How to fix blog issues with these awesome tips

Hello, everyone, and welcome to the last post of this week. AND the new and first day of the spooky month. A happy new month to all. I hope it will be better for everyone. Well, I wanted to join and participate in this Blogtober. But, I have other things to take care of in real life. Maybe next Blogtober or Blogmas. Anyway, I’m going to start this month with an awesome blogging tips post. This is how to fix blog issues with these awesome tips.

I was debating whether is a good idea to share this post or not. However, I think it will be a good idea to share with you guys awesome tips to help you on how to fix blog issues. You can tell me what’s your thoughts on this when you finish reading. And was it helpful to you or not?

Well, I’m not sure how many times you face blog issues on your blog. But, when you get any, hopefully, this post will help on how to fix blog issues. Sharing things to do that will fix and I’m talking here about issues in general. Because I’m not sure what issue you may face too haha.

Sometimes we might get an issue that we don’t know how to solve. Don’t worry, I will mention something that will help you to fix it. This way, you don’t have to struggle looking it up on the internet. Please continue reading if you would like to know more about it.

Some of you guys already know how to fix blog issues and that’s awesome. However, some people get stuck and don’t know what to do. Even experts stumble into a complicated issue but eventually will solve it and figure it out.

How to fix blog issues with these awesome tips

How to fix blog issues with these awesome tips

If you own a blog and have been blogging for a minute. No way you haven’t faced a single issue. And I say issue which something that doesn’t function on your blog. Something got ruined and need to befixed. Also, some things don’t function properly. Getting one of the error codes. There are a lot of issues we might face and we don’t have to go through them all.

Well, I’ve gotten through pretty much all of them haha. However, it gets fixed right away. It takes some time if it’s a complicated issue. And that’s fine. As long we are working on it to fix it. You can relax and focus on the process because panicking won’t solve anything either.

I will be going on the process of how to fix blog issues but the steps might be different depending on the issue. So, don’t mix between the two. You can get so many different problems but, the process of how to deal with it. Can be similar.

One thing you should do is avoid panic and frustration. These will happen when we get any blog issues. Especially, when it lasts for a little longer than you expect it to be. When you do that, the process will be more complicated because you can’t focus. And first and most important step on how to fix blog issues is to remain calm and relaxed even when there is more than one issue.

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As you follow these tips that I will mention how to fix blog issues. Try to calm yourself and remember everything can be fixed. When you have a lot of readers and it’s very important. That’s when frustration and panic kick in the most and it happened to me as well haha. However, I keep myself calm while I fix. This will allow me to fix it quicker and better.

1-Determine the issue

This is a very easy step and yet very important to start the process. Determine the issue and what it is causing to your blog. Don’t do anything but know what is going. I’m assuming this won’t take a lot of your time. One, most issues we already know from reading on the internet. Two, some issues are easy to figure out and know what is the cause of damage to the blog.

It could be anything from a lot of issues. No matter what it is, it will help you to go to the next step of fixing it. For example, the blog won’t load fast and that is one of the critical issues. It makes your audience leave for taking so long to load.

Well, now I know what is the problem and what it’s causing to my blog. Now, I just need to check some places to see where is the issue coming from. For speed, it could servers responses. Maybe files on the server are loading and not important. As you can see, I’m moving toward fixing it and it can be quicker if you are not frustrated or panicking.

Once you know the issue, you can just move on to fix it. That’s for the simple issues. What about complicated things? Well, that’s where it might take a little longer. Remember to remain calm and keep digging until you find a way to get to the source or root of the issue.

You can use Google to look up the issue. Some issues have already been solved and people blog about them to help others fix them.

2-Host provider customer support

Now you know the issue but you have no idea where to go or what to look for to fix the issue. Well, nothing has an issue and doesn’t have a solution. It’s just sometimes it’s not clear for us because we don’t anything about it if it’s the first time. How to fix blog issues can be learned from experience as well.

There are some moments and issues that happened to me and I had no idea where to go. Even what to look for on the internet. However, each web host provider has great customer support with a variety of aspects of the blog. Server files and many things even WordPress issues. And that helped me big time.

I’m not sure how each company provides support to their customers but they can be a big help. If you face a complicated issue and don’t understand what’s wrong. They can help you to figure it out and fix it. So, I highly recommend contacting them when you complicated issues. That’s an awesome way of how to fix blog issues.

You would need to explain what is going. And that brings us back to number one haha. That’s why I added first on how to fix blog issues. Becaue without it, we cant go anywhere and will be stuck until we figure out what is the issue with the blog.

3-Get invloved with the community

There are a lot of bloggers asking wuations on almost all platforms. How to fix that or how to fix this. It’s a perfect opportunity to learn even if it didn’t happen to you yet. For me, I love learning about other bloggers’ issues just because I can be careful and avoid next time.

You can also ask the community as well. And if you have bloggers friends. That would be a good time to ask them and share with thembyour issue. It’s a big advantage to have a blogging friends. Don’t be shy to get involve and share whatever you know when they ask.

Facebook, Twitter are the most and easiest ways you can get involved. Maybe LinkedIn but I haven’t seen any community on that platform. I think I didn’t look it deeper enough but I’m sure there are bloggers and groups on LinkedIn. Also, Quora and reddit is awesome places but I haven’t used them a lot because I have enough communities on Facebook and Twitter haha.

Having friends and bloggers all around is amazing and not just for moments like this. But also, it’s going to help you grow your blog too. Well, at this point, we looking for experience. And that something you can get by having blogging friends around you.

Conclsuion of How to fix blog issues with these awesome tips

Well, here are some awesome tips that will help you how to fix blog issues. These are going to help you in a lot of issues. I hope you guys find it helpf and it’s going to help you with whatever next you will face. I’m sure at least one of the last two can help you almost with everything. Remember not to panic or geet frustrated. Because it’s not going to do anything.

Also, you can share your experience with blog isess and how you usual handle them. Let us know in the comment. It could help other people to learn something. And what’s your thoughts of these tips.

I will be sharing more blogging tips and business, marketing, and also DIY tips. If you would like to get new DIY crafts as well. Which I’m going to start write about them soon. Please subscribe to my email list and follow me on Twitter and Pinterest.

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  1. awesome! Yes I agree that contacting support is very helpful. On wordpress I just contact the Happiness Engineers and they can usually resolve the issues.

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