How to avoid and get rid of one of the things that don’t help you be a successful person

Hello beautiful people, I hope you had a great Father’s day and spent it with your family well. I couldn’t let this week pass without any post as well because I’ve had enough days in the past couple of weeks to enjoy and some of it to gain more energy and some of it was focusing on other things related to my work which kinda made writing for me a bit difficult. However, I decided to pause everything and get back on writing no matter the circumstances or anything because I missed it and I need to make creating content my first priority.

I was going to make this post about funny moments with me and my father because it’s a good time for that but then came into my mind that I haven’t done any inspirational posts for almost a month or so and there is no better time than to do now because something I just figured out in the couple past days which kinda important to mention even though I’m not sure if there are other people already mentioned it before, but I will share my thoughts and what I learned.
Before going into the actual idea or post, I would like to say that I’m considering to get back and write on the old topics which were started at the beginning of my journey because since they are still not deleted, I might as well make good use of them to have more content. Though, my main concept of entertaining is not going to change but more like entertaining on different topics.

I also will have the chance to add another important thing we need in our life which is learning and educational stuff within every post I write which would be something great to have both important things in one post. It might be difficult for such a thing, but I will do my best and learn as I move forward.

Anyways, during the past couple of days, I was deeply thinking about what could be the reason for not allowing me to write anything for this long because for sure, there might be other stuff I might get distracted with and that’s fine, but there is another reason that I finally figured it out which’s what I will be talking about in this post. I found out this is one of the things that can and will ruin your success if you want to be a successful person and trying to achieve your goals.
There are some times when I get something in my way that I need to finish which is more important but less difficult than what currently needs to be done and once I complete it and want to get back to finish what I was working on, I feel less interesting on working on it and just want to take a rest for a couple of minutes to gain energy or sometimes I try to get myself distracted with other things that aren’t that difficult or take as much time.

Imagine this happens over and over every day, it would make it look perfect for anyone and drift them to another route which will make you miss another important thing to do by feeling comfortable doing something less difficult or something take less time or whatever is the excuse, I hope I explained it well haha.

The point is not only feeling comfortable because I’m sure everyone knows that this is the most excuse people would take over doing something to be successful but also having more convenient reasons to make you stop doing what you want to achieve. For example, thinking that you are doing something important only because it needs to be done, but it drives you to do it because it’s less difficult than whatever you were working on before getting distracted and you will start to keep yourself distracted with it every day.

After a while doing it, things would seem heavy to do when thinking to get back and finish them which then something you used to do would turn to be hard for you to do it just because your mind programmed this way. I would say this is one of the negatives things that would happen when following it.

If you want to be a successful person, I suggest you define comfortability by getting things done and that’s when you really feel comfortable and so happy no matter how much it takes or how difficult it is because either way, it will need to be done anyway. I’m sure this will happen to certain things that are important because there are one thing or two things that might be as important or perhaps even more.

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Plus, You won’t feel good if you still have something that hasn’t been finished yet, which will keep your mind busy all the time trying to avoid it just to feel comfortable by not doing it. This applies to everything(talking about general stuff in life and not only if you are seeking success and achieving goals)and not only certain things as long as there is a convenient excuse to not do it whether feeling comfortable or just because it’s a little bit hard, you know.

Once you fall into the trap of feeling comfortable when not doing anything even if it’s difficult or takes so much time or whatever the excuse, it would be hard for you to get back unless you have a strong commitment to helping you or anyone to get back on doing it. This will be a struggle for you to finish tasks that you tried to avoid if there is no commitment.

However, you always can push your commitment and level up your energy to do it. Plus, this is the perfect time to remind and go through why whatever it needs to be should be done if it’s something part of your success. Actually, the only way to refuel your passion level and strengthen your commitment is by remembering why you started or why you do it and so on. Remember to remind and repeat to yourself the purpose of why doing whatever it is.

I found out that being away from writing a blog post wasn’t only because of having other things to work on, but also not having to trouble myself in thinking of a topic to write and the time for it. However, I needed to stop doing this and pause everything to manage the balance back even though I’m still working on my blog but not writing a post which is both are important but the other things are less difficult or take less energy and I had a convenient excuse that I’m working on an important task.

I’m sure this could happen to other things in life and to anyone on this planet which is the reason why I needed to talk about this. I hope you got something helpful and would love to know if it did happen to you before and how you manage to balance back.

How to avoid and get rid of one the things that don't help you be a successful person

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23 thoughts on “How to avoid and get rid of one of the things that don’t help you be a successful person”

  1. I am a list person. I have my list of things to do and I want to check the boxes. If I don't have that list, I quickly get distracted and lose motivation for sure!

  2. Yes, this is so true. The most successful people are the ones that embrace the discomfort. It pushes people way beyond their boundaries resulting in growth as a person.

  3. very good points I love it. Not many people talk about this topic tho. Honestly I still feel discouraging sometime and I know it's not fun. It's so hard actually. Glad I could inspire myself afterward.

  4. I have had or should I say still have these problem at times. But I always remind myself why I started it from day one. Trying to find that balance by motivating myself.

  5. I enjoyed this post. I like the fact that you have a sense of humor but know when it's time to be serious, too!

  6. There can be so many things holding us back in life. It is good to spring clean our lives of the things that prevent us from reaching our goals!

  7. I wonder why we must go through continuous effort and struggle to grow beacuse of discouragement? It seems like we get more knowledge, intellect etc and then our time is done. We could get so much more accomplished if we were born intelligent. Not that I’m questing God as I know in his infinite wisdom he has a reason for everything.

  8. Nice post and I've enjoyed reading this. I am experiencing this thing most especially when I am stressed and pressured for the things that I need to be done and yes, you are right because things that keeps me on doing it is thinking of the many reasons why am I doing it.

  9. I agree with having to push yourself through struggles and going out of your comfort zone in order to grow. This was a great read, thank you!

  10. Sometimes physical things are hindering our success (and this varies for sure, from person to person). I remember having to let go of things that reminded me of my old friends, who I had parted ways with, because sometimes they made me sad to think about. Being distracted by something so "silly" actually would hinder my work day, as I work from home!

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