How to avoid delaying the DIY project

It’s good to be back and be on schedule with posts. If you missed my two latest posts that I just posted this week. I made a big comeback plan and I’m still going with the new posting schedule. There were two projects posted this week, but this post will be different. Like I said in my first post of the week, I’m going to have new post ideas and not just projects. This is how to avoid delaying the DIY project.

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This time will not be about a project. Also, this post is going to be the last post of this week haha. which makes it 3 posts a week. I’m going to talk about the schedule in a bit. However, I thought would be a good idea to start the first week of my return with good two projects. Before doing other posts like this one. Today’s post going to be a chilled post and talk about some stuff related to DIY. Please grab your favorite drink and enjoy reading how to avoid delaying the DIY project.

So the new schedule will be 3 posts a week. I’m going to post on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. If you are an old reader you know this is more than I used to do haha. Even though I was struggling with consistency in the previous schedule. However, this time is different and I came prepared to fix all problems I had before.

About the post

Anyway, when I was doing my recent projects, I had a problem that almost made me delay the DIY project and for DIY bloggers like me. That means there will be no content if that happens. However, I was lucky that I was able to fix it and continue doing my project. I thought would be perfect to share with you what I did and 3 things to do to avoid delaying the project.

Well, there are more to cover before starting a DIY project, but these are the most important things to pay attention to. I have already mentioned some tips in previous posts about DIY projects and how to have a successful DIY project. So this will be another part of the series that I already stated before and add more to it.

There might be different things than what will be mentioned in this post. And I would like to know about it. If you had something else that delayed your DIY project. However, for now, I’m going to mention three of what could possibly delay the DIY project. I hope it will be helpful to you as well.

I’m going to post more awesome DIY projects and also post ideas as well. I would really appreciate it if you subscribe to my blog or follow me on WordPress if you have an account. You will receive future posts on time and support me. That’s means a lot to me.

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How to avoid delaying the DIY project

My goal always is to be able to help as many as I can. Even if you browse my blog a little longer, you will find sometimes I do projects for a variety of purposes. So a lot of people still can find it helpful. I just feel like I’m not helping enough if it’s for one purpose, you know haha.

1-Write down a list to avoid delaying the DIY project

Alright, I’m going to start with one of the most important steps. Which I always do before doing any project. This applies to almost anyone who wants to start any DIY. Because I’m not talking about a specific list of things to prepare.

However, whenever we think to start a project, the first thing to do is to list all the things that will be used for it. For example, I would use colored A4 paper. So I would write it on a list and see if I have it or not. If not, then I make sure to get it. This is before we even start, still thinking about doing a project haha. So I won’t have to delay the project when I get started.

But sometimes you might not be able to get at the time you want to make it the project. Well, this is easy and as DIYer. I do not panic. If it’s something that can be made from things around me, then, that would be good. This happened to me in my previous project.

I always have long papers and normal A4 papers, but I forgot that I ran out of the long ones in the middle of the process. And that almost caused me to delay the project, and therefore there will be no post for this week haha. As you can see in the picture above. This from my previous post if you haven’t checked it out yet.

So I thought of making a long paper out of the normal A4 papers, and it worked. It still not the same as the one we buy from the store, but it serves the purpose, you know haha.

Also, when things can’t be bought. When you write a list of what you will use. It helps you to prepare well for everything. I had a paper belt in my previous project and I don’t think anyone sells that hahaha. So First, I made sure that I have it. It was made also out of the normal A4 papers.

2-Always have a spear close by

This is very important as a DIY blogger. Because most of the projects will have at least one mistake that we do which going to mess up things haha. This means it will be necessary to have more of everything in case that happens and need to redo it again.

I can imagine going to the store and buy the necessary items and mess up later. Then, you still need more to redo it and you only bought one of each haha. For me, it already happened a few times which caused me to delay the post. However, now I always extra.

So I highly recommend buying a little more than what you need and prepare it. This will help you to finish the project and get the content ready for your blog haha. Even if you are not a blogger, it feels good getting the project done without a delay.

3-Make sure to choose the perfect time

Well, one thing that can also make you delay the project is getting distracted by something else that is important. I would not like it when I have to stop working and go do another thing in the middle of the process. So I choose the perfect time that I don’t have anything but the DIY project.

Also, imagining the steps and what you will do is going to help you get an idea of how long it will take you. But, also put in mind that things might not work as planned. So when setting up a time for the project, it needs to be during the day that you feel good and has nothing that will distract you.

Sometimes the project might take you longer to finish and that is another thing. I’m talking about short projects from 1 to 6 hours. Because if it’s a long project, then you can start any time and do a few things each day, you know haha.

Conclusion of How to avoid delaying the DIY project

Alright, thank you for reading until this point which is the end of the post. I would like to know if you have a different thing that made you delay the project that is not on the list. Please remember to subscribe to the blog or follow if you have a WordPress account. You will get my new posts on time and support me. There are more awesome DIY ideas and good post ideas in the future. Have a great day!

How to avoid delaying the DIY project

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21 thoughts on “How to avoid delaying the DIY project”

  1. I am guilty to this. I do have some DIY projects that on hold. I have to take and reorganize my time and finish some of them. Thanks for this.

  2. Almost everything in our house was something my husband and I did together. DIY projects could take weeks and sometimes months to finish but my husband and I stay on the project by having target date to finish!

  3. I completely agree when you say that sometimes things don’t always go as planned. I always try to take that information into account before I start a project. Such great tips here. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Such helpful tips – thank you! Actually, I have no trouble beginning a project, it’s after a while that I get fed up – especially when it’s not going as expected 😀

  5. I am not a diy blogger but I enjojy a little diy here and there. my main delaying reason is my being not confident I can pull it as well I want it to

  6. I FINALLY finished a project that’s been on my to-so list forever! I love planning and shopping but sometimes U can be slow in execution. Lol.

  7. Although I don’t do much DIY projects, I totally relate with delaying tasks and I find that it also helps to break down your projects/big tasks into smaller tasks so that you won’t feel overwhelmed with the projects at hand. And also using the pomodoro technique, it helps you focus on the task more and keeps you from distractions.

  8. I have some DIY projects that I have been delaying for a while. This is such a motivational post to get back out there and finish those projects. Thank you, I needed to read this to get back in the game.

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