How to make a cool 3D decoration star for multiple purposes

Hello, everyone and welcome to another week with a new blog post. It’s been a while since I posted a DIY craft and today I got a good project you can make at home. This week will be a DIY craft post and I’m not going all crazy but this will be a good decoration. Keep reading to find more about it and see pictures of it. Here is How to make a cool 3D desk decoration star for multiple purposes.

Well, I’m going to mention below what you can use it for other than having it as a decoration. You read it correctly, there are some things you can do with it haha. I came up with this idea at first just for purpose of having a 3D desk decoration. But, when I started working on it, after few minutes, I figured it could be for other things as well. And, it was cool addition if I’m going, to be honest.

You can also make this at home with kids because it’s safe and you will find more about what materials and items will be used on this idea. So that means this DIY craft can be craft ideas to do with kids and that something some parents might look for to keep them busy.

How to make a cool 3D decoration star

How to make a cool 3D decoration star for multiple purposes

Now it’s time to talk about the actual project. First, let me say that this idea can be made out of cardboard and paper. How cool is that? Well, you are about to see pictures of it and see How to make a cool 3D decoration star. So please keep reading.

Some people might be worried that the project will take a lot of time. BUT, this project won’t take so much from your time and it will be useful as well. So if you got everything that will be mentioned. Why not give it a try and add something to your desk. Something cool!!

The required tools:

  1. Paper
  2. scissor
  3. Cardboard4
  4. Pencil
  5. Red and blue paper
  6. Ruler
  7. Glue gun

These are the basic tools and items that will be used to make more stuff for this project. Pieces that I used on this idea and I will show you guys how to make a cool 3D decoration star using them. I would say almost impossible not to have these but, how creative can you get with them?

Keep reading to see one of the crafty ideas that you can make using the tools mentioned above and learn how to make a cool 3D decoration star. There are some things to pay attention to for this project and I will mention them on How to make a cool 3D decoration star.

First step: Make the required items for this project

Well, I mentioned earlier the tools and here we going to use them to make some of the required pieces or items to build up this crafty and 3D star. And that’s how I’m going to start this tutorial on how to make a cool 3D decoration star.

First, I used the pencil to draw a good-looking star on a cardboard piece, and as you can see in the picture. It’s the finished look after using the scissor to cut it. I cut two of them because I want to make this star a 3D and you will see in a bit how could that be possible.

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Something you want to pay attention to is how thick the cardboard. You can’t use any cardboard because they have different thicknesses. And I would recommend not too thick and not thin. Something that you can cut and work on. Too thin would breakfast.

You might be better at drawing but for me, I try to draw multiple stars until I get the best one hahaha. It’s not that I don’t know but because I struggle with not having a steady hand. So I have to do it this way until I make the best one haha.

It’s not over yet. I still need to get more sticks in order to make the 3D start and here on this How to make a cool 3D decoration star. You will see above, I cut from cardboard about 0.40cm wide and as long as each edge of the star. Because that where it will be glued to.

Also, you see the holes in the middle of both sides of the star. Well, that because I’m going to make this star spin. You can interact with it. How cool is that? And that’s why I’m going to get the next item or piece.

Next, I would cut from the cardboard two small circles and three small sticks with about 0.20cm. Well, I used to glue them as a plus shape but this time. since I have way smaller circles than I usually do. I decided to glue the sticks together and make it as one.

This is just preparing for the full look of this piece which will be connecting the star and allow it to spin. The circle measures should be just a little smaller than the hole on the star so it can get in through it.

Next, I’m going to need also another four sticks but this time longer and wider than the one before. Because the circle is bigger and this will be for a different purpose. Which I’m going to use as a stand for the star and you will see it in a bit. And how it looks.

I’ve been only working on cardboard so far and because I’m preparing the main items and pieces for the project. Then, move to the next stage which is adding the layers and adding colors to it.

Here is the both and comparing the length of each one haha. This one only for fun but as you can see it still messy and need more to it than just this. If it’s going to be a decoration, then, it should look very clean and perfect. Don’t worry about the inside because you will see how it will look at the end.

Last but not least, I’m going to need a base to put all of the things mentioned above. So this is what is shown in the picture above as you can see. The measures for this are optional because it depends on the area you are going to put it. If you have tight areas, then you can make it less than shown in the picture above.

As you can, the white paper under the base and which means it’s time to add the white layer. And usually, I use white paper to do that. It can be the normal A4 papers or if you have thick papers, that would be an even better option for this kind of crafts.

I forgot to take pictures of some steps and there are other items that I didn’t mention here. BUT, I’m going to share and talk about it in the next stage. So please keep reading to find more about them on this how to make a cool 3D decoration star tutorial.

