How To Enhance The Beauty Of The Decking In The Garden

Hello, everyone! I hope you having a great time and ready for this week. Today’s going to be my second guest post but the first one ever on this blog. I’m starting to accept guest posts on my blog and will work with other bloggers from now on. This is How To Enhance The Beauty Of The Decking In The Garden written by Alyssa Moylan.

I have been doing crafty DIY for a while mixing my content. Because I don’t want to limit to one thing. The topic has many ideas and different ways and I’m trying as many as I can and that’s why I’m going to share this post with you.

Trying to find new ideas going to give brainstorm and leave me confused about what to choose. However, I’m going to share more of the current ideas over the next weeks because I’m looking to increase the number of posts.

Anyways, enough talking and I hope you enjoy How To Enhance The Beauty Of The Decking In The Garden.

About the post

Even though it’s a guest post, I’m going to do the same structure as all the posts because I’m trying to make it my style of writing posts. However, next, I’m going to leave you with Alyssa Moylan’s post and I might add a few things.

Anyways, if you have a garden and looking to Enhance the beauty of the decking In the garden and make a good environment for you and guests when you host a party or any occasion.

This is will help you with some ideas and I think it’s really good ideas. Only if I have a garden, I would do some of these because Alyssa did well on making these DIY ideas together.

So here is how can you Enhance the beauty of the decking.

How To Enhance The Beauty Of The Decking In The Garden

No matter what size your garden is, small or big, there are a few designs that instantly change the entire look and feel of the house. Decking is certainly one of them.

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Installing a deck in your garden improves the aesthetics of your garden or backyard, enhance the landscape and give it a phenomenal look that never goes out of style.

Decking is a very popular way to style a garden. Not only does it provide a smooth surface to walk on, but also it adds on to the beauty of your surroundings. It conceals faults and creates a warm ambiance.

What Are The Ways To Improve The Deck?

There are many interesting ways on how you can improve the appearance of your deck. These ideas are suitable for every decking style and every season.

1- Add A Pergola:

A pergola will give your deck shade and improve the look of it. Pergolas create a beautiful canvas to your garden and protect the decking surface from excess sun exposure. This also keeps the sunlight at bay, especially on a warm summer day because of the top. You can relax under this pergola and have a relaxing time during the warm days.

2-Put Cushions And Pillows:

Keep your guests linger on the deck for a little bit longer by adding cushions and pillows to the sitting area near the deck. Choose durable and pretty pillows that are made of outdoor fabrics that could be easily found at home décor stores.

Such pillows will stand up to sun exposure and rain. This will add a warm and cozy touch to the decking and your friends would never want to leave.

Add A Fireplace:

A fireplace is the best decking accessory and for a good reason. It adds warmth and intimate air to the deck area. So if it gets cold during the morning and evening times, you can always light the fireplace and toast some marshmallows. Fireplaces look stylish and romantic and they protect from the cold too.

3-Colorful Outdoor Furniture:

When it comes to garden and landscape designing, it is always fun to experiment with rich, vibrant colors because it brings life to the decking. Bright, colorful chairs paired with contrasting cushions are fashionable and cheerful at the same time. This will make the dining experience exciting and fun and maintenance-free.

Install Lights:

Installing lights and lamps around the decking is a wonderful idea to instantly change the mood of the deck. During the evenings, these lights can accentuate the entire surroundings and also give proper sight to the homeowners.

Different contemporary and antique designs can be selected considering the overall décor of the house. Solar lights and LED lights are very popular these days as they consume lesser energy and are more eco-friendly.

4-Paint the Deck:

Decks don’t always have to be colorless and brown. You can even paint your deck in vibrant colors to give your deck and unique touch. Try to match the color of your house and choose the shades that compliment the surroundings. If going for painting, make sure to get regular maintenance because the paint can fade in time.

There are many other ways to make your deck look beautiful and cozy. Placing potted plants, adding flowers and decorations soften the look of the deck and provide the best visual effects. Don’t forget to water the plants and cleaning the decking space regularly.


You have reached the end of this post and now it’s me again. Thank you so much reading and it was a pleasure doing gust post with Alyssa Moylan. For me, I would pick the chairs with the light style because I feel like at night it would be perfect to chill and look at the sky.

Anyways, you can follow Alyssa Moylan on Twitter and check her blog for more awesome content like this. Also, would love to work with other bloggers if you have an idea, hit me up with and we can find time for it.

Also, make sure to follow and subscribe to my blog because I’m going to do more posts like this. Also, I’m a blog traveler right and will do more trips in the future. Have a great Monday!

How To Enhance The Beauty Of The Decking In The Garden

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28 thoughts on “How To Enhance The Beauty Of The Decking In The Garden”

  1. These are fantastic tips, thank you for sharing! I am thinking about improving my garden this summer and my decking is in need of being repainted. I love the Pergola, it is gorgeous and such a lovely place to relax with friends and family 🙂 Thanks for sharing, fab post! <3 xx

    Bexa |

  2. These are beautiful layouts on the deck. It is so clean and neat. The contrast with the light and dark colour really makes it tasteful.

    1. Yeah, they are. Thank you. That adds a nice touch when family gathering happens in that style 🙂

  3. What a great guest post – I love all these tips, especially the lighting one, I’m a huge fan of outdoor lighting. And I didn’t realise you could paint decking, that’s a wonderful idea, thank you for sharing this!

    1. Thank you, Lisa. That’s wise being a fan of Lighting because at night gives beauty to the deck 🙂 I love that as well.

  4. I needed this post on how to decorate your deck. I want to update our deck before the summer, but am not the decor type one say. I live your tips to add a pergola cushions and fire pit. Thank you for your help.

    1. I’m glad this post helped you. It sounds relaxing at night and that’s my favorite moment to chill with the fire and looking at the sky. Thank you for reading!

  5. I am learning from your tips! We dont have a deck, but had this small outdoor porch. Your tips are very helpful to redecorate my humble porch.

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