How to deal with the social media algorithm change

Hello, everyone, and welcome to another post for this week. As always we start the week with a DIY craft post. And now I have an interesting post for you guys. I want to share my perspective and how can deal with it. It’s something that affects a lot of people and businesses. Some of them survive the change which is cool because some don’t survive and fall. I will be talking about how to deal with and know the social media algorithm change.

If you are not familiar with this social media algorithm change. Don’t worry, I’m going to explain it to you guys in a bit. Also, I will be talking about how you would know about it. Because sometimes it happens and we don’t even know that it did. Which can results in things we don’t want.

After seeing tons of accounts got affected on Pinterest, I wanted to share my perspective and give you guys some tips to deal with it. Being social media manager requires more efforts and us blogger tend to do more than one role for our blog. That means we might not have time for this but we need to put more effort into it. And here on how to deal with the social media algorithm change, I will be mentioning more about it.

You can also be part of this and share in the comments your method of dealing with this. I’m sure we all got a way to deal with social media algorithm changes. It’s not easy to deal with but it’s a process we would go through and we need to know how to deal with it in a way that won’t hurt our stats and progress.

How to deal with the social media algorithm change

How to deal with the social media algorithm change

Before talking about how to deal with the social media algorithm change. Let me mention a little about what is the social media algorithm. In case you didn’t know before. It’s important to know it and understand how it works to be successful in being a social media manager.

Well, social media algorithms can be defined as technical means of sorting posts based on relevancy instead of publishing time. in other words, it’s basically how posts are organized and shown to the users. An automated calculation that decides which social media posts make it to the top of your feed and which don’t.

That makes it easy to spot when it happens. I would assume everyone would know how to do that. Like, know if there are algorithm changes or not. Because once it changes, the performance of your posts is changing as well. Which makes it important to check and keep track of it. And I will be also talking about how to deal with the social media algorithm change in this post as well.

Every social media platform has its algorithm and changes it, the way it makes it unique for the user and publisher. So we need to pay attention to how it works to know what is changed if we notice a drop in our stats. This way also makes it easy to deal with.

How to deal with the social media algorithm change is a very important topic and that’s why I wanted to talk about it in this post. Some people depend on it and if there is a change in the algorithm which can cause a drop. That means progress is also going to be affected which is something we don’t want to happen. Hopefully, by the end of this “How to deal with the social media algorithm change” post, you will be able to deal with it.

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1-Compare stats

First, we need to make sure if the algorithm changed or not. And best way to know is if we got any change in our stats. Well, you may ask “How that can tell? when we don’t have sustainable stats. You can tell if it’s an unusual change in your stats. It might take a couple of days or more to notice it but it will be easy to spot.

Things to compare:

  • Daily reach
  • Daily views
  • daiy new users and users

Here are some of the things we would need to compare to spot if there are algorithm changes. And I would say it’s the first step we need to look for if we want to know how to deal with the social media algorithm change. If you track the stats, daily, it would be easier for you to compare them. That’s why it’s important to track them and write them down.

Don’t panic if you see a massive drop. Try to control your emotions and aim to figure out what happened. It’s normal for us to freak out but don’t let it get to you. Because it won’t let you deal with it properly. It might be down but you can get back up.

Spend some time understanding the stats and meanwhile you doing that. If you feel like it’s unusual for that to happen, check the internet if there is any change to whatever platform that got affected. I’m sure posts are talking about it already by the time you noticed it.

Usually, people don’t spot early. So comparing stats will help you a lot. And you can do that even when not trying to spot if there is an algorithm or not.

2-Remain strong

I mention this because it’s a big part of dealing with a social media algorithm change. There is no how to deal with the social media algorithm change if you are mentally not present and strong. So try to be strong even if it hurt your progress a little because it’s just a matter of time before you get back.

Being strong during this difficult time is needed because you will be looking for what happened to the algorithm. It’s time to know how it happened and learn more about the new algorithm. If you are not strong during this time, it will be difficult for you to look for this information. So that’s why I said remind strong is a big part of how to deal with the social media algorithm change.

You might think it’s easy to go through until you go through it and experience the fall. It’s not what you think and that’s why we need to remind strong and try to figure it out. It’s not easy when you see a drop in stats when there are no algorithm changes. Imagine the drop when it happens, it will be bad.

It’s ok to take off some things from your daily tasks to deal with them. Because you don’t want to stress yourself with everything. The process of finding what happened and learn about the new algorithm. So, you need to make sure to avoid stressing yourself trying to do everything at the same time.

3-Slowly adopt to the new changes

Once you figure out everything. While you remind strong, now your only goal is to get back on track with the new changes. I said slowly because it will take time adapting to the new changes and for your stats to get back where it was before the new algorithms.

Don’t rush yourself or expect to get it back at a specific time or day. Just make sure to change the way you post to suits the new algorithm. And let the magic happen over time. You will see yourself getting stats and maybe even more than you were used to getting

Remember to go easy on yourself when trying to change and adapt to the changes. It’s not our fault that the stats dropped. So you have no reason to feel guilty or something. Some people would feel upset while changing things because I did that haha. However, no need for that. It happens and we just need to deal with it to get back.

Well, after this experience, I would highly recommend that you keep your eyes on the social media platform updates. I’m sure they will mention everything and that will help us be prepared next time this happens. No need to struggle or feel bad when it happens. And that’s how to deal with the social media algorithm change

Conclusion of How to deal with the social media algorithm change

I think you have nothing but to keep slowly getting back and adapt to the changes. With that being mentioned, this is it for this post. I hope you guys find it helpful. It might seem it’s not a lot to do but it will take time to go through the process of adapting to the new changes.

Have you experienced before social media algorithm changes? If so, How to deal with the social media algorithm change? what did you do to get back and keep your stats up? let me know in the comment section.

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  1. Sometimes its hard when the social media algorithm is constantly changing like for example Pinterest. I have found that with Tiktok if you post a video and then close the app and don’t open the app for a few hours your views on your video will increase.

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