How to deal with DIY craft obstacles with these awesome tips

Hello, everyone! We are in a new week and that means a new blog post. Just like last week, I’m going to start with a DIY craft-related post. And this time I’ve got an interesting post. Something I don’t think I have talked about before but it’s important to everyone who is doing DIY crafts. I’m going to share my tips on how I deal with another thing that might happen during making a DIY craft. This is how to deal with DIY craft obstacles with these awesome tips.

There are a lot of things that happen before the finished look of the DIY craft project you want. And these things sometimes stop you from finishing it and don’t make it to the final results. And tons of ideas don’t turn into reality because of these things that happen as well. However, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to avoid them or how to deal with DIY craft obstacles properly to make it through to the final step.

Let me say that some projects or ideas need a strong determination to finish them. This is the process of making a DIY craft. It’s complicated sometimes and we need to spend time on it. However, I’m hoping this post on how to deal with DIY craft obstacles will help you out to make it easier to deal with them.

How to have a strong determination:

For that, you will need to have a reason and a big why. Make the project very important to you that you need to finish it. Either a decoration for the house or something useful that will help you to save money. Even though it might sound like there are no reasons but I’m pretty sure there are plenty of reasons for why doing the DIY project.

Attach a reason for the project, and set a goal for you to finish it. For long projects, you will take time to finish them. So, if you have a strong determination, it will be easy to keep working on the DIY craft idea until it’s done. Let me tell you, it will be exciting to see the results and rewarding. That will also help you with how to deal with DIY craft obstacles

That could be a reason for you to get it done and feel the moment of seeing your work in front of your eyes. At first, I thought it would be impossible until I got my first DIY craft and it was amazing to see it.

Anyways, let’s talk about how to deal with DIY craft obstacles and mention great tips that will help you to pass them. And see the final results of whatever you are working on.

How to deal with DIY craft obstacles with these awesome tips

How to deal with DIY craft obstacles with these awesome tips

Let’s talk a little bit about the obstacles you might face, and what I mean by that. If you haven’t done any DIY projects before. Don’t be scared because it’s not that bad. Think of this as the joy of doing DIY crafts. Sometimes you will face obstacles and that makes it more enjoyable. Also, these tips on how to deal with DIY craft obstacles are going to help as well.

When I say obstacles, I mean steps that will seem complicated to you. Maybe you were doing so great until a step that doesn’t make sense to you haha. Also, when you do something that ruins the step and you don’t know what else to do to complete it. Anything that will ruin the process of making the DIY project. And that’s what I would like to talk about on how to deal with DIY craft obstacles

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Some obsctacles during DIY project

  • An item don’t fit the measurement
  • A piece got broken and can’t be fixed
  • A step got ruined from doing something by accident
  • Gluing something in the wrong way by accident

Here are some of the things that you might face. However, it depends on the DIY project and whatever you crafting. But some of the ideas, the obstacles mentioned above can be one of them. These are based on previous projects. And here I’m going to talk about how to deal with DIY craft obstacles.

If you have done a DIY project, what were the most challenging moments? And how did you deal with it? Did you follow any of these on how to deal with DIY craft obstacles? Let us know in the comment below because it could give other people insight.

These obstacles make the process more challenging and fun, but also can be frustrating. And I talked about how to deal with frustration when failing. I’m sure you will find some great tips that will help you in case that happens to you because high chance it will haha.

I will try to highlight and talk about everything that you might face or go through and try my best to help and make it as easy as possible for you to know how to deal with DIY craft obstacles. These tips are from experience because I have done tons of DIY crafts with too many failures as well.

By the way, I’m a DIY crafter that works with cardboard and paper. I’ve made tons of projects showing how far can we go making things with these two simple materials. However, these tips will work with any materials because it’s about the process and not the materials.

1-Short break and here is what to do

When you hit an obstacle at any point, I’m assuming that you would keep trying and trying to fix it. However, that’s not How to deal with DIY craft obstacles. Because the more you try and it doesn’t work, the more you get frustrated. And that won’t be good for your health and whatever you working on. Trying a couple of times won’t hurt but don’t keep trying. Instead, take a short break.

Trying to catch a breath and relax for a few minutes before you go on how to deal with DIY craft obstacles. These relaxing moments will help you to gain back some momentum to give it another try and be mentally ready as well. While you taking the break and relaxing, try to go through the steps and see how things went on your mind. This will give you a way to handle it from where you stopped.

We need to spot what made it happen and where if we want to fix it. Also, it will help to be careful in the future. In case another obstacle comes in the way, you know how to deal with it. And don’t run into the same one again.

What’s next?

And after the break and when you feeling good to get back. You would get back to work on the project fix it. Make sure to remind yourself about why you doing it in the first place because sometimes going back would be a bit difficult when it gets complicated. Taking a break would make us feel comfortable and we won’t be able to get back.

You still relaxing but also going through the steps on your head. Study the situation and figure out how you got the obstacle. From there, it will be easy for you to set a new plan to fix it and continue with the project. And also making sure that you don’t get more obstacles. It’s about how to deal with DIY craft obstacles and aim not to get more of them next.

