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How to get nice and new DIY project ideas

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  1. Ash

    This is so true! I usually want to do something but dont know what

    1. Fransic Verso

      I know right? It happens to most of us. Thank you for reading!

  2. Unwanted Life

    I’ve read a lot of you DIY project posts over the last year, so it’s nice that you’ve shared a guide of how someone could do there own project

    1. Fransic Verso

      Yeah, thank you for coming by for these posts as well!

  3. Yaya

    This is a really eye opener. I’m not bad at Diy but I never formulate a proper plan so I make mistakes along the way. Thank you for sharing this ❤️

  4. Lisa

    I tend to find Pinterest a great source of inspo for all kinds of things, not just DIY projects – but I love reading your “how to” posts too 🙂

    1. Fransic Verso

      Yeah, Pinterest is a great source. Thank you so much!

  5. Jenny in Neverland

    Some great ideas. Think these are all really important for most projects!

  6. renee

    I also get lost trying to think of project ideas so I think this will be so helpful!

    1. Fransic Verso

      I’m glad it will be helpful. Don’t worry, we all get lost haha.

  7. bournemouthgirl

    Thank you for sharing, this might be helpful for people who are going back into lockdown.

    1. Fransic Verso

      Yeah, I hope it will help. Thank you for reading!

  8. Eric Gamble

    Great tips on how to get new ideas & then to figure out how to execute them this year. I am not going to lie, I am a dreamer so building projects in my mind are very easy. But I personally struggle with execution. I was never really taught how to do the actually building or creating. Plus I have shiny object syndrome so often I start and then…..what? Sorry got distracted! haha, But seriously, I probably need to get better as setting my purpose & adding weight to that purpose so I can finally finish!

    1. Fransic Verso

      Thank you! It is a struggle to execute the plan haha. It’s okay, you can!!

  9. Dominique Walton Brooks

    I like seeing your process for creating these very cool crafty items that you have been posting about, You have a great mind for this. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Fransic Verso

      Thank you so much! I know right! It’s behind the scene of how things were done haha.

  10. Hang Around The World

    I always use my imagination to build the project but when I put it in reality it isn’t the same, always hahaha
    Diy project are fun to do by the way. Thanks for sharing. – Paolo

    1. Fransic Verso

      True, haha and you get surprised sometimes of how to make it. It is so much fun!

  11. bye:myself - Renata

    Doing something creative can be so inspiring and satisfying especially during difficult times likes these. I’m very grateful for all the ideas and guidance I’m getting from your blog 🙂

    1. Fransic Verso

      Thank you so much! It does help with what’s going on nowadays.

  12. Retirestyle Travel

    I struggle with this too. I am not a handyman and I’ve made many blunders when trying. Good advice.

    1. Fransic Verso

      Thank you! I had to learn this with experience rather than looking on the internet haha.

  13. Chloe Chats

    These are great tips to help for DIY ideas. I feel like whenever I sit down to make something I always struggle with thinking of a good idea. x

    1. Fransic Verso

      Thank you! Yeah, It always happens to me haha.

  14. siennylovesdrawing

    absolutely agreeing with you, I have also started to educate my little niece to DIY creative by reuse recycle her empty bottles & cups from her daily healthier snacks 😀 cheers, siennylovesdrawing

    1. Fransic Verso

      That’s awesome! You are a great example of a parent 🙂

  15. Kenneth

    love diy projects….during locdown here,,,i was able to make our old dilapidated center table into a outdoor by adding pvc pipe and cement turns out very good,,,,my cracked plastic barrel into a fish tank,,,,and my sons metal work project into a pigeon loft…with limited materials everything turns out great

    1. Fransic Verso

      That is amazing ideas. I agree. We can make good things out of the materials we have.

  16. Lyosha

    Happy New Year! I do wish you all the best and I hope I will get my hands on craft this year

    1. Fransic Verso

      Happy new year! Wish you the best of luck, and have fun!!

  17. Monidipa

    I don’t do many DIY projects but your ideas are really good on how to get ideas and get your own projects!

    1. Fransic Verso

      Thank you so much! Sometimes it’s a struggle but it’s part of it haha

  18. Kelly Diane

    These are some really helpful tips. I’ve definitely found a love of crafting in recent months.

    1. Fransic Verso

      Thank you! Doing crafty projects is fun.

  19. Charity

    These are such great ways to get new diy ideas

  20. Lynn Mejia

    DIY is my fav! I love knowing that the project that I worked for is useful and beautiful in my home. Thanks so much for sharing x


    1. Fransic Verso

      I know right? haha something you built.

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