How to fix your sleep schedule with these awesome tips

Hello, everyone, and welcome to another post for this week. Hope you guys having a wonderful week so far. Today I wanted to talk about something important. This is one of the things we might struggle but I would like to share my perspective. Since I started talking about personal development. I decided to talk about how to fix sleep schedule with these awesome tips.

I will be talking about why the sleep schedule might get ruined. And talk about it before I share how to fix your sleep schedule. It’s a common problem that we could have in our life which happens due to some reasons. It’s necessary to fix it and have a good sleep schedule. This is why I want to add my perspective to this important topic in personal development.

Also, I want to talk about how important it is to have a good sleep schedule. Some people underestimate how important good sleep is for us. However, some people are doing this well and have a good life. Keep reading to know how could that happen.

I would love to know about your sleep schedule and let me know if you have followed any of these tips to fix your sleep schedule. And if you have any other tips that work for you. We would love to know as well and it could be a good solution for others as well.

It’s been a while since I talked about self-development and this week… it’s going to be only self-development where I post about things to improve our lives. This will be added with the rest of the topics I talk about on this blog and I hope you guys find good and helpful posts from them.

How to fix your sleep schedule with these awesome tips

How to fix your sleep schedule with these awesome tips

So, let’s talk about our topic for today. How much do you guys sleep every day? normally a good sleep is 7 hours at night. But 8+ is perfect for our health and we need to set the time this amount of sleep because without it we won’t perform well if we are tried. We need to make sure that we get those sleep hours every day so we can have a good day.

Have you tried to lift something when you are tired? and then it feels like you reached your limits? well, that’s how it feels if you don’t get enough sleep. It might not be clear to you but you will try to work less and less until you stop doing your daily tasks and just go do easier things. So, we must know How to fix our sleep schedule if we don’t have a good one.

Why would you need to fix your sleep schedule? Well, at some points in your life, you will randomly sleep at times and that’s not good for your health. Days will be different sleep hours for you. We need to stick to a sleep schedule that our body can get used to and take the amount of rest. The problem is that the times could be so late at night and early at night. Maybe sleep in the next day which can affect our health and ruin the progress if you work.

I’m talking from experience and I’ve struggled a lot with a bad sleep schedule. However, I managed to fix my sleep schedule following these tips on how to fix your sleep schedule. And after that, I felt the change and how good it could be sleeping on a good schedule.

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Reasons why you need a good schedule

  • Develop a good habit
  • Give yourself a chance to enjoy the day
  • Havea productive day starting early
  • Having good energy to get things done each day
  • Good and healthy body and mind

There are a lot of things that come from a good sleep schedule. But, here are some good reasons. If you are not waking up early and sleeping early, then you need to know how to fix your sleep schedule. Early at night is considered from 10 pm-12 am but it depends on when do you wake up in the morning. Make sure to sleep 8 hours and even 7 is not that enough but it’s ok to sleep it a couple of days if necessary.

If you don’t sleep enough, you will have a heavy day. I call it heavy because you would feel tired and barely move. Not as fast and light as the other person who had good and enough sleep. I’ve tried and felt that I’m doing my tasks quicker and finish them better than when I sleep late.

Anyways, if you don’t have a good schedule and looking to fix it. Well, sometimes it’s not easy and it will take some time. However, these tips on how to fix your sleep schedule will help you a lot. I know that because it helped me when I needed to fix it.

1-Organize your day with list of tasks

Either you want to fix your schedule or develop a good habit of sleep. I highly recommend you going on with your day with tasks. Assigned tasks that you can daily get done. This way, you can have control of what you do and when you get done. It will allow you to have control to fix the sleep schedule.

If you don’t know, sometimes life can’t allow us to fix our sleep schedule but this tip on how to fix your sleep schedule. It will help you to avoid anything that might keep you up late or past your bedtime. Working from home or working at a company, it’s very important to do this.

List out all the things you need to do each day of the week. Make sure that you end at least 1 hour before your bedtime. Because you would need some time to get ready to sleep. Taking a shower and doing other that’s you want besides eating dinner. Don’t stress yourself before bed or anything. Give yourself time to chill before going to sleep too.

Any small or big task. Count it in a list and organize your week with these tasks. If you feel like that it’s taking more time than needed. Change or reduce the tasks and don’t worry, once you fix your schedule, it will be easier to get things done. And that day which was difficult for you to get all the tasks done, you will be able to do it with ease.

2-Refrain from worrying before bedtime

Another that could ruin your sleep schedule is worrying before you go to sleep. Do not mix rest time with your work or anything. Once it comes night, only put on your mind how to relax and enjoy the night. And tomorrow morning, you can start to worry about whatever is that.

It won’t let you sleep if you keep worrying and that will only result in late sleep and a bad day when you wake up. Because it will be without enough sleep. That will make things difficult for you. So, it’s better not to worry and let the night be only for resting. When it’s time to work again, you can worry all you want and fix the problem or issue.

You might try to fight it sometimes trying to stop thinking or worrying. But that’s not how you do it. When you get this, just remind yourself tomorrow is the time that you can worry and fix whatever issue that making you worry. Don’t fight to try to stop it because you will only lead yourself to an endless fight hahaha. Trust me, I tried it and it won’t work. Just remind yourself and keep doing it while you distract yourself with other things.

A good thing when you try to sleep, think of the good moments that happened in your day and good things that will happen after achieving your goals. This way, no worries and you will be able to fall asleep happy. Worrying is the number one that keeps people awake at night. Not letting the mind keep worrying It’s a good way to how to fix your sleep schedule.

Do whatever makes you not worry at night. Maybe it can be adding the important tasks on the list to get it done for the day, Just remember by the end of the day, there should be no worrying at all. Believe in the progress and keep doing what you do.

3-Avoid drinking drinks with sugar or energy drinks

If you planning to drink hot drinks, make sure you do it few hours before bedtime. This is another reason you might not be able to sleep early at night and follow a sleep schedule. And it’s something we might not even notice. But, it keeps us awake and we don’t know it. Especially, drinking drinks with sugar. I didn’t know that until someone told me, do you believe that? haha.

Drinking tea also can make you stay up late if you drink it before bedtime. Energy drinks can be caffeine or any energy drink we know. So, this means Pepsi or coca-cola also can be considered as one of the drinks that can make you sleep late and you might not know about it.

When you want to fix your sleep schedule and you know you doing this. It will not be possible for you to fix it. You need to avoid it when it’s night or drink a few hours before you sleep. This way, you give your body some time to burn it and allow you to fall asleep.

A lot of people wondering why they can’t sleep and they just had tea or Pepsi. It happened to me as well and couldn’t find out why I can’t sleep. However, days later, I knew about it and stopped doing it. And I would sleep with no problem at all.

Conclusion of How to fix your sleep schedule with these awesome tips

As usual, this is it for how to fix your sleep schedule and I hope you guys find it helpful to you. I will be adding more and more information to it. Please subscribe to my email list to stay up to date with the new updates and information that will be added.

I’m curious what do you guys do to help you with how to fix your sleep schedule. Do you do any of these and what’s your experience with doing them? Let us know in the comment section. These things I do and helped me a lot to fix my sleep schedule.

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  1. Its good to stop eating at least a few hours before bed. I also like to stop looking at my phone before bed. Its good to take a break from the screen. Great tips

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