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How to create Pinterest pins fast with these 4 tips

How to create Pinterest pins fast with these 4 tips
(Last Updated On: June 7, 2021)

Hello, everyone and welcome back to another post or welcome if you are new to this blog. I’ve been doing a lot of studies and researches on how to improve several skills and things. Also, if you noticed, I updated the about page and privacy page. Adding new things and changing some things to this. And today, I got an interesting post for you guys and it’s about social media marketing. This is How to create Pinterest pins fast with these 4 tips.

A brief on what happened, and I want your thoughts on this. I decided to change this blog from just a blog to a brand and a place for multiple things. And I’m going to start with affiliate programs. As you can see on the sidebar and you can go check the affiliate page here. To read more about it and get yourself good web hosting.

As I grow this brand, I’m going to include more affiliate programs and more helpful and awesome things that can be good for others. Such as my current affiliate program which can be helpful for people who starting their blogging journey or want to create an online business.

Anyways, let’s talk about today’s post because this time I want to share my social media marketing experience that I’m doing that helps me to create pins fast and learned from. Well, not on how to market but something about It’s still blogging tips related because most of the bloggers need to do such a thing for their blog posts.

How to create Pinterest pins fast

It might feel like it’s out of the topics that I talk about but it’s related to blogging and bloggers in my case. So I would like to share with you guys my tips on how to create Pinterest pins fast. This will help you to save time and create as many as possible.

The good thing about this is the more you do it and follow these steps, the faster and more pins you can make. There will be one tip that will be the most valuable that you want to do every time you create pins. I’m going to mention it below, please make sure to keep reading to know about it.

I’m assuming everyone by now knows what are the pins and what is Pinterest. But, in case you don’t know it. Pinterest is a search engine such as Google, Bing but in a different way. You can search for food, DIY, blogging tips and it appears in photos or something called a “Pin”.

If you are a blogger and haven’t focused on Pinterest, I would highly recommend making it one of your main social media for marketing. It’s the best one to promote your content and get more traffic to your blog or content.

Creating pins takes time and experience to make the best pins that will show in the search results and get you traffic. However, this post will talk about only how to speed up the process. If you think that it takes a long time to finish creating YOUR pins. These tips on how to create Pinterest pins will help to make it a short time.

1-Set the number of pages

If you have created pins before. You probably using Canva for doing that and they have a new design for adding as many pages as you want. And first on the how to create Pinterest pins fast list is going to get ready. And by that I mean, set the number of pages that you want.

Some people try to create pins one by one thinking it will be fast. And I was doing that until I followed this tip and it really helped me a lot to finish it faster. Even though you will work one by one, setting all the pages up first will be faster to move to the next one.

Canva has a good design for adding pages this time and I really liked it and it’s faster to add things like pictures and other stuff to any page you want. This really helps a lot and next on how to create Pinterest pins fast, I’m going to talk about another thing that will also speed up the process.

2-Prepare all the pictures and upload them

I know some of you guys already doing this which is very important. However, I never realized how fast it can be until I started doing it. Go through all the blog posts and products you want to make pins for it and upload it to Canva because once you set up the pages, it will be so much faster to just add them to each page.

For me, I was doing one pin and then go upload pictures for the next one and so on. And this takes me forever to finish if I want to make like 20 pins or more. Which is not the best way to do it. So, I decided to do this step and it helped a lot.

Well, now you have two options to work with that will help you to speed up the process after doing this step. One, you can work on one page and move to the next one. Which most beginners would do and that is totally ok. All pictures are ready and you can jump from one to another. However, finish few steps on multiple pins at the same time. For example, work on 10 pins at the same time, adding the photos and frames or whatever you want to add. That going to make the time even shorter. If you have done a lot of pins, then this would be easy for you.

3-Change the picture’s angle

Pinterest love to see new pictures on each pin. You can also change the angle of the picture. For example, zooming in a little more, and in Canva, you can control which part of the picture can be shown on any pin. So this would save time looking for more pictures and help you create fresh pins fast.

I found this recently because I don’t have a lot of good pictures for my projects that can be used for pins. Some bloggers, might take free images which are cool but how many can you find on the internet? well, there are only so many pictures to use.

So this really helps a lot to not only save time looking but also having more pins. Sometimes you want to create more pins but thinking that I don’t have enough pictures for it. Well, this tip on how to create Pinterest pins fast will be really handy when having this issue that lacks pictures.

4-Practice creating pin graphics

The last tip and most valuable on the how to create Pinterest pins fast tips. I said valuable because you might have done all the mentioned tips but your skills in creating graphics need more improvement. Well, you will not create the pins as fast as you should.

Unless you want to go with plain graphics and use to make. This is great but if you want to get more traffic, you need to make really good graphics that stand out. Also, choosing the colors is very important when it comes to creating pins. This is a big part of the graphics and if you practice more, you will be able to make good-looking pins in a short time.

The best way to practice is by making more and more pins. Also, you can check out other top pinners and see how they make their pins. It might give you an idea of how to make your next pin graphics. Even if you are an expert, never stop learning.

Conclusion of how to create Pinterest pins fast

Well, this is for how to create Pinterest pins fast post and I hope found it helpful. I would love to know what you guys think of these tips. And if you have followed it before, how did it help you. I’m curious, so please let me know in the comment below.

I also share a lot of good tips on blogging and DIY. If you want to know more and get my latest posts, please subscribe to the blog via Email. You can also follow me on WordPress. My latest posts are also shared on my Twitter and Pinterest which more options to get them. I would really appreciate it if you can follow me.

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