Making the pieces of the project

How to make a cool 3D decoration star

So making the 3D as I talked about it earlier. I made two sides of the star and as you can see above, how I glued the two sides using cardboard sticks. Everything can be made out of cardboard and would still look as good as any other material. You just need to be careful about it. Anything can break or get destroyed, you know.

I also added white on both sides except the edges and that because I chose blue to be the color for it. Which will look cool at the end. The best combination, blue and white haha.

How to make a cool 3D decoration star

Here is the final look of the star. Well, the look before the final haha. Because still missing something as you can see the middle looks a bit messy. So I got rid of that using a simple trick. Something easy, simple and it adds more to it instead of ruining it. You can add the glue carefully if you like it this way.

Well, you might ask how the star will spin without falling. I’ve glued an open circle to the top and bottom of the star. So the stick goes through the stars and the two circles holding the star in one place and gives it enough space to spin freely. This was also used on the project that I made as a gift idea for a friend. If you want to check it out.

How to make a cool 3D decoration star

Well, I used this blue circle to cover the center of the star and make it as a decoration to it as well haha. One in two haha which turned out a very well-looking star, if you would ask me. You will see it in a bit. So keep reading to see the full version of this 3D star.

At this point, there are still few items but I’m going to talk about them as I show you guys the final look of this project. This way is going to be fast and easier to explain since I forgot to take some pictures haha.

The finished look of the project on how to make a cool 3D decoration star

How to make a cool 3D decoration star

As you can see in the picture above. We have the star stand BUT this time with the white layer. If you are going to ask how I added it to it. Well, I basically glued the white paper on the edges of both the up and down of the stand. As you roll it, glue the paper. You can do it until you feel like it’s firm. This way, won’t fall quickly.

Also, I added the white layer to the base as well. You can already see part of it as I glue the stand to the base as well. You need to make sure that you glue the stand perfectly. Add more glue to the bottom because you don’t want it to fall after few days.

How to make a cool 3D decoration star

Next, you would need to glue the stick that going through the star on the stand. This way, it allows the star to spin freely. You want the stick to stay still when you want to spin the star. It doesn’t fall at all when you spin unless not enough glue.

Notice, above, I haven’t glued the blue circle yet. It’s because I wanted to check the star will spin and everything will be perfect. Then, it’s time for decoration. If not, then, change of plan haha. but you can add it before gluing it to the stand which will be fine. As long as you are sure that you did everything perfectly.

How to make a cool 3D decoration star

Here is the final and finished look of the project. At this point, how to make a cool 3D decoration star is done and everything is ready. However, here is the catch, I chose the red and blue circle as a decoration for this one. You can choose any other idea you to add if you would like.

Also, you can see the blue circle on the star and how it made it look even better. This is the finished look of this cool desk decoration. It might simple but here what you can also do with it and make it useful to you.

Things you can do with it:

  • You can use it as a place for your phone
  • You can make it a place for your Legos
  • A place for your keys for quick reach
  • Also a decoration for your desk

Conclusion of How to make a cool 3D decoration star

As usual, you have reached the end of this post. Thank you so much for reading. I would love to know what you guys think of this project. It might not be too fancy but it’s a cool desk decoration you can make and has more useful purposes to it.

I’m going to do more of these cool DIY projects and DIY tips. Even blogging tips if you are interested, please subscribe to the blog or you can follow me on WordPress. I share the latest posts and more on my two main social media. Twitter, and Pinterest.

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45 thoughts on “How to make a cool 3D decoration star for multiple purposes”

  1. I love DIY craf projects! And the bonus that this one can be made with some upcycled items like shipping boxes is so awesome. With 4th of July coming up I think this would be a fun thing to make and have as decor 🙂

  2. Such a cool idea my neices would love this. I will make it with them on our next arts and crafts day.

  3. easy to make, and it looks really fun, thanks for sharing your mini project and it would be fun to do that with my children at home.

  4. What a fun & somewhat easy to create 3d decoration star! I love how you use simple tools to make it and love how simple it is to set up the stand to display it on a desk or dresser.

  5. Nice walk-through for those of us who are far less crafty. And I like the idea of using the star for your keys.

  6. A lovely idea, especially for when the kids are off school. Could even be decorated with wall paper and painted!

  7. what a fun project to do with the older kids! I’ll have to collect the supplies needed and do this with my son and daughter ; )

  8. Looks great and it would be fun doing that with my kids at home on the weekend. Thanks a lot for sharing!

  9. We used to make recycled lanterns for Christmas and while this may not be a lantern, it could be an ideal Christmas decor don’t you think? Just put some sparkles here and there or better yet install fairy lights and it couls work well as a decor.. This is lovely project.. Thank you so much for sharing

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