2-List the options

Before doing anything, I would highly recommend that you list all the possible options that can fix. It’s the best way to how to deal with DIY craft obstacles. This will help you to make the final decision of which one you can do. Because at first, you would need to see which one you feel is going to work the best and fix it for you allowing you to pass the obstacle.

Don’t rush the process and end up not doing anything at all. Maybe get into another obstacle and feel depressed. Make sure to take some time to imagine the process if you follow some of the options you listed. It will help you not to waste any more materials or glue because doing the options, will require using them. Therefore, if it doesn’t work, it would be only for nothing.

When you have limited resources, this would be your best bet. You need to know How to deal with DIY craft obstacles and also save up for finishing the whole project. Because sometimes the DIY craft would take a long time to finish.

Imagining it can be close to trying it in real life to see what any possible obstacle you will hit again. How things will be following the options. Be ready and try to avoid any obstacle in the next steps when doing this step. You don’t want to keep rushing the process only to end up with another obstacle or something that will stop you.

It’s ok to have more than 2 options in your head and study them. And this might sound like that will take a lot of time but in reality, imagining it won’t take as long time as you think. How to deal with DIY craft obstacles sometimes take time as well. And that’s ok because rushing is not going to help you at all.

You can list all the options on paper, on your laptop. Maybe even just on your mind. That would be ok as long as you will remember it. For me, I usually keep it on my mind and go on with it. But I keep reminding myself about them. As we keep working, we tend to forget it. That’s going to make How to deal with DIY craft obstacles a bit struggle for you haha.

3-Set the new steps and proceed

Now that you have all the options and picked the best one you got in mind. And also took as much time as possible to study it before doing it. I guess it’s time to work on it again and do what you planned for fixing and passing the obstacle. Make sure to get ready as much as possible before starting again and pay attention to your mental health as well.

I don’t recommend going back with any mental issues. As frustration or upset. It’s only going to make the process more difficult for you. Because you can’t focus and concentrate on the project. So, it’s not How to deal with DIY craft obstacles. You need to be fully ready for it.

It’s time to proceed and fix it again and continue working on the project until you finish it all. I would assume that you got everything that you need it. Such as extra materials and more glue and tools ready to get your project done and ready for whatever purpose.

You should be careful when working on it again. Because you don’t want to mess it up again or something. If you got an obstacle, rushing or doing it without any planning it’s not good. Before, When I tried to fix it thinking It’s just that or this and it will be fixed. I keep end up with more obstacles and things to fix. That’s not how to deal with DIY craft obstacles.

There might be more than one obstacle in the process and that’s ok. As long as you don’t rush things and try to fix them like following tips on how to deal with DIY craft obstacles. Things will be easy and allow you to see the final results of your project.

4-Imagine the outcomes beforehand

While you working on fixing the mistake and going forward with your project. I highly recommend that you imagine the outcome of every step before you do it. It will help you to understand and expect any obstacle which then you can be ready for it. Maybe even avoid it before it happens.

Trust me, when I started doing this, the process of making any DIY craft becomes smoother and smoother work on it. If you think it will take more time, you can keep going and see what happens when you get an obstacle. You will be spending longer than expected. We need to know how to deal with DIY craft obstacles and make it as easy as possible.

Well, some steps could be easy and don’t need to stop and imagine the outcomes from what you will do. I’m talking about the complicated or something you feel that will ruin the project. It’s worth it to stop and see what would happen.

Conclusion of how to deal with DIY craft obstacles with these awesome tips

These are the steps I usually do when I have an obstacle when I try to make a DIY craft. And it helps me a lot even though it might take time. But, I think you might take time anyway. Because if you are not careful, it will only lead to more problems.

If you have done a DIY before, how do you deal with DIY obstacles? I would love to know your guys’ way of dealing with such a thing and how to deal with DIY craft obstacles. For me, I’ve done it in different ways but I feel like the slow way always makes it to the end of the DIY project.

I will be sharing more DIY crafts tips and more DIY crafts in the future. Also, sharing blogging, business, marketing tips. If you are interested, please subscribe to my email list. Follow me on Twitter and Pinterest as well because I share updates and new posts as well.

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  1. These are some really great suggestions to help you when you come across crafting obstacles. I love crafting so this was a really interesting post. Thank you for sharing.


  2. I can relate so much to this! Whenever I am at my working table for my DIY project, I am readying myself for many trials and errors, and I need more patience. At the end of the day, it is all worth it.

  3. These are great tips. I haven’t done any DIY projects in a very long time but I’ve taken note of these tips. I’ll use them as soon as I go back to doing some DIY projects.

  4. nice tips! I enjoy diy crafting but I don’t do it often because I am not actually very good with hands but the process is what matters most for me anyways

  5. You had me at Set up Lists. I am a checklist kind of guy so whether it is a DIY craft project, getting my work done, or following a recipe, going down a list always helps me deal with or avoid obstacles.

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