson

    This is some really great advice. I tend to be at my desk way too much during the day!

  12. Snehal

    I have a sedentary lifestyle. I will follow your tips to stay fit. I do go on small walks though. 🙂

  13. Eliz Frank

    I think it is really important to get up every day and commit time to moving around. It is not just for our physical but also for our overall health.

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